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Books 81/108

1816051. Brain Dynamics and the Striatal Complex by Robert Miller
1816052. Platelets, Thrombosis and the Vessel Wall by Michael C Berndt
1816054. Designing for Situation Awareness: An Approach to User- Centered Design by Mica R Endsley
1816055. Online GIS and Spatial Metadata by David R Green
1816056. Office Ergonomics by Karl H E Kroemer
1816057. Human Factors in Lighting, Second Edition by Peter R Boyce
1816058. Inclusive Design Guidelines for Hci by Collette Nicolle
1816059. Digital Photogrammetry by Yves Egels
1816060. Drug Therapy for Stroke Prevention by Julian Bogousslavsky
1816061. Occupational Ergonomics: Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders of the Upper Limb and Back by Francesco Violante
1816062. GIS for Group Decision Making by Piotr Jankowski
1816063. Human Performance in Planning and Scheduling by Bart Mac Carthy
1816064. GIS and Geocomputation: Innovations in GIS 7 by Peter Atkinson
1816067. Genetically Modified Crops: Assessing Safety by Keith T Atherton
1816068. Task Analysis by John Annett
1816069. Virtual Reality in Geography by Peter Fisher
1816070. Geocomputation by Stan Openshaw
1816072. Bioactive Compounds from Natural Products: Isolation, Characterisation and Biological Properties by Corrado Tringali
1816074. Web Cartography: Developments and Prospects by Jan Menno Kraak
1816076. Hierarchial Task Analysis by Andrew Shepherd
1816078. Physiological Pharmaceutics: Barriers to Drug Absorption by Neena Washington
1816079. Multidimensional Geographic Information Science by Jonathan Raper
1816081. Edhf 2002 by Paul M Vanhoutte
1816082. Calculus with Complex Numbers by John B Reade
1816083. Nano Science and Technology: Novel Structures and Phenomena by Ping Sheng
1816084. Flax: The Genus Linum by Alister D Muir
1816085. Dental Biomechanics by Arturo N Natali
1816086. Predators and Parasitoids by Opender Koul
1816087. Domain Oriented Systems Development: : Practices and Perspectives by Kiyoshi Itoh
1816089. Nontraditional Database Systems by Yahiko Kambayashi
1816091. Capsicum: The Genus Capsicum by Amit Krishna De
1816092. Taxus: The Genus Taxus by Hideji Itokawa
1816094. Fenugreek: The Genus Trigonella by Georgios A Petropoulos
1816095. Human Biology and History by Malcolm Smith
1816097. Practical GIS Analysis by David L Verbyla
1816098. GIS for Water Resource and Watershed Management by John G Lyon
1816099. Constraint Management in Manufacturing: Optimising the Supply Chain by Ted Hutchin
1816100. Gamma- Hydroxybutyrate: Pharmacological and Functional Aspects by Godfrey Tunnicliff
1816101. The Subtle Beast: Snakes, from Myth to Medicine by Andre Menez
1816102. Magnolia: The Genus Magnolia by Satyajit D Sarker
1816103. Cardamom: The Genus Elettaria by P N Ravindran
1816104. Citrus: The Genus Citrus by Giovanni Dugo
1816105. Thyme: The Genus Thymus by Elisabeth Stahl Biskup
1816106. Lavender: The Genus Lavandula by Maria Lis Balchin
1816107. The Antibodies by Maurizio Zanetti
1816108. Geographic Information Systems in Oceanography and Fisheries by Vasilis D Valavanis
1816111. Reviews in Food and Nutrition Toxicity by Victor R Preedy
1816112. Key to the Future: The History of Earth Science by John Cater
1816113. Cortical Areas: Unity and Diversity by Almut Schuez
1816114. Vetiveria: The Genus Vetiveria by Massimo Maffei
1816115. DHEA and the Brain by Robert Morfin
1816117. Honey Bees: Estimating the Environmental Impact of Chemicals by James Devillers
1816118. Sociology for Pharmacists: An Introduction by Kevin M G Taylor
1816120. The Biology of Marijuana: From Gene to Behavior by Emmanuel S Onaivi
1816121. Stress: Neural, Endocrine and Molecular Studies by Richard Mc Carty
1816123. Antibiotic Development and Resistance by Diarmaid Hughes
1816124. Tumor Immunology: Molecularly Defined Antigens and Clinical Applications by Giorgio Parmiani
1816125. Wood Formation in Trees: Cell and Molecular Biology Techniques by Nigel J Chaffey
1816126. Artemisia by Colin W Wright
1816128. Muscle Metabolism by Juleen R Zierath
1816131. Pharmacy Practice by Kevin M G Taylor
1816132. Handbook of Manufacturing and Supply Systems Design: From Strategy Formulations to System Operation by Bin Wu
1816133. Stevia: The Genus Stevia by A Douglas Kinghorn
1816134. Spatial Data Quality by Wenzhong Shi
1816135. Understanding Wetlands: Fen, Bog and Marsh by S M Haslam
1816136. Understanding and Preventing Falls: An Ergonomics Approach by Roger Haslam
1816138. Multidimensional Signals, Circuits and Systems by Krzysztof Galkowski
1816139. Human Factors in the Training of Pilots by Jefferson M Koonce
1816140. Accident/Incident Prevention Techniques by Charles D Reese
1816141. Small- Scale Map Projection Design by Frank Canters
1816142. Building a Culture of Respect: Managing Bullying at Work by Noreen Tehrani
1816143. User Interface Design of Electronic Appliances by Konrad Baumann
1816144. Uncertainty in Geographical Information by Jingxiong Zhang
1816145. Hydrogen as a Fuel: Learning from Nature by Richard Cammack
1816146. Environmental Modelling with GIS and Remote Sensing by Andrew Skidmore
1816148. Major Impacts and Plate Tectonics: A Model for the Phanerzoic Evolution of the Earth's Lithosphere by Neville Price
1816150. Community Participation and Geographical Information Systems by William J Craig
1816151. Dictionary of Biomedical Science by Peter J Gosling
1816153. Metal Ions in Biological Systems: Volume 41: Metal Ions and Their Complexes in Medication by Astrid Sigel
1816154. Chemistry and Physics of Carbon: Volume 29 by Ljubisa R Radovic
1816155. Industrial Chemical Cresols and Downstream Derivatives by Asim Kumar Mukhopadhyay
1816156. Hydraulics of Spillways and Energy Dissipators by Rajnikant M Khatsuria
1816157. Synthetic Organic Photochemistry by Axel G Griesbeck
1816159. Die Cast Engineering: A Hydraulic, Thermal, and Mechanical Process by William Andresen
1816160. Financial Services Information Systems by Jessica Keyes
1816161. Information Security Risk Analysis, Second Edition by Thomas R Peltier
1816162. Building a Global Information Assurance Program by Raymond J Curts
1816163. New Directions in Internet Management by Sanjiv Purba
1816164. A Technical Guide to Ipsec Virtual Private Networks by James S Tiller
1816166. Roadmap to the E- Factory by Jr Alex N Beavers
1816168. Combinatorics of Permutations by Miklos Bona
1816169. Handbook of Parametric and Nonparametric Statistical Procedures by David J Sheskin
1816170. CRC Handbook of Thermodynamic Data of Aqueous Polymer Solutions by Christian Wohlfarth
1816171. On- Scene Guide for Crisis Negotiators by Frederick J Lanceley
1816172. The Human Brain During the Second Trimester by Shirley A Bayer
1816182. The Cisa Examination Handbook by Earle Aaron E
1816191. Signal Processing for Intelligent Sensor Networks with MATLAB, Second Edition by David C Swanson
1816200. Graph Theory in Chemistry and Drug Design by Ivanciuc, Ovidiu Ioan
1816214. Leukemia: Translational Research & Clinical Implications by Guillermo Garcia Manero
1816258. Fiber to Fabric Engineering: From Traditional to Technical Textiles by El-Mogahzy, Y.
1816259. Medical Textiles 2007 by Anand, S. C.
1816271. Energy Management Reference Library CD by Capehart Barney L
1816291. Multiple Myeloma: Translational and Emerging Therapies by Kenneth C Anderson
1816327. Managing It Risk and Compliance by Goldman, David
1816343. Introduction to Mobile Communications: Technology, Services, Markets by Hiroaki Masuda
1816348. Industrialnetbase: Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing References Online by Crc Press
1816351. Fundamentals of Public Budgeting by Aman Khan
1816355. Food Lipids: Chemistry, Nutrition, and Biotechnology, Third Edition by Casimir C Akoh
1816369. What Every Engineer Should Know about Contracting by Francis X Taney Jr
1816370. What Every Engineer Should Know about Enterprise Management by Dragnich, David W.
1816377. Solid Fuels Combustion and Gasification: Modeling, Simulation, and Equipment Operations, Second Edition by de Souza-Santos, Marcio L.
1816385. Process Optimization for Industrial Quality Improvement by Adedeji B Badiru
1816386. Exercise, Nutrition, and the Older Adult: Wellness for Optimal Aging by Maria A Fiatarone Singh
1816394. Behavioral Pharmacology: : Integrating the Experimental Analysis of Behavior & Neuroscience by Dworkin, Steven I.
1816404. Forensic Examination of Hair by James R Robertson
1816405. Forensic Examination of Fibres by James R Robertson
1816406. Cannabis: The Genus Cannabis by David T Brown
1816407. Saffron: Crocus Sativus L. by Moshe Negbi
1816408. Caraway: The Genus Carum by Eva Nemeth
1816409. Advances in Insect Control: The Role of Transgenic Plants by Nadine B Carozzi
1816413. Beyond Lean: Elements of a Successful Implementation by Sawhney, Rupy (Rapinder)
1816422. Geohydroinformatics: Integrating GIS and Water Engineering by Mike Jackson
1816430. Fundamentals of Nuclear Science and Engineering by J Kenneth Shultis
1816444. Applied Vector Analysis, Second Edition by Mulolani, Isaac
1816457. DV-X a Molecular Orbital Calculation Method by Jun Kawai
1816459. Handbook of Data Center Management, 1998 Edition by Steve Blanding
1816465. Functional Foods: Fruits and Vegetables by Macdougal, Gordon
1816477. Principles of Kinesic Interview and Interrogation, Third Edition by Stan B Walters
1816478. Nonhuman Bone Identification by Heather A Walsh Haney
1816498. Finite Size Scaling and Critical Phenomena in Atomic and Molecular Physics by Serra, Pablo
1816502. Multisensor Data Fusion, Second Edition: Micro and Nano-Scale Sensors by Hall, David L.
1816526. Nanotechnology: The Future by Thomas J Frey
1816577. Flora Agaricina Neerlandica - Volume 1 by Bas, C.
1816594. Home Builder's Guide to Continuous Improvement: Schedule, Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Cost, and Safety by Derek N Margetts
1816602. The Open Source Guide to Electromagnetic Weapons: Defensive Strategies by Chet Uber
1816616. Food Processing Operations Modeling: Design and Analysis, Second Edition by Soojin Jun
1816621. Information Systems for Urban Planning: A Hypermedia Cooperative Approach by Robert Laurini
1816623. Speech Synthesis and Recognition by Wendy Holmes
1816624. GIS: A Sourcebook for Schools by David R Green
1816625. Safety Management: A Qualitative Systems Approach by John Davies
1816627. On Beyond Uranium: Journey to the End of the Periodic Table by Sigurd Hofmann
1816628. The Female Brain by Cynthia L Darlington
1816629. GIS Basics by Stephen Wise
1816630. Design of Biomedical Devices and Systems, Second Edition by Paul King
1816631. Practical Guide to Designed Experiments: A Unified Modular Approach by Paul D Funkenbusch
1816632. Air Quality, 4th Edition by Thad Godish
1816633. Fundamentals of Information Theory and Coding Design by Roberto Togneri
1816634. Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation, Sixth Edition by Barry A J Fisher
1816641. Textbook of Contrast Media, Second Edition by David O Cosgrove
1816650. Feedback and Lower Power Circuits by Wai Kai Chen