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2078251. Scritti D'Arte (1873) by Francesco Dall Ongaro
2078256. Specimens of Modern English Literary Criticism (1907) by William Tenney Brewster
2078265. Literary By-Paths in Old England (1906) by Henry Charles Shelley
2078266. Lone Pine: The Story of a Lost Mine (1899) by Richard Baxter Townshend
2078270. Moraliska Forelasningar (1799) by Christian F Gellert
2078275. On Early Law and Custom (1890) by Henry Sumner Maine
2078277. Organized Efforts for the Improvement of Methods of Administration in the United States (1919) by Gustavus Adolphus Weber
2078284. Rural Life and Education: A Study of the Rural-School Problem as a Phase of the Rural-Life Problem (1914) by Ellwood Patterson Cubberley
2078288. The Beginner's Garden Book: A Textbook for the Upper Grammar Grades (1914) by Allen French
2078297. Lectures on Theology, Adapted to the Natives of India (1860) by Ishwari Dass
2078308. Nick of the Woods or the Jibbenainosay: A Tale of Kentucky (1853) by Robert Montgomery Bird
2078333. John Hus: The Commencement of Resistance to Papal Authority on the Part of the Inferior Clergy (1882) by Albert Henry Wratislaw
2078338. Money and Currency: In Relation to Industry, Prices and the Rate of Interest (1905) by Joseph French Johnson
2078341. M. Tullii Ciceronis Paradoxa (1846) by Marcus Tullius Cicero
2078345. Poetry of the Magyars: Preceded by a Sketch of the Language and Literature of Hungary and Transylvania (1830) by John Bowring
2078356. Shining Ferry (1905) by Arthur Thomas Quiller Couch
2078360. St. Paul's Conception of Christianity (1894) by Alexander Balmain Bruce
2078366. Landscape Gardening as Applied to Home Decoration (1915) by Samuel Taylor Maynard
2078369. Manual of Egyptian Archaeology: And Guide to the Study of Antiquities in Egypt (1902) by Gaston C Maspero
2078374. On Natural Theology V2 (1857) by Thomas Chalmers
2078380. Pierce Egan's Book of Sports and Mirror of Life: Embracing the Turf, the Chase, the Ring, and the Stage (1832) by Pierce Egan
2078386. School History of Greece (1877) by George William Cox
2078397. Le Roman Experimental (1890) by Emile Zola
2078403. Original Unpublished Papers Illustrative of the Life of Sir Peter Paul Rubens: As an Artist and a Diplomatist (1859) by William Noel Sainsbury
2078436. Our Master's Footsteps: Or Bible Class Notes for Thoughtful Girls (1883) by Charles Bickersteth Wheeler
2078446. The Art of Painting in Oil and in Fresco (1839) by
2078453. Manual of Surveying for Field and Office (1915) by Raymond Earl Davis
2078460. My Lady Rotha: A Romance (1894) by Stanley John Weyman
2078473. Sermons on Duties of Daily Life (1844) by Francis Paget
2078481. Journal of the Life, Travels and Gospel Labors of Thomas Arnett (1884) by Thomas Arnett
2078486. Lui: Roman Contemporain (1880) by Louise Colet
2078498. Some Leading Principles of Political Economy: Newly Expounded (1874) by John Elliott Cairnes
2078519. Mathematical Papers Read at the International Mathematical Congress (1896) by E Hastings Moore
2078534. Social Work in London, 1869 to 1912: A History of the Charity Organization Society (1914) by Helen Dendy Bosanquet
2078553. Peasant Life in Germany (1858) by Anna C Johnson
2078568. Meg of the Scarlet Foot: A Novel (1898) by William Edwards Tirebuck
2078581. Private Memoirs V2: Relative to the Last Year of the Reign of Lewis the Sixteenth, Late King of France (1797) by Antoine Francois Bertrand De
2078622. My Third Book: A Collection of Tales (1859) by Louise Chandler Moulton
2078628. Public Opinion and Popular Government (1913) by Abbott Lawrence Lowell
2078638. Injurious Insects: How to Recognize and Control Them (1912) by Walter Collins O Kane
2078641. Life and Correspondence of Joseph Priestley V1 (1831) by Joseph Priestley
2078643. Local Tales and Historical Sketches (1874) by Henry D B Bailey
2078659. Svenska Medeltidens Bibel-Arbete (1853) by Gustaf Edvard Klemming
2078671. Sport, Travel, and Adventure in Newfoundland and the West Indies (1885) by William Robert Kennedy
2078675. In the March and Borderland of Wales (1905) by Arthur Granville Bradley
2078681. Memoirs of the Life and Travels of John Ledyard: From His Journals and Correspondence (1828) by Jared Sparks
2078682. Men and Things I Saw in Civil War Days (1899) by James F Rusling
2078692. Poultry Culture: How to Raise, Manage, Mate and Judge Thoroughbred Fowls (1902) by Isaac Kimbal Felch
2078698. Romanism in Russia V1: A Historical Study (1874) by Dmitry Tolstoy
2078707. Homer and the Iliad V3: The Iliad in English Verse, Books Thirteen to Twenty-Four (1866) by Homer
2078722. Stichtelijke Uren (1862) by Nicolaas Beets
2078735. List of Additions Made to the Collections in the British Museum in the Year 1834 (1837) by British Museum
2078761. Pleasant Hours with Illustrious Men and Women: With Many Personal Reminiscences (1885) by Thomas W Handford
2078763. Railway Track and Track Work (1897) by Edward Ernest Russell Tratman
2078785. Signaletic Instructions: Including the Theory and Practice of Anthropometrical Identification (1896) by Alphonse Bertillon
2078792. Love: A Treatise on the Science of Sex Attraction (1919) by Bernard S Talmey
2078799. Orations V7: From Homer to William McKinley (1902) by Mayo Williamson Hazeltine
2078812. The Sheriff of Dyke Hole: A Story of a Montana Mining Camp (1909) by Ridgewell Cullum
2078813. Great English Churchmen: Or Famous Names in English Church History and Literature (1879) by W H Davenport Adams
2078817. Mixed Metals: Or Metallic Alloys (1890) by Arthur Horseman Hiorns
2078818. My Confidences: An Autobiographical Sketch Addressed to My Descendants (1896) by Frederick Locker Lampson
2078847. The American Quarterly Register V14 (1842) by B B 1802 1852
2078865. Memoirs of Wilhelmine, Margravine of Baireuth (1888) by Wilhelmine
2078870. On Some Popular Errors Concerning Politics and Religion (1874) by Robert Montagu
2078874. Pseudo-Shakesperesche Dramen: Edward III (1854) by William Shakespeare
2078920. Journey to Parnassus (1883) by Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
2078929. Mozart's Operas: A Critical Study (1913) by Edward Joseph Dent
2078930. Old English Plate, Ecclesiastical, Decorative, and Domestic: Its Makers and Marks (1894) by Wilfred Joseph Cripps
2078946. Journal of Eugenie de Guerin (1865) by Eugenie De Guerin
2078960. St. Paul's Use of the Terms Flesh and Spirit (1883) by William Purdie Dickson
2078965. Looking Toward Sunset: From Sources Old and New, Original and Selected (1884) by Lydia Maria Child
2078967. Modern Spanish Readings: Embracing Text, Notes and an Etymological Vocabulary (1895) by William Ireland Knapp
2078976. Selections from Latin Classic Authors: Ovid, Curtius, and Cicero (1873) by Ovid
2078979. Steam Engine: Theory and Practice (1908) by William Ripper
2078985. Intermediate Law Examination Made Easy: A Complete Guide to Self-Preparation in Mr. Serjeant Stephen's New Commentaries on the Laws of England (1882) by Albert Gibson
2078991. Metrical Romances of the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Centuries V3 (1810) by Henry William Weber
2078996. Ombre E Figure: Saggi Critici (1883) by Giuseppe Chiarini
2079001. Practical Electric Railway Hand Book (1906) by Albert Bledsoe Herrick
2079007. Selling Latin America, a Problem in International Salesmanship: What to Sell and How to Sell It (1915) by William Edmund Aughinbaugh
2079020. Plant Names, Scientific and Popular: Including in the Case of Each Plant the Correct Botanical Name in Accordance with the Reformed Nomenclature (1900 by Albert Brown 1841 1926
2079023. Rocks, Classified and Described: A Treatise on Lithology (1866) by Bernhard Von Cotta
2079033. Modern Painter[s Cyclopedia (1918) by Frederick Maire
2079045. Outlines of Psychology: Based Upon the Results of Experimental Investigation (1895) by Oswald Kulpe
2079048. Political Essays: With Sketches of Public Characters (1819) by William Hazlitt
2079050. Robert Ord[s Atonement: A Novel (1892) by Rosa Nouchette Carey
2079080. My Year of the Great War (1915) by Frederick Palmer
2079090. The Satires of Horace (1899) by Horace
2079100. Introduction to the Study of the Gospels: With Historical and Explanatory Notes (1882) by Brooke Foss Westcott
2079105. Nooks and Corners of Lancashire and Cheshire: A Wayfareras Notes in the Palatine Counties, Historical, Legendary, Genealogical, and Descriptive (1882) by James Croston
2079109. Plant Life and Plant Uses: An Elementary Textbook, a Foundation for the Study of Agriculture, Domestic Science or College Botany (1913) by John Gaylord Coulter
2079119. The American Gardener[s Magazine V2, 1836: And Register of Useful Discoveries and Improvements in Horticulture and Rural Affairs (1836) by C M Hovey
2079121. La Bretagne Poetique: Traditions, Moeurs, Coutumes, Chansons, Legendes, Ballades (1872) by O Pradere
2079122. Literary Industries: A Memoir (1891) by Hubert Howe Bancroft
2079124. Mummies and Moslems (1876) by Charles Dudley Warner
2079141. Lysiae Orationes XVI: With Analysis, Notes, Appendices, and Indices (1882) by Lysias
2079146. Romance of the Renaissance Chateaux (1901) by Elizabeth Williams Champney
2079163. The Bench and Bar of Georgia V1: Memoirs and Sketches, with an Appendix, Containing a Court Roll from 1790 to 1857 (1858) by Stephen Franks Miller
2079175. Histoire Parlementaire de La Revolution Francaise V25: Ou Journal Des Assemblees Nationales: Depuis 1789 Jusqu[en 1815 (1836) by Phillipe Jospeh Benjamin Buchez
2079177. Jewish Services in Synagogue and Home (1898) by Lewis Naphtali Dembitz
2079190. Polemique (1834) by Francois Rene De Chateaubriand
2079202. New Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun: Its Annals During the Past Twenty Years, Recording the Remarkable Progress of the Japanese in Western Civilizat by Samuel Mossman
2079214. Macmillanas Magazine V44: May 1881 to October 1881 (1881) by Mac Millan Co
2079225. Social Scandinavia in the Viking Age (1920) by Mary Wilhelmine Williams
2079231. Le Sabot Rouge (1860) by Henry Murger
2079242. Robert J. Burdette: His Message (1922) by Robert Jones Burdette
2079244. The Bride of Abydos, the Corsair, Lara (1832) by George Gordon Byron