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Books 63/92

1408654. New Hampshire by Christina Tree
1408661. Dog-Friendly Washington, D.C. & the Mid-Atlantic States: Includes New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland & Northern Virginia by Trisha Blanchet
1408662. Sea Kayaking Virginia: A Paddler's Guide to Day Trips from Georgetown to Chincoteague by Andrea Nolan
1408664. The Essential EatingWell Cookbook: Good Carbs, Good Fats, Great Flavors by Patsy Jamieson
1408666. The Eatingwell Diabetes Cookbook: 250 Delicious Recipes and 100+ Tips for Simple, Everyday Carbohydrate Control by Hendley, Joyce
1408667. Tuna on the Fly: A Comprehensive Guide to Fly Fishing's Ultimate Trophy Fish by Tom Gilmore
1408672. Kayaking the Inside Passage: A Paddler's Guide from Olympia, Washington, to Glacier, Alaska by Robert H Miller
1408675. Unnaturals: A Practical Guide to Tying with Synthetics by David Klausmeyer
1408682. An Explorer's Guide Hawaii by Grant, Kim
1408692. Weekend Walks on the Delmarva Peninsula: Walks and Hikes in Deleware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia by Jay Abercrombie
1408693. An Explorer's Guide Maryland by Adkins, Leonard M.
1408695. Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout: New Techniques, Tactics, and Patterns by Bob Linsenman
1408699. The Soul of Vermont by Richard W Brown
1408700. Saving Homewaters: The Story of Montana's Streams and Rivers by Gordon Sullivan
1408702. Arizona Trout Streams and Their Hatches: Fly Fishing in the High Deserts of Arizona and Western New Mexico by Charles R Meck
1408706. The EatingWell Healthy in a Hurry Cookbook: 150 Delicious Recipes for Simple, Everyday Suppers in 45 Minutes or Less by Jim Romanoff
1408710. Dog-Friendly New England: A Traveler's Companion by Trisha Blanchet
1408711. Backroad Bicycling in Vermont: by John S Freidin
1408715. Connecticut: An Explorer's Guide by Laschever, Barnett D.
1408716. 25 Bicycle Tours in & Around Washington, D. C. : From National Monuments to Country Roads by Anne H Oman
1408718. 50 Hikes in Massachusetts: A Year- Round Guide to Hikes and Walks from the Top of the Berkshires to the Tip of Cape Cod by Brian White
1408726. New England's Favorite Seafood Shacks: Eating Up the Coast from Connecticut to Maine by Elizabeth Bougerol
1408728. Vermont: An Explorer's Guide by Foulds, Diane E.
1408730. Waterfalls of the Pacific Northwest: 200+ Waterfalls Throughout Oregon & Washington by David L Anderson
1408738. The Eating Well Diet: Introducing the University-Tested VTrim Weight-Loss Program by Jean Harvey Berino
1408739. Eatingwell Serves Two: 150 Healthy in a Hurry Suppers by Jim Romanoff
1408740. EatingWell for a Healthy Heart Cookbook: A Cardiologist's Guide to Adding Years to Your Life by Philip A Ades
1408742. Hooked on Baja: Where & How to Fish Mexico's Legendary Waters by Tom Gatch
1408752. Ogallala Blue: Water and Life on the High Plains by William Ashworth
1408753. An Explorer's Guide: Michigan by Jeff Counts
1408772. Fly Fishing Long Island: A Comprehensive Guide to Freshwater & Saltwater Angling by Angelo Peluso
1408773. Backyard Livestock: Raising Good, Natural Food for Your Family by Steven Thomas
1408775. The Photographer's Guide to Yosemite & the High Sierra: Where to Find Perfect Shots and How to Take Them by Harold Davis
1408780. The Photographer's Guide to Cape Cod & the Islands: Where to Find the Perfect Shots and How to Take Them by Chris Linder
1408781. The Primal Place by Robert Finch
1408783. The Vermont Cheese Book by Ellen Ecker Ogden
1408784. Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket: An Explorer's Guide, Seventh Edition by Grant, Kim
1408785. The Hudson Valley & Catskill Mountains: Includes Saratoga Springs & Albany by Michaels, Joanne
1408791. The EatingWell Diabetes Cookbook: 275 Delicious Recipes and 100+ Tips for Simple, Everyday Carbohydrate Control by Joyce Hendley
1408796. Great Escapes Northern California by Laura Del Rosso
1408801. Redfish: All You Need to Know about Where, When & How to Catch Reds by Jr Pete Cooper
1408807. The Book of Non- Electric Lighting: The Classic Guide to the Safe Use of Candles, Fuel Lamps, Lanterns, Gaslights, & Fire- View Stoves by Tim Matson
1408811. An Explorer's Guide: Western New York: From Niagara Falls and Southern Ontario to the Western Edge of the Finger Lakes by Christine A Smyczynski
1408813. Immersion Travel USA: The Best and Most Meaningful Volunteering, Living, and Learning Excursions by Sheryl Kayne
1408816. Dispatches from Maine: 1942-1992 by John Gould
1408819. Tennessee by Stouffer, Tere
1408825. The Photographer's Guide to San Francisco: Where to Find Perfect Shots and How to Take Them by Lee Foster
1408830. Cider, Hard and Sweet: History, Traditions, and Making Your Own by Ben Watson
1408842. Artisan Cheese of the Pacific Northwest: A Discovery Guide by Tami Parr
1408843. The Best of Relish Cookbook: Celebrating America's Love of Food by Relish Magazine
1408850. Better Bass Fishing: Secrets from the Headwaters by a Bassmaster Senior Writer by Robert U Montgomery
1408851. The Photographer's Guide to Montreal & Quebec City: Where to Find Perfect Shots and How to Take Them by Steven Howell
1408853. Out of Gas: Pumps and Pickups from the Golden Age of Gas by Jeffrey E Blackman
1408857. A Place Apart: A Cape Cod Reader by Robert Finch
1408867. In the Absence of Iles by Bill James
1408871. I Am Special: Primary by Schwartz, Linda
1408872. Marvelous Me by Linda Schwartz
1408879. Gobble Up Science: Fun Activities to Complete and Eat by Johmann, Carol
1408881. World Geography Mysteries by Falstein, Mark
1408882. Gobble Up Math: Fun Activities to Complete and Eat by Mogard, Sue
1408883. The Safety Book for Active Kids: Teaching Your Child How to Avoid Everyday Dangers by Linda Schwartz
1408884. Meet Your Teeth by Linda Schwartz
1408885. Vocabulary Test Prep: Cloze, Words in Context, Words with Multiple Meanings by Learning Works
1408886. Teaching Values Reaching Kids by Clark Editorial Design
1408888. Figuratively Speaking: Covers 40 Basic Literary Terms Using Examples from Classic Literature by Delana Heidrich
1408890. Using Deductive Reasoning to Problem Solve by Creative Teaching Press
1408893. Science Quiz Whiz by Linda Schwartz
1408896. Grammer Test Prep: Practice Makes Perfect by Creative Teaching Press
1408901. Prefixes and Suffixes: Teaching Vocabulary to Improve Reading Comprehension by Creative Teaching Press
1408908. Ancient Rome with Poster by Diane Sylvester
1408913. New Ideas in Psychoanalysis: The Process of Change in Humanistic Science by Brockbank, Reed
1408915. Fathers and Their Families by Cath, Stanley H.
1408919. Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Art, V.2 by Gedo, Mary M.
1408924. Female Psychology by Schuker, Eleanor
1408928. In Defense of Schreber by Zvi Lothane
1408932. Empirical Studies of Psychoanalytic Theories, V. 3 by Masling, Joseph
1408933. Beyond the Symbiotic Orbit: Advances in Separation- Individuation Theory: Essays in Honor of Selma Kramer, MD by Selma Kramer
1408942. Freud's Case Studies: Self-Psychological Perspectives by Barry Magid
1408951. The Embedded Self by Mary Joan Gerson
1408953. Kohut's Legacy Paper by Arnold Goldberg
1408967. Posttraumatic Nightmares: Psychodynamic Explorations by Lansky
1408972. Cancer Stories PR by Esther Dreifuss Kattan
1408973. Understanding Therapeutic by
1409018. Disordered Mother or Disordered Diagnosis: Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome by Mark S Roberts
1409024. The Dreamer and the Dream: Essays and Reflections on Gestalt Therapy by Fantz
1409066. The Therapist as a Person: Life Crises, Life Choices, Life Experiences, and Their Effects on Treatment by Barbara Gerson
1409100. Seduction, Surrender, and Transformation: Emotional Engagement in the Analytic Process by Karen Maroda
1409127. The Legacy of Sandor Ferenczi by Adrienne Harris
1409152. Misuse of Persons P Pod by Coen
1409160. On Psychoanalysis and the Secrets of History by Foxe Gladys
1409191. Foster Care Jicap V3#3 by Ph D Carole Grand
1409192. Stress and Trauma Jicap 4#1 "A" by Kirkland C Vaughns
1409193. P.I. V25#5 Analysis in South America by Melvin Bornstein
1409194. Psychoanalytic Inquiry: Mothers and Daughters II by Rosemary H Balsam
1409196. P.I. V26#3 Creativity Art and Psychoanalis by Hagman
1409197. P.I. V24#2 the Superego by Leon Wurmser
1409200. Extended Dynamic Psychotherapy: Making the Case in the Era of Managed Care by Susan G Lazar
1409201. My Dog Ate My Homework!: A Collection of Funny Poems by Bruce Lansky
1409203. Divine Principles of Gathering and Outside the Camp by R K Campbell
1409204. Grace-Esteem: New Life in Christ by H Eddie Fox
1409205. Fundamentals of Fund Raising by David L Heetland
1409207. Foundations: Shaping the Ministry of Christian Education in Your Congregation by Discipleship Resources
1409208. Planning for Christian Education: A Practical Guide for Your Congregation by Carol F Krau
1409210. Contemporary Worship for the 21st Century: Worship or Evangelism? by Daniel T Benedict
1409211. Sprouts: Nurturing Children Through Covenant Discipleship by Edie Genung Harris
1409213. The Faith-Sharing Congregation: Developing a Strategy for the Congregation as Evangelist by Roger K Swanson
1409215. Living Our Beliefs: The United Methodist Way by Kenneth L Carder
1409218. Caring Couples Network: Handbook by Ricard Hunt
1409219. Lay Speakers Lead in Stewardship: Advanced Course by Herb Mather
1409220. Lay Speakers Grow Spiritually Through Daily Discipline: Advanced Course by Anita O Fenstermacher
1409222. Lay Speakers Lead in Evangelism: Advanced Course by Shirley F Clement
1409225. Get Well! Stay Well!: Prescriptions for a Financially Healthy Congregation by Wayne C Barrett
1409226. Marriage: Claiming God's Promises by Nan Zoller
1409227. Safe Sanctuaries: Reducing the Risk of Child Abuse in the Church by Joy Thornburg Melton
1409228. Children Worship! by Maryjane Pierce Norton
1409229. Modulo II: Programa de Capacitacion Para Misioneros (As) Laicos (As) y Pastores (As) Mentores (As) = Module II by Discipleship Resources
1409230. Culture Shifts: A Group Bible Study for Postmodern Times by Craig Kennet Miller
1409232. Lay Speakers Lead in Worship: Advanced Course by Hoyt L Hickman
1409235. Lay Speakers Are Servant Leaders: Advanced Course by Thomas R Hawkins
1409236. Faithquest Video Set by Discipleship Resources
1409237. Gente Nueva: Canciones Para Comunidades de Fe by Discipleship Resources
1409240. Guide for Class Leaders: A Model for Christian Formation by Grace Bradford
1409241. Worship Matters: A United Methodist Guide to Ways to Worship by Byron Anderson
1409242. Worship Matters: A United Methodist Guide to Worship Work by E Byron Anderson
1409243. A Faithful Future: Teaching and Learning for Discipleship by Carol F Krau
1409246. United Methodist Youth Handbook by Michael Selleck
1409247. A Ministry of Caring by Duane A Ewers
1409248. A Ministry of Caring: Leader's Guide by Duane A Ewers
1409249. Yearning to Be One: Spiritual Dialogue Between Catholics and United Methodists by Discipleship Resources
1409250. Now is the Time!: Ministry with the Millennial Celebration Born from 1982-1999 by Craig Kennet Miller
1409251. A Journey of Faith: Lay Witness Mission Handbook by Discipleship Resources
1409253. Guide for Covenant Discipleship Groups by Gayle Turner Watson
1409254. The Buck Stops Here: Legal and Ethical Responsibilities for United Methodist Organizations by Mary Logan
1409256. Biblical Virtues by John Freeman
1409257. El Ministerio de la Oratoria Laica: Curso Basico = El Ministerio de La Oratoria Laica by John P Gilbert
1409259. La Congregacion Que Comparte su Fe: Un Modelo Para la Congregacion Como Evangelista = La Congregacion Que Comparte Su Fe by Roger K Swanson
1409260. Lay Speakers Lead Bible Study: Advanced Course by Evelyn Laycock
1409261. Lay Speakers Lead Prayer: Advanced Course by Jim Roy
1409267. Building and Growing Your Small-Group Ministry by Judith M Bunyi
1409268. Witness: Exploring and Sharing Your Christian Faith with Other by Ronald K Crandall
1409270. The First Three Years: A Guide for Ministry with Infants, Toddlers, and Two-Year-Olds by Mary Alice Gran
1409272. Cultivating Christian Community by Thomas R Hawkins
1409275. Libertad a Los Cautivos: Manual de Estudio Para El Desarrollo de Ministerios En La Prision by Vanessa Alers
1409277. La Ninez: Presente y Futuro de la Iglesia: Manual de Estudio Para el Desarrollo de Ministerios Con la Ninez by Liana H Perez Felix
1409278. Equipped for Every Good Work: Building a Gifts-Based Church by Barbara Miller
1409279. Dadles de Comer!: Manual de Estudio Sobre la Mayordomia Congregacional by Edgardo Ortiz Amaro
1409280. Witness: Exploring and Sharing Your Christian Faith by Ronald K Crandall
1409282. Gente Nueva: Canciones Para Comunidades de Fe by Discipleship Resources
1409283. The Bible by Discipleship Resources
1409284. People by Discipleship Resources