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Books 93/44

2076458. National Supremacy: Treaty Power vs. State Power (1913) by Edward Samuel Corwin
2076462. Old Times on the Upper Mississippi: The Recollections of a Steamboat Pilot from 1854 to 1863 (1909) by George Byron Merrick
2076500. How to Collect Continental China (1907) by C H Wylde
2076505. Ivar the Viking: A Romantic History Based Upon Authentic Facts of the Third and Fourth Centuries (1893) by Paul B Du Chaillu
2076510. Kilsyth: A Parish History (1893) by Peter Anton
2076518. Memoirs of Mrs. Elizabeth Fry: Including a History of Her Labors in Promoting the Reformation of Female Prisoners, and the Improvement of British Sea by Thomas Timpson
2076523. Musings in the Wilderness: In Verse (1894) by Malachi Taylor
2076547. Recollections of Persons and Places in the West (1868) by Henry Marie Brackenridge
2076550. Robert Dalby and His World of Troubles: Being the Early Days of a Connoisseur (1865) by Henry Merritt
2076554. Sanctum Sanctorum: Or Proof- Sheets from an Editor's Table (1870) by Theodore Tilton
2076562. Sketches of Buenos Ayres and Chile (1829) by Samuel Haigh
2076582. Influence of Climate in North and South America: Showing the Varied Climatic Influences Operating in the Equatorial, Tropical, Sub-Tropical, Temperate by John Disturnell
2076586. Iva Kildare: A Matrimonial Problem (1897) by Lucy Bethia Walford
2076589. Lancashire Lyrics: Modern Songs and Ballads of the County Palatine (1866) by John Harland
2076601. Matouchon: A Story of Indian Child Life (1895) by Annie Maria Barnes
2076602. Meine Erlebnisse ALS Schulmann (1862) by Christian Gottlieb Scholz
2076629. Rules and Cautions in English Grammar Founded on the Analysis of Sentences (1869) by William Rushton
2076634. Sermons Preached in Trinity Church, Glasgow (1873) by William Pulsford
2076635. Sermons by Eugene Bersier (1881) by Eugene Bersier
2076640. Studies in the Philosophy of Religion (1904) by George Galloway
2076645. The Adventures and Discourses of Captain John Smith: Sometime President of Virginia and Admiral of New England (1883) by John Ashton
2076659. Intermediate Language Lessons (1914) by Emma Serl
2076667. Mercantile Arithmetic: Adapted to the Commerce of the United States, in Its Domestic and Foreign Relations (1831) by Michael Walsh
2076674. Olive Latham (1904) by Ethel Lillian Voynich
2076678. Political Systems in Transition: Wartime and After (1920) by Charles Ghequiere Fenwick
2076702. Ten Years in India V3: Or the Life of a Young Officer (1850) by Albert Hervey
2076703. The Ages to Come: Or the Future States (1880) by E Adkins
2076727. Our Industrial Utopia and Its Unhappy Citizens (1895) by David Hilton Wheeler
2076736. Precedents of Leases: With Practical Notes (1897) by John Andrews
2076745. Some Recollections of a Long Life (1908) by Edgar Jay Sherman
2076747. Stellar Motions: With Special Reference to Motions Determined by Means of the Spectrograph (1913) by William Wallace Campbell
2076765. Me and Myn (1907) by S R Crockett
2076778. Rank and Beauty V1: Or the Young Baroness (1856) by Hurst Blackett Publishers
2076784. Restraints on the Alienation of Property (1895) by John Chipman Gray
2076785. Richardet, Part 1: Poeme (1766) by Niccolo Forteguerri
2076793. The Stone-Millis Arithmetics: Advanced (1914) by John Charles Stone
2076807. Klopstocks Oden (1798) by Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock
2076814. Leonard Lindsay V1: Or the Story of a Buccaneer (1850) by Angus B 1821 1856
2076817. Livy, the Second Punic War: Book 21 and Selections from Books 22-30 (1913) by Livy
2076820. Lucy Howard's Journal (1858) by Lydia Howard Sigourney
2076834. Opals and Agates or Scenes Under the Southern Cross and the Magelhans: Being Memoirs of Fifty Years of Australia and Polynesia (1892) by Nehemiah Bartley
2076848. Christian Morality: Sermons on the Principles of Morality Inculcated in the Holy Scriptures, and Their Application to the Present Conditio by William Johnson Fox
2076857. Suggestions for the Spiritual Life: College Chapel Talks (1912) by George Lansing Raymond
2076862. The English Governess in Egypt V1: Harem Life in Egypt and Constantinople (1865) by Emmeline Lott
2076879. Memoirs and Artistic Studies of Adelaide Ristori (1907) by Adelaide Ristori
2076883. Museums V3: Their History and Their Use, with a Bibliography and List of Museums in the United Kingdom (1904) by David Murray
2076916. The Russian Government in Poland: With a Narrative of the Polish Insurrection of 1863 (1867) by William Ansell Day
2076919. Ireland: Yesterday and Today (1909) by Hugh Sutherland
2076921. John Glynn: A Novel of Social Work (1907) by Arthur Paterson
2076922. Juvenal and Persius V2 (1839) by Juvenal
2076926. Lessing's Laokoon (1878) by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
2076931. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of George Buchanan (1807) by David Irving
2076941. Parish Life in Medieval England (1907) by Abbot Gasquet
2076948. Poems Written Occasionally by John Winstanley (1742) by John Winstanley
2076976. John Redmond's Last Years (1919) by Stephen Lucius Gwynn
2076990. Memoirs of Sir Edward Blount (1902) by Edward Charles Blount
2076993. Mrs. Putnam's Receipt Book: And Young Housekeeper's Assistant (1869) by Elizabeth H Putnam
2077031. The Junior Partner: The Inner Secrets of Seven Men Who Won Success (1912) by Edward Mott Woolley
2077033. Hay Fever: Its Prevention and Cure (1916) by W C Hollopeter
2077052. Mirry- Ann: A Manx Story (1900) by Norma Lorimer
2077054. Narratives of Remarkable Criminal Trials (1846) by Anselm Ritter Von Feuerbach
2077063. Poetry and Pictures from Thomas Moore (1858) by Thomas Moore
2077087. Lady Grace: A Novel (1901) by Henry Wood
2077095. Manual of Dental Surgery and Pathology (1881) by Alfred Coleman
2077097. Mental Diseases and Their Modern Treatment (1901) by Selden Haines Talcott
2077118. Schloss Hainfeld: Or a Winter in Lower Styria (1836) by Basil Hall
2077121. Silver Sand: A Romance of Old Galloway (1914) by S R Crockett
2077126. Tanks, 1914- 1918: The Logbook of a Pioneer (1919) by Albert Gerald Stern
2077133. John: A Tale of King Messiah (1896) by Katharine Pearson Woods
2077142. Memoires D'Une Biche Anglaise (1864) by William Stephens Hayward
2077153. Out of Sight: A Story (1882) by Jane Lippitt Patterson
2077184. Malmiztic the Toltec: And the Cavaliers of the Cross (1851) by William Whiteman Fosdick
2077186. Medical Guide to the Mineral Waters of France and Its Wintering Stations (1883) by Achille Vintras
2077189. Memorials of the Life and Works of Thomas Fuller (1844) by Arthur Tozer Russell
2077191. Murder Point: A Tale of Keewatin (1910) by Coningsby William Dawson
2077196. Palace and Cottage or Young America in France and Switzerland: A Story of Travel and Adventure (1869) by Oliver Optic
2077208. Selections from Eminent Commentators, Who Have Believed in Punishment After Death: Wherein They Have Agreed with Universalists, in Their Interpretatio by Lucius Robinson Paige
2077217. The Alpine Fay: A Romance (1889) by E Werner
2077232. Lest We Forget: World War Stories (1918) by John Gilbert Thompson
2077245. Merrimack or Life at the Loom: A Tale (1854) by Day Kellogg Lee
2077248. On the Architectural History of Ely Cathedral (1868) by David James Stewart
2077254. Questions D'Enseignement Superieur Ecclesiastique (1907) by Pierre Batiffol
2077255. Recollections of Italy, England and America: With Essays on Various Subjects, in Morals and Literature (1816) by Francois Auguste Chateaubriand
2077262. Samuel Sewall and the World He Lived in (1897) by Nathan Henry Chamberlain
2077267. Studies in Modern Problems: By Various Writers (1874) by Orby Shipley
2077278. Living Words (1869) by E H Chapin
2077293. Poems by Grades V2, for Grades 5- 8: Containing Poems Selected for Each Grade of the School Course, Poems for Each Month and Memory Gems (1907) by Ada Van Stone Harris
2077301. Stanley Grahame, Boy and Man: A Tale of the Dark Continent (1886) by Gordon Stables
2077304. Tales of the Zenana V1: Or Nuwab's Leisure Hours (1874) by William Browne Hockley
2077308. Instruction for Heavy Artillery (1851) by
2077309. Introduction to a Scientific System of Mythology (1844) by Carl Otfried Muller
2077316. Life and Letters of Joseph Hardy Neesima (1894) by Arthur Sherburne Hardy
2077324. Marc Fane: Roman Parisien (1888) by J Rosny
2077332. Pleasant Days in Pleasant Places (1878) by Edward Walford
2077369. Lady Jane Grey: A Tale, in Two Books, with Miscellaneous Poems in English and Latin (1809) by Francis Hodgson
2077376. Memoirs of Edward and Catherine Stanley (1880) by Edward Stanley
2077378. Memorials of the Late Reverend Andrew Crichton of Edinburgh and Dundee (1868) by William Garden Blaikie
2077402. The Adventurer in Spain (1903) by S R Crockett
2077410. General Physiology of Muscles and Nerves (1881) by Isidor Rosenthal
2077414. Lancashire: Brief Historical and Descriptive Notes (1892) by Leo Hartley Grindon