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Books 99/95

2219101. The Book That John Wrote by Earl F Palmer
2219102. A Time to Read: Good Books for Growing Readers by Mary Ruth Wilkinson
2219104. Prayer Between Friends: Cultivating Our Friendship with God by Earl F Palmer
2219105. The Equipper's Guide to Every-Member Ministry: Eight Ways Ordinary People Can Do the Work of the Church by R Paul Stevens
2219106. Patterns in History: A Christian Perspective on Historical Thought by David Bebbington
2219107. The Diaries of David Epp: 1837-1843 by John B Toews
2219108. Christian Perspectives on Gender, Sexuality, and Community by Maxine Hancock
2219111. Alive to God: Studies in Spirituality by J I Packer
2219112. The Basis of Christian Prayer by H P Owen
2219113. An Earth-Careful Way of Life: Christian Stewardship and the Environmental Crisis by Lionel Basney
2219114. God and Evolution: Creation, Evolution and the Bible by R J Berry
2219116. The Other Six Days by Regent College Publishing
2219117. Living in the Lamblight: Christianity and Contemporary Challenges to the Gospel by Hans Boersma
2219118. The Humor of Jesus: Sources of Laughter in the Bible by Earl F Palmer
2219119. Integrity: A Commentary on the Book of Philippians by Earl F Palmer
2219123. Under the Bright Wings by Peter Harris
2219124. Crossings: Beginnings and Endings in the Regent College Chapel 1988-2000 by Jr Walter C Wright
2219126. Seeing God: Jonathan Edwards and Spiritual Discernment by Gerald R Mc Dermott
2219127. Gilbert: The Man Who Was G. K. Chesterton by Michael Coren
2219128. The Enormous Exception: Meeting Christ in the Sermon on the Mount by Earl F Palmer
2219131. The Poets of Windhover Marsh by Murray A Pura
2219132. A Time for Risking: Priorities for Women by Miriam Adeney
2219133. The Descent of the Dove by Charles Williams
2219137. Heralds of God by James S Stewart
2219138. Discipleship on the Edge: An Expository Journey Through the Book of Revelation by Darrell W Johnson
2219141. Experiencing the Trinity by Darrell W Johnson
2219142. A Passion for Christ: An Evangelical Christology by Douglas D Webster
2219143. 1 and 2 Thessalonians by I Howard Marshall
2219144. Revelation and Inspiration by James Orr
2219145. The 24-Hour Christian: Sheer Encouragement for the Christian in the World by Earl F Palmer
2219146. A Faith to Proclaim by James S Stewart
2219147. A Man in Christ by James S Stewart
2219148. Babylon Post: And Other Uncommon Tales from Jeremiah by Rob Alloway
2219149. Our Triune God: A Biblical Portrayal of the Trinity by Peter Toon
2219150. Christian Meditation by Edmund P Clowney
2219152. The Broken Wall: A Study of the Epistle to the Ephesians by Marcus Barth
2219153. The Five- Minute Conversation by Roy Bell
2219154. Gold from the Fire: Postcards from a Prairie Pilgrimage by Maxine Hancock
2219156. Jesus the Radical: A Portrait of the Man They Crucified by R T France
2219157. Alone with the Lord: A Guide to a Personal Day of Prayer by Gordon T Smith
2219158. Friends for the Journey by Luci Shaw
2219159. Water My Soul: Cultivating the Interior Life by Luci Shaw
2219160. Polishing the Petoskey Stone: Selected Poems by Luci Shaw
2219161. Divine Government: God's Kingship in the Gospel of Mark by R T France
2219163. A Life of Prayer: Faith and Passion for God Alone by St Theresa Of Avila
2219164. Exploring Your Anger: Friend or Foe? by Glenn Taylor
2219165. Counseling and Community: Using Church Relationships to Reinforce Counseling by Rod Wilson
2219167. Helping Angry People: A Short-Term Structured Model for Pastoral Counselors by Glenn Taylor
2219168. Jodie's Story: The Life of Jodie Cadman by Jeanette Grant Thomson
2219170. Malcolm Muggeridge: A Life by Ian Hunter
2219171. The Very Best of Malcolm Muggeridge by Malcolm Muggeridge
2219172. Fear, Love, and Worship by C Fitzsimons Allison
2219173. Guilt, Anger, and God by C Fitz Simons Allison
2219175. Evangelical Preaching: An Anthology of Sermons by Charles Simeon by Charles Simeon
2219177. Catch the Wind by Charles R Ringma
2219178. The Potter's Rib: Mentoring for Pastoral Formation by Brian A Williams
2219179. The Taste for the Other: The Social and Ethical Thought of C. S. Lewis by Gilbert Meilaender
2219180. Rest: Experiencing God's Peace in a Restless World by Siang Yang Tan
2219181. Fifty- Seven Words That Change the World: A Journey Through the Lord's Prayer by Darrell W Johnson
2219182. Songs of the Servant: Isaiah's Good News by Henri Blocher
2219184. The Saints' Everlasting Rest by Richard Baxter
2219185. Economics Today: A Christian Critique by Donald A Hay
2219187. Laughter in Heaven: Understanding the Parables of Jesus by Earl F Palmer
2219189. The Art of Writing by F M Salter
2219192. Hebrews: A Call to Commitment by William L Lane
2219194. The Heart of George MacDonald: A One- Volume Collection of His Most Important Fiction, Essays, Sermons, Drama, and Biographical Information by George Mac Donald
2219195. Creation in Christ: Unspoken Sermons by George Mac Donald
2219196. The Divine Revelation: The Basic Issues by Paul Helm
2219197. Life Essential: The Hope of the Gospel by George Mac Donald
2219198. The Future Shape of Anglican Ministry by Donald M Lewis
2219201. On Christian Truth by Harry Blamires
2219203. Princeton and the Republic, 1768- 1822: The Search for a Christian Enlightenment in the Era of Samuel Stanhope Smith by Mark A Noll
2219206. Life in Full Stride by Charles R Ringma
2219207. The Post-Christian Mind by Harry Blamires
2219208. Speaking God's Words: A Practical Theology of Preaching by Peter Adam
2219209. The Christian Mind: How Should a Christian Think? by Harry Blamires
2219210. Whispers from the Edge of Eternity: Reflections on Life and Faith in a Precarious World by Charles Ringma
2219212. A Call for Continuity: The Theological Contribution of James Orr by Glen G Scorgie
2219213. The Nature and Function of Faith in the Theology of John Calvin by Victor A Shepherd
2219214. Trusting God: Christian Faith in a World of Uncertainty by Earl F Palmer
2219217. WinterSong: Christmas Readings by Madeleine L Engle
2219218. Christians in the American Revolution by Mark A Noll
2219221. Walking the Way: Christian Ethics as a Guide by Terence R Anderson
2219222. Responsible Dominion: A Christian Approach to Sustainable Development by Ian Hore Lacy
2219224. The Great Dance: The Christian Vision Revisited by C Baxter Kruger
2219225. Finding Joy: A Radical Rediscovery of Grace by Marcus Honeysett
2219226. On the Way: A Guide to Christian Spirituality by Gordon T Smith
2219228. Companions for Your Spiritual Journey: Discovering the Disciplines of the Saints by Mark Harris
2219229. Jesus and the Last Days: The Interpretation of the Olivet Discourse by George R Beasley Murray
2219232. Why I Am a Christian: A Word to Honest Doubters by O Hallesby
2219233. Obeying the Truth: Paul's Ethics in Galatians by John M G Barclay
2219236. To Be Near Unto God by Abraham Kuyper
2219237. Collected Plays by Charles Williams
2219238. Soulcraft: How God Shapes Us Through Relationships by Douglas D Webster
2219241. The Evidence for Jesus by R T France
2219242. Dialogue, Catalogue & Monologue: Personal, Impersonal and Depersonalizing Ways to Use Words by Craig M Gay
2219243. The Limits of Hope and the Logic of Love: Essays on Eschatology and Social Action by Stephen N Williams
2219245. Across All Worlds: Jesus Inside Our Darkness by C Baxter Kruger
2219246. Walking with God by James S Stewart
2219247. As I Was Saying: A Chesterton Reader by G K Chesterton
2219248. The Breaking of the Image: A Sociology of Christian Theory and Practice by David Martin
2219249. Does Christianity Cause War? by David Martin
2219253. God's Words to His Children by George Mac Donald
2219255. Book of Homilies by Of England Church Of
2219256. The Cradle and the Crown: A Regent College Advent Reader by G Richard Thompson
2219257. The Friendship of the Lord: An Old Testament Spirituality by Deryck Sheriffs
2219259. It Is Finished by Darrell W Johnson
2219260. The Spirituality of Narnia: The Deeper Magic of C. S. Lewis by John P Bowen
2219261. Authentic Spirituality: Finding God Without Losing Your Mind by Josh Moody
2219264. The Shaming of the Strong: The Challenge of an Unborn Life by Sarah C Williams
2219265. Who Is This Jesus? by Michael Green
2219266. Courage and Calling: The Study Guide by Gordon T Smith
2219267. The Word in This World: Two Sermons by Karl Barth by Karl Barth
2219271. Looking, Longing and Living: Readying Ourselves for Advent by Susan M Fisher
2219276. The Way, the Truth and the Life: Theological Resources for a Pilgrimage to a Global Anglican Future (Gafcon) by Vinay Samuel
2219277. God with Us, Always by Stacey Gleddiesmith
2219278. The Bible in World Christian Perspective: Studies in Honor of Carl Edwin Armerding by W Ward Gasque
2219280. Deciding Well: A Christian Perspective on Making Decisions as a Leader by Peter Shaw
2219282. The Internet at a Glance by Susan E Feldman
2219284. Information Professional's Guide to Career Development Online: by Sarah L Nesbeitt
2219285. Information Management for the Intelligent Organization by Choo, Chun Wei
2219286. The Librarian's Internet Survival Guide: Strategies for the High-Tech Reference Desk by Quint, Barbara
2219287. Literary Marketplace by Information Today Inc
2219288. The Accidental Systems Librarian by Gordon, Rachel Singer
2219289. The Accidental Webmaster by Julie Still
2219290. Information Representation and Retrieval in the Digital Age by Heting Chu
2219292. Pathways to Nursing: A Guide to Library and Online Research in Nursing and Allied Health by Dennis C Tucker
2219293. Directory of Library Automation Software by Information Today Inc
2219294. Fulltext Sources Online 2004 by Donald T Hawkins
2219295. Computers in Libraries 2004 by Information Today Inc
2219296. Annual Review of Information Science and Technology: Volume 39 by Information Today Inc
2219298. International Literary Market Place by Information Today Inc
2219299. Choosing and Using a News Alert Service by Robert Berkman
2219300. Understanding and Communicating Social Informatics: A Framework for Studying and Teaching the Human Contexts of Information and Communication Technolo by Steve Sawyer
2219301. Theories of Information Behavior by Lynne Mc Kechnie
2219302. Fulltext Sources Online Vol 17, Pts 1&2: July 2005 by Glose
2219303. The Successful Academic Librarian: Winning Strategies from Library Leaders by Gwen Meyer Gregory
2219304. Covert and Overt: Recollecting and Connecting Intelligence Service and Information Science by Ben Ami Lipetz
2219306. Indexing Specialties: Scholarly Books by Enid Zafran
2219307. Index It Right!: Advice from the Experts by Enid Zafran
2219308. The New OPL Sourcebook: A Guider for Solo and Small Libraries by Judith A Siess
2219309. Annual Review of Information Science & Technology: Volume 40 by Information Today Inc
2219311. American Book Trade Directory by Information Today Inc
2219312. American Library Directory by Information Today Inc
2219314. Annual Register of Grant Support: A Directory of Funding Sources by Information Today Inc
2219315. International Literary Market Place by Information Today Inc
2219316. Literary Market Place: The Directory of the American Book Publishing Industry with Industry Yellow Pages by Information Today Inc
2219318. Fulltext Sources Online by Christien Orbanus
2219319. Fulltext Sources Online by Mary B Glose
2219322. Foundation Reporter by Taft Group