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Books 85/92

1903651. Problems of Mysticism and Its Symbolism by Herbert Silberer
1903652. Our Near Future: A Message to All the Governments and People of Earth by William A Redding
1903653. Lorenzo de' Medici: The Magnificent V1 by Alfred Von Reumont
1903654. Lorenzo de' Medici: The Magnificent V2 by Alfred Von Reumont
1903656. Dick Broadhead: A Story of Perilous Adventure by P T Barnum
1903657. The Story of the Trapper by A C Laut
1903659. The Cathedrals of England and Wales by T Francis Bumpus
1903662. The Christian Doctrine of Immortality by Stewart Salmond
1903663. The Story of the American Sailor: In Active Service on Merchant Vessel and Man-Of-War by Elbridge S Brooks
1903668. The Letters of Charles Lamb: With a Sketch of His Life V1 by Charles Lamb
1903669. The Letters of Charles Lamb: Final Memorials V2 by Charles Lamb
1903671. The Great Problems by Bernardino Varisco
1903672. The Red Chief: A Story of the Massacre of Cherry Valley by Everett Titsworth Tomlinson
1903673. The Study of Sociology by Herbert Spencer
1903676. The Maxims of La Rochefoucauld by La Rochefoucauld
1903677. A Child of Light or Heredity and Prenatal Culture Considered in the Light of the New Psychology by Newton N Riddell
1903678. The Illustrated Family Gymnasium by R T Trall
1903679. A Manual of the Historical Development of Art: Pre-Historic, Ancient, Classic, Early Christian with Special Reference to Architecture, Sculpture, Pa by G G Zerffi
1903682. The Complete Golfer by Harry Vardon
1903683. Christianity and Social Problems by Lyman Abbott
1903684. Buddhist Ideals: A Study in Comparative Religion by Kenneth J Saunders
1903685. A Short Commentary on the Book of Daniel by Anthony Ashley Bevan
1903686. Luke the Physician and Other Studies in the History of Religion by William M Ramsay
1903687. Biographical Sketches of Distinguished American Naval Heroes in the War of Revolution Between the American Republic and the Kingdom of Great Britain by S Putnam Waldo
1903688. Col. George Rogers Clark's Sketch of His Campaign in the Illinois in 1778- 79 by George Rogers Clark
1903689. Seeking the Golden Fleece: A Record of Pioneer Life in California by J D B Stillman
1903690. A Compendium of the Doctrines of the Gospel by Franklin D Richards
1903691. A Key to the Knowledge and Use of the Holy Bible by John Henry Blunt
1903694. The Spirit of Cardinal Newman by John Henry Newman
1903695. The Conflict of Ages or the Great Debate on the Moral Relations of God and Man by Edward Beecher
1903696. Discourse on Metaphysics Correspondence with Arnauld and Monadology by Leibniz
1903698. Texts from the Buddhist Canon: Commonly Known as Dhammapada with Accompanying Narratives by Beal Samuel
1903699. Religion as a Credible Doctrine: A Study of the Fundamental Difficulty by William Hurrell Mallock
1903700. The Great Red Dragon or the Master- Key to Popery by Anthony Gavin
1903701. Memories of President Lincoln and Other Lyrics of the War by Walt Whitman
1903702. The Poetry of Christian Art by A F Rio
1903703. The Search After Proserpine: Recollections of Greece and Other Poems by Aubrey De Vere
1903705. The Hebrew Prophet by Loring W Batten
1903706. Seed Dispersal by William James Beal
1903708. Nietzsche the Thinker: A Study by William Mackintire Salter
1903709. Aubrey de Vere: A Memoir Based on His Unpublished Diaries and Correspondence by Wilfred Ward
1903710. Souls by Mary Alling Aber
1903712. The Life and Adventures of a Quaker Among the Indians by Thomas C Battey
1903713. Renaissance Masters: The Art of Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Titian, Correggio and Botticelli by George B Rose
1903714. Practical and Perplexing Questions Answered by R A Torrey
1903716. The Roots of Christian Teaching as Found in the Old Testament by George Aaron Barton
1903718. A Few Thoughts on the Powers and Duties of Woman: Two Lectures by Horace Mann
1903719. The Complete History of the Epoch Making Thirty-First Triennial Conclave of the Grand Encampment Knights Templar of the U.S. with a Concise History of by Andrew Redmond
1903721. History of the Union Pacific Railway by Henry Kirke White
1903722. Memoir of Joseph Curtis: A Model Man by Catherine Maria Sedgwick
1903728. The Old Testament from the Modern Point of View by Loring Woart Batten
1903729. Studies in the Hegelian Dialectic by John Mc Taggart
1903731. Goethe and Schiller: Their Lives and Works Including a Commentary on Goethe's Faust by Hjalmar H Boyesen
1903732. The Morning of Joy: Being a Sequel to the Night of Weeping by Horatius Bonar
1903733. Pre-Raphaelitism by John Ruskin
1903736. The Golden Stairs: Tales from the Wonder World by Arthur Edward Waite
1903737. Reminiscences by Lyman Abbott
1903738. Henry David Thoreau: American Men of Letters by Franklin Benjamin Sanborn
1903739. Vestiges of Ancient Manners and Customs Discoverable in Modern Italy and Sicily by John James Blunt
1903741. Hypnotism and Its Application to Practical Medicine by Otto Georg Wetterstrand
1903742. Dante Studies and Researches by Paget Toynbee
1903746. The Relief of Pain by Mental Suggestion: A Study of the Moral and Religious Forces in Healing by Loring W Batten
1903747. Mornings in Florence; Time and Tide; The Art of England; Notes on the Construction of Sheep-Folds by John Ruskin
1903748. Buddhism and Buddhists in Southern Asia by Kenneth J Saunders
1903750. The Message of the Sun and the Cult of the Cross and Serpent: Being an Epitome of the Faith of Jehovah-Elohim, for Which the Religions Judaism and Chr by Holden E Sampson
1903751. Faith, Hope and Charity in Primitive Religion by R R Marett
1903752. The Queen's Progress and Other Elizabethan Sketches by Felix E Schelling
1903753. The Awakening of Women or Woman's Part in Evolution by Frances Swiney
1903754. Sir Thomas Browne: An Appreciation with Some of the Best Passages of the Physician's Writings by Sir Thomas Browne
1903756. Literature and Life by Edwin P Whipple
1903757. Rationalism by J M Robertson
1903759. Shakespeare and Astrology: From a Student's Point of View by William Wilson
1903760. Aristotle and the Earlier Peripatetics V1 by E Zeller
1903761. The Great Importance of a Religious Life Considered: To Which Are Added, Some Morning and Evening Prayers by Anonymous
1903763. A History of the Four Georges V1 by Justin Mc Carthy
1903764. A History of the Four Georges V2 by Justin Mc Carthy
1903765. A History of the Four Georges V3 by Justin Mc Carthy
1903766. A History of the Four Georges V4 by Justin Mc Carthy
1903767. Red Cotton Nightcap Country Aristophanes Apology; The Inn Album; Pacchiarotto and How He Worked in Distemper and Other Poems by Robert Browning
1903768. The Stoics, Epicureans and Sceptics by E Zeller
1903769. The Tell- El- Amarna Letters by Hugo Winckler
1903771. The Continuity of Christian Thought by Alexander V G Allen
1903772. Religion and Science: Some Suggestions for the Study of the Relations Between Them by P N Waggett
1903773. The Modern Pulpit: A Study of Homiletic Sources and Characteristics by Lewis O Brastow
1903774. The Hebrew Religion to the Establishment of Judaism Under Ezra by William Edward Addis
1903775. The Life of the Spirit in the Modern English Poets by Vida Dutton Scudder
1903778. Thackeray the Humourist and the Man of Letters: The Story of His Life, Including a Selection from His Characteristic Speeches, Now for the First Time by William Makepeace Thackeray
1903779. Persia: The Land of the Magi or the Home of the Wise Men by Samuel K Nweeya
1903780. Itinerary of General Washington June 15, 1775 to December 23, 1783 by William Spohn Baker
1903781. From the World of the Cabbalah: The Philosophy of Rabbi Judah Loew of Prague by Ben Zion Bokser
1903783. Life of Frederick the Great by Thomas Babington Macaulay
1903786. Letters to Young Men by Henri Dominique Lacordaire
1903787. Some Occult Experiences by Johan Van Manen
1903788. Legends of Indian Buddhism by Eugene Burnouf
1903790. Christian Art and Symbolism: With Some Hints on the Study of Landscape by R St John Tyrwhitt
1903793. Theological Symbolics by Charles Augustus Briggs
1903796. The Great Mother of the Gods by Grant Showerman
1903797. William Shakespeare: A Critical Study by George Brandes
1903802. Matthew Arnold by Herbert W Paul
1903805. Twelve Sermons Delivered at Antioch College by Horace Mann
1903810. Marriage Ceremonies and Priapic Rites in India and the East by Member Of The Royal
1903811. Two Essays on Biblical and on Ecclesiastical Miracles by John Henry Newman
1903812. The History of English Literature: To Wiclif V1 by Bernhard Ten Brink
1903813. The History of English Literature: Wyclif, Chaucer, Earliest Drama, Renaissance V2 by Bernhard Ten Brink
1903815. The Cross: Ancient and Modern by Willson W Blake
1903816. The Life of Samuel J. Tilden 1814-1876 V1 by John Bigelow
1903817. The Life of Samuel J. Tilden 1877-1887 V2 by John Bigelow
1903818. A Dictionary of Proper Names and Notable Matters in the Works of Dante by Paget Toynbee
1903819. Yana Texts by Edward Sapir
1903821. The History of English Literature: From the Fourteenth Century to the Death of Surrey V3 by Bernhard Ten Brink
1903827. Japan: Its History Arts and Literature V1 by Frank Brinkley
1903828. Japan: Its History Arts and Literature V2 by Frank Brinkley
1903829. Japan: Its History Arts and Literature V3 by Frank Brinkley
1903830. Japan: Its History Arts and Literature V4 by Frank Brinkley
1903831. Japan: Its History Arts and Literature V5 by Frank Brinkley
1903832. Japan: Its History Arts and Literature V6 by Frank Brinkley
1903833. Japan: Its History Arts and Literature: Pictorial and Applied Art V7 by Frank Brinkley
1903834. Japan: Its History Arts and Literature: Keramic Art V8 by Frank Brinkley
1903840. The Age of Tennyson: From 1830 to 1870 by Hugh Walker
1903841. The Infidelity of Ecclesiasticism: A Menace to the American Civilization by W M Lockwood
1903843. Biographical Sketches of Eminent British Poets: Chronologically Arranged from Chaucer to Burns, with Criticisms on Their Work Selected from the Most D by Anonymous
1903845. The Ways of Life: Showing the Right Way and the Wrong Way by G S Weaver
1903846. The Vitality of Mormonism: Brief Essays on Distinctive Doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints by James E Talmage
1903847. The Life and Actions of Alexander the Great by J Williams
1903849. Essays on Islam by Edward Sell
1903850. Riquet of the Tuft: A Love Drama by Stopford A Brooke
1903851. The Testimony of the Catacombs and of Other Monuments of Christian Art from the Second to the Eighteenth Century, Concerning Questions of Doctrine Now by Wharton B Marriot
1903857. Granny Maumee, the Rider of Dreams, Simon the Cyrenian: Plays for a Negro Theater by Ridgley Torrence
1903858. Salsette and Elephanta: A Prize Poem by John Ruskin
1903860. Schenk's Theory: The Determination of Sex by Leopold Schenk
1903861. Life of Thomas Stothard by Mrs Bray
1903862. The Baptism with the Holy Spirit by R A Torrey
1903863. The Book of Mormon: An Account of Its Origin, with Evidences of Its Genuineness and Authenticity by James E Talmage
1903864. Personality in Christ and in Ourselves by William Sanday
1903865. The Cherokee Indians with Special Reference to Their Relations with the United States Government by Thomas Valentine Parker
1903870. My Dark Companions and Their Strange Stories by Henry M Stanley
1903871. Celtic Art in Pagan and Christian Times by J Romilly Allen
1903874. Egyptian Myth and Legend by Donald A Mac Kenzie
1903878. France in America 1497-1763 by Reuben Gold Thwaites
1903880. Birth: A New Chance by Columbus Bradford
1903882. The Virgin Birth of Christ by James Orr
1903886. Novanglus and Massachusettensis or Political Essays Published in the Years 1774 and 1775 on the Principal Points of Controversy Between Great Britain by John Adams
1903887. A History of Sanskrit Literature by Arthur A Macdonell
1903889. Yezad: A Romance of the Unknown by George Babcock
1903890. Recollections of War Times: Reminiscences of Men and Events in Washington 1860-1865 by Albert Gallatin Riddle
1903892. The Dhamma of Gotama the Buddha and the Gospel of Jesus the Christ: A Critical Inquiry Into the Alleged Relations of Buddhism with Primitive Christian by Charles Francis Aiken
1903896. American Naval Heroes 1775-1812-1861-1898 by John Howard Brown
1903897. A Concise History of the Mormon Battalion in the Mexican War 1846-1847 by Daniel Tyler
1903898. Personal Names of Indians of New Jersey: Being a List of Six Hundred and Fifty Such Names, Gleaned Mostly from Indian Deeds of the Seventeenth Century by William Nelson
1903899. Wise-Knut by Bjornstjerne Bjornson