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Books 64/111

1434002. The Humanity of Cities: An Introduction to Urban Societies by Gulick, John
1434004. Broken Promises: Reading Instruction in Twentieth-Century America by Patrick Shannon
1434010. The Nicaraguan Revolution in Health: From Somoza to the Sandinistas by Donahue, John M.
1434012. Performance as Political ACT: The Embodied Self by Stanley Aronowitz
1434014. Education and the American Dream: Conservatives, Liberals and Radicals Debate the Future of Education by Holtz, Harvey
1434016. Home Birth: An Invitation and a Guide by Gilgoff, Alice
1434017. Home Birth: An Invitation and a Guide by Gilgoff, Alice
1434020. Culture and Agriculture: An Ecological Introduction to Traditional and Modern Farming Systems by Schusky, Ernest L.
1434031. Critical Psychology and Pedagogy: Interpretation of the Personal World by Edmund V Sullivan
1434032. Women Changing Work by Patricia Lunneborg
1434036. Shogun's Ghost: The Dark Side of Japanese Education by Ken Schoolland
1434044. The Ends of Time: Life and Work in a Nursing Home by Savishinsky, Joel S.
1434045. Resource Management in Developing Countries: Africa's Ecological and Economic Problems by Valentine Udoh James
1434046. Rewriting Literacy: Culture and the Discourse of the Other by Kathleen Weiler
1434053. Pedagogy and the Struggle for Voice: Issues of Language, Power, and Schooling for Puerto Ricans by Catherine E Walsh
1434054. Culture and Power in the Classroom: A Critical Foundation for Bicultural Education by Darder, Antonia
1434059. Abortion: A Positive Decision by Patricia Lunneborg
1434066. Media Education and the (Re) Production of Culture by David Sholle
1434069. Educational Leadership: A Critical Pragmatic Perspective by Spencer J Maxcy
1434070. Educational Leadership: A Critical Pragmatic Perspective by Maxcy, Spencer J.
1434073. AIDS Prevention and Services: Community Based Research by Van Vugt, Johannes P.
1434074. AIDS Prevention and Services: Community Based Research by Van Vugt, Johannes P.
1434076. Reconstructing Education: Toward a Pedagogy of Critical Humanism by Greta Hofmann Nemiroff
1434080. Toward a Critical Politics of Teacher Thinking: Mapping the Postmodern by Joe L Kincheloe
1434082. Raising Curtains on Education: Drama as a Site for Critical Pedagogy by Doyle, Clar
1434087. Transforming Mind: A Critical Cognitive Activity by Gloria Gannaway
1434088. Transforming Mind: A Critical Cognitive Activity by Gloria Gannaway
1434089. Global AIDS Policy by Douglas A Feldman
1434094. Technological Change and Women's Work Experience: Alternative Methodological Perspectives by Burnell, Barbara S.
1434100. Working Theory: Critical Composition Studies for Students and Teachers by Judith Goleman
1434101. Applied Anthropology: An Introduction by John Van Willigen
1434104. Women, Gender, and World Politics: Perspectives, Policies, and Prospects by Peter R Beckman
1434106. Critical Multiculturalism: Uncommon Voices in a Common Struggle by Peter Mc Laren
1434111. Building Communities of Difference: Higher Education in the Twenty- First Century by William G Tierney
1434112. Plural Marriage for Our Times: A Reinvented Option? by Philip L Kilbride
1434113. Plural Marriage for Our Times: A Reinvented Option? by Philip L Kilbride
1434119. The Problem of Freedom in Postmodern Education by Szkudlarek, Tomasz
1434129. It Isn* t Fair! : Siblings Of Children With Disabilities by Stanley D Klein
1434131. Voices of Change: Participatory Research in the United States and Canada by Park, Peter
1434137. Women's Glasnost Vs. Naglost: Stopping Russian Backlash by Tatyana Mamonova
1434140. Warrior Dreams: The Martial Arts and the American Imagination by John J Donohue
1434142. Rebounding from Childbirth: Toward Emotional Recovery by Madsen, Lynn
1434144. Enduring Traditions: The Native Peoples of New England by Laurie Weinstein
1434145. Learning Disability: The Imaginary Disease by Finlan, Thomas G.
1434148. Secret Doctors: Ethnomedicine of African Americans by Wonda L Fontenot
1434150. Disabled, Female, and Proud: Stories of Ten Women with Disabilities by Rousso, Harilyn
1434157. Silence of the Spheres: The Deaf Experience in the History of Science by Harry G Lang
1434162. Education and the Postmodern Condition by Michael Peters
1434166. Unassisted Childbirth by Laura Kaplan Shanley
1434176. The Magdalene Legacy: Exploring the Wounded Icon of Sexuality by Sandra M Rushing
1434178. Child Care in Russia: In Transition by Jean Ispa
1434180. Changing Childhood Prejudice: The Caring Work of the Schools by Florence Davidson
1434181. Going by the Book: The Role of Popular Classroom Chronicles in the Professional Development of Teachers by Jane Isenberg
1434185. Dependency and Development: An Introduction to the Third World by Ted C Lewellen
1434189. Spirit Versus Scalpel: Traditional Healing and Modern Psychotherapy by Leonore L Alder
1434193. Women in World Politics: An Introduction by Francine D Amico
1434195. Cultural Resource Management: Archaeological Research, Preservation Planning, and Public Education in the Northeastern United States by Jordan E Kerber
1434201. In Remembrance: Archaeology and Death by Unknown
1434207. Schooling in a Total Institution: Critical Perspectives on Prison Education by Howard S Davidson
1434216. Breast Cancer: A Family Survival Guide by Lucille M Pederson
1434220. Simulation, Spectacle, and the Ironies of Education Reform by Guy Senese
1434221. Our Mothers, Our Selves: Writers and Poets Celebrating Motherhood by Aleta M Daley
1434222. A Child on Her Mind: The Experience of Becoming a Mother by Vangie Bergum
1434223. A Child on Her Mind: The Experience of Becoming a Mother by Vangie Bergum
1434228. The Cultural Context of Aging: Worldwide Perspectives Second Edition by Jay Sokolovsky
1434234. Situating College English: Lessons from an American University by Evan Carton
1434235. Bioethics: The Ethics of Evolution and Genetic Interference by Matare, H. F.
1434246. Anthropology of Wisdom Literature by Wanda Ostrowska Kaufmann
1434247. African Families and the Crisis of Social Change by Weisner, Thomas S.
1434254. Wittgenstein: Philosophy, Postmodernism, Pedagogy by Evan Carton
1434259. Naming the Multiple: Poststructuralism and Education by Michael Peters
1434264. The Anthropology of Medicine: From Culture to Method Third Edition by Lola Romanucci Ross
1434268. Literacy in the Library: Negotiating the Spaces Between Order and Desire by Mark Dressman
1434272. Benedictine Roots in the Development of Deaf Education: Listening with the Heart by Marilyn Daniels
1434279. Communicable and Non- Communicable Disease Basics: A Primer by Madeline M Hurster
1434280. Teacher Lore and Professional Development for School Reform by Gretchen Schwarz
1434285. The Archaeological Northeast by Mary Ann E Levine
1434288. Adult Students At- Risk: Culture Bias in Higher Education by Timothy William Quinnan
1434293. Education and the Postmodern Condition by Michael Peters
1434295. Stuttering: A Short History of a Curious Disorder by Wingate, Marcel E.
1434296. The Politics of Second Generation Discrimination in American Indian Education: Incidence, Explanation, and Mitigating Strategies by Robert E England
1434300. Talking about Therapy by Donna D Comarow
1434303. American Culture: Myth and Reality of a Culture of Diversity by Larry L Naylor
1434305. Well Women: Healing the Female Body Through Traditional Chinese Medicine by Cargill, Marie
1434307. The Rhetoric of Diversity and the Traditions of American Literary Study: Critical Multiculturalism in English by Leslie Antonette
1434308. The Cultural Context of Health, Illness, and Medicine by Martha O Loustaunau
1434309. Naming the Multiple: Poststructuralism and Education by Michael Peters
1434310. A Class of Their Own: When Children Teach Children by Dennie Briggs
1434312. Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, 2nd Edition by Barry Kanpol
1434316. Learning Limits: College Women, Drugs, and Relationships by Kimberly M Williams
1434320. The Enneagram Intelligences: Understanding Personality for Effective Teaching and Learning by Janet Levine
1434325. Toward a Civil Society: Civic Literacy and Service Learning by C David Lisman
1434327. Life, Death, and In-Between on the U.S.-Mexico Border: Asi Es La Vida by Martha Oehmke Loustaunau
1434332. Community Education and Crime Prevention: Confronting Foreground and Background Causes of Criminal Behavior by Carolyn Siemens Ward
1434333. Literacy in Science, Technology, and the Language Arts: An Interdisciplinary Inquiry by Mary Hamm
1434334. Literacy in Science, Technology, and the Language Arts: An Interdisciplinary Inquiry by Mary Hamm
1434335. The Reality of Breastfeeding: Reflections by Contemporary Women by Kathryn Read Mc Pherson
1434337. Making of Belize: Globalization in the Margins by Anne Sutherland
1434345. Diary of a Midwife: The Power of Positive Childbearing by Van Olphen-Fehr, Juliana
1434351. Imagination of Early Childhood Education by Harry Morgan
1434355. Chosen Lives of Childfree Men by Patricia Lunneborg
1434358. Making Space: Merging Theory and Practice in Adult Education by Vanessa Sheared
1434364. Conducting Educational Research: A Comparative View by R Murray Thomas
1434377. After the Disciplines: The Emergence of Cultural Studies by Michael Peters
1434378. Art as Culture: An Introduction to the Anthropology of Art, 2nd Edition by Evelyn Payne Hatcher
1434380. Innovative School: Organization and Instruction by Shlomo Sharan
1434389. Time: Perspectives at the Millennium (the Study of Time X) by Marlene P Soulsby
1434394. In a World of Their Own: Experiencing Unconsciousness by Madelaine Lawrence
1434397. A Guidebook for Raising Foster Children by Susan Mc Nair Blatt
1434407. The Nature and Function of Rituals: Fire from Heaven by Ruth Inge Heinze
1434409. Soft Boundaries: Re- Visioning the Arts and Aesthetics in American Education by Claire Janice Detels
1434410. Adoption and Financial Assistance: Tools for Navigating the Bureaucracy by Rita Laws
1434417. Hmong Women and Reproduction by Pranee Liamputtong Rice
1434427. Political Relationship and Narrative Knowledge: A Critical Analysis of School Authoritarianism by Peter Armitage
1434436. Making Sense of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder by Carol R Lensch
1434440. A Professional Development School Partnership: Conflict and Collaboration by Renee W Campoy
1434447. Ordinary Violence: Everyday Assaults Against Women by Mary White Stewart
1434458. The Mainstream Environmentalist: Learning Through Participatory Education by Nancy Grudens Schuck
1434465. Human Diet: Its Origin and Evolution by Peter S Ungar
1434467. The Anthropology of Globalization the Anthropology of Globalization: Cultural Anthropology Enters the 21st Century Cultural Anthropology Enters the 21 by Ted C Lewellen
1434470. Learning Limits: College Women, Drugs, and Relationships by Kimberly M Williams
1434471. Leaders in the Crucible: The Moral Voice of College Presidents by Stephen James Nelson
1434474. Theses and Dissertations: A Guide to Planning, Research, and Writing by R Murray Thomas
1434480. Language, Education, and Ideology: Mapping the Linguistic Landscape of U. S. Schools by Timothy Reagan
1434485. Linguistic Perspectives on Language and Education by Anita K Barry
1434493. The Search for Aesthetic Meaning in the Visual Arts: The Need for the Aesthetic Tradition in Contemporary Art Theory and Education by David Kenneth Holt
1434500. Liberating Praxis: Paulo Freire's Legacy for Radical Education and Politics by Peter Mayo
1434506. A Broken Silence: Voices of African American Women in the Academy by Lena Wright Myers
1434515. Revolutionary Social Transformation: Democratic Hopes, Political Possibilities and Critical Education by Paula Allman
1434519. Workforce Education for Latinos: Politics, Programs, and Practices by Ana Huerta Macias
1434520. Reading Development in Chinese Children by Catherine Mc Bride Chang
1434526. Journeys After Adoption: Understanding Lifelong Issues by Jayne E Schooler
1434535. Applied Anthropology: An Introduction, 3rd Edition by John Van Willigen
1434543. Stolen Child: Aspects of Autism and Asperger Syndrome by Ann Hewetson
1434549. Service-Learning: History, Theory, and Issues by Bruce W Speck
1434551. Counseling Youth: Foucault, Power, and the Ethics of Subjectivity by Tina Besley
1434557. Female Circumcision and the Politics of Knowledge: African Women in Imperialist Discourses by Obioma Nnaemeka
1434558. Female Circumcision and the Politics of Knowledge: African Women in Imperialist Discourses by Obioma Nnaemeka
1434567. Darwin and Archaeology: A Handbook of Key Concepts by Brian Wood
1434573. To Build a Better Teacher: The Emergence of a Competitive Education Industry by Robert Gray Holland
1434581. The School as a Safe Haven by Rollin J Watson
1434591. Collegiality and Service for Tenure and Beyond: Acquiring a Reputation as a Team Player by Franklin Silverman
1434592. Worlds of Health: Exploring the Health Choices of British Asian Mothers by Kate Reed
1434593. The Unfolding Life: Counseling Across the Lifespan by Horton-Parker, Radha J.
1434594. Beyond the Boundaries: A Transdisciplinary Approach to Learning and Teaching by Douglas Kaufman
1434595. The Multilingual Mind: Issues Discussed By, For, and about People Living with Many Languages by Tracey Tokuhama Espinosa
1434642. Chinese Herbal Medicine Made Easy: Effective and Natural Remedies for Common Illnesses by Thomas Richard Joiner
1434643. Intellectual Foreplay: A Book of Questions for Lovers and Lovers-To-Be by Eve Eschner Hogan
1434646. Ditch That Jerk: Dealing with Men Who Control and Abuse Women by Jayne Pamela
1434649. Extended Massive Orgasm: How You Can Give and Receive Intense Sexual Pleasure by Steve Bodansky