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Books 64/146

1439263. Ecology for Environmental Professionals by Dorothy J Howell
1439266. Setting Up a Bank Records Management Program by Nan Heldenbrand Morrissette
1439268. Competition in Government- Financed Services by John C Hilke
1439272. Recycling Solid Waste: The First Choice for Private and Public Sector Management by Duston, Thomas E.
1439278. The Grievance Process in Labor- Management Cooperation by Duane, Michael John
1439280. Evaluating Economic Damages: A Handbook for Attorneys by Albert N Link
1439281. Marketing to Older Consumers: A Handbook of Information for Strategy Development by George P Moschis
1439291. International Business Taxation: A Study in the Internationalization of Business Regulation by Sol Picciotto
1439292. The East-West Pendulum by Robert L George
1439296. Issues Management in Strategic Planning by William L Renfro
1439298. Strategy, Structure, and Antitrust in the Carbonated Soft-Drink Industry by Timothy J Muris
1439300. The Legal Side of Private Security: Working Through the Maze by Leo F Hannon
1439303. The New Ad Media Reality: Electronic Over Print by Barton White
1439306. Diversity and Differences in Organizations: An Agenda for Answers and Questions by Ronald R Sims
1439307. The Legal Considerations in Business Financing: A Guide for Corporate Management by Alan S Gutterman
1439310. A Contrarian Strategy for Growth Stock Investing: Theoretical Foundations and Empirical Evidence by Quorum
1439315. Organizational Violence: Creating a Prescription for Change by Lloyd C Williams
1439318. The Evolution and Future of High Performance Management Systems by Glenn Bassett
1439324. Leading the Living Organization: Growth Strategies for Management by Lane Tracy
1439328. Global Commodity Price Stabilization: Implications for World Trade and Development by Mohamed Osman Suliman
1439329. Scenario- Driven Planning: Learning to Manage Strategic Uncertainty by Nicholas C Georgantzas
1439333. Energizing the Energy Policy Process: The Impact of Evaluation by Roberta W Walsh
1439335. The Unconscious Life of Organizations: Interpreting Organizational Identity by Michael A Diamond
1439336. Managing People in Today's Law Firm: The Human Resources Approach to Surviving Change by Weisbord, Ellen
1439346. Mediating Environmental Conflicts: Theory and Practice by J Walton Blackburn
1439347. Publishing in the Information Age: A New Management Framework for the Digital Era by Douglas M Eisenhart
1439354. Doing Business in Less Developed Countries: Financial Opportunities and Risks by Mashaalah Rahnama Moghadam
1439360. Critique of Accounting: Examination of the Foundations and Normative Structure of an Applied Discipline by Richard V Mattessich
1439367. Malpractice Liability in the Business Professions: A Survey Guide for Attorneys and Clients by Warren Freedman
1439371. Choice of Law in International Commercial Arbitration by Okezie Chukwumerije
1439378. New Dimensions in Marketing/Quality- Of- Life Research by M Joseph Sirgy
1439379. Cultural Diversity in the Workplace: Issues and Strategies by George Henderson
1439380. The Changing Outplacement Process: New Methods and Opportunities for Transition Management by John L Meyer
1439383. Total Quality Marketing: The Key to Regaining Market Shares by Allen C Reddy
1439385. Anger in the Workplace: Understanding the Causes of Aggression and Violence by Seth S Allcorn
1439387. Strategy and Performance of Foreign Companies in Japan by Sikander Khan
1439391. Corporate Culture and the Quality Organization by James W Fairfield Sonn
1439392. The Nature and Consequences of the Multidivisional Structure by Ahmed Riahi Belkaoui
1439393. Organizational Politics, Justice, and Support: Managing the Social Climate of the Workplace by 2006 2008 Russell Cropanzano
1439397. Customized Human Resource Planning: Different Practices for Different Organizations by Michael Duane
1439399. Communication at Work: Management and the Communication- Intensive Organization by Stephen R Axley
1439400. Triumph and Erosion in the American Media and Entertainment Industries by Dan Steinbock
1439407. Corporate Responsibility and Financial Performance: The Paradox of Social Cost by Joshua Krausz
1439408. Managing the Workplace Survivors: Organizational Downsizing and the Commitment Gap by Marvin R Gottlieb
1439411. The Future of the Space Industry: Private Enterprise and Public Policy by Handberg, Roger
1439412. Sex Discrimination in the Legal Profession by Bernard F Lentz
1439415. Human Resource Valuation: A Guide to Strategies and Techniques by Ahmed Riahi Belkaoui
1439425. Expatriate Management: New Ideas for International Business by Jan Selmer
1439426. Organizational Needs Assessments: Design, Facilitation, and Analysis by Samuel B Mc Clelland
1439427. Causes of Death in the Workplace by J Paul Leigh
1439428. The Cultural Shaping of Accounting by Ahmed Riahi Belkaoui
1439432. Organizational Performance and Measurement in the Public Sector: Toward Service, Effort and Accomplishment Reporting by Arie Halachmi
1439438. Activity-Based Models for Cost Management Systems by Ronald J Lewis
1439440. Innovation Japanese Style: A Cultural and Historical Perspective by Paul Herbig
1439441. Electronic Technology, Corporate Strategy, and World Transformation by Maurice F Estabrooks
1439443. The Practice of Multinational Banking: Macro- Policy Issues and Key International Concepts, 2nd Edition by Dara Khambata
1439444. Mitsubishi Motors in Illinois: Global Strategies, Local Impacts by Margaret L Chapman
1439447. Entrepreneurial Intensity: Sustainable Advantages for Individuals, Organizations, and Societies by Michael H Morris
1439455. Fair Employment Strategies in Human Resource Management by Richard S Barrett
1439457. Search for Corporate Strategic Credibility: Concepts and Cases in Global Strategy Communications by Richard B Higgins
1439459. Linguistic Shaping of Accounting by Ahmed Riahi Belkaoui
1439461. Selling Sin: The Marketing of Socially Unacceptable Products by D Kirk Davidson
1439464. Toxic Leaders: When Organizations Go Bad by Marcia Lynn Whicker
1439466. MT Desert Island & Acadia National Park by Delorme Publishing Company
1439467. Middle East by Delorme Mapping Company
1439468. Baxter State Park & Katahdin by Delorme
1439472. Georgia- Delorme2nd by Rand Mc Nally
1439475. New York Atlas & Gazetteer by De Lorme
1439476. North Carolina Atlas & Gazetteer by Delorme Mapping Company
1439477. Maryland - Delorme 2nd Edition by Rand Mc Nally
1439486. New England Highway Map by Delorme Publishing Company
1439487. Biddeford-Saco Street Map by Delorme Publishing Company
1439488. Bath-Brunswick Street Map by Delorme Publishing Company
1439489. Northern New England Sheet Map by Delorme Publishing Company
1439490. Southern New England Sheet Map by Delorme Publishing Company
1439492. Florida Atlas & Gazetteer by Delorme Publishing Company
1439496. Vermont Atlas& Gazetteer by Delorme Mapping Company
1439497. New Jersey 2nd /E 3/E by Rand Mc Nally
1439498. Arizona - Delorme 4th by Rand Mc Nally
1439502. Washington - Delorme5t -OS by Rand Mc Nally
1439503. South Dakota - Delorme by Rand Mc Nally
1439508. Iowa - Delorme2nd /E 3 by Rand Mc Nally
1439513. Kansas- Delorme 1st by Rand Mc Nally
1439514. N Dakota Atlas & Gazetteer by Delorme Mapping Company
1439515. Hawaii Atlas & Gazetteer by Delorme Mapping Company
1439516. Arkansas - Delorme 1st by Rand Mc Nally
1439518. Oregon Atlas & Gazetteer by Delorme Mapping Company
1439520. Building a Strip Canoe by Gilpatrick, Gil
1439521. Conn/Ri Atlas & Gazetteer 3/E by Rand Mc Nally
1439523. California Atlas & Gazetteer by Delorme Mapping Company
1439524. DeLorme Sebago Map & Guide by Delorme Mapping Company
1439525. Seacoast Region Street Atlas by Delorme Mapping Company
1439527. Portland Street Atlas 2nd Ed - Delorme by Delorme Publishing Company
1439528. Earthmate GPS BT-20 2009: Bluetooth GPS with New Street Atlas USA 2009 Plus by Delorme
1439529. Earthmate GPS LT-40 Plus 2009 by Delorme
1439530. Earthmate GPS LT-40 by
1439531. Earthmate GPS LT-40: With Street Atlas USA 2009 by Delorme
1439532. Street Atlas USA 2009 Plus by Delorme
1439533. Street Atlas USA 2009 by Delorme
1439534. Topo USA 7.O National Edition by Delorme
1439535. Topo USA 7.0 East Region by Delorme
1439536. Topo USA 7.0 West Region by Delorme
1439537. Street Atlas USA by Delorme Mapping Company
1439538. Earthmate GPS LT-20 by Delorme Publishing
1439539. Topo USA National by Delorme Mapping Company
1439540. Topo USA National by Delorme Mapping Company
1439541. Resources for Research in Legal Ethics: Volume 13 by Grant, Todd W.
1439543. Way of the Cross by Alphonsus Liguori
1439544. Lectionary- Weekday Mass (Vol. II) by Catholic Book Publishing Co
1439549. Eucharistic Prayers for Concelebration by Catholic Book Publishing Co
1439552. Collection of Masses of the B. V. M. Vol1 & 2 by Catholic Book Publishing Co
1439560. Sacramentary Supplement: by Catholic Book Publishing Co
1439561. Eucharistic Prayer for Masses- Various Needs by Catholic Book Publishing Co
1439562. Sacramentary (Large Size) by Catholic Book Publishing Co
1439563. Deluxe Sacramentary by Catholic Book Publishing Co
1439566. Liturgy of the Hours Inserts by Catholic Book Publishing Co
1439568. Pray the Rosary by Patrick Payton
1439570. Favorite Novenas to the Saints by Lawrence G Lovasik
1439571. Favorite Novenas to Mary by Lawrence G Lovasik
1439572. Favorite Novenas to Jesus by Lawrence G Lovasik
1439573. Novenas Favoritas a Maria by Lawrence G Lovasik
1439574. Favorite Novenas to the Holy Spirit by Lawrence G Lovasik
1439576. Catecismo Ilustrado (Spanish) by A Lodders
1439578. Lectionary- Sunday Mass (B) (Processional) by Processional Edition
1439583. The Funeral Rites by Victor Hoagland
1439595. The Mystery of the Rosary by Marc Tremeau
1439596. Understanding the Mass by Maynard Kolodziej
1439599. Saint Anthony of Padua by Catholic Book Publishing Co
1439605. Missal Guide by Catholic Book Publishing Co
1439606. Christian Prayer Guide by Catholic Book Publishing Co
1439607. My Guardian Angel by Thomas Donaghy
1439608. The Mass by Guy Oury
1439610. The Infant Jesus of Prague: Prayers to the Infant Jesus for All Occasions with a Short History of the Devotion by Ludvik Nemec
1439614. First Book of Saints by Lawrence G Lovasik
1439615. My Picture Prayer Book by Lawrence G Lovasik
1439616. First Children's Bible by Lawrence G Lovasik
1439617. Rite of Baptism for Children by Catholic Book Publishing Co
1439621. Saint Joseph Book of Prayers for Children by Lawrence G Lovasik
1439623. New. . . Saint Joseph Beginner's Book of Saints by Lawrence G Lovasik
1439624. Saint Joseph Beginner's Bible by Catholic Book Publishing Co
1439626. Companion in Illness by Victor Hoagland
1439630. Pastoral Care of the Sick (Bilingual Edition) by Usccb
1439633. Augustine on Prayer by Thomas A Hand
1439634. Saint Augustine by Augustine Trape
1439651. Beginner Series- Gift Set by Catholic Book Publishing Co
1439653. Prayers to Mary by Virgilio Noe
1439654. The Mass for Children by Jude Winkler
1439657. Going to Confession by Lawrence G Lovasik
1439658. Receiving Holy Communion by Lawrence G Lovasik
1439659. The Ten Commandments by Lawrence G Lovasik