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Books 89/142

2001165. Haiku 3 by Alexandra Ph D Hill
2001170. Hunter's Frontier by Antoine Renardo Hicks
2001203. What You Oughta' Know by Chene Cyan
2001209. Hello, Mrs. Lockwood, Can Billy Come Out to Play? by Lockwood, Bill
2001210. Hello, Mrs. Lockwood, Can Billy Come Out to Play? by Lockwood, Bill
2001235. A Bundist Comments on History as It Was Being Made by Motl Zelmanowicz
2001249. Kids! Everyone Should Have a Dozen! by Marsha K Hood
2001270. Flames of Passion by Bobbe Jo Combs
2001289. Take a Trip with Me by William G Kegley
2001303. Traveling for God by Larry Killion
2001322. Yankee Tsunami: The Aftermath by Andrew R Diconti
2001328. To Be an Eagle: Life Goes on by Kasey Eriksen
2001334. Cracking the Rainbow Code by Jens Jerndal
2001348. Walking on Water by Javier Arreola
2001354. Poky and Pogly Elves Visit Grandma Elf by Umi Mukherjee
2001388. On a Dead End Street by Ehrin Manske
2001389. Re- Tales: Tales from the Retail World by Jack Cochran
2001393. Philadelphia Athletics by the Numbers by Ted Taylor
2001417. How Angels Fly by White Man
2001418. Rosebud and the Bard of Finlaggan by Currie, G. Anderson
2001419. An Invitation to Tea by Denise Whipple
2001420. Between the Painful Stages of Life by Sandra E Footman
2001439. Phantasm by Rains, Sandra
2001455. The Power of Faith by Vernon Davis
2001461. The Secret They Kept from Me by Cathy Stockham
2001462. The Darkslayer by C Halloran
2001463. Now and Forever by Mitzi Pool Bridges
2001493. Tequila Is to Kill YA by Remy O Brien
2001496. Soul Mates by Anthony, J. B.
2001497. Soul Mates by Anthony, J. B.
2001499. The Ambassador's Credo by Allan R Watson
2001500. The Ambassador's Credo by Allan R Watson
2001511. Devilution by Mark Childs
2001512. Devilution by Mark Childs
2001538. Fellow American by Lou Scorziello
2001539. Fellow American by Lou Scorziello
2001546. The Storyteller and His Daughter by Larene Wade Spitler
2001548. A Stroll by My Western Bookshelves by Gordon J Van De
2001552. Daddy Mother Kinfolks by Sheila Shirley Boutte
2001572. More Than a Drunk- Ernest Crank, a Very Special Angel by Shirley Lindell Dixon
2001573. More Than a Drunk- Ernest Crank, a Very Special Angel by Shirley Lindell Dixon
2001591. Apology by Oumar Coulibaly
2001599. In the Mind by Charles Ayanleke
2001605. Encountering Life's Endings by Louis Silverstein
2001623. Bladin: Edge of Blade by Sayem Huq
2001642. [ White Devil] by Crownover, Adam
2001654. At Dusk by Marie A Reilly
2001660. Grandma Coocoonutts Goes to Boston by Kj Wilhelm
2001673. Rhythms of Life by Waqi Munim
2001674. Rhythms of Life by Waqi Munim
2001688. A Voice in the Village by Howard Moody
2001703. British Dogs: Their Points, Selection and Show Preparation (1903) by William D Drury
2001704. Bearing Arms in the Twenty- Seventh Massachusetts Regiment of Volunteer Infantry During the Civil War, 1861- 1865 (1883) by W P Derby
2001706. A History of the United States for Families and Libraries (1860) by Benson J Lossing
2001710. The Woman in Battle: A Narrative of the Exploits, Adventures and Travels of Madame Loreta Janeta Valezquez, Otherwise Known as Lieut. Harry by C J Worthington
2001711. The Celibates' Club: Being the United Stories of the Bachelors' Club and the Old Maids' Club (1898) by Israel Zangwill
2001712. The Art of Beautifying Suburban Home Grounds of Small Extent (1870) by Frank J Scott
2001713. A Popular Life of General George A. Custer (1876) by Frederick Whittaker
2001714. The Countries of the Western World: The Governments and People of North, South and Central America, from the Landing of Columbus to the Present Time ( by Benson J Lossing
2001715. Indian Wars of the United States: From the Earliest Period to the Present Time (1852) by Samuel Gardner Drake
2001718. History of the Forty- Fifth Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer Militia (1908) by Albert W Mann
2001719. The Moth Book V5: A Popular Guide to a Knowledge of the Moths of North America (1916) by W J Holland
2001720. Echoes of Europe or Word Pictures of Travel (1860) by E K Washington
2001721. The Works of John Adams V1: Second President of the United States (1852) by John Adams
2001722. Cyclopaedic Science Simplified (1869) by J H Pepper
2001724. The Great Contest: A History of Military and Naval Operations During the Civil War in the United States, 1861-1865 (1886) by Willis C Humphrey
2001725. Collected Tracts on Ritual V2 (1909) by John T Tomlinson
2001727. Samantha at the World's Fair (1893) by Marietta Holley
2001728. Eleventh Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1889-90 (1894) by J W Powell
2001730. The Pilgrim Republic: An Historical Review of the Colony of New Plymouth (1888) by John A Goodwin
2001732. The Life of David Belasco V1 (1918) by William Winter
2001734. Insect Pests of Farm, Garden and Orchard (1921) by E Dwight Sanderson
2001736. A Manual for the Study of Insects (1895) by John Henry Comstock
2001737. The Pharaoh and the Priest: An Historical Novel of Ancient Egypt (1902) by Alexander Glovatski
2001738. The Life of Horace Greeley: Founder of the New York Tribune, with Extended Notices of Many of His Contemporary Statesmen and Journalists (1873) by Lurton D Ingersoll
2001739. The History of the American People (1919) by Charles Austin Beard
2001740. The Great Metropolis, a Mirror of New York: A Complete History of Metropolitan Life and Society (1869) by Junius Henri Browne
2001741. The Medical Profession in Upper Canada, 1783-1850: An Historical Narrative, with Original Documents Relating to the Profession (1894) by William Canniff
2001742. The Book of the Indians: Or Biography and History of the Indians of North America, from Its First Discovery to the Year 1841 (1845) by Samuel G Drake
2001744. The Old Patroon and Other Plays (1899) by George Stanislaus Connell
2001745. A Review of the Principal Charges Against Warren Hastings, Esq., Late Governor General of Bengal (1788) by John Logan
2001746. Col. George Rogers Clark's Sketch of His Campaign in the Illinois in 1778- 79 (1869) by Joseph Bowman
2001747. The Flower Garden, with an Essay on the Poetry of Gardening (1852) by Thomas James
2001748. Juvenile Trials for Telling Fibs, Robbing Orchards, and Other Offenses (1806) by Richard Johnson
2001749. The Mother's Fables in Verse: Designed Through the Medium of Amusement to Correct Some of the Faults and Follies of Children (1812) by E L Aveline
2001751. Two Queens: A Drama (1889) by C J Ballingall Birrell
2001752. The Voluntaryist Creed: Being the Herbert Spencer Lecture, 1906, and a Plea for Voluntaryism (1908) by Auberon Herbert
2001753. The Church and the Immigrant (1921) by Georgia E Harkness
2001754. Thoughts on Parts of the Song of Solomon (1906) by Benjamin Wills Newton
2001755. The Poet Gray as a Naturalist, with Selections from His Notes on the Systema Naturae of Linnaeus and Facsimiles of Some of His Drawings (1903) by Charles Eliot Norton
2001756. The Three Crosses (1907) by James W Falconer
2001757. The Case of the Present Afflicted Clergy in Scotland Truly Represented (1690) by John Sage
2001759. The Way, the Truth and the Life: Lectures to Educated Hindus (1873) by Julius H Seelye
2001760. Slips of Tongue and Pen (1886) by John Henry Long
2001761. A Philosophical View of Reform (1920) by Percy Bysshe Shelley
2001762. Station Hunting on the Warrego; Australia; At the Valley of the Popran and Other Poems (1885) by Philip J Holdsworth
2001765. Lyrics of Joy (1904) by Frank Dempster Sherman
2001766. Sermons on the Religious Education of Children Preached at Northampton (1797) by Philip Doddridge
2001767. The Catechism of Nature for the Use of Children (1793) by Doctor Martinet
2001768. Melchior's Dream and Other Tales (1888) by Juliana Horatia Ewing
2001769. Memorial of Bishop Waynflete: Founder of St. Mary Magdalen College, Oxford (1851) by Peter Heylin
2001770. An Essay on Shakespeare's Relation to Tradition (1916) by Janet Spens
2001771. Archbishop Purcell and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati: A Study Based on Original Sources (1918) by Mary Agnes Mc Cann
2001772. The Theory of Environment: An Outline of the History of the Idea of Milieu and Its Present Status (1918) by Armin Hajman Koller
2001773. Why Christianity Is Reasonable (1904) by Walter J Carey
2001774. The Christian Hypothesis (1922) by Edward Campbell Tainsh
2001775. The Duty of Happiness: Thoughts on Hope (1911) by J M Lelen
2001776. The Samkhya System: A History of the Samkhya Philosophy (1918) by Arthur Berriedale Keith
2001778. The Wood Carver's Wife (1922) by Marjorie L C Pickthall
2001779. Alan's Wife: A Dramatic Study in Three Scenes (1893) by William Archer
2001780. The Magnificat: A Series of Meditations Upon the Song of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1889) by Richard Meux Benson
2001781. A Book of Scottish Pasquils, Etc. (1827) by James Maidment
2001783. English Grammar Exercises (1885) by Richard Morris
2001784. Lyrics of the Open (1914) by Mary G Cherry
2001785. Deirdre Wed and Other Poems (1901) by Herbert Trench
2001787. Teacher's Course in Latin Composition (1922) by H C Nutting
2001788. The Separation of the Churches and the State in France (1917) by William Henry Harrison Stowell
2001789. The Free Press (1918) by Hilaire Belloc
2001790. Debs and the Poets (1920) by Ruth Le Prade
2001791. Translation of Collection of Laws Referring to Public Works in Puerto Rico, 1896 (1899) by
2001792. Sheep Husbandry in the South (1878) by John L Hayes
2001794. Cannon-Flashes and Pen-Dashes (1866) by Richard Henry Greene
2001795. Luceria: A Tragedy (1806) by Hugh Stuart Boyd
2001796. A Spray of Lilac and Other Poems and Songs (1892) by Marie Hedderwick Browne
2001797. Tsoe and Other Poems (1871) by Cave Winscombe
2001798. The Karaite Literary Opponents of Saadiah Gaon (1908) by Samuel Poznanski
2001799. The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ: From the Meditations of Anne Catherine Emmerich (1899) by Anne Catherine Emmerich
2001800. Translations from Lucretius (1920) by R C Trevelyan
2001801. Within My Parish: Notes from the Day Book of a Deceased Parish Priest (1914) by James Small
2001802. Missionary Program Material: For Use with Boys and Girls (1916) by Anita B Ferris
2001804. Historical Gleanings (1922) by Bimala Churn Law
2001805. Gospel Truths (1885) by Benjamin Wills Newton
2001806. Some Modern Conceptions of Natural Law (1920) by Marie Taylor Swabey
2001807. The Influence of Christopher Marlowe on Shakespere's Earlier Style: Being the Harness Prize Essay for the Year 1885 (1886) by Arthur Wilson Verity
2001808. The Canadian Poetry Book: A Book of Modern Verse (1922) by D J Dickie
2001810. Interest and Effort in Education (1913) by John Dewey
2001812. The Law of Ritualism Examined: In Its Relation to the Word of God, to the Primitive Church, to the Church of England (1866) by Jr John Henry Hopkins
2001813. The Birth of Hercules (1911) by W W Greg
2001814. Thackeray's London: A Description of His Haunts and the Scenes of His Novels (1885) by William Henry Rideing
2001815. The Divine Gift of the Sacred Scriptures, and the Divine Legislator's First Manifestation of His Care, and Solicitude for His Human Creation (1881) by Henry Formby
2001816. Gregory Thaumaturgus Address to Origen (1920) by William Metcalfe
2001817. The Princeton Colloquium 1909, Part One: Fundamental Existence Theorems (1913) by Gilbert Ames Bliss
2001820. Journal of the Constitutional Convention of the District of Maine, with the Articles of Separation, and Governor Brook's Proclamation Prefixed, 1819- 2 by Fuller And Fuller Printers
2001821. Electrochemical Analysis (1890) by Edgar F Smith
2001822. The East India Examiner: Reprinted from the Original Papers of That Periodical Publication (1766) by
2001823. Robertson of Brighton: 1816- 1853 (1916) by Hensley Henson
2001824. The Organic Union of American Methodism (1892) by Stephen M Merrill
2001826. The Position of the Catholic Church in England and Wales During the Last Two Centuries: Retrospect and Forecast (1892) by Lord Braye
2001827. Higher Education and Business Standards (1918) by Willard Eugene Hotchkiss
2001828. Fellowship in Thought and Prayer (1919) by Basil Mathews