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Books 95/142

2136153. Londinium Architecture and the Crafts by W R Lethaby
2136154. The Love of the Spirit, Traced in His Work- A Companion to the" Experimental Guides" by Robert Philip
2136155. Low Cost Cooking- Manual of Cooking, Diet, Home Management and Care of Children for the Housekeepers Who Must Conduct Their Homes with Small Expendit by Florence Nesbitt
2136156. Lutheran Teacher Training Series for the Sunday School- Book Four- The Lutheran Church and Child- Nurture by Arthur H Smith
2136158. The Machinery of the Universe- Mechanical Conceptions of Physical Phenomena by A E Dolbear
2136159. The Madonna and the Goldfinch by Amy Steedman
2136160. Magical Revelations by Anon
2136161. The Magic Jaw Bone- A Book of Fairy Tales from the South Sea Islands by Hartwell James
2136162. Magic London by Netta Syrett
2136165. Magic No Mystery, Conjuring Tricks with Cards, Balls and Dice; Magic Writing, Performing Animals, Etc. by W H Cremer
2136169. Manual of Modern Scots by William Grant
2136170. Manuel in Mexico by Etta Blaisdell Mc Donald
2136172. Marjorie Pickthall- Her Poetic Genius and Art an Appreciation and an Anaysis of Aesthetic Paradox by J D Logan
2136173. Market Gardening by F L Yeaw
2136174. Literary Landmarks of Rome by Laurence Hutton
2136175. Marshal Ferdinand Foch- His Life and His Theory of Modern War by A Hilliard Atteridge
2136176. The Marsh Arab- Haji Rikkan by Fulanain
2136177. Marsh Leaves by P H Emerson
2136180. Maryland, Independence, and the Confederation by William J Hull
2136181. Mary Magdalen- A Chronicle by Edgar Saltus
2136182. Mediaeval Byways by L F Salzmann
2136183. Medieval Wales- Chiefly in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries by A G Little
2136184. Medical Proof of the Miraculous- A Clinical Study by E Le Bec
2136186. Medieval Studies by G G Coulton
2136187. Medieval Studies by G G Coulton
2136190. Memoirs and Letters of Richard and Elizabeth Shackleton, Late of Ballitore, Ireland by Mary Leadbeater
2136192. Memoirs of the Extraordinary Military Career of John Shipp, Late a Lieutenant in His Majesty's 87th Regiment- Vol. I by John Shipp
2136198. Military History- Lectures Delivered at Trinity College Cambridge by J W Fortescue
2136199. The Military History of the State of New Hampshire, from Its Settlement, in 1623, to the Rebellion, in 1861- Comprising an Account of the Stirring Ev by C E Potter
2136202. Military Hygiene and Sanitation by Charles H Melville
2136203. Military Industries of Japan by Ushisaburo Kobayashi
2136204. A Military Journal During the American Revolutionary War, from 1775 to 1783- Describing Interesting Events and Transactions of This Period; With Nu by James Thatcher
2136205. The Military Journals of the Private Soldiers 1758- 1775 by Various
2136206. Military Laws of the State of Washington by Walter B Beals
2136207. Military Lessons- Military Schools, Colleges, and Militia by W T Welcker
2136209. Military Manpower- Psychology as Applied to the Training of Men and the Increase of Their Effectiveness by Lincoln C Andrews
2136211. The Military Obligation of Citizenship by Leonard Wood
2136215. Military Sketching and Map Reading by Loren C Grieves
2136218. The Miner Boy and His Monitor- Or, the Career and Achievements of John Ericsson the Engineer by John Ericsson
2136219. The Ministry of Art by Ralph Adams Cram
2136220. Misery and Its Causes by Edward T Devine
2136221. Misinforming a Nation by Willard Huntington Wright
2136223. The Misty Isle of Skye- Its Scenery, Its People, Its Story by J A Mac Culloch
2136225. The Mode in Dress and Home by Dulcie Godlove Donovan
2136226. Model Drawing- Prepared for the Use of the Students of the Massachusetts Normal Art School, Boston, Mass. by Anson K Cross
2136230. Modern French Organist by Henry M Dunham
2136231. Modern Meatless Cook Book- Five Hundred Recipes for Preparing Foods, with Special Reference to Cooking Without Meat by Various
2136232. Modern Methods of Testing Milk Products- A Handbook Prepared for Use of Dairy Students, Butter Makers, Cheese Makers, Producers of Milk, Operations I by Lucius L Van Slyke
2136233. Modern Movements Among Moslems by Samuel Graham Wilson
2136234. Modern Organ Accompaniment by A Madeley Richardson
2136235. Modern Organ Tuning- The How and the Why? - Clearly Explaning the Nature of the Organ Pipe and the System of Equal Temperament by Hermann Smith
2136236. The Metropolitan Museum of Art- Hand- Book No. 1- Modern Paintings in the Western Galleries by Various
2136237. Modern Piano- Teaching by William Townsend
2136239. The Money of the Bible- Illustrated by Numerous Woodcuts and Facsimile Representations by George C Williamson
2136240. Monopolies and Trusts by Richard T Ely
2136241. Monuments and Monumental Inscriptions in Scotland by Charles Rogers
2136242. Moonshine and Clover by Laurence Housman
2136243. Moose- Hunting, Salmon- Fishing and Other Sketches of Sport- Being the Record of Personal Experiences of Hunting Wild Game in Canada by T R Pattillo
2136245. More Beetles by Jean Henri Fabre
2136247. More Recipes for Fifty by Frances Lowe Smith
2136249. Moslem Schisms and Sects- Being the History of the Various Philosophic Systems Developed in Islam by Abu Mansur
2136250. A Moslem Seeker After God- Showing Islam at Its Best in the Life and Teaching of Al- Ghazali Mystic and Theologian of the Eleventh Century by Samuel M Zwemer
2136251. The Moslem World of To- Day by John R Mott
2136252. The Mosstrooper- A Legend of the Scottish Border by Robert Scott Fittis
2136253. The Most Gorgeous Lady Blessington- Vol. I by J Fitzgerald Molloy
2136254. The Most Gorgeous Lady Blessington- Vol. II by J Fitzgerald Molloy
2136255. Mostly about Trout by George Aston
2136257. The Motor Launch Patrol by Gordon S Maxwell
2136258. The Motor and the Dynamo by James Loring Arnold
2136259. Motor Troubles- The Tracing of Direct- Current and Alternating- Current Motor Troubles and the Testing of Direct- Current and Alternating- Current Machin by E B Raymond
2136261. Mountains Singing- The Story of Gospel Recordings in the Philippines by Sanna Morrison Barlow
2136262. Movements in Religious Thought- I. Romanism, II. Protestantism, III. Agnosticism. by E H Plumptre
2136263. Mozart- The Man and the Artist, as Revealed in His Own Words by Friedrich Kerst
2136264. Mozart- The Man and the Artist, as Revealed in His Own Words by Friedrich Kerst
2136265. MR Punch Afloat- The Humours of Boating and Sailing by Various
2136267. The Mule- A Treatise on the Breeding, Training and Uses, to Which He May Be Put by Harvey Riley
2136271. Impressions of Japanese Architecture and the Allied Arts by Ralph Adams Cram
2136272. Music After the Great War, and Other Studies by Carl Van Vechten
2136273. The Musical Education of the Child- Some Thoughts and Suggestions for Teachers, Parents and Schools by Stewart Mac Pherson
2136274. Musical Groundwork- Being a First Manual of Musical Form and History, for Students and Readers by Frederick J Crowest
2136276. Musical Notes- An Annual Critical Record of Important Musical Events Jan- Dec 1889- 1889 by Hermann Klein
2136277. Music and Music- Makers by Constance Morse
2136278. Music and the Comrade Arts- Their Relation by H A Clarke
2136280. Music from the Maze by Marcus S C Rickards
2136282. Music- How It Came to Be, What It Is by Hannah Smith
2136283. The Musician's Year Book by Margaret Reintzel
2136284. Music in Song, from Chaucer to Tennyson- Being a Selection of Extracts Descriptive of the Power, Influences, and Effects of Music by L L Carmela Koelle
2136285. Music and Its Growth in Oriental, Christian & Renaissance Periods Together with Chapters on the Greater Tone Poets by H Tipper
2136286. Music & Its Masters by O B Boise
2136287. The Music Lover's Handbook by John H Clifford
2136289. Music on the Shakespearian Stage by G H Cowling
2136290. Music Through the Ages- A Narrative for Student and Layman by Marion Bauer
2136291. A Muslim Sir Galahad- A Present Day Story of Islam in Turkey by Henry Otis Dwight
2136292. The Mustering of Medical Service in Scotland 1914- 1919- Being a Record of the Work of the Scottish Madical Service Emergency Committee in the War by J R Currie
2136293. My Dancing Days by Phyllis Bedells
2136294. My Fighting Life by George Carpenter
2136296. My Life Among the Bluejackets by Agnes Weston
2136297. My Musical Memoirs by H R Haweis
2136299. My Right to Work by R B Suthers
2136301. The Mystery of Witch- Face Mountain and Other Stories by Charles Egbert Craddock
2136302. Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race by T W Rolleston
2136305. The Nandi- Their Language and Folk- Lore by A C Hollis
2136308. The Nasal Organ in Amphibia by George Marsh Higgins
2136310. The National- Being Some Thoughts on an Irish Polity by A E
2136311. National Life and National Training by Ian Hamilton
2136316. The Natural History of Atheism by John Stuart Blackie
2136317. A Natural History of British Fishes- Their Structure, Economis Uses, and Capture by Net and Rod, Cultivation of Fish- Ponds, Fish Suited for Accumul by Frank Buckland
2136321. The Naturalists Guide in Collecting and Preserving Objects of Natural History- With a Complete Catalogue of the Birds of Eastern Massachusetts by C J Maynard
2136322. The Natural Method of Voice Production in Speech and Song by Floyd S Muckey
2136323. The Natural Style in Landscape Gardening by Frank A Waugh
2136326. Naval Courts Martial by David Hannay
2136328. The Navigable Rhine- The Development of Its Shipping the Basis of the Prosperity of Its Commerce and Its Traffic in 1907 by Edwin J Clapp
2136330. The Navy as a Fighting Machine by Bradley A Fiske
2136332. Neuropathy Illustrated- The Philosophy and Practical Application of Drugless Healing by Andrew P Davis
2136333. A New Approach to Piano Technique by Ruth A Dickerson
2136336. The New Birth of Ireland by L G Redmond Howard
2136337. The New British Empire by W Y Elliott
2136338. New England Conservatory Course in Sight- Singing by Sam L W Cole
2136339. The New- England Tragedies in Prose by Rowland H Allen
2136340. New Games & Sports for Schools, Clubs, & Gymnasia, with and Without Apparatus by A Alexander
2136341. A New System of Preventing Collisions at Sea by Hiram S Maxim
2136342. A New Work of Animals- Principally Designed from the Fables of Aesop, Gay, and Phaedrus by Samuel Howitt
2136343. The Next- To- Nothing House by Alice Van Leer Carrick
2136344. Training in Night Movements Based on Actual Experiences in War Translated from the Japanese by C Burnett
2136348. History of the Nineteenth Army Corps by Richard Biddle Irwin
2136349. Nineveh and Babylon a Narrative of a Second Expedition to Assyria During the Years 1848, 1850, and 1851 by Austen Henry Layard
2136350. No Hunting? a Story of the Hunting Fields and a Vision of What the Future Holds for Sport with a Dog and Gun by Horace Lytle
2136353. Nonconformity in Wales by H Elvet Lewis
2136354. The Normal Music Course- A Series of Exercises, Studies, and Songs, Defining and Illustrating the Art of Sight Reading- Progressively Arranged from by John W Tufts
2136355. Great Buildings, and How to Enjoy Them- Norman Architecture by Edith A Browne
2136356. The North Club Cook Book- A Collection of Choice and Tested Recipes by Various
2136358. Northern Studies by Edmund Gosse
2136359. Northern Trails- Some Studies of Animal Life in the Far North by William J Long
2136363. Notable Violin Solos- How to Play Them with Understanding, Expression and Effect by E Van Der Straeten
2136365. Notes on Sport and Ornithology by C G Danford
2136366. Notices of Chinese Seals Found in Ireland by Edmund Getty
2136367. Noun Reduplication in Comox, a Salish Language of Vancouver Island by E Sapir
2136368. The Nun of Kenmare- An Autobiography by Margaret Anna Cusack
2136369. Oakwood Hall- A Novel Including a Description of the Lakes of Cumberland and Westmoreland and a Part of South Wales- Volume II by Catherine Hutton
2136370. Common Objects Under the Microscope by J G Wood
2136372. Observations on Fox- Hunting by John Cook
2136373. Observations Suggested by the Cattle Plague, about Witchcraft, Credulity, Superstition, Parliamentary Reform, and Other Matters by H Strickland Constable
2136374. Occultism- Two Lectures Delivered in the Royal Institution on May 17 and 24, 1921 by Edward Clodd
2136379. Ocean Racers by C Fox Smith
2136380. Ocean Shipping- Elements of Practical Steamship Operation by Robert Edwards Annin
2136381. Ocean Steamers- A Popular Account of Their Construction, Develpoment, Management and Appliances by Various
2136383. Rulers of India- The Marquess of Dalhousie and the Final Development of the Company's Rule by William Wilson Hunter
2136384. Canadian Military Institute Officers of the British Forces in Canada During the War of 1812- 15 by L Homfray Irving
2136386. The Official Guide to Edinburgh by John Geddie
2136388. Deirdre of the Sorrows- A Play by J M Synge