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Books 93/44

2076451. Marie Louise and the Decadence of the Empire (1890) by Imbert De Saint Amand
2076452. Marina: Or a Historical and Descriptive Account of Southport, Lytham, and Blackpool, Situate on the Western Coast of Lancashir by Peter Whittle
2076453. Mark Dennison's Charge (1881) by Georgiana Marion Craik
2076454. Mary Rose of Mifflin (1916) by Frances Roberta Sterrett
2076455. Mattie V1: A Stray (1864) by Frederick William Robinson
2076456. Musings Without Method: A Record of 1900-01 (1902) by Annalist
2076457. Narrative of the Burmese War: Detailing the Operations of Major-General Sir Archibald Campbell's Army (1827) by John James Snodgrass
2076458. National Supremacy: Treaty Power vs. State Power (1913) by Edward Samuel Corwin
2076459. Neighbors on the Green (1889) by Margaret Wilson Oliphant
2076460. Nine Discourses on Prayer (1799) by John Townsend
2076461. Notice to Quit V1 (1861) by William Gorman Wills
2076462. Old Times on the Upper Mississippi: The Recollections of a Steamboat Pilot from 1854 to 1863 (1909) by George Byron Merrick
2076463. On His Toes! (1921) by Irving Thomas Mc Donald
2076464. On Miracles (1852) by Ralph Wardlaw
2076466. On the Great American Plateau: Wanderings Among Canyons and Buttes, in the Land of the Cliff-Dweller, and the Indian of Today (1906) by Theophil Mitchell Prudden
2076467. Our Country in Story (1917) by
2076468. Our Foreign Service: The A B C of American Diplomacy (1909) by Frederick Van Dyne
2076471. Pages from a Garden Notebook (1921) by Mrs Francis King
2076472. Paths of Judgement (1904) by Anne Douglas Sedgwick
2076473. Paul Winslow: A Novel (1916) by James Logan Mosby
2076474. Philip Neville of Garriton: A Yorkshire Tale (1875) by Bailey John Harker
2076475. Pleading for Justice (1920) by William Crawford Burns
2076476. Poems by the Wayside: Written During More Than Forty Year (1883) by Jr John Henry Hopkins
2076478. St. Anselm: Proslogium, Monologium, an Appendix, in Behalf of the Fool (1903) by Anselm
2076479. Quarter Sessions Records V1 (1884) by John Christopher Atkinson
2076480. Ridan the Devil: And Other Stories (1899) by Louis Becke
2076481. Records of the Life of John Murray: To Which Is Added, a Brief Continuation to the Closing Scene (1831) by John Murray
2076483. Review of the Latest Events and Present State of the Church of Christ (1845) by Carl Fredrik Af Wingard
2076484. Rules and Examples in Algebra, Part 2 (1876) by Thomas Dalton
2076485. Scoundrels and Company (1899) by Coulson Kernahan
2076488. Siren City (1899) by Benjamin Swift
2076489. Six Judgments of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in Ecclesiastical Cases, 1850-1872 (1872) by William Graham Brooke
2076490. Smiles and Tears V2: Or the Romance of Life (1848) by Charles Whitehead
2076491. Sport and War: Or Recollections of Fighting and Hunting in South Africa from the Years 1834 to 1867 (1875) by John Jarvis Bisset
2076492. Technical Education in Evening Schools (1905) by Clarence Hamilton Creasey
2076493. The Bible in Brazil: Colporter Experiences (1902) by Hugh Clarence Tucker
2076495. The Fir and the Palm (1910) by Olive Mary Briggs
2076496. The Jeweled Ball (1908) by Flora Bigelow Guest
2076497. The Literary Sense (1903) by Edith Nesbit
2076498. The Resurrection of Miss Cynthia (1905) by Florence Morse Kingsley
2076500. How to Collect Continental China (1907) by C H Wylde
2076501. Impossible People (1918) by Mary C E Wemyss
2076502. Impressions of Italy (1892) by Paul Bourget
2076503. Indian Insect Pests (1906) by Harold Maxwell Lefroy
2076504. Isabel's Secret: Or a Sister's Love (1870) by Robert Paterson
2076505. Ivar the Viking: A Romantic History Based Upon Authentic Facts of the Third and Fourth Centuries (1893) by Paul B Du Chaillu
2076506. Japanese Art (1903) by Sadakichi Hartmann
2076507. Johann Gottfried Herder as an Educator (1916) by James Mace Andress
2076508. John Herring V1: A West of England Romance (1884) by Sabine Baring Gould
2076509. John Marchmont's Legacy V3 (1863) by Mary Elizabeth Braddon
2076510. Kilsyth: A Parish History (1893) by Peter Anton
2076511. Langhton Priory V3: A Novel (1809) by Gabrielli
2076512. Le Rhin V1: Lettres a Un Ami (1845) by Victor Hugo
2076514. Lieutenant What's- His- Name: Elaborated from Jacques Futrelle's the Simple Case of Susan (1915) by Jacques Futrelle
2076516. Love of the Wild (1910) by Archie P Mc Kishnie
2076518. Memoirs of Mrs. Elizabeth Fry: Including a History of Her Labors in Promoting the Reformation of Female Prisoners, and the Improvement of British Sea by Thomas Timpson
2076519. Middlesbrough and Its Jubilee: A History of the Iron and Steel Industries, with Biographies of Pioneers (1881) by H G Reid
2076520. Morgante the Lesser: His Notorious Life and Wonderful Deeds (1890) by Sirius
2076521. Mrs. Caudles Curtain Lectures, the Story of a Feather, and the Sick Giant and the Doctor Dwarf (1852) by Douglas William Jerrold
2076522. Music in Art (1903) by Luna May Ennis
2076523. Musings in the Wilderness: In Verse (1894) by Malachi Taylor
2076524. Nature's Comedian (1903) by William Edward Norris
2076525. Never Forgotten V1 (1865) by Percy Hetherington Fitzgerald
2076527. Nobly False V1: A Novel (1863) by James Mc Grigor Allan
2076532. Our Visit to Hindostan, Kashmir and Ladakh (1879) by
2076533. Out Little Life: Essays, Consolatory and Domestic, with Some Others (1882) by Andrew Kennedy Hutchinson Boyd
2076534. Plays and Poems by Henry Fielding V2 (1903) by Henry Fielding
2076535. Paid Out (1919) by J Percival Bessell
2076537. Pliny's Letters, Book 3: Text of H. Keil with a Commentary, and a Life of Pliny (1880) by Pliny
2076539. Polish Tales V1 (1833) by Catherine Grace Frances Gore
2076540. Practical Electro- Therapeutics (1904) by Franklin Benjamin Gottschalk
2076541. Premiers Poemes (1899) by Henri De Regnier
2076542. Promptorium Parvulorum Sive Clericorum V1: Lexicon Anglo-Latinum Princeps (1843) by Albertus Way
2076544. Rambles in Istria, Dalmatia and Montenegro (1875) by
2076546. Raoul and Iron Hand or Winning the Golden Spurs: A Tale of the Fourteenth Century (1898) by May Halsey Miller
2076547. Recollections of Persons and Places in the West (1868) by Henry Marie Brackenridge
2076549. Reminiscences of an Officer of Zouaves (1860) by Jean Joseph Gustave Cler
2076550. Robert Dalby and His World of Troubles: Being the Early Days of a Connoisseur (1865) by Henry Merritt
2076551. Roddy Owen, Brevet- Major Lancashire Fusiliers: A Memoir (1897) by Mai Bovill
2076552. The Chances, a Comedy; Philaster, a Tragedy; Rule a Wife and Have a Wife, a Comedy (1777) by Francis Beaumont
2076554. Sanctum Sanctorum: Or Proof- Sheets from an Editor's Table (1870) by Theodore Tilton
2076555. Scholarship Examinations of the Government Colleges and Schools, in Bengal for 1850-54 (1852) by Frederick J Mouat
2076556. Scientific Sophisms: A Review of Current Theories Concerning Atoms, Apes, and Men (1881) by Samuel Wainwright
2076557. Second Series of Voyages to Various Parts of the World, Made Between the Years 1802 and 1841 (1852) by George Coggeshall
2076559. Sermons Preached in St. James's Chapel, York Street, London (1869) by Stopford Augustus Brooke
2076560. Sevilla Famosa: Novela Espanola (1905) by Martinez Barrionuevo
2076561. Cases in Parliament: Resolved and Adjudged, Upon Petitions, and Writs of Error (1876) by Bartholomew Shower
2076562. Sketches of Buenos Ayres and Chile (1829) by Samuel Haigh
2076563. Sketches of Life in Morocco (1907) by Kathleen Mansel Pleydell
2076565. Step by Step: A Story of High Ideals (1906) by Mrs George Sheldon Downs
2076566. Stormnatten: Og Andre Fortaellinger (1899) by Jacob Hilditch
2076567. Studies in the Gospel According to St. John (1884) by John Cynddylan Jones
2076568. Surrey (1901) by Walter Jerrold
2076569. Ten Degrees Backward (1915) by Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler
2076571. The Admirable Tinker: Child of the World (1904) by Edgar Jepson
2076572. The Advance of Woman: From the Earliest Times to the Present (1912) by Jane Johnstone Christie
2076573. The Age of Revelation: Or the Age of Reason Shown to Be an Age of Infidelity (1801) by Elias Boudinot
2076575. The Brigantine V1: A Story of the Sea (1863) by James Pascoe
2076576. The Burden of Isabel: A Novel (1893) by James Mac Laren Cobban
2076577. The Life of a Woman (1902) by Richard Voorhees Risley
2076578. The Rustler of Wind River (1917) by George Washington Ogden
2076579. A Wayward Woman V2 (1879) by Arthur George F Griffiths
2076580. Florence Macarthy V1: An Irish Tale (1818) by Lady Morgan
2076581. History of Saco and Biddeford: With Notices of Other Early Settlements, and of the Proprietary Governments in Maine (1830) by George Folsom
2076582. Influence of Climate in North and South America: Showing the Varied Climatic Influences Operating in the Equatorial, Tropical, Sub-Tropical, Temperate by John Disturnell
2076583. Insurgent Mexico (1914) by John Reed
2076585. Irrigation Management: The Operation, Maintenance, and Betterment of Works for Bringing Water to Agricultural Lands (1916) by Frederick Haynes Newell
2076586. Iva Kildare: A Matrimonial Problem (1897) by Lucy Bethia Walford
2076587. Jerningham V1: A Story (1854) by John William Kaye
2076588. Kenna's Kingdom: A Ramble Through Kingly Kensington (1881) by Robert Weir Brown
2076589. Lancashire Lyrics: Modern Songs and Ballads of the County Palatine (1866) by John Harland
2076590. Legends and Records of the Church and Empire (1887) by Aubrey De Vere
2076591. Leisure Hours: Or Desultory Pieces in Prose and Verse Verse (1846) by L E L
2076592. Les Oeuvres Libertines de Cyrano de Bergerac V2 (1921) by Frederic Lachevre
2076593. Life in the Itinerancy: In Its Relations to the Circuit and Station, and to the Minister's Home and Family (1857) by Lucius Daniel Davis
2076594. Lost and Won (1859) by Georgiana Marion Craik
2076595. Love's Way (1918) by Orison Swett Marden
2076596. Ludvig Den Helliges Kronike (1899) by P Garde
2076597. Made or Marred and One of Three (1881) by Jessie Fothergill
2076598. Magazine Writing and the New Literature (1908) by Henry Mills Alden
2076600. Mathematical Geography (1907) by Willis Ernest Johnson
2076601. Matouchon: A Story of Indian Child Life (1895) by Annie Maria Barnes
2076602. Meine Erlebnisse ALS Schulmann (1862) by Christian Gottlieb Scholz
2076603. Memoirs of Georgiana, Lady Chatterton: With Some Passages from Her Diary (1878) by Edward Heneage Dering
2076605. Michael Ross, Minister (1901) by Annie E Holdsworth
2076606. Millicent's Children V1: A Novel (1883) by Mrs Baseley
2076607. Miss Schuyler's Alias (1913) by George Horton
2076608. Missionary Stories: Narratives, Scenes, and Incidents (1877) by William Moister
2076609. Mothers in Israel: A Study in Rustic Amenities (1907) by Joseph Smith Fletcher
2076610. My Friend Pasquale: And Other Stories (1892) by James Selwin Tait
2076614. Nora Creina V1: A Novel (1893) by Margaret Wolfe Hungerford
2076615. Official History of 82nd Division American Expeditionary Forces: All American Division, 1917-1919 (1919) by Jr G Edward Buxton
2076616. Old Mr. Davenant's Money (1908) by Frances Powell
2076617. Opere Vita (1877) by Ferdinando Bosio
2076619. Peril V3: A Novel (1884) by Jessie Fothergill
2076620. Petronilla Heroven (1903) by Una L Silberrad
2076621. Philip Gerard: An Individual (1899) by Edward Amherst Ott
2076622. Poems, Old and New by Charles Dent Bell (1893) by Charles Dent Bell
2076624. Professional Recollections on Points of Seamanship, Discipline, Etc. (1849) by Francis Liardet
2076625. Ratio Novae Collectionis Operum Omniun Sive Editorum Sive Anecdotorum Seraphici Eccl. Doctoris S. Bonaventurae (1874) by Fidelis A Fanna
2076626. Re- Echoes (1876) by Frances Power Cobbe
2076627. Rose O' the Sea: A Romance (1920) by Countess Barcynska
2076628. Round the Galley Fire (1890) by William Clark Russell
2076629. Rules and Cautions in English Grammar Founded on the Analysis of Sentences (1869) by William Rushton
2076631. San Domingo: Pen Pictures and Leaves of Travel, Romance and History, from the Portfolio of a Correspondent in the American Tropics by Debenneville Randolph Keim
2076632. Sectionalism Unmasked (1907) by Henry Edwin Tremain
2076633. Sermons of Religion and Life (1893) by Henry Doty Maxson
2076634. Sermons Preached in Trinity Church, Glasgow (1873) by William Pulsford
2076635. Sermons by Eugene Bersier (1881) by Eugene Bersier
2076636. Six Major Prophets (1917) by Edwin Emery Slosson