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Books 83/134

1864959. Folk Lore and Folk Stories of Wales by Marie Trevelyan
1864960. The Letters and Times of the Tylers V3 by Lyon Gardiner Tyler
1864961. The Letters and Times of the Tylers V2 by Lyon Gardiner Tyler
1864962. The Letters and Times of the Tylers V1 by Lyon Gardiner Tyler
1864966. The Life and Writings of Ignatius Von Dollinger: The German Theologian by John Owen
1864969. The Temporal Advantages of Religion by William Lupton
1864970. Indian Action Songs: A Collection of Descriptive Songs of the Chippewa Indians by Frances Densmore
1864973. F. W. Robertson's Sermons: On Christian Doctrine V3 by Frederick W Robertson
1864974. F. W. Robertson's Sermons: On Bible Subjects V2 by Frederick W Robertson
1864975. F. W. Robertson's Sermons: On Religion and Life V1 by Frederick W Robertson
1864976. The Inner Chamber of the Science of Mentalphysics by Ding Le Mei
1864977. Northern Hero Legends by Otto Jiriczek
1864978. The Armenian Apology and Acts of Apollonius, and Other Monuments of Early Christianity by F C Conybeare
1864979. A French Ambassador at the Court of Charles Second: Le Comte de Cominges from His Unpublished Correspondence by J J Jusserand
1864980. Lectures on Man: Being a Series of Discourses on Phrenology and Physiology by L N Fowler
1864983. Legendary Islands of the Atlantic: A Study in Medieval Geography by William H Babcock
1864985. World Wide Endeavor: The Story of the Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor from the Beginning and in All Lands by Francis E Clark
1864986. Traits of Representative Men by George W Bungay
1864989. Curiosities of Olden Times by S Baring Gould
1864990. The Psychoneuroses and Their Treatment by Psychotherapy by Joseph Dejerine
1864991. Heroes of the Navy in America by Charles Morris
1864992. The Office and Work of the Holy Spirit by James Buchanan
1864993. Joseph Addison and His Time by Charles J Finger
1864994. The Beauties of Burns: Consisting of Selections from His Poems and Letters by Alfred Howard
1864995. The Life of Saint Hugh of Lincoln by Herbert Thurston
1864996. A Philosophy of Religion or the Rational Grounds of Religious Belief by John Bascom
1864997. The Triumph of the Man Who Acts: And Other Papers by Edward Earle Purinton
1864998. An Outline of Christian Theology by William Newton Clarke
1864999. The Life and Revelations of Saint Gertrude, Virgin and Abbess of the Order of St. Benedict by Sister M Frances Clare
1865000. A Handbook of Psychology by John Clark Murray
1865003. The Education of the Greek People and Its Influence on Civilization by Thomas Davidson
1865008. Memoirs of Prince Adam Czartoryski and His Correspondence with Alexander I V1 by A G Czartoryski
1865009. Memoirs of Prince Adam Czartoryski and His Correspondence with Alexander I V2 by A G Czartoryski
1865010. The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs by Robert Henry Charles
1865011. The Sexual Life: A Scientific Treatise Designed for Advanced Students and the Professions by C W Malchow
1865012. The Origins of Popular Superstitions and Customs by T Sharper Knowlson
1865017. The Origins of Religion and Language Considered in Five Essays by F C Cook
1865018. The Life of Thomas Eddy: Comprising an Extensive Correspondence with Many of the Most Distinguished Philosophers and Philanthropists of This an by Samuel L Knapp
1865020. A Study in Greek Rhetoric: The Stylistic Influence of the Second Sophistic on the Panegyrical Sermons of St. John Chrysostom by Thomas E Ameringer
1865023. Breathe and Be Well by William Lee Howard
1865025. The Quest for Experience in Worship by Edwin H Byington
1865028. The Use and Abuse of Money by William Cunningham
1865029. A Life of William Shakespeare by William James Rolfe
1865030. William of Malmesbury's Chronicle of the Kings of England: From the Earliest Period to the Reign of King Stephen by J A Giles
1865032. Timbuctoo: The Mysterious by Felix Du Bois
1865034. Sanskrit Manual by Monier Williams
1865035. The Lives of the Most Eminent British Painters and Sculptors V1 by Allan Cunningham
1865036. The Lives of the Most Eminent British Painters and Sculptors V2 by Allan Cunningham
1865037. The Lives of the Most Eminent British Painters and Sculptors V3 by Allan Cunningham
1865038. Literary, Scientific and Political Views of Orestes A. Brownson by Henry F Brownson
1865042. Society in China by Robert Kennaway Douglas
1865043. The Indian Dispossessed by Seth K Humphrey
1865044. An Introduction to Comparative Psychology by C Lloyd Morgan
1865045. A Treatise of Ghosts by Father Noel Taillepied
1865046. The Christian Father's Present to His Children by John Angel James
1865047. Tales of Ancient Greece by George W Cox
1865051. The Healing of Pierpont Whitney by William W Walter
1865052. Life of Mahomet by Washington Irving
1865053. The Book of the Sword by Richard Francis Burton
1865054. The Works of James Arminius V3 by James Arminius
1865055. The Works of James Arminius V1 Part 1 by James Arminius
1865056. The Works of James Arminius V2 by James Arminius
1865057. The Night of Weeping or Words for the Suffering Family of God by Horatius Bonar
1865065. Buddhism: In Its Connexion with Brahmanism and Hinduism and in Its Contrast with Christianity by Monier Monier Williams
1865068. Hypnotism: How It Is Done; Its Uses and Dangers by James R Cocke
1865069. Religious Systems of the World: A Contribution to the Study of Comparative Religion by James Legge
1865071. Living the Radiant Life: A Personal Narrative by George Wharton James
1865072. Ben Jonson and the Classical School by Felix E Schelling
1865073. The Life and Works of Goethe: With Sketches of His Age and Contemporaries V2 by G H Lewes
1865074. The Life and Works of Goethe: With Sketches of His Age and Contemporaries V1 by G H Lewes
1865075. Jacksonian Democracy 1829-1837 by William Mac Donald
1865076. Diary, Reminiscences and Correspondence of Henry Crabb Robinson, Barrister at Law V2 by Thomas Sadler
1865077. Diary, Reminiscences and Correspondence of Henry Crabb Robinson, Barrister at Law V1 by Thomas Sadler
1865079. Messages of the Poets: The Books of Job and Canticles and Some Minor Poems in the Old Testament, with Introductions, Metrical Translations an by Nathaniel Schmidt
1865080. Standards of Public Morality by Arthur Twining Hadley
1865081. Life and Letters of John Greenleaf Whittier V2 by Samuel T Pickard
1865083. Pussy Black- Face or the Story of a Kitten and Her Friends by Marshall Saunders
1865085. The Cross, Heathen and Christian: A Fragmentary Notice of Its Early Pagan Existence and Subsequent Christian Adoption by Mourant Brock
1865091. Baptist Hymn Writers and Their Hymns by Henry S Burrage
1865094. A Theory of Motives, Ideals and Values in Education by William Estabrook Chancellor
1865095. More Magic by Professor Hoffman
1865096. American Masters of Sculpture: Being Brief Appreciations of Some American Sculptors and of Some Phases of Sculpture in America by Charles Henry Caffin
1865098. History of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick and of the Hibernian Society for the Relief of Emigrants from Ireland, March 17, 1771- March 17, 1892 by John H Campbell
1865099. Prairie and Rocky Mountain Adventures or Life in the West by John C Van Tramp
1865102. William Ellery Channing: Minister of Religion by John White Chadwick
1865105. Views of Our Heavenly Home: A Sequel to a Stellar Key to the Summer Land by Andrew Jackson Davis
1865107. The Ships of the United States Navy and Their Sponsors 1797-1913 by Edith Wallace Benham
1865108. The Coin Collector's Manual or Guide to the Numismatic Student in the Formation of a Cabinet of Coins V1 by Henry Noel Humphreys
1865109. The Coin Collector's Manual or Guide to the Numismatic Student in the Formation of a Cabinet of Coins V2 by Henry Noel Humphreys
1865112. The Story of Art Throughout the Ages: An Illustrated Record by Florence Simmonds
1865113. The Meaning and Method of Spiritual Life by Annie Wood Besant
1865114. English and American Furniture: A Pictorial Handbook of Fine Furniture Made in Great Britain and in the American Colonies by Herbert Cescinsky
1865115. Christ, the Morning Star: And Other Sermons by Jr John Cairns
1865116. Aspects of the Christ by Annie Wood Besant
1865117. Elementary Lessons on Karma by Annie Wood Besant
1865118. History of American Manufactures from 1608 to 1860 V1 by J Leander Bishop
1865119. History of American Manufactures from 1608 to 1860 V2 by J Leander Bishop
1865120. History of American Manufactures from 1608 to 1860 V3 by J Leander Bishop
1865121. The Brand of Dominic or Inquisition at Rome Supreme and Universal by William H Rule
1865122. A Treatise on Prayer: Designed to Assist in Its Devout Discharge with a Few Forms of Prayer by Edward Henry Bickersteth
1865123. Gladstone and Conditional Immortality: His Reasons for Rejecting the Theory of the Natural Immortality of the Soul by William A Burch
1865125. Graphic Reduction of Star Places by Erasmus Darwin Preston
1865131. History of the Conquest of Mexico V3 by William H Prescott
1865132. History of the Conquest of Mexico V2 by William H Prescott
1865133. History of the Conquest of Mexico V1 by William H Prescott
1865134. Past and Present; Chartism and Sartor Resartus by Thomas Carlyle
1865135. John Greenleaf Whittier: A Biography by Francis H Underwood
1865136. A Short History of Tapestry: From the Earliest Times to the End of the 18th Century by Eugene Muntz
1865140. The Life of W. M. Thackeray by Herman Merivale
1865141. The Christian Doctrine of God by William Newton Clarke
1865142. The Plantation Negro as a Freeman: Observations on His Character, Condition and Prospects in Virginia by Philip A Bruce
1865144. Myths of the Red Children by Gilbert L Wilson
1865146. Bonaparte and the Consulate by A C Thibaudeau
1865148. The Earlier Work of Titian by Claude Phillips
1865149. How to Build Mental Power by Grenville Kleiser
1865150. Zuni Folk Tales by Frank H Cushing
1865151. Leavening the Nation: The Story of American Home Missions by Joseph B Clark
1865152. Jesus and the Gospel: Christianity Justified in the Mind of Christ by James Denney
1865154. Letters to the Clergy on the Lord's Prayer and the Church by John Ruskin
1865156. Modern Belief in Immortality by Newman Smyth
1865157. The Pomps of Satan by Edgar Saltus
1865159. Idealism and Theology: A Study of Presuppositions by Charles Frederick D Arcy
1865167. Recollections of General Grant with an Account of the Presentation of the Portraits of Generals Grant, Sherman and Sheridan at the U. S. Military Acade by George W Childs
1865168. The Foundations of Mathematics: A Contribution to the Philosophy of Geometry by Paul Carus
1865170. The Masonic Harmonia: A Collection of Music, Original and Selected, for the Use of the Masonic Fraternity by Henry Stephen Cutler
1865171. The Academic Questions, Treatise de Finibus and Tusculan Disputations of M. T. Cicero, with a Sketch of the Greek Philosophers Mentioned by Cicero by M Tullius Cicero
1865173. The Story of Dutch Painting by Charles Henry Caffin
1865174. Life and Letters of Dean Church by Mary C Church
1865176. Parsifal Lohengrin and the Legend of the Holy Grail: Described and Interpreted in Accordance with Wagner's Own Writings by Alice Leighton Cleather
1865177. English Essays from a French Pen by J J Jusserand
1865182. In the Days of the Councils: A Sketch of the Life and Times of Baldassare Cossa, Afterward Pope John Twenty- Third by Eustace J Kitts
1865184. The Suffering Saviour or Meditations on the Last Days of Christ by Fred W Krummacher
1865185. Burgoyne's Invasion of 1777: With an Outline Sketch of the American Invasion of Canada 1775-76 by Samual Adams Drake
1865189. The Early Flemish Painters: Notices of Their Lives and Works by J A Crowe
1865195. Jews in Art by S M Collmann
1865198. Sketches of Eighteenth Century America: More Letters from an American Farmer by St John De Crevecoeur
1865200. Balthazar the Magus by A Van Der Naillen
1865201. Christian Theism and a Spiritual Monism: God, Freedom and Immortality in View of Monistic Evolution by W L Walker
1865202. A History of Mediaeval Jewish Philosophy by Issac Husik
1865203. Suggestion in Education by M W Keatinge
1865207. Memories of Many Men in Many Lands by Francis E Clark
1865208. The Chariots of the Lord by Joseph Hocking
1865211. Real Salvation and Whole-Hearted Service by R A Torrey
1865212. Arts and Crafts of Old Japan by Stewart Dick
1865214. The Life of a Sportsman by Charles James Apperley
1865215. The Problem of the Mithraic Grades by W J Phythian Adams
1865216. Life and Correspondence of John Paul Jones Including His Narrative of the Campaign of the Liman by Janette Taylor
1865217. The Life and Death of Jefferson Davis, Ex- President of the Southern Confederacy: Together with Comments of the Press and Funeral Sermons by A C Bancroft
1865218. The Religions of China by S J Neill
1865219. Brotherhood of Mt. Shasta by Eugene E Thomas