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Books 93/56

2078251. Scritti D'Arte (1873) by Francesco Dall Ongaro
2078252. Selections from the Prem Sagar and Bagh-O Bahar (1881) by Adalut Khan
2078253. Sermons and Addresses V2: Of His Eminence William Cardinal O'Connell, Archbishop of Boston (1911) by William O Connell
2078254. Sermons by Edmund Mortlock (1876) by Edmund Mortlock
2078255. Sagaoversaettelse (1899) by Laurents Hanssons
2078256. Specimens of Modern English Literary Criticism (1907) by William Tenney Brewster
2078257. St. Paul: The Man and His Work (1906) by Heinrich Weinel
2078259. The Bristol Riots: Their Causes, Progress, and Consequences (1832) by Citizen A Citizen
2078260. History of Methodism in Illinois: From 1793 to 1832 (1883) by James Leaton
2078261. Langbarrow Hall (1905) by Theodora Wilson Wilson
2078263. Letters of Philip Dormer, Fourth Earl of Chesterfield, to His Godson and Successor (1890) by Philip Dormer Stanhope Chesterfield
2078264. Life and Letters of David Coit Scudder: Missionary in Southern India (1864) by David Coit Scudder
2078265. Literary By-Paths in Old England (1906) by Henry Charles Shelley
2078266. Lone Pine: The Story of a Lost Mine (1899) by Richard Baxter Townshend
2078267. Mag and Margaret: A Story for Girls (1901) by Pansy
2078268. Memoirs of a Minister of State: From the Year 1840 (1864) by F Guizot
2078269. Memoirs of the Duchess D'Abrantes, Madame Junot V7 (1835) by Laure Junot Abrantes
2078270. Moraliska Forelasningar (1799) by Christian F Gellert
2078271. Mount Lebanon V3: A Ten Years' Residence, from 1842 to 1852 (1853) by Charles Henry Churchill
2078272. A History of Dover, Massachusetts: As a Precinct, Parish, District, and Town (1897) by Frank Smith
2078273. Necessity of Popular Education, as a National Object: With Hints on the Treatment of Criminals, and Observations on Homicidal Insanity (1834) by James Simpson
2078274. No Man's Land: A History of Spitsbergen from Its Discovery in 1596 to the Beginning of the Scientific Exploration of the Country (190 by William Martin Conway
2078275. On Early Law and Custom (1890) by Henry Sumner Maine
2078276. Onondaga V2: Or Reminiscences of Earlier and Later Times (1840) by Joshua Victor Hopkins Clark
2078277. Organized Efforts for the Improvement of Methods of Administration in the United States (1919) by Gustavus Adolphus Weber
2078279. Our Sketching Club: Letters and Studies on Landscape Art (1874) by Richard St John Tyrwhitt
2078280. Peace for the Christian Mourner: Or Extracts from Various Christian Authors, on the Subject of Affliction (1840) by Mrs D Drummond
2078281. Philosophische Propaedeutik (1867) by Robert Zimmermann
2078282. Prose and Verse by Thomas Hood (1853) by Thomas Hood
2078283. Roman Mosaics: Or Studies in Rome and Its Neighborhood (1888) by Hugh Mac Millan
2078284. Rural Life and Education: A Study of the Rural-School Problem as a Phase of the Rural-Life Problem (1914) by Ellwood Patterson Cubberley
2078285. Scouting for Sheridan (1918) by Byron Archibald Dunn
2078286. Selections from American Authors: A Reading Book for School and Home; Franklin, Adams, Cooper, Longfellow (1879) by Samuel Eliot
2078287. Sermons: Preached, for the Most Part, in the Village Church of Allestree, Near Derby (1858) by John Hullett
2078288. The Beginner's Garden Book: A Textbook for the Upper Grammar Grades (1914) by Allen French
2078289. Glenochel V2: A Descriptive Poem (1810) by James Kennedy
2078290. Manual de Instruccion Militer y Reglamento Comentado Para El Instituto de Voluntarios de La Isla de Cuba (1892) by Joses Augusto Escoto
2078291. Historia Do Futuro: Livro Anteprimeyro Prologomeno a Toda a Historia Do Futuro (1718) by Antonio Vieyra
2078296. Columbia University Lectures: Lectures on Literature (1911) by Brander Matthews
2078297. Lectures on Theology, Adapted to the Natives of India (1860) by Ishwari Dass
2078298. Letters Describing the Character and Customs of the English and French Nations: With a Curious Essay on Traveling (1726) by Beat Louis De Muralt
2078299. Liberalism: An Attempt to State the Principles and Proposals of Contemporary Liberalism in England (1902) by Herbert Louis Samuel
2078300. Life and Work in Benares and Kumaon, 1839-1877 (1884) by James Kennedy
2078301. Literary Papers by Thomas Craddock (1873) by Thomas Craddock
2078302. Love Fulfilling the Law: Four Stories on the First and Great Commandment (1870) by Henry Gladwyn Jebb
2078303. Matthew Hargraves (1914) by Stephen G Tallentyre
2078306. Memoir of the Reverend Samuel Green: Late Pastor of Union Church, Boston (1836) by Richard Salter Storrs
2078308. Nick of the Woods or the Jibbenainosay: A Tale of Kentucky (1853) by Robert Montgomery Bird
2078309. Nude Souls: A Novel (1900) by Benjamin Swift
2078312. Out of the Depths: The Story of a Woman's Life (1859) by Henry Gladwyn Jebb
2078315. Pinaglahuan (1907) by Faustino S Aguilar
2078316. Prentice- Hall Tax Service for 1919: Weekly Supplements No. 16- 32, May 29, 1919 to December 2, 1919 (1919) by Tax Service Prentice Hall
2078319. Roorkee Hydraulic Experiments V1: Text (1881) by Allan Cunningham
2078322. Sir Morell MacKenzie, Physician and Operator: A Memoir Compiled and Edited from Private Papers and Personal Reminiscences (1893) by Hugh Reginald Haweis
2078324. Studies in the Christian Evidences (1889) by Alexander Mair
2078325. The Aryan Village in India and Ceylon (1880) by John B Phear
2078326. The Bible as English Literature (1906) by John Hays Gardiner
2078327. The Book of Cheese (1918) by Charles Thom
2078328. The Island of Surprise (1915) by Cyrus Townsend Brady
2078329. A Western Pioneer V2: Or Incidents of the Life and Times of Reverend Alfred Brunson, Embracing a Period of Over Seventy Years (1879) by Alfred Brunson
2078333. John Hus: The Commencement of Resistance to Papal Authority on the Part of the Inferior Clergy (1882) by Albert Henry Wratislaw
2078334. Joyce (1889) by Mrs Oliphant
2078335. Maximums and Speciments of William Muggins, Natural Philosopher and Citizen of the World (1859) by Charles Selby
2078336. Midas and Son (1919) by Stephen Mac Kenna
2078337. Modern Music and Musicians (1906) by Richard Alexander Streatfeild
2078338. Money and Currency: In Relation to Industry, Prices and the Rate of Interest (1905) by Joseph French Johnson
2078339. Napoleon at the Boulogne Camp: Based on Numerous Hitherto Unpublished Documents (1907) by Fernand Nicolay
2078341. M. Tullii Ciceronis Paradoxa (1846) by Marcus Tullius Cicero
2078342. Peru of the Twentieth Century (1911) by Percy F Martin
2078343. Pharais and the Mountain Lovers (1909) by Fiona Mac Leod
2078344. Pius IX V2: The Story of His Life to the Restoration in 1850; With Glimpses at the National Movement in Italy (1875) by Alfred Owen Legge
2078345. Poetry of the Magyars: Preceded by a Sketch of the Language and Literature of Hungary and Transylvania (1830) by John Bowring
2078348. Red Rowans (1894) by Flora Annie Webster Steel
2078349. Religion and the Reign of Terror: Or the Church During the French Revolution (1869) by Edmond De Pressensee
2078350. Romantic Tales (1859) by Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
2078351. Saint Francis of Assisi (1880) by F Leopold De Cherance
2078352. Secularia: Or Surveys on the Mainstream of History (1862) by Samuel Lucas
2078353. Select Amusements in Philosophy and Mathematics: Proper for Agreeably Exercising the Minds of Youth (1801) by M L Despiau
2078354. Select Historical Memoirs of the Religious Society of Friends, Commonly Called Quakers: Being a Succinct Account of Their Character and Course During by William Hodgson
2078356. Shining Ferry (1905) by Arthur Thomas Quiller Couch
2078357. Shipmates in Sunshine: The Romance of a Caribbean Cruise (1903) by Frank Frankfort Moore
2078358. Sicily in Fable, History, Art, and Song (1908) by Walter Copland Perry
2078359. Sir John Vanbrugh V2 (1893) by John Vanbrugh
2078360. St. Paul's Conception of Christianity (1894) by Alexander Balmain Bruce
2078361. Tenby: A Seaside Holiday (1856) by Philip Henry Gosse
2078362. The Brimming Cup (1921) by Dorothy Canfield
2078363. The Bristol Tune Book: A Manual of Tunes and Chant (1891) by Alfred Stone
2078364. In an Enchanted Island: Or a Winter's Retreat in Cyprus (1892) by William Hurrell Mallock
2078366. Landscape Gardening as Applied to Home Decoration (1915) by Samuel Taylor Maynard
2078367. Leges Visigothorum Antiquiores (1894) by Karlolus Zeumer
2078368. Ancestry, Early Life, Christian Experience, and Extensive Labors of Elder James White, and His Wife, Mrs. Ellen G. White (1880) by James White
2078369. Manual of Egyptian Archaeology: And Guide to the Study of Antiquities in Egypt (1902) by Gaston C Maspero
2078371. Notes on Fish and Fishing (1877) by John Jackson Manley
2078372. Occasional Issues of Unique or Very Rare Books V14: Works of Robert Armin, 1605- 1609 and Swetnam the Woman Hater Arraigned by Women (1880) by Alexander B Grosart
2078373. Old Favorites from the Elder Poets: With a Few Newer Friends (1881) by Matilda Sharpe
2078374. On Natural Theology V2 (1857) by Thomas Chalmers
2078376. Orange Grove: A Tale of the Connecticut (1866) by Sarah E Wall
2078377. Perils of Scout Life: Or Exploits and Adventures of a Government Scout and Spy in the Great Rebellion (1875) by C Lorain Ruggles
2078378. Personal Reminiscences of a Great Crusade (1896) by Josephine Elizabeth Grey Butler
2078380. Pierce Egan's Book of Sports and Mirror of Life: Embracing the Turf, the Chase, the Ring, and the Stage (1832) by Pierce Egan
2078384. Reading- Literature, Sixth Reader: Adapted and Graded (1915) by Harriette Taylor Treadwell
2078385. Round about Rio (1884) by Frank De Yeaux Carpenter
2078386. School History of Greece (1877) by George William Cox
2078388. Shellfish Industries (1910) by James Lawrence Kellogg
2078390. Stonyhurst Memories: Or Six Years at School (1895) by Percy Hetherington Fitzgerald
2078391. Summaries of the Sermons and Discourses of Sherlock and Jeremy Taylor (1837) by Thomas Smart Hughes
2078392. The Artist's Bride: Or the Pawnbroker's Heir (1856) by Emerson Bennett
2078395. Journal of the Federal Convention V2 (1893) by James Madison
2078396. Laboratory Physics: A Student's Manual for Colleges and Scientific Schools (1903) by Dayton Clarence Miller
2078397. Le Roman Experimental (1890) by Emile Zola
2078398. Life and Adventures of an Unfortunate Author (1878) by F Claiborne
2078399. Marie Antoinette and the Downfall of Royalty (1891) by Imbert De Saint Amand
2078400. Memorie Dei Piu Insigni Pittori, Scultori E Architetti V2: Domenicani (1854) by Vincenzo Fortunato Marchese
2078403. Original Unpublished Papers Illustrative of the Life of Sir Peter Paul Rubens: As an Artist and a Diplomatist (1859) by William Noel Sainsbury
2078404. Paa Guds Veje (1893) by Bjornstjerne Bjornson
2078405. Paris in 1867 or the Great Exposition: Its Sideshows and Excursions (1867) by Henry Morford
2078407. Decisions on Points of Order and Phraseology in the United States Senate and House of Representatives (1899) by Charles W Johnson
2078408. Random Rhymes and Rhapsodies of the Rail (1907) by Shandy Maguire
2078409. Reminiscences of a Diplomatist's Wife: Further Reminiscences of a Diplomatist's Wife in Many Lands (1912) by Mary Crawford Fraser
2078410. Resolution: Or the Depth of Woman's Love (1865) by S L Couperthwaite
2078411. Rhetoric and the Study of Literature (1913) by Alfred Marshall Hitchcock
2078412. Rhymes by a Poetaster (1846) by Poetaster
2078413. Rights of Nations: Or the New Law of European States, Applied to the Affairs of Italy (1860) by Terenzio Mamiani Dela Rovere
2078414. Rock Climbing in the English Lake District (1897) by Owen Glynne Jones
2078415. Roger Willoughby or the Times of Benbow: A Tale of the Sea and Sand (1881) by William Henry Giles Kingston
2078416. Salathiel V3: A Story of the Past, the Present, and the Future (1828) by George Croly
2078417. Sand Dunes and Salt Marches (1913) by Charles Wendell Townsend
2078419. Shakespeare as a Playwright (1913) by Brander Matthews
2078420. Tales, Essays, and Sketches V1: With the Author's Life (1844) by Robert Macnish
2078421. The Autobiography of an Artisan (1847) by Christopher Thomson
2078422. The Bishop's Son: A Novel (1867) by Alice Cary
2078424. From Pall Mall to the Punjaub: Or with the Prince in India (1876) by J Drew Gay
2078426. Introduction to American Literature: Or the Origin and Development of the English Language, with Gems of Poetry (1846) by Eliphalet L Rice
2078427. Memoirs of the Life, Studies, and Writings of the Right Reverend George Horne, Late Lord Bishop of Norwich (1795) by George Horne
2078431. Noake's Guide to Worcestershire (1868) by John Noake
2078432. Notable Thoughts about Women: A Literary Mosaic (1882) by Maturin Murray Ballou
2078434. Rheumatism, Rheumatic Gout and Sciatica (1864) by Henry William Fuller
2078435. Our Favorite Fairy Tales and Famous Histories: Told for the Hundredth Time (1858) by Henry William Dulcken
2078436. Our Master's Footsteps: Or Bible Class Notes for Thoughtful Girls (1883) by Charles Bickersteth Wheeler
2078437. Parzival (1893) by Gotthold Botticher
2078438. Pictures of Hungarian Life (1869) by William Pitt Byrne
2078439. Readings in Science: Being Explanations of Some of the Most Interesting Appearances and Principles in Natural Philosophy (1853) by Of General Literature Committee
2078441. Robert Blake, Admiral and General at Sea: Based on Family and State Papers (1852) by Hepworth Dixon
2078442. Rozprawy I Sprawozdania Z Posiedzen V3 Wydziaslu Filologicznego Akademii Umiejetnosci (1875) by Umiejetnosci Akademii Umiejetnosci
2078443. Scotland V2 (1899) by Walter Scott
2078444. Sermons on the Following Subjects V5: Viz. the Miraculous Birth of Christ; The Prediction of the Messiah; The Character of the Messiah; et al (1730) by Samuel Clarke
2078446. The Art of Painting in Oil and in Fresco (1839) by
2078447. The Honor of the House (1913) by Mrs Hugh Fraser
2078448. Middlesex County Records: Calendar of the Sessions Books, 1689 to 1709 (1905) by William John Hardy
2078450. Journal of a Voyage Up the Mediterranean V2: Principally Among the Islands of the Archipelago and in Asia Minor (1826) by Mark Phillip Zallony