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Books by publisher "Jaico Books"

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    Corporate Chanakya, 1/e PB

     By Radhakrishnan Pillai [Paperback 2010]
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    In Stock. Ships Free to India in 5-10 days About the Book : Chanakya, who lived in 3rd Century BC, was a leadership guru par excellence. His ideas on how to identify leaders and groom them to govern a country has been well documented in his book Kautilya’s Arthashastra. This book contains 6000 aphorisms or sutras. In the present...   more
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    Making Assertiveness Happen

     By Robert Burns [Paperback 2004]
    Rs. 175 136 (22% OFF)
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    Discover the personal and professional benefits of assertiveness in this practical and concise guidebook. Assertiveness is a positive communication skillessential for success in todays competitive workplace. Not to be confused with aggressiveness, assertiveness means standing your ground while also taking into account the interests of others: your work team and...   more
    Other Editions: Unknown Unknown
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    Mastering Negotiation

     By Patrick Forsyth [Paperback 2004]
    Rs. 125 97 (22% OFF)
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    Focus on what really makes a difference - the essentials of successful negotiating Patrick Forsyth reveals the techniques, strategies and ploys of expert negotiating and bargaining. Use his advice and get to Yes every time you need a deal. Negotiation is a core skill, valuable to all of us and...   more
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     By Patrick Forsyth [Unknown]
    Rs. 125 99 (21% OFF)
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    Focus on what really makes a difference - the essentials of performance appraisal Not only do job performance appraisals have to be done, but they can be really enriching exercises. This practical book explains how to plan, prepare and conduct meetings that your staff will find valuable and that will...   more
    Other Editions: Unknown
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    Customer Love

     By Bud Bilanich [Unknown]
    Rs. 195 151 (22% OFF)
    Out Of Stock     
    If you feel overwhelmed by the constant parade of old ideas repackaged into miracle-promising quick fixes, this books for you. 4 Secrets of High Performing Organizations presents solid, down-to-earth advice that will help you avoid falling for the latest management fads. This straightforward story may appear simple, but it represents...   more
    Other Editions: Unknown
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    Hitler The Man And The Military Leader

     By Schramm P E [Unknown]
    Rs. 195 151 (22% OFF)
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    Percy Ernst Schramm, one of Germanys most distinguished historians, had exceptional access to Adolf Hitler because from January 1943 to the end of the war he was the Fhrers official war diarist. This classic volume, long out of print, contains the introductions written by Schramm to critical editions of Hitlers...   more
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    Organizational Behaviour

     By Harris [Paperback]
    Rs. 225 174 (22% OFF)
    Out Of Stock     
    This comprehensive textbook uses realistic case examples, self-tests and plentiful tables and figures to illustrate the principles of work-place behavior. The classic areas of ethics, motivation, conflict and organizational culture are amply covered, while special attention is paid to such current issues as the effects of new technologies on workers,...   more
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    Reflections For New Mothers 365 Daily Meditations

     By Ellen Sue Stern [Paperback]
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    Available. A Companion for Women Beginning the Journey of Motherhood A womans life changes forever when she gives birth. Each day brings unanticipated joys and challenges. The 365 daily reflections in this book complete with words of wisdom from such varied sources as Dr. Spock, Anna Quindlen, and Fran Lebowitz illuminate...   more
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    Rock And Roll Jihad : A Muslim Rockstars Revolution (With Songs-CD)

     By Salman Ahmad [Paperback 2010]
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    1 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 3,423
    In Stock. Ships Free to India in 2-3 days About the Book : With 30 million record sales under his belt, and with fans including Bono and Deepak Chopra, Pakistan-born Salman Ahmad, the leader of the band Junoon, is renowned for being the first rock & roll star to destroy the wall that divides the West and the Muslim...   more
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    Keys To Healing And Enlightenment

     By Saint Pierre Gasto [Unknown]
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    Ancient Wisdom For Modern Times

     By Chokshi Anjana [Unknown]
    Rs. 175 128 (27% OFF)
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    Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times offers refreshing insights into the many challenges that we face in day to day living. The stories in this book extracted from Zen, Taoist, Sufi, Upanishads and other scriptures, will encourage you to change from within and also help you to: recognize the leader within...   more
    Other Editions: Unknown
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    Knockout Presentations

     By D Diresta [Paperback, 1st Edition]
    Rs. 250 188 (25% OFF)
    Out Of Stock     
    If you speak, you need this book. If you don t speak, you need it even more. Buy this book today! Whether speaking one-on-one or before a large audience, you are making a presentation of both your ideas and yourself. Now you can dazzle any audience with the expert advice...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2005
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    How To Survive The Information Age At Work

     By Hopkins Ron [Paperback]
    23 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 150   Buy This Item!
    Available. This important new guide will enable you to create the workstyle and lifestyle you want, despite the changes that go on around you. If you run the company, youll find some really practical tips on setting a vision. If you work in the company youll learn how to change direction...   more
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    Delights From Maharashtra

     By A Reejhsinghani [Paperback]
    1 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 3,884   Buy This Item!
    Available. Facing the Arabian sea is the vast state of Maharashtra (India) and out of this sea comes many delicious and unusual sea foods. Aroona Reejhsinghani, one of Indias prolific writer of cookery books, brings you delicious dishes of Maharashtra that ranges from Vegetarian, Pulses Lentils, Fish, Egg, Mutton and Chicken...   more
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     By Dvari Marisa [Unknown]
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    In Stock. Ships Free to India in 2-3 days
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     By Bromage Neil [Unknown]
    Rs. 175 131 (25% OFF)
    Out Of Stock     
    A manager of a small business has to be salesperson, accountant, buyer, visionary, researcher and entrepreneur. This valuable resource book delivers help and advice in all these areas and more. Any one of the 100 ideas and techniques packed into this invaluable resource book could make a critical difference to...   more
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    Customer Love

     By Bell C R [Unknown]
    Rs. 195 146 (25% OFF)
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    Developing Effective People

     By Morrissey Kesley [Unknown]
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    How To Manage Computers At Work (Paperback)

     By Graham Jones [Paperback 1998]
    Rs. 80 60 (25% OFF)    Buy This Item!
    In Stock. Ships Free to India in 2-3 days Most books on computers are highly technical, often geared to one particular application or product. This one is different. Putting the needs of the beginner first, it is a practical step-by-step guide showing how to get computers to help you at work. It discusses why a computer may be needed,...   more
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    A Prefect`s Uncle

     By Wodehouse P G [Paperback]
    Rs. 60
    Out Of Stock     
    At the beginning of term at Backford College for boys, Gethryn the prefect met an uncle who was seriously going to upset his august authority. How did he counter this uncle's move' A Prefect's Uncle is one of the series of school stories that P. G. Wodehouse wrote early in...   more
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