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2045851. How to Mix Drinks or the Bon-Vivant's Companion: To Which Is Appended a Manual for the Manufacture of Cordials, Liquors, Fancy Syrups, Etc. (1862) by Jerry Thomas
2045853. In the Bight of Benin (1897) by Alec John Dawson
2045855. Introductory Lessons on Mind (1859) by Richard Whately
2045856. James Oglethorpe: The Founder of Georgia (1904) by Harriet Cornelia Cooper
2045857. Rousseau: As Described by Himself and Others, with Remarks and Explanations (1877) by Thomas Craddock
2045858. A Historical and Descriptive Catalogue of the European and Asiatic Manuscripts in the Library of the Late Dr. Adam Clarke (1835) by Joseph Butterworth Bulmer Clarke
2045859. A Book of Offices and Prayers for Priest and People (1914) by Charles Morris Addison
2045860. A Candid Review of Ten Letters: Containing Reasons for Not Embracing the Doctrine of Universal Salvation (1827) by Joel Hawes
2045861. A Dialect of Donegal, Being the Speech of Meenawannia in the Parish of Glenties: Phonology and Texts (1906) by Edmund Crosby Quiggin
2045862. A Dictionary of Photography for the Amateur and Professional Photographer (1889) by Edward John Wall
2045863. A Digest of English Civil Law: Book 3, Sections 12-17, Law of Property Concluded (1914) by Edward Jenks
2045864. A Discourse of the Pastoral Care by the Right Reverend Father in God, Gilbert, Late Lord Bishop of Sarum (1840) by Gilbert Burnet
2045865. A Dissertation on the Epistle of Saint Barnabas: Including a Discussion of Its Date and Authorship (1877) by William Cunningham
2045866. A Doctor's Talk with Maiden, Wife, and Mother (1907) by George Lowell Austin
2045867. A Grammar of the Kaffir Language (1844) by William Binnington Boyce
2045868. A Harvest of German Verse (1916) by Margarete Munsterberg
2045869. A Manual for United States Consuls: Embracing Their Rights, Duties, Liabilities, and Emoluments (1849) by Joshua Sidney Henshaw
2045870. A Meditacao (1818) by Jose Agostinho De Macedo
2045871. A Modern and Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Horses, Horned Cattle and Sheep (1838) by R Bowers
2045872. A Noble Kinsman V1: A Novel (1885) by Anton Giulio Barrili
2045873. A Prince of Edom (1898) by James Ballingal
2045874. A Revised and Enlarged Account of the Bobbili Zeminda (1907) by Venkata Swetachalapati Ranga Rao
2045875. A Secondary Arithmetic: Commercial and Industrial for High, Industrial, Commercial, Normal Schools, and Academies (1908) by John Charles Stone
2045876. A Snapt Gold Ring V1 (1871) by Frederick Wedmore
2045877. A Soldier's Mother in France (1918) by Rheta Childe Dorr
2045878. A Stone in the Path (1922) by Maud Hudnut Chapin
2045879. A Talk about Bishops: Being a Discussion Upon the Nature of the Christian Ministry (1878) by Thomas Lucas Scott
2045880. A Translation of All the Greek, Latin, Italian, and French Quotations Which Occur in Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England (1823) by William Blackstone
2045882. A Treatise on Cheltenham Waters and Bilious Diseases (1809) by Thomas Jameson
2045884. About the Weather (1899) by Mark Walrod Harrington
2045886. Acheen, and the Ports on the North and East Coasts of Sumatra (1840) by John Anderson
2045887. Air Men O' War (1919) by Boyd Cable
2045889. An African Trail (1917) by Jean Kenyon Mac Kenzie
2045890. An Elementary Handbook of Logic (1918) by John Joseph Toohey
2045891. An Epitome of the Criminal Law (1885) by James Carter Harrison
2045892. An Experiment in Education: Also, the Ideas Which Inspired It and Were Inspired by It (1897) by Mary Rose Alling Aber
2045893. An Innocent Sinner V1: A Psychological Romance (1877) by Mabel Collins
2045894. An Interpretation of the Russian People (1915) by Leo Wiener
2045895. Ancient Masters and Jesus (1905) by William Benjamin Hartzog
2045896. Annesley Court: Or Isabel Grant's Story (1872) by Adeline
2045897. Announcements and Catalogue of the University of Mississippi: April, 1907 (1907) by Of Mississippi University Of
2045898. Apollyon and the Reaction of the Slavonians: With a Review of the Political State of Europe Under the Action of the Contending Principles (1847) by Frederick Thomas Buller
2045899. Architectural Iron Work: A Practical Work for Iron Workers, Architects, and Engineers (1876) by Jr William John Fryer
2045900. The Picturesque Geographical Readers, Book 4: The Land We Live in (1892) by Charles Francis King
2045901. Batavia Illustrata: Or a View of the Policy, and Commerce, of the United Provinces (1728) by Onslow Burrisch
2045903. Black's Guide to the Duchy of Cornwall (1885) by Adam Charles Black Publishers
2045904. Britain's Social State (1872) by David Lewis
2045905. British Galleries of Painting and Sculpture: Comprising a General Historical and Critical Catalogue (1824) by Charles Molloy Westmacott
2045906. Building with India (1922) by Daniel Johnson Fleming
2045907. By Nippon's Lotus Ponds: Pen Pictures of Real Japan (1914) by Matthias Klein
2045908. Can Grande's Castle (1918) by Amy Lowell
2045909. Caroline Schlegel and Her Friends (1889) by Mrs Alfred Sidgwick
2045910. Chimney Design and Theory: A Book for Engineers and Architects (1902) by William Wallace Christie
2045911. Chloe Arguelle V1 (1881) by Elizabeth Amy Dillwyn
2045912. Chronic Constipation and Allied Conditions: Pathology, Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment (1908) by James Alexander Mac Millan
2045913. Chronicle of King Henry the Eighth of England: Being a Contemporary Record of Some of the Principal Events of the Reigns of Henry the Eighth and Edwar by Martin Andrew Sharp Hume
2045914. Civilized Christianity, a Reply to Modern Christianity a Civilized Heathenism: Being Some Commonplace Reflections on Orthodoxy (1876) by Anonymous
2045915. Common Sense Stair Building and Handrailing (1916) by Frederick Thomas Hodgson
2045916. Concerning Osteopathy: A Compilation of Selection from Articles Published in the Professional and Lay Press with Original Chapters (1917) by George Van Olinda Webster
2045918. Copies of Correspondence Between the Chief Superintendent of Schools for Upper Canada and Other Persons on the Subject of Separate Schools (1855) by Egerton Ryerson
2045919. Daphne and Her Lad (1904) by Mary Julia Lagen
2045920. Death: With Other Poems (1834) by Robert Montgomery
2045921. Dental Metallurgy: A Manual for the Use of Dental Students (1882) by Charles James Essig
2045922. Denzil Place: A Story in Verse (1875) by Violet Fane
2045923. Dialogues on Popery (1836) by Jacob Stanley
2045924. Differential and Integral Calculus: For Technical Schools and Colleges (1898) by Preston Albert Lambert
2045925. Discourses and Poems of William Newell: A Memorial Volume (1882) by William Newell
2045926. Diseases of Females and Children, and Their Homeopathic Treatment: Containing Also, a Full Description of the Dose of Each Medicine (1860) by Walter Williamson
2045927. Disinterred: From the Book of a Monk of Garden Abbey (1874) by T Esmonde
2045928. Economic Crises (1900) by Edward David Jones
2045930. Elements of Latin: For Students of Medicine and Pharmacy (1898) by George Dunlap Crothers
2045931. Ella Cuthullin: And Other Poems, Old and New (1883) by Greville John Chester
2045932. England on the Sea V1: Or the Story of the British Navy, Its Decisive Battles and Great Commanders (1885) by W H Davenport Adams
2045933. England Under the Norman Occupation (1858) by James F Morgan
2045934. Episodes of History, Stirring Incidents in the Lives of Men and Nations: A Book for Youth (1880) by
2045935. Ethel Morton's Enterprise (1915) by Mabell Shippie Clarke Smith
2045936. Evenings in the Library: Bits of Gossip about Books and Those Who Write Them (1878) by George Stewart Jr
2045937. Everyday Life in China: Or Scenes Along River and Road in Fuh-Kien (1885) by Edwin Joshua Dukes
2045938. University of Cambridge, Examination for Women: Examination Papers for the Examination Held in July, 1870 (1870) by
2045939. Exercises for Dictation and Pronunciation (1865) by Charles Northend
2045940. Family Medical Adviser (1852) by John Skelton
2045941. Fifty Years: Observations, Opinions, Experiences (1903) by Oscar Penn Fitzgerald
2045942. First Year Mathematics (1916) by George William Evans
2045943. Flowers of France, the Renaissance Period, from Ronsard to Saint-Amant, Representative Poems of the Sixteenth Century, Rendered Into English Verse, in by John Payne
2045944. Four American Patriots: Patrick Henry, Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, Ulysses S. Grant (1898) by Alma Holman Burton
2045946. Further Stories of Ireland (1899) by Samuel Lover
2045947. The Gallery of Portraits V7: With Memoirs (1837) by Arthur Thomas Malkin
2045948. Garnered Treasures: From the Poets (1878) by Intelligencer Friends Intelligencer
2045949. Genealogy of the Allen and Witter Families: Among the Early Settlers of This Continent and Their Descendants (1872) by Asa W Allen
2045950. German Cookery for the English Kitchen (1906) by Ella Oswald
2045952. God and Man: Conference Delivered at Notre Dame in Paris (1872) by Pere Lacordaire
2045953. Goethes Egmont (1903) by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
2045954. Great and Small: Being Scenes in the Life of Children (1878) by Madeleine Laroque
2045955. Comyns' Handy Book of Exercises on a Series of Abstracts of Title to Freehold, Copyhold, and Leasehold Estates, and Personality (1884) by William Henry Comyns
2045957. Happy with Either V2: A Novel (1878) by A L O Sanders
2045958. Heine's Book of Songs (1864) by Heinrich Heine
2045959. Heroes of the Goodwin Sands (1892) by Thomas Stanley Treanor
2045960. His Prison Bars: A Temperance Story (1874) by Alphonso Alva Hopkins
2045961. History of the Town of Kirkland, New York (1874) by Amos Delos Gridley
2045962. Home Amusements: A Choice Collection of Riddles, Charades, Rebuses, Conundrums, Parlor Games, Forfeits, Etc. (1859) by Peter Puzzlewell
2045964. A Book about Shams: Relating to the Great French Revolution (1870) by Lory Marsh
2045965. A Catalogue of Books in Divinity, Ecclesiastical History Etc.: Including a Fine Collection of the Fathers of the Church (1837) by J H Parker
2045966. A Commentary on the Book of the Acts of the Apostles (1854) by William Gilson Humphry
2045967. A Companion for the Sick Chamber (1843) by Anonymous
2045968. A Course in German Composition, Conversation and Grammar Review: For Use in Schools and Colleges (1898) by Wilhelm Bernhardt
2045969. A Famous Fox-Hunter: Reminiscences of the Late Thomas Assheton Smith or the Pursuits of an English Country Gentleman (1893) by John Eardley Eardley Wilmot
2045970. A Fight for the City (1903) by Alfred Hodder
2045971. A Full and Exact Collation of about Twenty Greek Manuscripts of the Holy Gospels (1853) by Frederick Henry Ambrose Scrivener
2045972. A Guide to the Exhibition Illustrating Greek and Roman Life (1908) by Cecil Smith
2045973. A History of Latin Literature (1877) by Leonhard Schmitz
2045974. A History of Spain: For Young Persons (1849) by Bennett George Johns
2045975. A Hobble Through the Channel Islands in 1858: Or the Seeings, Doings and Musings of One Tom Hobbler, During a Four Months' Residence in Those Parts by Edward T Gastineau
2045977. A New Year's Eve, and Other Poems (1828) by Bernard Barton
2045978. A Numismatic Manual: Or Guide to the Study of Greek, Roman, and English Coins (1832) by John Yonge Akerman
2045980. A Sinless Secret V3 (1881) by Eliza Margaret J Humphreys
2045981. A Woman's Heart: Manuscripts Found in the Papers of Katherine Peshconet (1906) by Katherine Peshconet
2045982. A World Remaking or Peace Finance (1920) by Clarence Walker Barron
2045983. A Year Abroad: Or Sketches of Travel in Great Britain, France and Switzerland (1852) by Willard C George
2045984. Adela V2: A Jersey Romance (1883) by C M Hawksford
2045985. Algebre: Premier Cycle (1903) by Emile Borel
2045987. An American Poilu (1919) by Elmer Stetson Harden
2045988. An Elementary Treatise on Kinematics and Kinetics (1884) by Edward John Gross
2045989. An English Code, Its Difficulties and the Modes of Overcoming Them: A Practical Application of the Science of Jurisprudence (1873) by Sheldon Amos
2045990. An Essay on the Roman Denarius and English Silver Penny (1838) by William Till
2045991. An Introduction to the Study of the Roman Law (1854) by Luther Stearns Cushing
2045992. Ancien Japo (1888) by Georges Appert
2045993. As Talked in the Sanctum (1900) by Rounsevelle Wildman
2045994. At Home in the Transvaal V2 (1884) by Mary Ann Carey Hobson
2045996. Ballad Book (1890) by Katharine Lee Bates
2045997. Beloved of the Gods: After the Danish (1883) by Mrs Oscar Beringer
2045998. Birkheda Vicarage: The Story of a Woman's Influence (1874) by C J C
2045999. Bouquet, Culled from Marylebone Gardens by Bluebell, Kingcups and Mignionett (1831) by R Hume Middlemass
2046000. Breaches of Anglo-American Treaties: A Study in History and Diplomacy (1917) by John Bigelow
2046001. Bridge Whist, Its Whys and Wherefores: A Progressive and Clear Method of Explanation (1901) by C J Melrose
2046002. Burns in Drama: Together with Saved Leaves (1878) by Robert Burns
2046003. Carita: A Cuban Romance (1898) by Louis Pendleton
2046004. Catalogue of the New York State Library, Subject-Index of the Law Library: From Its Foundation to December 31, 1882 (1883) by Stephen B Griswold
2046005. Bellum Catulinae and Catilinarian Conspiracy (1884) by Sallust
2046006. Character Development: A Practical Graded School Course (1913) by Charles Keen Taylor
2046007. Charm and Courtesy in Letter-Writing (1895) by Frances Bennett Callaway
2046009. Christ Is Coming! (1869) by Anonymous
2046010. College Men and the Bible (1911) by Clayton Sedgwick Cooper
2046011. Colonel Wedderburn's Wooing: And Other Tales, More Strange Than True (1883) by O T Drake
2046014. Cricketana (1865) by James Pycroft
2046015. Currency of the Isle of Man: From Its Earliest Appearance to Its Assimilation with the British Coinage in 1840 (1869) by Charles Clay
2046016. Desultory Thoughts in London, Titus and Gisippus: With Other Poems (1821) by Charles Lloyd
2046017. Dorwarts: A German Reader for Beginners (1915) by Paul Valentine Bacon
2046018. Dramatic Readings for Schools: A Practice Book in Dramatics (1914) by Marion Florence Lansing
2046019. Dramatis Personae (1864) by Robert Browning
2046020. Early Methodists Under Persecution (1916) by Josiah Henry Barr