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1560302. Canti Popolari Istriani (1877) by Antonio Ive
1560303. Facts and Men: Being Pages from English Church History, Between 1553 and 1683 (1882) by John Charles Ryle
1560304. Edward Nangle, the Apostle of Achill: A Memoir and a History (1884) by Henry Seddall
1560305. Fanshaive and the Dolliver Romance (1876) by Nathaniel Hawthorne
1560306. Her Husband's Country (1911) by Sybil Gwendolen Spottiswoode
1560312. Bible Echoes in Ancient Classics (1878) by Craufurd Tait Ramage
1560313. Die Psychologie Des Verbrechens: Ein Beitrag Zur Erfahrungsseelenkunde (1884) by August Krauss
1560316. Apotheose Do Almirante Saldanha Da Gama (1896) by Honorato Caldas
1560317. Breve Fra Julius Lange (1902) by Julius Henrik Lange
1560319. Dissertationes Selectae in Primam Aetatem: Historiae Ecclesiasticae (1876) by Carolo De Smedt
1560324. Events and Epochs in Religious History: Being the Substance of a Course of Twelve Lectures (1881) by James Freeman Clarke
1560325. Cantiones Sacrae: A Collection of Hymns and Devotional Chants (1878) by Joseph Mohr
1560327. Famous American Authors (1887) by Sarah Knowles Bolton
1560328. History of the 144th Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry: With Itinerary, Showing Contemporaneous Date of the Important Battles of the Civil War (19 by James Harvey Mc Kee
1560337. Earlier Stories, Second Series: Kathleen Mavourneen, Pretty Polly Pemberton (1891) by Frances Hodgson Burnett
1560339. British Locomotives: Their History, Construction, and Modern Development (1900) by Charles John Bowen Cooke
1560341. As Tis in Life (1890) by Albert Delpit
1560343. Buddha: Sein Leben, Seine Lehre, Seine Gemeinde (1903) by Hermann Oldenberg
1560344. Discussioni E Ricerche Letterarie (1888) by Francesco Torraca
1560347. Familiar Talks on Some of Shakespeare's Comedies (1886) by Elizabeth Wormeley Latimer
1560349. Boy's Life of General Grant (1899) by Thomas Wallace Knox
1560351. Bernadotte: Napoleon Et Les Bourbons 1797- 1844 (1901) by Leonce Pingaud
1560352. Examples of Printed Folklore Concerning Lincolnshire (1908) by Mrs Gutch
1560359. Arte Italiana del Rinascimento: Saggi Critici (1891) by Gustavo Frizzoni
1560360. England and the Orleans Monarchy (1912) by John Richard Hall
1560361. Friedrich Barbarossa (1882) by Otto Kallsen
1560365. Canon Barnett V2: His Life, Work, and Friends (1919) by Henrietta Octavia Barnett
1560370. Lexicon Platonicum Sive Vocum Platonicarum, Index V1 Part 2: Zweite Auflage (1908) by Friedrich Ast
1560374. Eve Triumphant (1902) by Pierre De Coulevain
1560378. Epistolae P. Hieronymi Nadal V3 Part 2, 1566- 1577: Societatis Jesu AB Anno 1546 Ad 1577 (1902) by Geronimo Nadal
1560388. Events and Travels of Nathan E. Perkins: From 1824 to 1887 (1887) by Nathan E Perkins
1560390. Gottscheds Stellung Im Deutschen Bildungsleben V1 Und 2 (1895) by Eugen Wolff
1560394. Antoine- Auguste Deriard: Sa Vie Intime, Ses Travaux Scientifiques Et Litteraires (1890) by Jules Deriard
1560400. Empires and Emperors of Russia, China, Korea, and Japan (1906) by Peter Vay Von Vaya
1560402. Bernard de Saxe- Weimar, 1604 a 1639: Et La Reunion de L'Alsace a la France (1908) by Amblard Marie Raymond Noailles
1560405. Euripidis Tragoediae V2 (1884) by Euripides
1560417. Barry's Fruit Garden (1888) by Patrick Barry
1560420. Guatemala, the Land of the Quetzal: A Sketch (1887) by William Tufts Brigham
1560422. Babrii Fabulae Aesopeae (1897) by Babrius
1560423. Cavalieri Moderni (1905) by Fanny Zampini Salazar
1560424. Bidrag Till Finlands Historia (1904) by Reinhold Hausen
1560425. Canada in the Twentieth Century (1905) by Arthur Granville Bradley
1560426. Fables of Infidelity and Facts of Faith: Being an Examination of the Evidences of Infidelity (1875) by Robert Patterson
1560429. Faith Made Easy, or What to Believe and Why: A Popular Statement of the Doctrines and Evidences of Christianity in the Light of Modern Research and So by James Henry Potts
1560431. Evenings with the Skeptics V2, Christian Skepticism: Or Free Discussion on Free Thinkers (1881) by John Owen
1560435. Blue Ridge Breezes (1918) by Joseph Medley Rowland
1560436. Eminent English Men and Women in Paris: Crowned by the French Academy in 1912 (1913) by Roger Boutet De Monvel
1560441. Bridge Specifications, Design of Plate Girders, Design of a Highway Truss Bridge, Design of a Railroad Truss Bridge (1908) by Textbook Company International Textbook
1560442. Early Chicago and Illinois (1890) by Edward Gay Mason
1560443. Artikler Og Taler (1913) by Bjornstjerne Bjornson
1560444. By What Authority? (1904) by Robert Hugh Benson
1560445. Friedrich Nietzsches Briefe an Peter Gast (1908) by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
1560448. Collections of the Minnesota Historical Society V6 (1894) by James H Baker
1560449. Catalogue of the Coins of Alexandria and the Nomes (1892) by Reginald Stuart Poole
1560450. Barnstaple and the Northern Part of Devonshire During the Great Civil War, 1642- 1646 (1889) by Richard W Cotton
1560453. Directory of Graduates of the University of California, 1864- 1916 (1916) by California Alumni Association
1560454. Camorra Et Mafia: Notes Sur L'Italie (1878) by Angelo Umilta
1560460. Costantinopoli (1905) by Edmondo De Amicis
1560462. Banking and Business (1922) by Henry Parker Willis
1560468. Carlo Troya Vita Pubblica E Privata, Studi, Opere (1899) by Giuseppe Del Giudice
1560471. California: Romantic and Beautiful (1914) by George Wharton James
1560482. Cambridge, Described and Illustrated: Being a Short History of the Town and University (1897) by Thomas Dinham Atkinson
1560485. Eight Orations of Cicero: Together with Selected Passages and Letters (1903) by Marcus Tullius Cicero
1560486. Dynamos and Dynamo Design, Direct- Current Motors, Alternating Currents, Alternators, Alternating- Current Apparatus (1905) by Textbook Company International Textbook
1560487. Hilligenlei: Roman (1905) by Gustav Frenssen
1560488. Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science V26: Administrative and Political History (1908) by Charles Mc Lean Andrews
1560495. Essays on Christianity, Paganism, and Superstition (1877) by Thomas De Quincey
1560496. Annales de La Societe D'Economie Politique Tome Quinzieme: 1885- 1887 (1896) by Alphonse Courtois
1560499. French Syntax: A Critical Study of the French Language on the Basis of Edouard Matzner (1883) by James A Harrison
1560500. A Dictionary of the Asante and Fante Language, Called Tshi, Chwee, Twi (1881) by J G Christeller
1560501. Special Consular Reports V24- 28 (1902) by
1560505. Fra Fyrrerne: Literaere Skizzer (1878) by Otto Borchsenius
1560508. Catechetics: Or Theory and Practice of Religious Instruction (1918) by Michael Reu
1560510. Barnabae Epistula, Integram Graece Itermum Edidit: Veterem Interpretationem Latinam, Commentarium Criticum Et Adnotationes (1877) by Adolphus Hilgenfeld
1560513. Baseball Notes for Coaches and Players (1916) by Elmer Berry
1560515. Battery a: Field Artillery M. V. M. , 1895- 1905 (1908) by Jr John H Sherburne
1560516. The Bay View Magazine V1, No. 4 (1893) by View Reading Circle Bay
1560525. Bellini: Memorie E Lettere (1882) by Francesco Florimo
1560526. Bene Pei Cari Piccolini (1892) by Marchesa Colombi
1560530. Berlin Oder Juste Milieu (1920) by Carl Sternheim
1560531. Bermuda in Periodical Literature: A Bibliography (1898) by George Watson Cole
1560534. Individual- Und Sozialethik in Ihren Gegenseitigen Beziehungen (1904) by Herrmann Klein
1560537. Bertram Vogelweid (1901) by Marie Von Ebner Eschenbach
1560546. Betty Moore's Journal (1912) by Mabel D Carry
1560547. Between Scarlet Thrones (1919) by Florence Willingham Pickard
1560548. Beyond the Twilight: A Book of Verse (1911) by George Wheaton Harrington
1560553. Bibliografia Romana V1: Notizie Della Vita E Delle Opere (1880) by Girolamo Amati
1560587. Bide a Wee: And Other Poems (1880) by Mary Jemima Mac Coll
1560588. Bidrag Till Var Odlings Hafder (1882) by Arthur Immanuel Hazelius
1560589. Bigarrures: Or the Pleasant and Witlesse and Simple Speeches of the Lord Gaulard of Burgundy (1884) by Etienne Tabourot
1560590. Bilancio Storico Italo- Franco: Dal 1789 Al 1899 (1890) by Luigi Tioli
1560594. Biographie Des Ecrivains Francais (1879) by Charles Henri Schneider
1560596. Bits of Old China (1885) by William C Hunter
1560597. Black Beaver, the Trapper: The Only Book Ever Written by a Trapper (1911) by James Campbell Lewis
1560598. Blackberries: Picked Off Many Bushes (1884) by D Pollex
1560599. Blameless Knights: Or Lutzen and La Vendee (1876) by Alice Harriet Frederica Byng
1560602. Block Signal Operation: A Practical Manual (1897) by William Lloyd Derr
1560603. Blossom from an Orchard: Poems, Songs, and Sonnets (1885) by Herbert Courthope Bowen
1560605. Boccaccio or the Prince of Palermo: Comic Opera in Three Acts (1880) by Franz Von Suppe
1560606. Boleslaw Wstydliwy I Leszek Czarny (1875) by Jozef Bohdan Zaleski
1560607. Book II of the Family of John Stone: One of the First Settlers of Guilford, Connecticut (1898) by Truman Lewis Stone
1560609. Book of Meditations by William More Decker: Embracing the Greater and the Lesser Journey, the Other World, Minor Topics, Interspersed with Original Th by William More Decker
1560610. Book- Paper Industry: Letter from the Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission (1917) by James M Baker
1560611. Border Memories: Or Sketches of Prominent Men and Women of the Border (1876) by Walter Riddell Carre
1560612. Border Raids and Reivers (1898) by Robert Borland
1560615. Boston's Story in Inscriptions: Being Reproductions of the Markings That Are or Have Been on Historic Sites (1908) by Street Trust Company State
1560619. Boycotts and the Labor Struggle: Economic and Legal Aspects (1913) by Harry Wellington Laidler
1560620. Boyhood Hours: Comprising a Collection of Simple Poems, Songs and Odes (1881) by Archibald Mc Alpine Taylor
1560621. Boyology: Or Boy Analysis (1922) by Henry William Gibson
1560624. Braddock: A Story of the French and Indian Wars (1893) by John Roy Musick
1560625. Brain and Mind or Mental Science Considered in Accordance with the Principles of Phrenology: And in Relation to Modern Physiology (1879) by
1560626. Brambles and Twigs of Song (1910) by John Augustin Keane
1560627. Brandenburgia: Monatsblatt Der Gesellschaft Fur Heimatkunde Der Provinz Brandenburg Zu Berlin (1904) by Gesellschafts Vorstande
1560629. Brass Faces (1913) by Charles Mc Evoy
1560631. Breslauer Burgerbuch: Sammlung Von Polizei- Verordnungen, Ortsstatuten Und Regulativen Fur Die Stadt Breslau (1893) by Breslau
1560638. Brief History of the Louisiana Territory (1904) by Walter Robinson Smith
1560641. Brief Remarks on Some of the Charges Recently Made Against the Early Writers of the Society of Friends (1837) by George Richardson
1560642. Brief Sketch of the Erection and Formation of the State of West Virginia from the Territory of Virginia (1891) by John Marshall Hagans
1560644. Briefe an Dieterich, 1770- 1798 (1898) by Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
1560650. Bright Boy's Book (1880) by Henry Frith
1560654. The British Classical Authors: Select Specimens of the National Literature of England and America, with Biographical Sketches and a Historical Outlin by L Herrig
1560655. British Colonial Policy, 1783- 1915 (1916) by Charles Herbert Currey
1560656. British Contemporary Artists (1899) by William Cosmo Monkhouse
1560657. British Moralists V2: Being Selections from Writers Principally of the Eighteenth Century (1897) by Lewis Amherst Selby Bigge
1560658. Broken Arcs (1912) by Darrell Figgis
1560659. The Brooklyn Medical Journal V15: January to December, 1901 (1901) by Joseph H Raymond
1560662. Buckfast Abbey (1884) by Adam Hamilton
1560663. Bugle Signals, Calls and Marches for Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Revenue Cutter Service and National Guard (1917) by Daniel Joseph Canty
1560665. Bunkum (1907) by Frank Richardson
1560667. Bygone Northamptonshire (1891) by William Andrews
1560672. C. Iulii Caesaris Bellum Gallicum: Unus Text, Mit Einem Bile Und Einer Karte (1903) by Julius Caesar
1560683. C. Vellei Paterculi Ex Historiae Romanae Libris Duobus Quae Supersunt (1876) by Gaius Velleius Paterculus
1560687. Programm Des Grossherzoglichen Gymnasiums Zu Mainz (1900) by Heinrich Jung
1560691. Calabazas! Politiquillos, Escribidores, Criticastros, Pintamonas, Cacharreros, Murguistas, Histriones, Maletas y Otras Notabilidades Al USO (1904) by Luis Falcato
1560694. Calendar for the Year 1906- 1907 (1907) by Of Allahabad University Of
1560695. California '46 to '88 (1883) by Jacob Wright Harlan
1560696. California Missions and Landmarks: El Camino Real (1915) by
1560699. Camoes: Drama Historico Em Cinco Actos (1880) by Cypriano Jardim
1560705. Canada's Future, What She Offers After the War: A Symposium of Official Opinion (1916) by E A Victor
1560706. Candidat! Roman Contemporain (1887) by Jules Claretie
1560707. Cantes Gitanos (1907) by El Bachiller Katacla
1560708. Canto a Mi Patria (1879) by German Leguia Y Martinez
1560710. Cantos Na Solidao (1885) by Manuel Ferreira Da Portella
1560712. Capelli Biondi (1906) by Salvatore Farina
1560713. Capitan Spavento (1899) by Graziano Senigaglia
1560714. Capriccios (1898) by Katherine Frances Leeds
1560716. Captain Lucy and Lieutenant Bob (1918) by Aline Havard
1560717. Captain Myles Standish, His Lost Lands and Lancashire Connections: A New Investigation (1920) by Thomas Cruddas Porteus
1560718. Captain Pete of Cortesana (1909) by James Cooper Wheeler
1560720. Caricaturas (1892) by Luis Taboada