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Books 87/95

1949106. Walks about Washington by Francis E Leupp
1949109. Disturbed Ireland: Being the Letters Written During the Winter Of, 1880-81 by Bernard H Becker
1949111. Irish Emigration and the Tenure of Land in Ireland by
1949113. A Journey Throughout Ireland During the Spring, Summer and Autumn of 1834 by Henry David Inglis
1949114. Unpublished Geraldine Documents V4 by James Graves
1949116. Civil Correspondence and Memoranda of Field Marshal Arthur, Duke of Wellington, Ireland: March, 1807 to April, 1809 by Duke Of Wellington
1949117. A History of the Attempts to Establish the Protestant Reformation in Ireland: And the Successful Resistance of That People by Thomas Darcy Mc Gee
1949120. Panegyric on Thomas Butler, the Tenth Earl of Ormonde by Flann Magrath
1949122. Ashcombe Churchyard V1 by Evelyn Holford Benson
1949123. The Life of Sir William Petty, 1623-1687: Chiefly Derived from Private Documents by Edmond Fitzmaurice
1949126. True Stories from the History of Ireland by John James Mc Gregor
1949127. Ireland and Her Agitators by
1949130. The Ecclesiastical Architecture of Ireland, to the Close of the Twelfth Century: Accompanied by Interesting Historical and Antiquarian Notices by Richard Rolt Brash
1949133. The Great Governing Families of England V2 by John L Sanford
1949135. Lectures on the Nature and Use of Money by John Gray
1949137. Human Longevity: Its Facts and Its Fictions; Including an Inquiry Into Some of the More Remarkable Instances by William J Thoms
1949139. A Reply to Mr. Montgomery Martin's, Ireland Before and After the Union with Great Britain by Michael Staunton
1949141. The Boyne and Aghrim: Or the Story of Some Famous Battlefields in Ireland by Thomas Witherow
1949142. Charles Bianconi: A Biography, 1786-1875 by
1949143. The Radical Cure for Ireland: A Letter to the People of England and Scotland Concerning a New Plantation by Arthur Chichester
1949146. The Fields of Great Britain: A Textbook of Agriculture by Hugh Clements
1949147. In the Kingdom of Kerry, and Other Stories by Bithia M Croker
1949148. Early Britain: Celtic Britain by John Rhys
1949149. An Historical Guide to Ancient and Modern Dublin by George N Wright
1949152. The Church and Kindness to Animals by
1949153. Captain O'Shaughnessy's Sporting Career V2: An Autobiography by Captain O Shaughnessy
1949154. Dearforgil, the Princess of Brefney: A Historical Romance of 1152-1172 by Charles Bernard Gibson
1949156. The Poems of Richard Dalton Williams: Shamrock of the Nation by Richard Dalton Williams
1949157. History of England: From the Fall of Wolsey to the Death of Elizabeth V2: Reign of Elizabeth by James Anthony Froude
1949160. The Geography of the British Isles: Interspersed with Many Historical Facts and Biographical Sketches by Mary Martha Rodwell
1949161. Master and Maid by L Allen Harker
1949162. The Story of the Irish Before the Conquest: From the Mythical Period to the Invasion Under Strongbow by Mary C Ferguson
1949164. Little Miss Fairfax V2 by Kenner Deene
1949165. The Sons O' Cormac, An' Tales of Other Men's Sons by Aldis Dunbar
1949166. Glendalough; Or the Seven Churches: A Didactic Poem by William Drennan
1949168. Amongst the Shans by Archibald R Colquhoun
1949169. The Fauna of British India V4: Birds by W T Blanford
1949170. Mysterious Legends of Edinburgh: Now for the First Time Told in Print by Alexander Leighton
1949171. Biographia Hibernica V1: A Biographical Dictionary of the Worthies of Ireland, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time by Richard Ryan
1949173. A Practical Synopsis of Diseases of the Chest and Air-Passages: With a Review of the Several Climates Recommended in These Affections by James Bright
1949174. The Life and Works of Saint Aengussius Hagiographus: Or Saint Aengus the Culdee by John O Hanlon
1949175. Reply to Lectures on the Nature, Subjects and Mode of Christian Baptism by John T. Pressly by Samuel Williams
1949177. The Prophets and Their Interpreters by George Vance Smith
1949179. Our Religious Humorists: With Anecdotes and Illustrations by George Shaw
1949182. The Life of Charles Lever V1 by William John Fitzpatrick
1949186. Sind Revisited V1: With Notices of the Anglo-Indian Army; Railroads; Past, Present and Future, Etc. by Richard Francis Burton
1949187. Loyal and True: A Novel V1 by
1949189. A Manual of Historical Geography: For the Use of Civil Service Students, Training Colleges, Etc. by William J Chetwode Crawley
1949190. Animi Figura by John Addington Symonds
1949191. Heart or Head V1 by Philip Wharton
1949193. Wide of the Mark by Matilda Charlotte Houstoun
1949194. Forty Years in the Medical Profession, 1858-1898 by John Janvier Black
1949195. Phemie Millar V2 by Henrietta Keddie
1949196. A Visit to the South Seas in the U. S. Ship Vincennes V2: During the Years, 1829-1830 by Charles S Stewart
1949197. Crofutt's Overland Tours: Consisting of Nearly Five Thousand Miles of Main Tours by George A Crofutt
1949199. The Presentation of the Portraits of General Whipple, Signer of the Declaration of Independence, and David Glasgow Farragut, Admiral, U. S. Navy by Of New Hampshire Department
1949200. Early and Miscellaneous Letters of J. W. Goethe: Including Letters to His Mother by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
1949201. A Chronological Index: Some of the Chief Events in the Foreign Intercourse of Korea, from the Beginning of the Christian Era to the 20th Cent by Horace Newton Allen
1949202. A Popular and Complete English Dictionary V1: Exhibiting the Pronunciation, Etymology and Explanation of Words in Science, Literature and Art by John Boag
1949204. A Sanskrit Grammar for Beginners, in Devanagari and Roman Letters Throughout by F Max Muller
1949206. An English and Turkish Dictionary by James W Redhouse
1949208. Citizenship of the United States by Frederick Van Dyne
1949209. Daybreak in Korea: A Tale of Transformation in the Far East by Annie L A Baird
1949211. New Orleans as I Found It by H Didimus
1949212. Memoirs of the Late Dr. Barnardo by Mrs Barnardo
1949213. A Book of Famous Verse by Agnes Repplier
1949214. Medical Common Sense: Applied to the Causes, Prevention and Cure of Chronic Diseases and Unhappiness in Marriage by Edward B Foote
1949215. Poems: Religious, Historical and Political by Eliza R Snow
1949221. The Other Girls by Adeline Dutton Train Whitney
1949223. His Rise to Power by Henry Russell Miller
1949224. The Life and Correspondence of Rufus King V1: Comprising His Letters, Private and Official; His Public Documents and Speeches, 1755-1794 by Rufus King
1949226. From King to King: The Tragedy of the Puritan Revolution by G Lowes Dickinson
1949227. Trials of a Staff-Officer by Charles King
1949228. The Theology of Christ's Teaching by John M King
1949230. A Manual of Obstetrics by Albert F A King
1949231. Commission Government in American Cities: The Annals Vol. XXXVIII No. 3 November, 1911 by Clyde Lyndon King
1949232. Clarence King: A Memorial by Samuel Franklin Emmons
1949234. Man an Organic Community V1: Being an Exposition of the Law That the Human Personality Is the Multiple of Many Sub-Personalities by John H King
1949235. The Travels of the King: Charles II in Germany and Flanders, 1654-1660 by Eva Scott
1949236. The Aboriginal Tribes of the Nilgiri Hills by William Ross King
1949237. The King of Rome: A Biography by Victor Von Kubinyi
1949238. The Imperial Hope: A Restatement of the Doctrine of the Return of Jesus Christ by H Pierson King
1949240. Thinking God's Thoughts After Him: A Retired Man's Meditations by Henry Melville King
1949241. Yamoyden: A Tale of the Wars of King Philip, in Six Cantos by James Wallis Eastburn
1949242. Truth, Love, Joy: Or the Garden of Eden and Its Fruits by Emma M King
1949246. The Patriotic Services of Thomas Starr King: An Address by Horace Davis
1949249. The King of Arcadia by Francis Lynde
1949250. Where Copper Was King: A Tale of the Early Mining Days on Lake Superior by James North Wright
1949253. If Love Were King and Other Poems by Edward Willard Watson
1949254. Sermons Delivered During the Session of the United States Convention of Universalists by G S Weaver
1949256. Saul, the First King of Israel: A Scripture of Study by Joseph Augustus Miller
1949257. Browns Retreat, and Other Stories by Anna Eichberg King
1949260. When Love Is King: A Story of American Life by W Dudley Mabry
1949261. Certain Tractates V1: Together with the Book of Four Score Three Questions, and a Translation of Vincentius Lirinensis by Ninian Winzet
1949262. King Philip of Primrose Street by Elizabeth L Flint
1949264. The Baganda at Home: With One Hundred Pictures of Life and Work in Uganda by Charles W Hattersley
1949265. Electoral Reform: An Inquiry Into Our System of Parliamentary Representation by Joseph King
1949266. Sketches of St. Augustine: With a View of Its History and Advantages as a Resort for Invalids by Rufus King Sewall
1949267. The Face of the King; Or Seeing Jesus: Man's Greatest Pleasure and Grandest Occupation by James Hiles Hitchens
1949268. A History of Italian Unity V1: Being a Political History of Italy from 1814 to 1871 by Bolton King
1949270. Old King William Homes and Families: An Account of Some of the Old Homesteads and Families of King William County, Virginia by Peyton Neale Clarke
1949271. The Communicant's Manual by E King
1949273. A Memoir of the Life and Death of Sir John King, Knight, Written by His Father in 1677 by John King
1949274. Keighley Hall, and Other Tales by Elizabeth King
1949275. King Saul: A Tragedy by Byron Alden Brooks
1949276. The Oration Against Leptines by Demosthenes
1949277. Fireside Poetical Readings: Illustrative of American Scenery, Rural Life and Historical Incidents and Also Religious Feelings by Dexter S King
1949278. The Way of Saint James V3 by Georgiana Goddard King
1949279. If Christ Were King: Or the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth by Albert Edward Waffle
1949280. Forest Keep V3 by Alice King
1949282. Under Which King? a Novel by William Johnston
1949283. The Beneficial Effects of the Christian Temper on Domestic Happiness by Frances Elizabeth King
1949284. King O' Men: A Prose Idyll by Vere Huntly
1949285. The Chronology of Sacred History: From the Creation of Adam to the Final Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus by Robert King
1949287. Saint Patrick and the Western Apostolic Churches: Or the Religion of the Ancient Britains and Irish, Not Roman Catholic by William C Brownlee
1949288. Lost for Gold V2 by Ann Katharine King
1949289. Scriptural Prayers Designed for Family Worship by Francis King
1949290. Cleopatra's Needle: A History of the London Obelisk, with an Exposition of the Hieroglyphics by James King
1949291. Memoir of Elizabeth T. King: With Extracts from Her Letters and Journals by Elizabeth Taber King
1949292. For the King V2 by Charles Gibbon
1949293. The Sportsman and Naturalist in Canada by William Ross King
1949294. Servants of the King by Robert Elliott Speer
1949296. Woman: Her Diseases and Their Treatment by John King
1949297. Theology and the Social Consciousness: A Study of the Relations of the Social Consciousness to Theology by Henry Churchill King
1949298. Flights of Phaedo by Joseph King
1949299. Ruth's Vineyard: A Tale of Christian Character by Harold King
1949300. Earth Deities, and Other Rhythmic Masques by Bliss Carman
1949302. A Concise Chronology of Ancient and Modern History by George William King
1949303. Reconstruction in Theology by Henry Churchill King
1949304. Facing the Twentieth Century: Our Country, Its Power and Peril by James M King
1949307. The Boyhood of a Great King, 1841-1858: An Account of the Early Years of the Life of His Majesty Edward VII by Alexander M Broadley
1949308. The Richard Mansfield Acting Version of King Henry V: A History in Five Acts by William Shakespeare
1949309. King Lazarus: A Novel V1 by Leith Derwent
1949311. An Essay on Tennyson's Idylls of the King by Albert Hamann
1949312. The Adventures of Olaf Tryggveson, King of Norway: A Tale of the Tenth Century by Mrs Joseph J Reed
1949315. The King's Messenger; Or Lawrence Temple's Probation: A Story of Canadian Life by William H Withrow
1949317. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords: An Attempt to Trace the Divine Records of His Life on Earth and His Reign in Glory by Robert Nelson
1949318. Advice to Young Mothers on the Physical Education of Children by Margaret King Moore
1949321. The Olden Time in New York: New York Society in Olden Time; Traces of American Lineage in England by William Ingraham Kip
1949322. The Church of the Apostles by William Ingraham Kip
1949324. The Sowing of Alderson Cree by Margaret Prescott Montague
1949326. Errors of Speech and of Spelling V1 by E Cobham Brewer
1949327. The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy; Letters from a Citizen of the World; Life and Adventures of Peter Wilkins, a Cornish Man; History of New Yor by Laurence Sterne
1949328. Christian Brothers' Advanced Reader: Specially Prepared to Elicit Thought and to Facilitate Literary Composition by Brothers Christian Brothers
1949329. Holland's Influence on English Language and Literature by Tiemen De Vries
1949330. Race and Language by Andre Lefevre
1949333. The Sky Line in English Literature by Lewis W Smith
1949334. The Life of Philander Chase: First Bishop of Ohio and Illinois, Founder of Kenyon and Jubilee Colleges by Laura Chase Smith
1949335. Book Plates and Their Value by John H Slater
1949336. The Old Streets of New York Under the Dutch: A Paper Read Before the New York Historical Society, 1874 by James W Gerard