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Books 89/142

2001170. Hunter's Frontier by Antoine Renardo Hicks
2001203. What You Oughta' Know by Chene Cyan
2001209. Hello, Mrs. Lockwood, Can Billy Come Out to Play? by Lockwood, Bill
2001210. Hello, Mrs. Lockwood, Can Billy Come Out to Play? by Lockwood, Bill
2001249. Kids! Everyone Should Have a Dozen! by Marsha K Hood
2001270. Flames of Passion by Bobbe Jo Combs
2001289. Take a Trip with Me by William G Kegley
2001303. Traveling for God by Larry Killion
2001322. Yankee Tsunami: The Aftermath by Andrew R Diconti
2001328. To Be an Eagle: Life Goes on by Kasey Eriksen
2001334. Cracking the Rainbow Code by Jens Jerndal
2001348. Walking on Water by Javier Arreola
2001354. Poky and Pogly Elves Visit Grandma Elf by Umi Mukherjee
2001388. On a Dead End Street by Ehrin Manske
2001389. Re- Tales: Tales from the Retail World by Jack Cochran
2001393. Philadelphia Athletics by the Numbers by Ted Taylor
2001418. Rosebud and the Bard of Finlaggan by Currie, G. Anderson
2001419. An Invitation to Tea by Denise Whipple
2001420. Between the Painful Stages of Life by Sandra E Footman
2001439. Phantasm by Rains, Sandra
2001455. The Power of Faith by Vernon Davis
2001461. The Secret They Kept from Me by Cathy Stockham
2001462. The Darkslayer by C Halloran
2001463. Now and Forever by Mitzi Pool Bridges
2001493. Tequila Is to Kill YA by Remy O Brien
2001496. Soul Mates by Anthony, J. B.
2001497. Soul Mates by Anthony, J. B.
2001499. The Ambassador's Credo by Allan R Watson
2001511. Devilution by Mark Childs
2001512. Devilution by Mark Childs
2001538. Fellow American by Lou Scorziello
2001546. The Storyteller and His Daughter by Larene Wade Spitler
2001552. Daddy Mother Kinfolks by Sheila Shirley Boutte
2001572. More Than a Drunk- Ernest Crank, a Very Special Angel by Shirley Lindell Dixon
2001599. In the Mind by Charles Ayanleke
2001605. Encountering Life's Endings by Louis Silverstein
2001642. [ White Devil] by Crownover, Adam
2001654. At Dusk by Marie A Reilly
2001660. Grandma Coocoonutts Goes to Boston by Kj Wilhelm
2001673. Rhythms of Life by Waqi Munim
2001688. A Voice in the Village by Howard Moody
2001706. A History of the United States for Families and Libraries (1860) by Benson J Lossing
2001747. The Flower Garden, with an Essay on the Poetry of Gardening (1852) by Thomas James
2001754. Thoughts on Parts of the Song of Solomon (1906) by Benjamin Wills Newton
2001762. Station Hunting on the Warrego; Australia; At the Valley of the Popran and Other Poems (1885) by Philip J Holdsworth
2001766. Sermons on the Religious Education of Children Preached at Northampton (1797) by Philip Doddridge
2001770. An Essay on Shakespeare's Relation to Tradition (1916) by Janet Spens
2001776. The Samkhya System: A History of the Samkhya Philosophy (1918) by Arthur Berriedale Keith
2001780. The Magnificat: A Series of Meditations Upon the Song of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1889) by Richard Meux Benson
2001789. The Free Press (1918) by Hilaire Belloc
2001798. The Karaite Literary Opponents of Saadiah Gaon (1908) by Samuel Poznanski
2001802. Missionary Program Material: For Use with Boys and Girls (1916) by Anita B Ferris
2001828. Fellowship in Thought and Prayer (1919) by Basil Mathews
2001838. The Contest: A Poem (1866) by George P Carr
2001852. The Influence of the Gold Supply on Prices and Profits (1913) by David Barbour
2001858. Effigies Poeticae or the Portraits of the British Poets (1824) by Barry Cornwall
2001864. Studies in the Temptation of the Son of God (1916) by J O F Murray
2001872. The Divine Praises: Addresses to Holy Name Societies (1908) by William Graham
2001876. Four Aspects of Civic Duty (1907) by William Howard Taft
2001881. The Territorial Acquisitions of the United States: An Historical Review (1899) by Edward Bicknell
2001883. Wyoming and Indian Melodies and Other Poems (1891) by Richard Lynott O Malley
2001896. Heart of the Hills: Poems (1917) by Albert Durrant Watson
2001898. Catholic Union: Essays Towards a Church of the Future as the Organization of Philanthropy (1854) by Francis William Newman
2001916. The Beginners Guide to the Microscope, with a Section on Mounting Slides (1922) by Charles E Heath
2001931. The Two Hague Conferences (1913) by Joseph H Choate
2001941. The English Church in the Nineteenth Century (1910) by Eugene Stock
2001942. Shakespeare: A Play in Five Episodes (1921) by H F 1891 Rubinstein
2001943. The Abiding Presence of the Holy Ghost in the Soul (1918) by Bede Jarrett
2001944. Poems of England: A Selection of English Patriotic Poetry (1896) by Hereford Brooke George
2001949. Popular Amusements and the Christian Life (1896) by Perry Wayland Sinks
2001952. Kynge Johan: A Play in Two Parts (1838) by John Bale
2001956. Johann Friedrich Herbart: A Study in Pedagogics (1911) by A M Williams
2001960. Notes on Walt Whitman: As Poet and Person (1871) by John Burroughs
2001969. How to Know Grasses by the Leaves (1890) by Archibald N M Alpine
2001978. Griselda: A Society Novel in Rhymed Verse (1893) by Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
2001980. The Ways of Life: A Study in Ethics (1920) by Stephen Ward
2001981. A Selection of One Hundred Tunes, with Appropriate Hymns (1909) by Josiah Booth
2001998. The Out Break in China: Its Causes (1900) by F L Hawks Pott
2001999. That Human Being, Leonard Wood (1920) by Hermann Hagedorn
2002006. Mrs. Turner's Cautionary Stories (1897) by Elizabeth Turner
2002011. Barnabas, Hermas and the Didache: Being the Donnellan Lectures Delivered Before the University of Dublin in 1920 (1920) by J Armitage Robinson
2002012. Alicia Warlock: A Mystery and Other Stories (1875) by Wilkie Collins
2002016. A Memoir of the Late Mr. William Gadsby (1844) by John Gadsby
2002017. Jesus and the Soul: Colloquies for Those Who Wish to Love and Serve Him More Fervently (1912) by Minnie Mortimer
2002019. Herbert Spencer and Scientific Education (1907) by Maria E Findlay
2002023. Back to Bethel: Separation from Sin and Fellowship with God (1901) by Frederick Brotherton Meyer
2002025. The Laws of Happiness or the Beatitudes as Teaching Our Duty to God, Self and Our Neighbor (1888) by Alfred Garnett Mortimer
2002026. Running Fires: Plays and Poems (1917) by Evangeline Ryves
2002031. Year in a Lancashire Garden (1879) by Henry Arthur Bright
2002032. Kitty Grafton: Founded on Fact (1838) by Lucius Manlius Sargent
2002049. Marcus King: Mormon (1908) by Nephi Anderson
2002060. Northern English: Phonetics, Grammar, Texts (1899) by Richard J Lloyd
2002067. New First Spanish Book: After the Natural or Direct Method for Schools and Self Instruction (1916) by James H Worman
2002070. The Theory of Spectra and Atomic Constitution: Three Essays (1922) by Niels Bohr
2002071. Theory and Calculation of Cantilever Bridges (1898) by R M Wilcox
2002073. Stories for Worship and How to Follow Them Up (1921) by Hugh Hartshorne
2002075. Tales of the Trains: Being Some Chapters of Railroad Romance (1857) by Charles James Lever
2002087. Sketch of Thermodynamics (1868) by Peter G Tait
2002099. Poetical Trifles Written on Various Subjects, Serious and Comic (1813) by Edward Trapp Pilgrim
2002102. Mater Christi: Meditations on Our Lady (1920) by Mother St Paul
2002107. The Irish Republic, Why? Official Statement Prepared for Submission to the Peace Conference (1919) by Laurence Ginnell
2002109. Conscience and Sin: Daily Meditations for Lent, Including Weekdays and Sundays (1890) by S Baring Gould
2002112. Song of the Dardanelles and Other Verses (1916) by Henry Lawson
2002116. How Department Stores Are Carried on (1901) by W B Phillips
2002122. Musa Burschicosa: A Book of Songs for Students and University Men (1869) by John Stuart Blackie
2002124. Eleven Addresses During a Retreat of the Companions of the Love of Jesus, Engaged in Perpetual Intercession for the Conversion of Sinners (1868) by Edward Bouverie Pusey
2002127. Ryerson Memorial Volume: Prepared on the Occasion of the Unveiling of the Ryerson Statute in the Grounds of the Education Department on the Que by J George Hodgins
2002136. Kitty of the Sherragh Vane and the Schoolmasters (1891) by T E Brown
2002142. Forgiveness and Suffering: A Study of Christian Belief (1913) by Douglas White
2002145. A Study of the Influence of Custom on the Moral Judgment (1908) by Frank Chapman Sharp