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Books 97/12

2161653. Handbook of Human Resource Management by Gerald R Ferris
2161660. Cases Internatl Org Behavior P by Oddou
2161674. Implementing the Americans with Disabilities by Jane West
2161675. The State, Politics and Health: Essays for Rudolf Klein by Patricia Day
2161680. Globalizing South China by Carolyn Cartier
2161688. The Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary of Operations Management by Nigel Slack
2161693. Employment Law: The Workplace Rights of Employees and Employers by Benjamin W Wolkinson
2161707. The Latino Studies Reader: Access for Everyone by Antonia Darder
2161714. The Book of Mexican Foods by Barrett, Christine
2161719. Camaro Perfor Hp1057 by David Shelby
2161720. The Book of Greek Cooking by Mackley, Lesley
2161725. 1001 Hi Perfom Hp1199 by Wayne Scraba
2161726. Light Pasta Sauces by Sheasby, Anne
2161728. Crockery Cookery by Mable Hoffman
2161729. The Book of French Provincial Cooking by Hilaire Walden
2161730. John Lingenfelter on Modifying Sb Chevyhp1238 by John Lingenfelter
2161734. Small-Blk Chev Hp1253 by Hensley, Jerry
2161738. Carribean Cooking by John De Mers
2161739. The Car Builder's Handbook: Tips and Techniques for Builders of Kit Cars and Street Rods by Doug Mc Cleary
2161741. Healthy Crockery Cookery by Mable Hoffman
2161747. The Book of Carribbean Cooking by Lesley Mackley
2161748. Small Blk Chepehp1334 by Popular Hot Rodding
2161749. Super Chevy Nova's Handbook Hp1339: Restoration and Performance for 1963-1967 Chevy Novas by Super Chevy
2161751. New Indian Home Cooking: More Than 100 Delicioius, Nutritional, and Easy Low- Fat Recipes! by Madhu Gadia
2161753. Secrets from a Caterer's Kitchen: The Indispensable Guide for Planning a Party by Nicole Aloni
2161757. Blue Ribbon Preserves: Secrets to Award- Winning Jams, Jellies, Marmalades and More by Linda J Amendt
2161758. Cooking in Cast Iron by Mara Reid Rogers
2161759. Glow by Christina Pirello
2161760. Biba's Northern Italian Cooking by Biba Caggiano
2161764. Torqueflite A- 727 Transmission Handbook: How to Rebuild or Modify Chrysler's A- 727 Torqueflite for All Applications by Carl H Munroe
2161766. Stock Car Setup Secrets: Advanced Chassis and Suspension Technology for Asphalt and Dirt Circle Track Racing by Bob Bolles
2161767. Cooking for Company: All the Recipes You Need for Simple, Elegant Entertaining at Home by Nicole Aloni
2161768. The Church Ladies' Divine Desserts by Brenda Rhodes Miller
2161769. Hot Rod Small Block Mopar Engines Hp1405 by Larry Shepard
2161772. Street Rodder's Handbook (Revised) Hp1409 by Frank Oddo
2161774. How to Modify Your Jeep Chassis and Suspension for Offroad Use Hp1424 by Jp Magazine
2161775. Chevelle/Elcamino Handbook Hp1428 by Chevy High Performance Magazine
2161776. 1001 More High Performance Tech Tips by Scraba, Wayne
2161777. How to Rebuild Mopar Magnum V8 Engines Hp1431 by Shepard, Larry
2161779. The PDQ (Pretty Darn Quick) Vegetarian Cookbook: 240 Healthy and Easy No- Prep Recipes for Busy Cooks by Donna Klein
2161780. Low-Carb, Slow & Easy by Giedt, Frances Towner
2161782. How to Keep Your Suv Alive Hp1458: User-Friendly Automotive Tips & Techniques for Driving, Maintaining Andextending the Overall Life of Your Sport Uti by Mark Warner
2161783. The Book of Smoothies, Juices & Shakes by Hawkins, Kathryn
2161785. Cafe Flora Cookbook by Catherine Geier
2161786. How to Modify Your Mopar Magnum V-8: Step-By-Step Guide to Modifying Magnum Series Engines for High Performance Street and Racing Applications by Larry Shepard
2161787. Polish Cooking, Revised by Marianna Olszewska Heberle
2161788. The Pressure Cooker Cookbook by Toula Patsalis
2161789. The Volkswagen Super Beetle Handbook: A Restoration Guide for 1971- 1974 Models by Editors Of Vwtrends Magazine
2161790. Big- Block Chevy Engine Buildups by Chevy High Performance Magazine
2161793. Porsche 911: Building the Ultimate 911 for High- Performance Street or Road Racing by Mitchell Sam Rossi
2161795. How to Build a 1935-'40 Ford Street Rod by Street Rodder Magazine
2161798. Mitsubishi & Diamond Star Performance Tuninghp1496: A Hands-On Guide for Building the Ultimate High-Performance Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eagle Talon or Ply by Buglewicz, Keith
2161801. The Chocolate Connoisseur: For Everyone with a Passion for Chocolate by Doutre-Roussel, Chloe
2161802. My Grandmother's Chinese Kitchen: 100 Family Recipes and Life Lessons by Yin-Fei Lo, Eileen
2161803. Stock Car Racing Engine Technology: Advanced Engine Theory and Design for All Levels of Circle Track Racing by Circle Track Magazine
2161806. The Gluten-Free Vegetarian Kitchen: Delicious and Nutritious Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free Dishes by Donna Klein
2161807. Dirt Track Chassis & Suspension: Advanced Setup and Design Technology for Dirt Track Racing by Circle Track Magazine
2161808. Welder's Handbook: A Guide to Plasma Cutting, Oxyacetylene, ARC, MIG and TIG Welding by Richard Finch
2161809. How to Build 1934-'35 Chevy Street Rod: Step-By-Step Assembly Instructions for a 1934 Chevy Replica by Primedia Enthusiast Media Inc
2161810. Street Rodding Tips & Techniques: Hundreds of Technical Tips on Engine, Chassis, Suspension, Drivetrain, Bodywork, Electrical and Interior for Any Str by Oddo, Frank
2161811. Sock and Glove: Creating Charming Softy Friends from Cast-Off Socks and Gloves by Miyako Kanamori
2161814. At Oma's Table: More Than 100 Recipes and Remembrances from a Jewish Family's Kitchen by Schechter, Doris
2161815. Extreme Pumpkins: Diabolical Do- It- Yourself Designs to Amuse Your Friends and Scare Your Neighbors by Tom Nardone
2161816. High Performance Fasteners & Plumbing: A Guide to Nuts, Bolts, Fuel, Brake, Oil & Coolant Lines, Hoses, Clamps, Racinghardware and Plumbing Techniques by Mike Mavrigian
2161817. How to Rebuild and Modify Chrysler 426 Hemi Engines: New Technology for 1964 to 1971 Classic Hemis and Today's Modern Crate Engines by Larry Shepard
2161819. The Mopar Six- Pack Engine Handbook: How to Rebuild and Modify the 440 6- Barrel and 340 6- Barrel or Convert Your LA Small- Block (318- 360 c. i. ) , Mopar B by Larry Shepard
2161822. Ford Engine Buildups: Covers 302/351 CID Small- Blocks, 1968- 1995, 4.6L and 5.4L Modular Engines, 1996- 2008 by Evan J Smith
2161823. Extreme Pumpkins II: Take Back Halloween and Freak Out a Few More Neighbors by Tom Nardone
2161824. The Classic Chevy Truck Handbook HP 1534: How to Rod, Rebuild, Restore, Repair and Upgrade Classic Chevy Trucks, 1955- 1960 by Jim Richardson
2161826. This Crazy Vegan Life: A Prescription for an Endangered Species by Christina Pirello
2161828. The Race Car Chassis: Design, Structures and Materials for Road, Drag and Circle Track Open- And Closed-Wheel Chassis by Forbes Aird
2161829. How to Build Performance Nissan Sport Compacts, 1991-2006 Hp1541: Engine and Suspension Modifications for Nissan Sentra, Nx, 200sx, and Infinitig20. C by Sarah Forst
2161831. Custom Auto Wiring & Electrical: OEM Electrical Systems, Premade & Custom Wiring Kits, & Car Audio Installations for Street Rods, Muscle Cars, Race Ca by Matt Strong
2161838. From His Promise: A History of Alsac and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital by Palmer T Jones
2161839. Is Psychology for Them?: A Guide to Undergraduate Advising by Paul J Woods
2161840. Activities Handbook for the Teaching of Psychology, Volume 2 by Vivian P Makosky
2161841. 14 Ounces of Prevention: A Casebook for Practitioners by Emory L Cowen
2161842. Activities Handbook for the Teaching of Psychology, Volume 3 by Vivian P Makosky
2161843. Psychology Aweigh!: A History of Clinical Psychology in the United States Navy, 1900-1988 by Frederick L Mc Guire
2161844. A Child's First Book about Play Therapy by Marc A Nemiroff
2161845. A Child's First Book about Play Therapy by Marc A Nemiroff
2161846. Testifying in Court: Guidelines and Maxims for the Expert Witness by Stanley L Brodsky
2161847. American Psychological Association: A Historical Perspective by Evans
2161848. Violent Men: An Inquiry Into Tne Psychology of Violence by Hans Toch
2161849. Living in Prison: The Ecology of Survival by Hans Toch
2161850. Teaching Psychology in America: A History by Charles Brewer
2161851. Teaching Psychology in America: A History by Charles Brewer
2161854. Primer of Invertebrate Learning: The Behavioral Perspective by Abramson
2161857. The Disturbed Violent Offender: by Hans Toch
2161858. Reading & Understanding Multivariate Statistics by Laurence G Grimm
2161859. Integrating Family Therapy: Handbook of Family Psychology and Systems Theory by Mikesell
2161860. Bringing Cultural Diversity to Feminist Psychology: Theory, Research, and Practice by Hope Landrine
2161861. Real-Life Problem Solving: A Collaborative Approach to Interdisciplinary Learning by Beau Fly Jones
2161863. Legal Risk Management for Associations: A Legal Compliance Guide for Volunteers and Employees of Trade and Professional Associations by Jerald A Jacobs
2161865. Overcoming Student Failure: Changing Motives and Incentives for Learning by Martin V Covington
2161866. Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology, Volume II by Gregory A Kimble
2161867. The Sympton-Context Method: Sympton as Opportunities in Psychotherapy by Lester Luborsky
2161868. Law and Mental Health Professionals: Georgia: Georgia by Remar, Robert B.
2161870. Inventive Strategies for Teaching Mathematics: Implementing Standards for Reform by James A Middleton
2161871. Time-Limited Day Treatment for Personality Disorders: Integration of Research and Practice in a Group Program by William E Piper
2161874. School- Based Prevention for Children at Risk: The Primary Mental Health Project by Emory L Cowen
2161875. Teaching for Thinking by Robert J Sternberg
2161876. Perspectives on Socially Shared Cognition by Lauren B Resnick
2161877. Unification Through Division Vol.1: Histories of the Divisions of the American Psychological Association by Donald A Dewsbury
2161878. Bridging Separate Gender Worlds: Why Men and Women Clash and How Therapists Can Bring Them Together by Carol Philpot
2161879. Developing Self-Regulated Learners by Barry J Zimmerman
2161880. Creating Culturally Responsive Classrooms by Barbara J Shade
2161882. Empathy Reconsidered: New Directions in Psychotherapy by Arthur C Bohart
2161884. B.F. Skinner: A Life by Daniel W Bjork
2161886. Histories of the Divisions of the American Psychological Association: Volume II by Donald A Dewsbury
2161887. Preventive Stress Management in Organizations by James Campbell Quick
2161888. Theories of Psychotherapy: Origins and Evolution by Paul L Wachtel
2161890. Treating Patients with Memories of Abuse: Legal Risk Management by Samuel Knapp
2161891. Lightner Witmer: His Life and Times by Paul Mc Reynolds
2161894. William James: The Center of His Vision by Daniel W Bjork
2161895. Critical Thinking about Research: Psychology and Related Fields by Julian Meltzoff
2161898. Malingering and Deception in Adolescents: Credibility Assessment in Clinical and Forensic Settings by Mc Cann
2161899. How Students Learn: Reforming Schools Through Learner-Centered Eduction by Barbara L Mc Combs
2161900. How to Practice Brief Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: The Core Conflictual Relationship Theme Mode by Howard E Book
2161901. Evolution of Psychology: Fifty Years of the American Psychologist by Joseph M Notterman
2161903. Violence Against Children in the Family and the Community: by Cynthia Schellenbach
2161906. Emotion and Culture: Empirical Studies and Mutual Influences by Shinobu Kitayama
2161910. Help is on the Way: A Child's Book about ADD by Marc Nemiroff
2161911. Why Am I an Only Child? by Jane Annunziata
2161913. Test Interpretation and Diversity: Achieving Equity in Assessment by Kurt F Geisinger
2161915. Understanding Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: An Empirical Guide to Assessment and Treatment by Fred Friedberg
2161916. Clinical Geropsychology: by Nordhus
2161923. Amidst Peril and Pain: The Mental Health and Well-Being of the World's Refugees by Solvig Ekblad
2161924. Unification Through Division: Histories of the Division of the American Psychological Association, Volume 3 by Donald A Dewsbury
2161930. Tibby Tried It by Sharon Useman
2161931. I Don't Have an Uncle Phil Anymore by Marjorie Pellegrino
2161935. Motivating Behavior Change Among Illicit-Drug Abusers: Research on Contingency Management Interventions by Kenneth Silverman
2161936. How Clients Make Therapy Work: The Process of Active Self-Healing by Karen Tallman
2161937. Protecting Human Subjects: Departmental Subject Pools and Institutional Review Boards by Garvin Chastain
2161938. Evocative Images: The Thematic Apperception Test and the Art of Projection by Lon Gieser
2161941. How Expectancies Shape Experience by Irving Kirsch
2161942. Learning Through Children's Eyes: Social Constructivism and the Desire to Learn by Penny Oldfather
2161943. Working It Out: Using Exercise in Psychotherapy by Kate F Hays
2161944. Presenting Your Findings: A Practical Guide for Creating Tables by Adelheid A M Nicol
2161946. The Expert Expert Witness: More Maxims and Guidelines for Testifying in Court by Stanley L Brodsky
2161948. Unification Through Division by Donald A Dewsbury
2161949. Drug Abuse: Origins & Interventions by Christine R Hartel
2161951. Sparky's Excellent Misadventures: My Add Journal, by Me, Sparky by Phyllis Carpenter
2161952. The Very Lonely Bathtub by Ann Rasmussen
2161954. Acute Stress Disorder: A Handbook of Theory, Assessment, and Treatment by Richard A Bryant
2161955. The Hidden Prejudice: Mental Disability on Trial by Michael L Perlin
2161956. Practicing Feminist Ethics in Psychology by Mary M Brabeck
2161958. Varieties of Anomalous Experience: Examining the Scientific Evidence by Etzel Cardena
2161959. Constructions of Disorder: Meaning-Making Frameworks for Psychotherapy by Robert A Neimeyer
2161960. A History of Geropsychology in Autobiography by Johannes J F Schroots