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Books 93/124

2088454. American Game Bird Shooting (1892) by John Mortimer Murphy
2088474. The Handkerchief and the Sword: And Other Stories (1921) by Flora Clarke Huntington
2088480. The Oldest School in America: An Oration and a Poem (1885) by Phillips Brooks
2088498. The Clerkes Tale: With Life, Grammar, Notes, and an Etymological Glossary (1888) by Geoffrey Chaucer
2088513. The Mountain Mill: A Pastor's Story (1881) by Henry Coe Coape
2088529. The Sixth Book of Homer's Odyssey (1895) by Homer
2088550. The Law Relating to Actions for Malicious Prosecution (1889) by Herbert Stephen
2088555. The Monuments of Athens: An Historical and Archaeological Description (1884) by Panagiotes G Kastromenos
2088562. The Satires of Juvenal and Persius (1848) by Juvenal
2088580. The First Book of Virgil's Aeneid: With a Literal Interlinear Translation on the Plan Recommended by Mr. Locke (1829) by Virgil
2088581. The Great Orations and Senatorial Speech of Daniel Webster (1853) by Daniel Webster
2088583. The Hellenic Orations of Demosthenes: Symmories, Megalopolitans, Rhodians (1883) by Demosthenes
2088585. The International Exhibition Remembrancer and Illustrated Forget- Me- Not (1863) by George Glenny
2088591. The Redan: A Poem (1856) by Robert Mac Kenzie Beverley
2088602. The Mourner: Or the Afflicted Relieved (1765) by Benjamin Grosvenor
2088612. The Dictionary Appendix and Orthographer: Containing Upwards of Seven Thousand Words Not Found in the Dictionary (1853) by C Vines
2088615. The God of Vengeance: Drama in Three Acts (1918) by Sholem Asch
2088625. The Puzzle of Dickens's Last Plot (1905) by Andrew Lang
2088645. The Prometheus of Aeschylus: With Notes, for the Use of Colleges in the United States (1850) by Aeschylus
2088654. The Child Lore Dramatic Reader (1908) by Catherine Turner Bryce
2088657. The Confession of Faith and Form of Covenant, of the Old South Church, Boston, Massachusetts (1855) by
2088658. The First Book of the Satires of Horace: In English Verse (1870) by Horace
2088664. The New Medusa and Other Poems (1882) by Eugene Lee Hamilton
2088665. The Political Catechism: Explanatory of the Constitutional Rights and Civil Disabilities of the Catholics of Ireland (1829) by Thomas Wyse
2088667. The Principles and Practice of Harmonious Coloring in Oil, Water, and Photographic Colors: Especially as Applied to Photographs on Paper, Glass, and S by Anonymous
2088677. The Standard of Excellence in Exhibition Poultry: Authorized by the Poultry Club, to Which Is Added the American Standard (1874) by William Bernhard Tegetmeier
2088680. That Duel at the Chateau Marsanac (1899) by Walter Pulitzer
2088686. The Effort: Or Fanny Herbert (1844) by Anonymous
2088693. The Literary Primer: First Steps with Good Writers (1901) by Mary Elizabeth Burt
2088695. The Natural History of Prince Edward Island (1890) by Francis Bain
2088714. The Crazed Maid of Venice: And Other Poems (1826) by Edward N Shannon
2088720. The Fox Terrier (1912) by Williams Haynes
2088729. The Oldest Drama in the World: The Book of Job (1891) by Alfred Walls
2088732. The Philosophical Emperor: A Political Experiment or the Progress of a False Position (1841) by Alexander Bryan Johnson
2088738. The Religion of Ancient Palestine in the Second Millennium B. C. , in the Light of Archaeology and the Inscriptions (1908) by Stanley Arthur Cook
2088745. The Aberdeen Worthies or Sketches of Characters Resident in Aberdeen: During the End of the Last and Beginning of the Present Century (1840) by William Bannerman
2088748. The Celts Paradise: In Four Duans (1822) by John Banim
2088763. The Kewpie Primer (1916) by Elisabeth V Quinn
2088772. The Queen of the Danube: A Story of Montenegro (1862) by X B Saintine
2088797. The Modern Stenographer: A Complete System of Light Line Phonography (1882) by George Howard Thornton
2088800. The Origin and Evolution of the Idea of the Soul (1922) by Paul Lafargue
2088817. The Corinthians Yachtsman: Or Hints on Yachting (1881) by Tyrrel E Biddle
2088820. The Dead Musician and Other Poems (1916) by Charles L O Donnell
2088824. The Hellenic Kingdom and the Greek Nation (1836) by George Finlay
2088827. The Morality of the Old Testament (1886) by Newman Smyth
2088844. The Cricket's Song and Other Melodies (1907) by Horace Everett Warner
2088851. The Hope of the Bereaved: Or Recognition in Heaven (1854) by Edwin Davies
2088852. The Instrument of Association: A Manual of Currency (1868) by George A Potter
2088870. The Depreciation of Factories and Their Valuation (1884) by Ewing Matheson
2088876. The Lakes- To- The- Gulf Deep Waterway: A Study of the Proposed Channel, Terminals, Water Craft, Freight Movement, and Rail and Boat Rates (1912) by William Arthur Shelton
2088881. The Mystery of the Kingdom, Part 1 the First Book of Kings: Traced Through the Four Books of Kings (1884) by Andrew John Jukes
2088904. The Passion Play at Ober- Ammergau, in the Summer of 1871 (1872) by Gerald Molloy
2088907. The Prerogative of Creating Peers (1856) by Anonymous
2088909. The Red Poocher (1903) by Seumas Mac Manus
2088911. The Seventh Book of Homer's Odyssey (1899) by Homer
2088919. The Dictionary of Watering Places, Seaside and Inland, at Home and Abroad, Part 2: Foreign Watering Places (1881) by Anonymous
2088929. The Jewish Sacrifices and Their Christian Meaning (1902) by John Worcester
2088932. The League of Nations and the New International Law (1921) by John Eugene Harley
2088933. The Mastery Series: Latin (1880) by Thomas Prendergast
2088934. The Ministry of Original Words in Asserting and Defending the Truth (1865) by B A Simon
2088942. The Story of My Childhood (1907) by Clara Barton
2088943. The Swiss Pastor: The Life of F. A. A. Gonthier (1850) by Louis Vulliemin
2088947. The Economic Theory of Risk and Insurance (1901) by Allan Herbert Willett
2088966. The Pleasures of Literature and the Solace of Books (1898) by Joseph Shaylor
2088979. The Constitution and What It Means Today (1920) by Edward Samuel Corwin
2088995. The Number System of Algebra: Treated Theoretically and Historical (1890) by Henry B Fine
2088997. The Panegyricus of Isocrates: From the Text of Bremi (1854) by Isocrates
2089000. The Proud Lady and Other Poems (1840) by Spencer Wallace Cone
2089009. The Chahar Maqala, Four Discourses, of Nidhami- I- Arudi- I- Samarqandi (1899) by Edward G Browne
2089018. The Evolution of Decorative Art: An Essay Upon Its Origin and Development as Illustrated by the Art of Modern Races of Mankind (1893) by Henry Balfour
2089033. The Song Without Words: Leaves from a Very Old Book, Dedicated to Children (1856) by Elizabeth Rundle Charles
2089079. The First Book of Homer's Iliad: With a Vocabulary (1876) by Homer
2089109. The Silver Question and the Gold Question (1885) by Robert Barclay
2089111. The Wood Turner's Handy Book: A Practical Manual for Workers at the Lathe, Embracing Information on the Tools, Appliances, and Processes Employed in by Paul Nooncree Hasluck
2089112. Ten New England Blossoms and Their Insect Visitors (1895) by Clarence Moores Weed
2089115. The Constructive Etymological Spelling Book (1852) by James A Christie
2089140. The Catholic's Manual: An Exposition of the Controverted Doctrines of the Catholic Church (1817) by Jacques Benigne Bossuet
2089143. The Cornish Riviera: Our National Winter Health and Pleasure Resort, How to Go There and What to See (1905) by
2089148. The Evolution of Property from Savagery to Civilization (1910) by Paul Lafargue
2089151. The First Book of Homer's Odyssey: With a Vocabulary and Some Account of Greek Prosody (1880) by Homer
2089152. The Humors of Donegal (1898) by James Mac Manus
2089167. The Reception of Goethe's Faust in England in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century (1909) by William Frederic Hauhart
2089177. The Architectural Antiquities of the City of Wells (1866) by John Henry Parker
2089180. The Calling of a Christian Woman: And Her Training to Fulfil It (1884) by Morgan Dix
2089192. The Elzevier Library Poetry Series V1 (1883) by New York Elzevier Library
2089208. The Maritime Code of the German Empire (1900) by W Arnold
2089213. The New York Cook Book: A Complete Manual of Cookery, in All Its Branches (1889) by Marie Martinelo
2089224. The Christian Manual: Or of the Life and Manners of True Christians (1851) by John Woolton
2089229. The Gate to Caesar (1891) by Julius Caesar
2089230. The General Grievances and Oppression of the Isles of Orkney and Shetland (1836) by James Mac Kenzie
2089232. The History of Taunton Priory: In the County of Somerset (1860) by Thomas Hugo
2089258. The Globes: Celestial and Terrestrial (1845) by Augustus De Morgan
2089266. The Purgatory of Prisoners: Or an Intermediate Stage Between the Prison and the Public (1857) by Orby Shipley
2089280. The Conversion of Winckelmann: And Other Poems (1897) by Alfred Austin
2089289. The Mastery Series: German (1874) by Thomas Prendergast
2089332. The Genealogy of the English Race Horse: With the Natural History of His Progenitors (1810) by Thomas Hornby Morland
2089335. The Human Factor in Works Management (1912) by James Hartness
2089342. The Martyr of Antioch: A Dramatic Poem (1822) by Henry Hart Milman
2089343. The Mud King's Daughter: And Other Tales (1883) by Hans Christian Andersen
2089353. The Unearned Increment: Or Reaping Without Sowing (1890) by William Harbutt Dawson
2089359. The Giant Slayers (1875) by Anonymous
2089362. The Law of Love: Being Fantasies of Science and Sentiment Inked Into English to Cheer Up the Gloomsters (1905) by William Marion Reedy
2089375. The Anti- Slavery Cause in America and Its Martyrs (1863) by Eliza Wigham
2089391. Observations on Poetry, Especially the Epic: Occasioned by the Late Poem Upon Leonidas (1738) by Henry Pemberton
2089397. The Dream Adventures of Little Bill (1910) by Jr Edmund K Goldsborough
2089401. The Glass of Time, in the First Age (1885) by Thomas Peyton
2089403. The Law of International Copyright Between England and France in Literature, the Drama, Music, , and the Fine Arts: Analyzed and Explained (1852) by Peter Burke
2089406. The Machinery of Wall Street: Why It Exists, How It Works, and What It Accomplishes (1917) by George Charles Selden
2089442. The Revolutionary Tendencies of the Age: Their Cause and Their Ultimate Aim (1897) by Anonymous