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Books 94/9

2093741. The History of Chesterfield: With Particulars of the Hamlets Contiguous to the Town, and Descriptive Accounts of Chatsworth, Hardwick, and Bolsover by George Hall
2093753. The Life of Sir Richard Hill (1839) by Edwin Sidney
2093775. The Comedies of Plautus V1: Containing the Trinummus, Miles Gloriosus, Bacchides, Stichus, Pseudolus, Menaechmi, Aulularia, Captivi, Asinaria, and by Titus Maccius Plautus
2093801. The Covenant and Official Magazine of the Grand Lodge of the United States, I. O. O. F. V2, 1843: A Monthly Periodical Devoted to the Cause of Odd Fellow by James Lot Ridgely
2093836. The Liberal V1: Verse and Prose from the South (1822) by Anonymous
2093844. The French Civil Code: With the Various Amendments Thereto as in Force on March 15, 1895 (1895) by Henry Cachard
2093859. The Kinematics of Machinery: Outlines of a Theory of Machines (1876) by Franz Reuleaux
2093870. The Law of Remedies for Torts: Or Private Wrongs (1867) by Francis Hilliard
2093894. The Story of William and Lucy Smith (1889) by George S Merriam
2093915. The Power of the Popes V1- 2: Or a Historical Essay on Their Temporal Dominion, the Abuse of Their Spiritual Authority, and the Wars They Have Decla by Pierre Claude Francois Daunou
2093919. The Journal of Home Economics V2, 1910 (1910) by
2093937. The True and Beautiful in Man's Spiritual Experience (1862) by Henry Gill
2093938. The Twelfth Book of Homer's Odyssey (1899) by Homer
2093942. The Young Chemist: A Book of Laboratory Work for Beginners (1897) by John Howard Appleton
2093948. Thoughts on the Life Hereafter (1870) by Anonymous
2093955. William Shakespeare, Pedagogue and Poacher: A Drama (1904) by Richard Garnett
2093958. The Strife of Life: A Book of Modern Verse (1907) by Gotthold August Neeff
2093966. Unfolding Leaves of Tender Thought (1898) by Kate Goldsboro Mc Dowell
2093973. Word by Word: An Illustrated Primary Spelling Book (1889) by Jenny H Stickney
2093981. Thoughts for the Present Hour: Chiefly Taken from the Admirable Essays of Ambrose Serle, Entitled Horae Solitariae (1848) by Ambrose Serle
2093993. The Whale Fishery and Its Appliances (1883) by James Temple Brown
2093996. Three Letters and an Essay, 1836- 1841: Found in His Tutor's Desk (1893) by John Ruskin
2093997. Titi LIVII: Historiarum Romanarum Liber Primus (1881) by Livy
2093999. Two Americans in a Motor Car: Touring in Europe (1906) by Herbert F Gunnison
2094006. The Two Sons of Oil: Or the Faithful Witness for Magistracy and Ministry Upon a Scriptural Basis (1850) by Samuel B 1773 1852
2094018. Two Geometrical Memoirs on the General Properties of Cones of the Second Degree and of the Spherical Conics (1841) by Michel Chasles
2094021. Voyage to Buenos Aires: Performed in the Years 1817 and 1818, by Order of the American Government (1820) by Henry Marie Brackenridge
2094039. With a Field Ambulance at Ypres: Being Letters Written March 7, to August 15, 1915 (1916) by William Boyd
2094056. Walks and Scenes in Galilee, Judea, Etc. (1836) by Anonymous
2094059. William Sharp, Engraver: With a Descriptive Catalogue of His Works (1875) by William Spohn Baker
2094060. Words of Comfort for the Suffering and the Sorrowful: A Selection (1848) by Anonymous
2094063. The Second Persian War (1879) by Herodotus
2094091. Turcaret (1905) by Alain Rene Lesage
2094098. War- Time Speeches: A Compilation of Public Utterances in Great Britain (1917) by Jan Christiaan Smuts
2094117. Two Satires of Juvenal: With Notes (1892) by Juvenal
2094132. Treatise on Single, Double, Triple and Quadruple Counterpoint (1887) by Salomon Jadassohn
2094141. Book Collecting: A Guide for Amateurs (1892) by John Herbert Slater
2094146. Treatise on the Lien of Mechanics and Material Men in Pennsylvania: With the Acts of Assembly Relating Thereto, and Various Forms of Claims (1839) by Henry Jonathan Sergeant
2094153. The Sunday School Building and Its Equipment (1914) by Herbert Francis Evans
2094167. What I Saw in Dixie: Or Sixteen Months in Rebel Prisons (1868) by Samuel Hawkins Marshall Byers
2094186. Ticknor's Mensuration or Square and Triangle: Being a Practical and Concise System of Geometry and Mensuration (1849) by Almon Ticknor
2094196. The War and the Coming Peace: The Moral Issue (1918) by Jr Morris Jastrow
2094238. With Christ in Sailor Town: What the Seamen's Mission Is Doing (1901) by Frank Thomas Bullen
2094243. The Tour of Prince Eblis: His Rounds in Society, Church, and State (1879) by William Wales
2094249. Tourist's Guide to the Channel Islands (1884) by George Phillips Bevan
2094250. Training Manual in Topography, Map Reading, and Reconnaissance (1918) by George Redfield Spalding
2094258. The Veddas of Ceylon and Their Relation to the Neighboring Tribes (1888) by Rudolf Ludwig Karl Virchow
2094269. Trigonometry: With the Theory and Use of Logarithms (1914) by Maxime Bocher
2094274. The Timon of Lucian: Fritzsche's Text (1896) by Lucian
2094277. The War Powers of the President, and the Legislative Powers of Congress in Relation to Rebellion, Treason and Slavery (1862) by William Whiting
2094281. Thoughts on Matter and Force or Marvels That Encompass Us: Comprising Suggestions Illustrative of the Theory of the Earth and of the Universe (1858) by Thomas Ewbank
2094296. Thoughts on a Few Subjects of Political Economy (1859) by John Cazenove
2094303. Voices of Nature, and Thoughts in Rhyme (1849) by Sidney Dyer
2094304. Women in the Early Christian Ministry: A Reply to Bishop Doane and Others (1897) by Ellen Battelle Dietrick
2094331. Walter at the Seaside: Or Facts and Fancies about the Shore and the Deep (1869) by Anonymous
2094343. When the World Was Young (1905) by Elizabeth Virginia Brown
2094347. The Theory of Stock Exchange Speculation (1875) by Arthur Crump
2094361. The Wild Bells and What They Rang (1871) by William S Martin
2094364. Twenty- Five Years with the Insane (1885) by Daniel Putnam
2094367. Voyages (1878) by Francis Xavier Garneau
2094371. The Stewarton: The Hive of the Busy Man (1881) by Edward Bartrum
2094372. The Parlor Gardener: A Practical Treatise on the House Cultivation of Ornamental Plants (1863) by Anonymous
2094375. The Trumpeters: And Other Poems (1899) by Andrew Downing
2094377. The Wife's Domain: By Philothalos (1879) by Ii James Whitehead
2094379. Thomas Carlyle as a Critic of Literature (1910) by Frederick William Roe
2094387. Two Sermons: On the Doctrine of Reconciliation: Together with an Appendix in Answer to a Dialogue Wrote to Discredit the Main Truth by Nathaniel Whitaker
2094390. The Progressive Speller: For Common Schools and Academies (1859) by Salem Town
2094391. The Rhine (1853) by Victor Marie Hugo
2094401. The Warnings and Encouragements of Passion Week and Easter Day, Sermons (1862) by Gordon Calthrop
2094407. The Second Advent of the Lord Jesus Christ: A Past Event (1845) by Robert Townley
2094414. Thoughts Suggested by Some of Our Lord's Chief Works on Earth (1879) by Lady A Lady
2094415. Three Letters on the Horse, Master, and Donkey (1883) by Blunt Spurs
2094434. The Watch and Clockmakers' Handbook (1881) by Frederick James Britten
2094446. The Trouvelot Astronomical Drawings Manual (1882) by Etienne Leopold Trouvelot
2094460. The Varnishes of the Italian Violin Makers of the Sixteenth, Seventeenth, and Eighteenth Centuries, and Their Influence on Tone (1904) by George Fry
2094461. The Wreck of the Nisero and Our Captivity in Sumatra (1884) by W Bradley
2094463. Thirty- Nine Articles on Gardening (1908) by Emmeline Crocker
2094464. Trifles in Verse: A Collection of Fugitive Poems (1845) by Lewis Jacob Cist
2094468. The Training of Teachers in England and Wales (1910) by Peter Sandiford
2094480. Woodrow Wilson and the World's Peace (1917) by George Davis Herron
2094493. Why Manufacturers Lose Money (1922) by Robert Grimshaw
2094501. The Use of Art in Religious Education (1922) by Albert Edward Bailey
2094503. The War Revenue Law of 1898: Annotated (1898) by Fulton Mc Mahon
2094511. Twenty- Five Cantos from the Divina Commedia of Dante (1897) by Dante Alighieri
2094529. The Stonecutter of St. Point: A Village Tale (1851) by Alphonse De Lamartine
2094537. Trigonometrical Surveying, Leveling, and Railway Engineering (1842) by William Galbraith
2094538. Trust (1866) by Anonymous
2094552. Topographic Maps and Sketch Mapping (1920) by James Kip Finch
2094555. Tristia, Book 1: With an Introduction and Notes (1885) by Ovid
2094558. The Sporting Rifle: And Its Projectiles (1867) by James Forsyth
2094635. Wilfred Hedley: Or How Teetotalism Came to Ellensmere (1884) by Sarah Jane Fitzgerald
2094659. The Records of the Proprietors of the Narragansett V1: Otherwise Called the Fones Record, Rhode Island Colonial Gleanings (1894) by James Newell Arnold
2094660. The Sportsman and His Dog: Or Hints on Sporting (1850) by Elzear Blaze
2094662. The Verses of James W. Foley: Book of Life and Laughter (1911) by James William Foley
2094664. Thirsting for the Springs: Twenty- Six Weeknight Meditations (1902) by John Henry Jowett
2094669. Where Are the Dead? or Spiritualism Explained (1873) by Jr Fritz
2094670. The Poets of Modern France (1918) by Ludwig Lewisohn
2094674. Thoughts in Prison, in Five Parts: Viz. the Imprisonment, the Retrospect, Public Punishment, the Trial, Futurity (1809) by William Dodd
2094676. True Tales of the Olden Time (1841) by Jean Froissart
2094694. What Makes Me Grow? or Walks and Talks with Amy Dudley (1868) by Anonymous