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Books 87/105

1950601. Welsh Sketches by Ernest Silvanus Appleyard
1950604. The Story of Port Royal by Ethel Romanes
1950606. Quintin Hogg: A Biography by Ethel M Hogg
1950607. The Tidal Wave: And Other Stories by Ethel M Dell
1950608. The Redemption of Charley Phillips by Etta Florence Stock
1950609. Euclid Revised: Containing the Essentials of the Elements of Plane Geometry as Given by Euclid in His First Six Books by Euclid
1950610. Euclid's Elements of Geometry, Containing the Whole Twelve Books: To Which Are Added, Algebraic Demonstrations to the Second and Fifth Books by Euclid
1950611. The First and Second Books of Euclid Explained to Beginners by C P Mason
1950612. Memoirs of Vidocq V4: Principal Agent of the French Police Until 1817 by Eugene Francois Vidocq
1950613. Evaporating, Condensing and Cooling Apparatus: Explanations, Formulae and Tables for Use in Practice by Eugen Hausbrand
1950614. Fluidity and Plasticity by Eugene C Bingham
1950615. Methods of Teaching Jewish Ethics by Julia Richman
1950619. The Universal Name: Or One Hundred Songs to Mary by Euphemia Vale Blake
1950620. Six Months in the Ranks: Or the Gentleman Private by E C Grenville Murray
1950621. Spendthrifts, and Other Social Photographs by E C Grenville Murray
1950622. The Member for Paris V1: A Tale of the Second Empire by E C Grenville Murray
1950623. Young Brown V1: Or the Law of Inheritance by E C Grenville Murray
1950624. Mad? Which? Neither by Eveleen Laura Mason
1950625. The Quaker Poets of Great Britain and Ireland by Evelyn Noble Armitage
1950627. The Histories of Polybius V2 by Friedrich Hultsch
1950628. That Little? by Eyre Hussey
1950631. Plain and Pleasant Words: Or Readings at Mothers' Meetings on Job and Jeremiah, with Other Stories by
1950632. Susy's Flowers: Or Blessed Are the Merciful, for They Shall Obtain Mercy by M S F M
1950633. Brother Reginald's Golden Secret by
1950634. Two Years Abaft the Mast: Or Life as a Sea Apprentice by F W H Symondson
1950635. The Education of Antonia by F Emily Phillips
1950636. Matin Bells and Scarlet and Gold by F Harald Williams
1950638. Waves on the Ocean of Life: A Dalriadian Tale by Mrs F Marshall Ward
1950639. Swine in America: A Textbook for the Breeder, Feeder and Student by F D Coburn
1950640. The Wrestler of Philippi: A Tale of the Early Christians by Fannie E Newberry
1950641. The Dean V1: Or the Popular Preacher, a Tale by Berkeley Aikin
1950643. Record of a Girlhood V2 by Fanny Kemble
1950644. Farm Life: Or Sketches for the Country by Anonymous
1950645. Major General William T. Sherman and His Campaigns by Faunt Senour
1950647. Lectures on Slavonic Law: Being the Ilchester Lectures for the Year 1900 by Fedor Sigel
1950648. The Sieve; Or Revelations of the Man Mill: Being the Truth about American Immigration by Feri Felix Weiss
1950649. Stricture of the Male Urethra: Its Radical Cure by Fessenden N Otis
1950650. Historical Catalogue of the First Church in Hartford, 1633-1885 by
1950651. A Sketch of the History of the Parish of the Advent, in the City of Boston, 1844-1894 by Edward Oliver Fitch
1950652. The Quiet Hour: Selected and Arranged by Fitzroy Carrington
1950653. Antigua and the Antiguans V2: A Full Account of the Colony and Its Inhabitants; Also an Impartial View of Slavery and the Free Labor Systems by Mrs Lanaghan
1950655. Sunshine and Shadow on the Tibetan Border by Flora Beal Shelton
1950656. The Tablet Book of Lady Mary Keyes, Sister to the Misfortunate Lady Jane Dudlie by Flora Francis Wylde
1950658. A Noble Fool by Florence Everard
1950659. Emerson's Wife: And Other Western Stories by Florence Finch Kelly
1950660. Phyllis Anne by Florence Ward
1950662. Richard the First and the Third Crusade: A Book for Young People by Charles Forge
1950663. The Fleets of the World: The Galley Period by Foxhall A Parker
1950664. The Prisoner of Ham: Authentic Details of the Captivity and Escape of Prince Napoleon Louis by F T Briffault
1950666. History of Charles the First and the English Revolution V2: From the Accession of Charles the First to His Execution by M Guizot
1950667. A Little Tragedy at Tien-Tsin by Frances Aymar Mathews
1950668. The Castleford Case V3 by Frances Browne
1950669. Louisiana and That Lass O' Lowrie's: Two Stories by Frances Hodgson Burnett
1950670. In the Pathless West: With Soldiers, Pioneers, Miners and Savages by Frances E Herring
1950671. The Burning Torch by Frances F Montresor
1950672. Emily Fox-Seton: Being the Making of a Marchioness and the Methods of Lady Walderhurst by Frances Hodgson Burnett
1950674. To and Through Nebraska, by a Pennsylvania Girl by Frances I Sims Fulton
1950675. Louis Mathieu; Or the Guernsey Lad: A Tale for the Young by Mary W Frances Mary
1950676. The Young Heiress V2 by Frances Milton Trollope
1950677. The Devil to Pay by Frances Nimmo Greene
1950678. Gertrude Mannering: A Tale of Sacrifice by Frances Noble
1950680. Nancy Goes to Town by Frances R Sterrett
1950683. The Major's Big-Talk Stories by Francis Blake Crofton
1950684. By Shore and Sedge; An Apostle of the Tules; Sarah Walker; A Ship of '49 by Bret Harte
1950685. The Life and Adventures of Roger Sherman Potter: Together with an Accurate Account of His Achievements in Politics by Pheleg Van Truesedale
1950686. Memories of the Mutiny V2 by Francis C Maude
1950687. Solutions of the More Difficult Equations Contained in the Fourth Edition of Dr. Bland's Algebraical Problems by Francis Edward Thompson
1950688. The Literary Museum; Or Ancient and Modern Repository: Comprising Scarce and Curious Tracts, Poetry, Biography and Criticism by Various Authors
1950689. Hillsland, Cleveland: As It Was Seventy Years Ago by Francis H Morgan
1950691. Rare Bits of Humor: After-Dinner Stories, Convivial Toasts and Humorous Anecdotes by Francis J Cahill
1950692. Ann Phillips, Wife of Wendell Phillips: A Memorial Sketch by Francis Jackson Garrison
1950693. Light from the Cross: Sermons Preached in Holy Trinity Church, Tewkesbury by Francis John Scott
1950695. A Case in Equity by Francis Lynde
1950696. The Quickening by Francis Lynde
1950700. A History of British Birds V2 by F O Morris
1950701. An Introduction to the Fifth Book of Hooker's Treatise of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity by Francis Paget
1950702. The History of Normandy and of England V4: William Rufus to the Accession of Henry Beauclerc by Francis Palgrave
1950704. A Fiance on Trial by Francis Tillou Buck
1950705. Portrait Life of Lincoln: Life of Abraham Lincoln, the Greatest American by Francis Trevelyan Miller
1950706. The Calico Cat by Charles Miner Thompson
1950707. A Tour of Four Great Rivers: The Hudson, Mohawk, Susquehanna and Delaware in 1769; Being the Journal of Richard Smith of Burlington, New Jersey by Richard Smith
1950708. The Life of Francis William Crossley by Francis William Crossley
1950709. The Text of the Iguvine Inscriptions: With Interlinear Latin Translation and Notes by Francis W Newman
1950710. An Ethnologic Dictionary of the Navaho Language by
1950711. The Medical Works of Francisco Lopez de Villalobos, the Celebrated Court Physician of Spain by Francisco Lopez De Villalobos
1950712. Reminiscences of a Mississippian in Peace and War by Frank A Montgomery
1950713. From Blomidon to Smoky: And Other Papers by Frank Bolles
1950714. Tales by Tom Hall by Tom Hall
1950717. The Last Hurdle: A Story of Sporting and Courting by Frank Hudson
1950718. Her Friend Laurence by Frank Lee Benedict
1950719. To the End of the Trail by Frank Lewis Nason
1950720. The Treasure Trail by Frank L Pollock
1950721. The Sense of Sight by Frank Nicholas Spindler
1950723. The Development of the Young People's Movement by Frank Otis Erb
1950724. International Sugar Situation: Origin of the Sugar Problem and Its Present Aspects Under the Brussels Conventions by Frank R Rutter
1950726. Shops and Houses by Frank Swinnerton
1950727. The Three Lovers by Frank Swinnerton
1950728. The Costly Star by Margaret Slattery
1950729. The Three Oxonians V3 by Frank Usher
1950730. The New York Civil List: Containing the Names and Origin of the Civil Divisions and the Names and Dates of Election or Appointment of the Princ by Franklin B Hough
1950731. The Strategy of Minerals: A Study of the Mineral Factor in the World Position of America in War and in Peace by George Otis Smith
1950732. Dictionary of Worcester, Massachusetts and Its Vicinity by Franklin Pierce Rice
1950733. Revealed Religion by Franz Hettinger
1950734. Odas Por Franz Tamayo by Franz Tamayo
1950735. The Slave of Silence by F M White
1950737. Animals Before Man in North America: Their Lives and Times by Frederic A Lucas
1950739. The British City: The Beginnings of Democracy by Frederic C Howe
1950741. Rise of the United Empire Loyalists: A Sketch of American History by Viscount De Fronsac
1950742. Waifs and Strays from the Far East: Being a Series of Disconnected Essays on Matters Relating to China by Frederic Henry Balfour
1950743. Harry Ingleby, Surgeon by Frederic J Webb
1950744. Mental Adjustments by Frederic Lyman Wells
1950745. The Science Temperance Textbook V1: In Relation to Morals, Chemistry, Physiology, Criticism and History by F R Lees
1950746. Flowers of Song from Many Lands: Being Short Poems and Detached Verses Gathered from Various Languages and Rendered Into English by Frederic Rowland Marvin
1950747. The Top of the Wine-Jar: Being Selections in Prose and Verse from the Writings of Frederic Rowland Marvin by Frederic Rowland Marvin
1950748. The Sound of a Voice: Or the Song of the Debardeur by Frederic S Cozzens
1950749. Memoirs of Frederica Sophia Wilhelmina V2: Princess Royal of Prussia, Margravine of Bareith, Sister of Frederic the Great by Frederica Sophia Wilhelmina
1950750. Life of Robert Owen by Frederick Adolphus Packard
1950752. John and Sebastian Cabot: Heroes of American History by Frederick A Ober
1950753. On the Comparatively Late Date and Composite Character of Our Iliad and Odyssey by F A Paley
1950754. Sweet Revenge: A Romance of the Civil War by F A Mitchel
1950756. Notices of the English Colleges and Convents Established on the Continent After the Dissolution of Religious Houses in England by Edward Petre
1950757. Biography, Sacred and Interesting: Deduced from the Holy Scriptures, and Adapted to the Use and Instruction of Children by F Corbyn
1950758. The Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven: A Course of Lectures on the Gospel of St. Luke by Frederick Denison Maurice
1950760. The Friendship of Books: And Other Lectures by Frederick Denison Maurice
1950763. Victors of Peace: Brave Citizens by F J Gould
1950765. The Property and Revenues of the English Church Establishment by Frederick Martin
1950766. The Story of Alec Drummond, of the 17th Lancers V3 by Frederick Martin
1950767. The Reminiscences of Neal Dow: Recollections of Eighty Years by Neal Dow
1950770. The Big Fellow by Frederick Palmer
1950771. Fremont and '49: The Story of a Remarkable Career and Its Relation to the Exploration and Development of Our Western Territory, Especia by Frederick S Dellenbaugh
1950772. Ten Thousand Miles of Travel, Sport and Adventure by F Trench Townshend
1950774. Primitive and Mediaeval Japanese Texts by Frederick Victor Dickins
1950776. The Life of Edmund Kean V1: From Published and Original Sources by F W Hawkins
1950777. The Mende Language: Containing Useful Phrases, Elementary Grammar, Short Vocabularies, Reading Materials by F W H Migeod
1950778. As Long as She Lived V3 by F W Robinson
1950779. Carry's Confession V3 by F W Robinson
1950780. Owen V3: A Waif by F W Robinson
1950781. Noel Vanstone V1 by Mrs Frederick Wilton
1950782. Old Stories from British History by F York Powell
1950784. The Freethinking Christians' Quarterly Register V2 by Freethinking Christians The Freethinking
1950785. The Secret of the Andes: A Romance by F Hassaurek
1950788. The Works of Frederick Schiller, Historical and Dramatic: History of the Revolt of the Netherlands and Wallenstein and Wilhelm Tell by Friedrich Schiller
1950790. Tales for an English Home by G M Sterne
1950791. The Missionary Martyr of Tierra del Fuego: Being the Memoir of Mr. J. Garland Phillips by G W Phillips
1950792. The Prince: A Poem by D G D
1950793. A Warwickshire Word-Book: Comprising Obsolescent and Dialect Words, Colloquialisms, Etc. by G F Northall
1950794. Lays of the Sanctuary: And Other Poems by
1950795. Hand List of Bibliographies, Classified Catalogues and Indexes Placed in the Reading Room of the British Museum by G W Porter
1950796. England and the Reformation A.D. 1485-1603 by G W Powers
1950797. Twelve Miles from a Lemon by Gail Hamilton