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Books 94/9

2093702. The Pillar and Ground of the Truth (1872) by Daniel Macafee
2093705. The French Civil Code: As Amended Up to 1906 (1908) by Eric Blackwood Wright
2093706. The Historical Class Book or Readings in Modern History: From the Reformation in 1517, to the Peace of Pekin in 1860 (1861) by John Davenport
2093708. The Pilgrim's Progress in the Nineteenth Century (1849) by William Raymond Weeks
2093709. The Civil Code of Lower Canada: Together with a Synopsis of Changes in the Law (1867) by Thomas Mc Cord
2093711. The History of Portugal V3: From the Reign of D. Joao II to the Reign of D. Joao V (1889) by Edward Mc Murdo
2093712. The Correspondence of William Wilberforce V2 (1840) by William Wilberforce
2093713. The Crimean Expedition V2: To the Capture of Sebastopol (1856) by Cesar Lecat De Bazancourt
2093714. The Doctor's Dilemma, Getting Married, and the Showing Up of Blanco Posnet (1911) by Bernard Shaw
2093715. The General Prevalence of the Worship of Human Spirits, in the Ancient Heathen Nations: Asserted and Proved (1783) by Hugh Farmer
2093716. The Highway of Fate (1906) by Rosa Nouchette Carey
2093719. The Natural History of Infidelity and Superstition in Contrast with Christian Faith: Eight Divinity Lecture Sermons (1852) by Joseph Esmond Riddle
2093720. The Rhetorical Manual or Southern Fifth Reader: Embracing Copious and Elegant Extracts Both in Prose and Poetry (1853) by D Barton Ross
2093724. The Dublin Quarterly Journal of Medical Science V19, February and May, 1855: Consisting of Original Communications, Review, Retrospects, and Reports ( by Academy Of Medicine In
2093727. The Educator: Prize Essays on the Expediency and Means of Elevating the Profession of the Educator in Society (1839) by John Lalor
2093728. The Eleusis of Chi Omega V12: February- November, 1910 (1879) by Mattie Craighill Nicholas
2093729. The Holy Bible V1, Genesis to Numbers: Containing the Old and New Testaments (1897) by John William Mackail
2093730. The Lost Casket (1881) by F De Boisgobey
2093731. The Design and Construction of Metallic Bridges (1905) by William Hubert Burr
2093732. The Hebrew Christian Witness and Prophetic Investigator, New Series: A Quarterly Magazine (1877) by M Margoliouth
2093734. Origines Hebraeae V2: The Antiquities of the Hebrew Republic (1835) by Thomas Lewis
2093735. The History of the World V6, Book 5 Con't: In Five Books (1820) by Walter Ralegh
2093736. The Life of Henry Clay V2: The Great American Statesman (1855) by Calvin Colton
2093737. The Newtonian V2: From October, 1876 to August, 1877 (1877) by Abbot Newton Abbot
2093738. The Poetical Works of Levi Bishop: With a Sketch of the Author (1876) by Levi Bishop
2093740. The Genealogy of the Benedicts in America (1870) by Henry Marvin Benedict
2093741. The History of Chesterfield: With Particulars of the Hamlets Contiguous to the Town, and Descriptive Accounts of Chatsworth, Hardwick, and Bolsover by George Hall
2093743. The Story of Greece (1892) by James Albert Harrison
2093744. Texas V2: The Rise, Progress, and Prospects of the Republic of Texas (1841) by William Kennedy
2093745. The Deity: An Argument on the Existence, Attributes, and Personal Distinctions of the Godhead (1877) by William Cooke
2093746. The Institutes of Roman Law (1892) by Rudolph Sohm
2093747. The Law of Partnership: Including Limited Partnerships (1917) by Francis Marion Burdick
2093748. The Practical Cook, English and Foreign: Containing a Great Variety of Old Receipts, Improved and Remodeled (1845) by Joseph Bregion
2093749. The Principles of Population V2: And Their Connection with Human Happiness (1840) by Archibald Alison
2093750. The History of Fairfield V2: Fairfield County, Connecticut, from 1700 to 1800 (1904) by Elizabeth Hubbell Godfrey Schenck
2093751. The Might and Mirth of Literature: A Treatise on Figurative Language, in Which Upwards of Six Hundred Writers Are Referred To, and Two Hundred and Twe by John Walker Vilant Macbeth
2093752. The Land of Free Speech: Record of a Campaign on Behalf of Peace in England and Scotland in 1900 (1906) by Samuel Cron Cronwright Schreiner
2093753. The Life of Sir Richard Hill (1839) by Edwin Sidney
2093754. The Modern Husbandman V7: Or the Practice of Farming, Containing the Months of April, May, and June (1744) by William Ellis
2093756. The United States of Europe: On the Eve of the Parliament of Peace (1899) by William Thomas Stead
2093757. The Catacombs of Rome and Their Testimony Relative to Primitive Christianity (1874) by William Henry Withrow
2093758. The Complete Works of Job Durfee, Late Chief Justice of Rhode Island (1849) by Job Durfee
2093761. The Essays of Elia and Eliana (1890) by Charles Lamb
2093763. The History of the State of Indiana V1: From the Earliest Explorations by the French to the Present Time (1897) by William Henry Smith
2093767. The Pruning Book: A Monograph of the Pruning and Training of Plants as Applied to American Conditions (1898) by Jr Liberty Hyde Bailey
2093768. The Ancient Ordinances and Statute Laws of the Isle of Man: Carefully Copied From, and Compared With, the Authentic Records (1821) by Mark Anthony Mills
2093772. The Grand Opera Singers of Today: An Account of the Leading Operatic Stars Who Have Sung During Recent Years (1912) by Henry Charles Lahee
2093773. The History of the Famous Preacher, Friar Gerund de Campazas V1: Otherwise Gerund Zotes (1772) by Jose Francisco De Isla
2093774. The Story of the Irish in Argentina (1919) by Thomas Murray
2093775. The Comedies of Plautus V1: Containing the Trinummus, Miles Gloriosus, Bacchides, Stichus, Pseudolus, Menaechmi, Aulularia, Captivi, Asinaria, and by Titus Maccius Plautus
2093776. The Grenville Papers V1: Being the Correspondence of Richard Grenville, Earl Temple, and the Right Honorable George Grenville, Their Friends an by Richard Grenville
2093777. The Life and Times of Hincmar, Archbishop of Rheims (1849) by James Cowles Prichard
2093778. The History and Problems of Organized Labor (1920) by Frank Tracy Carlton
2093779. The History of Gustavus Adolphus V2: King of Sweden, Surnamed the Great (1807) by Walter Harte
2093780. The American Woman Abroad (1911) by Blanche Mc Manus
2093781. The Ancient Laws of Wales: Viewed Especially in Regard to the Light They Throw Upon the Origin of Some English Institutions (1889) by Hubert Lewis
2093782. The Christian Messenger and Family Magazine V2: Devoted to the Dissemination of Primitive Christianity (1846) by James Wallis
2093783. The Compromise V1- 2 (1906) by Dorothea Gerard
2093784. The Continental Travelers Oracle V1- 2: Or Maxims for Foreign Locomotion (1828) by Abraham Eldon
2093785. A System of Physiologic Therapeutics: A Practical Exposition of the Methods, Other Than Drug- Giving, Useful in the Prevention of Disease and in the by Wilhelm Winternitz
2093786. The Dublin Journal of Medical Science V77: January to June, 1884 (1884) by
2093787. The New Cyclopedia of Illustrative Anecdote: Religious and Moral, Original and Selected (1872) by Donald Mac Leod
2093789. The Historical Antiquities of the Greeks V2: With Reference to Their Political Institutions (1837) by William Wachsmuth
2093791. The Laughing Man V3 and V4 (1894) by Victor Hugo
2093792. The Spiritual Magazine V1, Third Series: With Which Is Incorporated the Christian Spiritualist (1875) by George Sexton
2093796. The Magazine of Horticulture, Botany V16, 1850: And All Useful Discoveries and Improvements in Rural Affairs (1850) by C M Hovey
2093797. The Englishwoman's Review V12, January to December, 1881: Of Social and Industrial Questions (1881) by Review Englishwoman S Review
2093799. The Children of the World (1889) by Paul Heyse
2093800. The Christian Lady's Magazine V11: January to June, 1839 (1839) by Charlotte Elizabeth
2093801. The Covenant and Official Magazine of the Grand Lodge of the United States, I. O. O. F. V2, 1843: A Monthly Periodical Devoted to the Cause of Odd Fellow by James Lot Ridgely
2093802. The Whole French Language V2: Comprised in a Series of Lessons (1854) by T Robertson
2093804. The Dramas of Sophocles: Rendered in English Verse, Dramatic and Lyric (1888) by Sophocles
2093805. The Hebrew Christian Witness, Volume of 1873: An Anglo- Judaeo Christian Magazine (1873) by A A Isaacs
2093808. The Oriental Herald V12, January to March, 1827: And Journal of General Literature (1827) by M Richardson J M
2093809. The Level of Social Motion: An Inquiry Into the Future Conditions of Human Society (1902) by Michael A Lane
2093810. The Life of Alfred the Great (1853) by Reinhold Pauli
2093812. The Diary of a Desennuyee V1 and V2 (1836) by Catherine Grace Frances Gore
2093813. The Duty and Liability of Employers: As Well to the Public as to Servants and Workmen (1885) by Walworth Howland Roberts
2093815. The Monthly Chronicle V1: Of Events, Discoveries, Improvements and Opinions (1840) by
2093816. The Prospective Review V3: A Quarterly Journal of Theology and Literature (1847) by Chapman John Chapman
2093819. The Canadian Farmer's Manual of Agriculture: The Principles and Practice of Mixed Husbandry (1874) by Charles Edward Whitcombe
2093820. The Genealogy of the Lamborn Family: With Extracts from History, Biographies, Anecdotes, Etc. (1894) by Samuel Lamborn
2093821. The Doctrine of Ultra Vires: Illustrated and Explained by Selected Cases, Classified and Fully Annotated (1881) by George Washington Field
2093823. The Ecclesiastical History of the Second and Third Centuries: Illustrated from the Writings of Tertullian (1826) by Tertullian
2093824. The Life of William Marsh (1867) by Catherine Marsh
2093825. The History of the Temple of Jerusalem (1836) by
2093826. The Philosophy of Language or Language as an Exact Science: Subjectively and Analytically Arranged (1870) by David Henry Cruttenden
2093827. The Pocket Peerage of Great Britain and Ireland: With Genealogical and Historical Notices of the Families of the Nobility (1852) by Henry Rumsey Forster
2093828. The Cathedrals of Southern France (1904) by Francis Miltoun
2093829. Romance of Sporting: Or Wild Scenes and Wild Hunters (1859) by Charles Wilkins Webber
2093832. The Collected Writings of Hermann August Seger V2 (1902) by Hermann August Seger
2093833. The Parnell Commission: The Opening Speech for the Defense (1889) by Charles Russell
2093834. Textbook of Veterinary Medicine V3 (1905) by James Law
2093835. The Journal of Mental Science V13 (1868) by C L Robertson
2093836. The Liberal V1: Verse and Prose from the South (1822) by Anonymous
2093838. The Second Partition of Poland: A Study in Diplomatic History (1915) by Robert Howard Lord
2093839. The Historians of the Church of York V2: And Its Archbishops (1886) by James Raine
2093840. The History of Party V1, 1666- 1714: From the Rise of the Whig and Tory Factions, in the Reign of Charles II to the Passing of the Reform Bill (1836) by George Wingrove Cooke
2093841. The Congressional Career of Nathaniel Macon (1900) by Edwin Mood Wilson
2093843. The Channel Islands (1865) by David Thomas Ansted
2093844. The French Civil Code: With the Various Amendments Thereto as in Force on March 15, 1895 (1895) by Henry Cachard
2093845. The Necessity for Criminal Appeal: As Illustrated by the Maybrick Case and the Jurisprudence of Various Countries (1899) by Joseph Hiam Levy
2093847. The Land of the Permauls: Or Cochin, Its Past and Its Present (1863) by Francis Day
2093848. The New England Freemason V2 (1875) by Sereno Dwight Nickerson
2093849. The Stranger in America V1- 2: Comprising Sketches of the Manners, Society, and National Peculiarities of the United States (1835) by Francis Lieber
2093851. The Lieutenant V1- 2: And the Crooked Midshipman, a Tale of the Ocean (1844) by
2093852. The Ganges and the Seine V1 and V2: Scenes on the Banks of Both (1862) by Sidney Laman Blanchard
2093853. The Law of Marriage and Divorce: Giving the Law in All the States and Territories with Approved Forms (1906) by Frank H Keezer
2093854. Thomas Nast: His Period and His Pictures (1904) by Albert Bigelow Paine
2093855. The Dominion Conveyancer: Comprising Precedents for General Use and Clauses for Special Cases (1897) by William Howard Hunter
2093856. The Elements of Medical Chemistry: Embracing Only Those Branches of Chemical Science Which Are Calculated to Illustrate or Explain the Different Objec by John Ayrton Paris
2093858. The Mimic World and Public Exhibitions: Their History, Their Morals, and Effects (1871) by Olive Logan
2093859. The Kinematics of Machinery: Outlines of a Theory of Machines (1876) by Franz Reuleaux
2093860. The Nowlin- Stone Genealogy: A Record of the Descendants of James Nowlin, Who Came to Pittsylvania County, Virginia, from Ireland about 1700 (1916) by James Edmund Nowlin
2093861. The Decalogue Viewed as the Christian's Law: With Special Reference to the Questions and Wants of the Times (1860) by Richard Tudor
2093865. The Riches of Chaucer: In Which His Impurities Have Been Expunged, His Spelling Modernized, His Rhythm Accentuated, and His Obsolete Terms Ex by Geoffrey Chaucer
2093866. The Arithmetic Help: For Pupils, Teachers, Business Men (1902) by Alvord D Robinson
2093868. The Conquest of England (1884) by John Richard Green
2093869. The Homeopathic Materia Medica (1854) by Alphonse Teste
2093870. The Law of Remedies for Torts: Or Private Wrongs (1867) by Francis Hilliard
2093871. The Great Metropolis V1- 2 (1837) by James Grant
2093872. The History and Antiquities of the Tower of London: With Memoirs of Royal and Distinguished Persons (1830) by John Bayley
2093873. The English Theological Works of George Bull (1844) by George Bull
2093874. The Letters and Dispatches of John Churchill V1: First Duke of Marlborough, from 1702- 1712 (1845) by John Churchill
2093875. Textbook of Insanity, Based on Clinical Observations for Practitoners and Students of Medicine (1905) by R Von Krafft Ebing
2093876. The Divine Drama of History and Civilization (1854) by James Elishama Smith
2093878. The German Arctic Expedition of 1869- 1870: And Narrative of the Wreck of the Hansa in the Ice (1874) by Karl Koldewey
2093879. The Psalms and Paraphrases According to the Version of the Church of Scotland: With Names of Suitable Tunes, Parallel Passages, and Supplemental Hymns by John Cumming
2093880. The German Civil Code (1907) by Chung Hui Wang
2093881. The Massachusetts Teacher V27, 1874: And Journal of School and Home Education (1874) by B F Tweed
2093883. The Whole French Language (1858) by Theodore Robertson
2093884. The Malvern Register, 1865- 1904 (1905) by Laurence Sidney Milward
2093885. The Epigrams of Martial (1860) by Marcus Valerius Martialis
2093886. The Work of the Stock Exchange (1922) by J Edward Meeker
2093888. The Catechism of Perseverance V1: Or a Historical, Dogmatical, Moral, Liturgical, Apologetical, Philosophical, and Social Exposition of Religion (1883 by Monsignor Gaume
2093889. The Oldest English Texts (1885) by Henry Sweet
2093890. The Government of England: Its Structure, and Its Development (1887) by William Edward Hearn
2093891. The History of the Year 1876 (1876) by James Mason
2093892. The Honorable Alexander MacKenzie: His Life and Times (1892) by William Buckingham
2093893. Local and Regional Anesthesia: With Chapters on Spinal, Epidural, Paravertebral, and Parasacral Analgesia (1920) by Carroll W Allen
2093894. The Story of William and Lucy Smith (1889) by George S Merriam
2093895. Nicholson's Cambrian Travelers Guide, in Every Direction: Containing Remarks Made During Many Excursions in the Principality of Wales (1840) by George Nicholson
2093896. The Correspondence of John Beresford V1- 2: Illustrative of the Last Thirty Years of the Irish Parliament (1854) by John Beresford
2093898. The Millennium of Hungary and Its People (1897) by Joseph De Jekelfalussy
2093900. Sophocles V1: With English Notes (1859) by Sophocles
2093901. The Privileges of the University of Cambridge V2: Together with Additional Observations on Its History, Antiquities, Literature, and Biography (1824) by George Dyer
2093902. L'Aphasie de Broca (1908) by Francois Moutier
2093903. The Complete Works of Charles Lamb: Containing His Letters, Essays, Poems, Etc. , with a Sketch of His Life (1879) by Charles Lamb
2093904. The Manuscripts of the House of Lords, 1678- 1688 (1887) by Manuscripts Commission Historical Manuscripts
2093905. The Garland of Poetry: For the Young (1863) by Caroline Matilda Kirkland