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Books 8/79

169217. Advances in Applied Mechanics by Erik Van Der Giessen
169225. Advances in Applied Microbiology, Volume 48 by Allen I Laskin
169228. Advances in Applied Microbiology, Volume 52 by Joan Bennett
169230. Sick Building Syndrome by David C Straus
169231. Advances in Applied Microbiology, Volume 56 by Geoffrey M Gadd
169323. Advances in Catalysis by Bruce C Gates
169331. Computational Fluid Dynamics by Guy B Marin
169350. Advances in Clinical Chemistry, Volume 38 by Gregory S Makowski
169351. Advances in Clinical Chemistry, Volume 39 by Gregory S Makowski
169353. Advances in Clinical Chemistry by Gregory S Makowski
169376. Advances in Computers by Marvin Zelkowitz
169413. Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics by Peter W Hawkes
169447. Advances in Food and Nutrition Research: Volume 50 by Steve Taylor
169466. Genetics of Sexual Differentiation and Sexually Dimorphic Behaviors by Daisuke Yamamoto
169473. Advances in Geophysics by Renata Dmowska
169540. Advances in Immunology by Frederick W Alt
169555. Advances in Insect Physiology Vol. 29 by P D
169577. Advances in Librarianship, Volume 30 by Eileen G Abels
169616. Advances in Organometallic Chemistry by Robert West
169627. Advances in Parasitology by J R Baker
169634. Advances in Parasitology by Tim Littlewood
169664. Hot Spot Pollutants: Pharmaceuticals in the Environment by Daniel R Dietrich
169665. Amylin: Physiology and Pharmacology by Andrew Young
169689. Fibrous Proteins: Coiled-Coils, Collagen and Elastomers by David A D Parry
169694. Advances in Quantum Chemistry: Recent Advances in Computational Quantum Chemistry by Per Olov Lowdin
169721. Advances in Virus Research by Aaron J Shatkin
169752. Differential Equations with Mathematica with CDROM by Martha L Abell
169788. Probability, Statistics, And Queueing Theory With Computer Science Applications, 2/Ed. by Arnold O
169800. Solutions Manual for Elementary Linear Algebra by Stephen Andrilli
169809. Computing the Brain: A Guide to Neuroinformatics by Jeffrey S Grethe
169815. Partial Differential Equations & Boundary Value Problems with Maple V with CDROM by Articolo, George A.
169834. An Introduction to Executive Compensation by Steven Balsam
169837. Handbook of Medical Imaging: Processing and Analysis Management by Bankman, Issac
169844. Asthma and Copd: Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Management by Neil C Thomson
169845. Fractals Everywhere by Barnsley, Michael F.
169854. The Butterflies of Hong Kong by Mike Bascombe
169866. Biotechnology: A Laboratory Course by Becker, Jeffrey M.
169875. Rivers of North America by Art Benke
169877. Interface Science in Drinking Water Treatment, Volume 10: Theory and Applications by Gayle Newcombe
169885. Plant Biochemistry by Hans Walter Heldt
169892. Quicktime Toolkit Volume Two: Advanced Movie Playback and Media Types by Apple
169914. Essentials of Stem Cell Biology by Lanza, Robert P.
169930. The Rat Brain in Stereotaxic Coordinates - The New Coronal Set by George Paxinos
169939. The Somatotrophic Axis in Brain Function by Fred Nyberg
169949. X3D: Extensible 3D Graphics for Web Authors by Don Brutzman
169951. Encyclopedia of Stress, Four-Volume Set by George Fink
169955. Serial Crime: Theoretical and Practical Issues in Behavioral Profiling by Petherick, Wayne
169965. Fault- Tolerant Systems by Israel Koren
169977. Models of Seizures and Epilepsy by Asla Pitkanen
169979. Smart Phone and Next-Generation Mobile Computing by Pei Zheng
169981. Dynamics of Bone and Cartilage Metabolism: Principles and Clinical Applications by Markus J Seibel
169984. Effective Prototyping for Software Makers by Jonathan Arnowitz
169990. China's Financial Markets by Neftci
169991. Introduction To Applied Statistical Signal Analysis: Third Edition by Shiavi
170000. The Fossil Record of Primate Evolution by John G Fleagle
170016. Insect Ecology: An Ecosystem Approach by Schowalter, Timothy D.
170055. Handbook of Pulping and Papermaking by Christopher J Biermann
170057. Principles of Bone Biology, Two-Volume Set by Gideon A Rodan
170058. Ion Beans for Materials Analysis by J Roger Bird
170064. Handbook of the Psychology of Aging by James E Birren
170091. Financial Forecasting for Business and Economics by Eduard J Bomhoff
170097. Handbook of Image and Video Processing by Al Bovik
170113. Handbook of Personality Psychology by Stephen Briggs
170117. Matrix Methods: An Introduction by Richard Bronson
170126. Private Real Estate Investment: Data Analysis and Decision Making by Roger J Brown
170128. Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reaction Mechanisms by Reinhard Bruckner
170139. Space Groups for Solid State Scientists by Gerald Burns
170142. Nuclear Receptors and Genetic Disease by Thomas P Burris
170143. Experiments in Molecular Biology: Biochemical Applications by Jon M Kaguin
170147. From Molecules to Networks: An Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience by Byrne, John
170150. Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition, Four-Volume Set by Benjamin Caballero
170179. Membrane Protein-Cytoskeleton Interactions by Dale J Benos
170183. Chemokines, Chemokine Receptors, and Disease by Lisa M Schwiebert