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Books 93/124

2088451. The Book of Duck Decoys: Their Construction, Management, and History (1886) by Ralph Payne Gallwey
2088452. The Passenger Pigeon (1907) by W B Mershon
2088453. The Complete Sportsman: A Manual of Scientific and Practical Knowledge Designed for the Instruction and Information of All Votaries of the Gun by Howland Gasper
2088454. American Game Bird Shooting (1892) by John Mortimer Murphy
2088455. Encyclopedia of Rural Sports V2: Comprising Shooting, Hunting, Coursing, Fishing, Boating, Racing, Pedestrianism, Cricket, Baseball, Etc. (1876) by J H Walsh
2088456. The Birds of Long Island (1844) by Jr J P Giraud
2088458. Field, Cover, and Trap Shooting; With an Appendix Containing the Rules of Trapshooting (1891) by A H Bogardus
2088459. Encyclopedia of Rural Sports V1: Comprising Shooting, Hunting, Coursing, Fishing, Boating, Racing, Pedestrianism, Cricket, Baseball, Etc. (1876) by J H Walsh
2088460. Life and Writings of Frank Forester, Henry William Herbert V1- 2 (1882) by Frank Forester
2088461. Tacitus: The Sixth Book of the Annals (1878) by Publius Cornelius Tacitus
2088462. Tad and His Father (1915) by Frederic Lauriston Bullard
2088463. The Aldine Speller, Part 2: For Grades Three and Four (1916) by Catherine Turner Bryce
2088464. The Anatomy of the Lymphatic System V2: The Lung (1875) by Edward Klein
2088465. The Chrysanthemum: Its History and Culture (1865) by John Salter
2088466. The Climate and Resources of Upper India: And Suggestions for Their Improvement (1874) by Alexander Frederic Corbett
2088467. The Corn Trade and Options Markets: Considered in Relation to Social Economic Problems (1899) by F Hammesfahr
2088468. The Expert Calciminer: A Handy Manual for Interior Decorators (1912) by Albanis Ashmun Kelly
2088469. The Fall of Panama: And Other Isthmian Rhymes and Sketches (1894) by James Stanley Gilbert
2088470. The Family Choral (1858) by A C Rose
2088471. The Feudal Age (1913) by Roscoe Lewis Ashley
2088472. The Forest of Wild Thyme: A Tale for Children Under Ninety (1905) by Alfred Noyes
2088473. The Garden by the Sea and Other Poems (1921) by George Wheaton Harrington
2088474. The Handkerchief and the Sword: And Other Stories (1921) by Flora Clarke Huntington
2088475. The Land Tax, Its Creation and Management: With Practical Instructions for Land Tax Commissioners, Clerks, Assessors, and Collectors (1899) by Pretor Whitty Chandler
2088476. The Law of the House: A Prize Essay on Reverence for the Sanctuary (1858) by Miss E Henderson
2088477. The Living Sacrifice: Or a Short Biographical Notice of Sarah Bentley, of York (1848) by John Lyth
2088478. The Luck of the Four- Leaved Shamrock: Or a Journey's End (1880) by Dorothea Baker
2088479. The Murmur of the Shells (1879) by Samuel Kennedy Cowan
2088480. The Oldest School in America: An Oration and a Poem (1885) by Phillips Brooks
2088481. The Paper Hanger's Companion, a Treatise on Paper Hanging: In Which the Practical Operations of the Trade Are Systematically Laid Down (1852) by James Arrowsmith
2088482. The Problem of the Unemployed (1917) by William Stoddard Williams
2088483. The Queen's Chronicler: And Other Poems (1901) by Stephen Lucius Gwynn
2088484. The Re- Conquest: A Love Story, in Two Cantos (1865) by Arthur Cory
2088485. The Rector's Grandchildren (1857) by Mary Thorp
2088487. The Savior of the World (1895) by Charles Ellwood Nash
2088488. The Spirit of Life in the Soul (1851) by George W Mylne
2088489. The Standard of Perfection for the Properties of Flowers and Plants (1847) by George Glenny
2088490. The Story of a Connecticut Life (1919) by Charles Q Eldredge
2088492. The Abbey of Saint Alban: Some Extracts from Its Early History and a Description of Its Conventional Church (1870) by Henry Joseph Boone Nicholson
2088493. The Boss Devil of America (1877) by Jean Clarke
2088494. The Children's Hymnal: With Accompanying Tunes (1881) by William Henry Monk
2088495. The Chinese Family System (1922) by Sing Ging Su
2088496. The Christian Revelation (1898) by Borden Parker Bowne
2088497. The Church of England: The Guide for Her Children (1873) by John Richard Vernon
2088498. The Clerkes Tale: With Life, Grammar, Notes, and an Etymological Glossary (1888) by Geoffrey Chaucer
2088499. The Clouds, and Peace of Aristophanes (1840) by Aristophanes
2088500. The Comfort of the Hills and Other Poems (1910) by Silas Weir Mitchell
2088502. The Dynamite Cartridge (1885) by Mrs Frances Grant Teetzel
2088503. The False Gods (1906) by George Horace Lorimer
2088504. The Golden Island (1921) by Emma Kenyon Parrish
2088505. The Gyroscope (1913) by Frederick Joaquim Barbosa Cordeiro
2088506. The Harrogate Visitors Handbook (1847) by John Richard Walbran
2088507. The Haytian Question (1891) by Verax
2088508. The Historical Development of Child- Labor Legislation in the United States (1921) by Miriam E Loughran
2088510. The Maiden's Stone of Tullibody and Other Poems (1871) by Andrew Beveridge
2088511. The Medical Remembrancer: Or Book of Emergencies (1845) by Edward B L Shaw
2088512. The Model and Other Poems (1886) by Cotsford Dick
2088513. The Mountain Mill: A Pastor's Story (1881) by Henry Coe Coape
2088514. The Names of Those Persons Who Subscribed Towards the Defense of This Country at the Time of the Spanish Armada, 1588: And the Amounts Each Contribute by T C Noble
2088515. The Natural or the Supernatural? (1874) by Layman A Layman
2088516. The Natural Speller: Higher Grades (1912) by Augustus Hill Kelley
2088517. The Ninth Year of a Deaf Child's Life (1900) by Alice J Mott
2088518. The One Wee Lassie (1875) by Jessie Margaret Saxby
2088519. The Oracle or Book of Fate: Formerly in the Possession of the Emperor Napoleon (1835) by Hermann Kirchenhoffer
2088520. The Phonographic Instructor: Being an Introduction to the Corresponding Style of Phonography (1855) by James Curtis Booth
2088523. The Rambler's Calendar (1882) by John Henry Brown
2088524. The Reading Public (1914) by Mac Gregor Jenkins
2088525. The Return to the Father: Sermons on a Part of the Parable of the Prodigal Son (1873) by Thomas Hancock
2088527. The Robbins Process for Preserving Wood and Lumber: From Mold, Decay and Destruction by Worms (1868) by Patent Wood Preserving C
2088529. The Sixth Book of Homer's Odyssey (1895) by Homer
2088530. The Sportsman's Handbook to Practical Collecting, Preserving, and Artistic Setting- Up of Trophies and Specimens (1880) by Rowland Ward
2088531. The Tientsin Massacre: The Causes of the Late Disturbances in China and How to Secure Permanent Peace (1870) by George Thin
2088532. The Undergraduate's Guide to the Rudiments of Faith and Religion (1882) by Thomas Allen Blyth
2088533. Spanish Composition (1908) by Alfred Remy
2088534. Tabella Cibaria, the Bill of Fare: A Latin Poem, Implicitly Translated and Fully Explained in Copious and Interesting Notes (1820) by Ange Denis Macquin
2088535. The Apostolic Letter of Pope Pius IX: To All Protestants and Other Non- Catholics (1870) by Pope Pius
2088536. The Child's First Book in Arithmetic (1850) by Nelson M Holbrook
2088537. The Culmination of the Science of Logic: With Synopses of All Possible Valid Forms of Categorical Reasoning in Syllogisms of Both Three and Four Terms by John Cauchois Smith
2088538. The Daughter: A Play in Five Acts (1837) by James Sheridan Knowles
2088540. The Earth's Motion of Rotation: Including the Theory of Precession and Nutation (1867) by Charles Hartwell H Cheyne
2088541. The Eleanor Smith Music Course: Book 1 (1908) by Eleanor Smith
2088542. The Elementary Principles of Machine Design (1897) by Jacob G Arnold Meyer
2088544. The Emperor Julian's Relation to the New Sophistic and Neo- Platonism: With a Study of His Style (1896) by Wilmer Cave France Wright
2088545. The Fables of Phaedrus, Books 1- 2: With a Vocabulary (1872) by Phaedrus
2088546. The French Student's Companion: Containing the Most Necessary Rules for Construction (1880) by
2088548. The Jests of Hierocles and Philagrius (1920) by Hierocles
2088549. The Law and Practice as to Particulars and Conditions of Sale: With Notes and Forms (1879) by Richard Henry Cole
2088550. The Law Relating to Actions for Malicious Prosecution (1889) by Herbert Stephen
2088551. The Life of Mr. James Quin, Comedian: With the History of the Stage, from His Commencing Actor to His Retreat to Bath (1887) by James Quin
2088553. The Modern Process for the Preservation of All Alimentary Substances: By Which They Retain Their Native Purity and Essential Qualities, in Any Climate by Henderson William Brand
2088555. The Monuments of Athens: An Historical and Archaeological Description (1884) by Panagiotes G Kastromenos
2088556. The Newhall Family of Lynn, Massachusetts, Part 1 (1882) by Henry Fitz Gilbert Waters
2088557. The Only Daughter: A Tale of Love (1878) by Isabel Jane Simpson
2088559. The Poetry of Observation, Part 2: And Other Poems (1853) by William Asbury Kenyon
2088560. The Practice of the Land Registry Under the Transfer of Land ACT, 1862: With Such Portions of the Rules as Are Now in Force (1891) by Charles Fortescue Brickdale
2088561. The Roman Republic: Being a Review of Some of the Salient Points in Its History (1860) by Horace Mosley Moule
2088562. The Satires of Juvenal and Persius (1848) by Juvenal
2088563. The Scholastic Theory of the Species Sensibilis (1915) by Othmar Frederick Knapke
2088564. The Seaman's Arithmetic: Or the Application of the Several Rules of That Science to the Purposes of the Maritime Profession (1843) by John Martin
2088566. The Silent Dormitory and Other Poems (1887) by Ala
2088569. The Story of Primrose, 1831- 1895 (1895) by Albert Olaus Barton
2088570. The Story of Rushen Castle and Rushen Abbey, in the Isle of Man (1857) by Joseph George Cumming
2088571. The Story of the Telegraph in India (1866) by Charles C Adley
2088572. Talks to Boys (1890) by Eleanor Augusta Hunter
2088573. The Angel of Love and Other Poems (1875) by Richard Sturges
2088574. The Archbishop's Test (1915) by Emma Martha Green
2088575. The Captive: And Other Early Rhymes (1888) by Nathaniel Holmes Morison
2088576. The Children's Pulpit (1910) by Edwin Hallock Byington
2088577. The Dead Sea: Or Notes and Observations Made During a Journey to Palestine in 1856- 1857 (1857) by Albert Augustus Isaacs
2088578. The Doin's of Jim of Doads: Sketches of Lancashire Life (1902) by Arthur Smith
2088579. The Industrial Readers, Book 1: The Farmer and His Friends (1916) by Eva March Tappan
2088580. The First Book of Virgil's Aeneid: With a Literal Interlinear Translation on the Plan Recommended by Mr. Locke (1829) by Virgil
2088581. The Great Orations and Senatorial Speech of Daniel Webster (1853) by Daniel Webster
2088582. The Greatest of Miracles (1876) by Stratford Canning
2088583. The Hellenic Orations of Demosthenes: Symmories, Megalopolitans, Rhodians (1883) by Demosthenes
2088585. The International Exhibition Remembrancer and Illustrated Forget- Me- Not (1863) by George Glenny
2088586. The New Public School Music Course (1909) by Charles Edward Whiting
2088587. The Parlament of Foules (1877) by Geoffrey Chaucer
2088588. The Persecuted Family: A Narrative of the Sufferings of the Covenanters in the Reign of Charles II (1843) by Robert Pollok
2088589. The Poetical Works of William Roscoe: Published in Honor of the Centenary of His Birthday (1853) by William Roscoe
2088590. The Prayers of Doctor Samuel Johnson (1902) by Samuel Johnson
2088591. The Redan: A Poem (1856) by Robert Mac Kenzie Beverley
2088592. The Student's Guide to Accountancy (1907) by Lawrence Robert Dicksee
2088593. The Sylph: And Other Poems (1828) by Charles West Thomson
2088594. The Battle of North Point, a Poem Commemorative of September 12, 1814: And Other Poems (1901) by William Matthew Marine
2088595. The Case of Edward Harris: Who Was Executed at Newgate, for Robbing and Ill- Treating Sarah Drew, Investigated, and Facts and Arguments Adduced, t by James Harmer
2088596. The Compulsory Arbitration of Labor Disputes: Arguments for and Against (1917) by
2088597. The Cradle Roll of the Church School (1920) by Lucy Stock Chapin
2088598. The Educational System of Pennsylvania (1909) by John Milton Yetter
2088599. The Gate to the Anabasis: With Colloquia, Notes, and Vocabulary (1894) by Clarence Willard Gleason
2088600. The History of the Borneman Family in America: Since the First Settlers, 1721 to 1878 (1879) by Amos Borneman
2088601. The Indian Muse in English Garb (1876) by Behramji Merwanji Malabari
2088602. The Mourner: Or the Afflicted Relieved (1765) by Benjamin Grosvenor
2088603. The New English Spelling Book: Designed to Teach Orthography and Orthoepy (1846) by And Walton Taylor And
2088604. The Pleasantville Cookbook (1894) by Bertha M Robbins
2088606. The Principal Roots of the Greek Language, Second Edition: With a Display of Their Incorporation Into English (1850) by Whitmore Hall
2088608. The Sea Charm of Venice (1907) by Stopford Augustus Brooke
2088609. The Captain's Story: Or the Disobedient Son (1868) by William S Martin
2088610. The Commercial Class Book: Or Young Merchant's Compendium (1849) by John Henry Freese
2088612. The Dictionary Appendix and Orthographer: Containing Upwards of Seven Thousand Words Not Found in the Dictionary (1853) by C Vines
2088615. The God of Vengeance: Drama in Three Acts (1918) by Sholem Asch
2088617. The History of the Gunpowder Plot: With Several Historical Circumstances Prior to That Event (1804) by James Caulfield
2088618. The Holy Communion: A Course of Sermons Preached on the Sundays in Lent and Easter Day, 1871 (1871) by Jonas Pascal F Davidson
2088620. The Keeping of the Vow: And Other Verses (1879) by
2088621. The Mess Book: Or Stray Thoughts on Military Reform (1869) by Civilian A Civilian
2088622. The Mother's Guide: In the Management and Feeding of Infants (1882) by John Marie Keating
2088624. The Practical Debater, an Outline of Instruction in the Law and Practice of Parliamentary Assemblies: A Manual for All Kinds of Business Meetings, Tea by W H F Henry
2088625. The Puzzle of Dickens's Last Plot (1905) by Andrew Lang
2088626. The Second Book of Dryden's Aeneid of Virgil (1871) by Virgil
2088627. The Silver Question Reviewed (1878) by