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    Anthony & Berrymans Magistrates Court Guide

     By F G Davies [Paperback 2010]
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    Other Editions: Paperback 2011
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    Munkman: Damages for Personal Injuries and Death

     By Gordon Exall [Unknown 2004, 11th Edition]
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    Available. About the Book: Acclaimed by practitioners for its clear and practical style, this best-selling title provides a complete statement of the principles of law on the assessment of damages together with illustrations of typical awards that can be used as general guides in comparable cases. The new edition offers authoritative,...   more
    Other Editions: Hardcover 2011
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    Employment Law

     By Deborah J Lockton [Paperback 2006]
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    In Stock. Ships Free to India in 2-3 days 7th edition. Fully updated, with chapter summaries, further reading lists and exercises, guiding readers through the interpretation of cases and statute law in practical terms. "Ideal for open book examinations, this employment law statutes book is a carefully researched and compiled collection of statutory materials, tailor-made for reference and revision...   more
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    Cheshire and Norths Private International Law

     By Peter North , J J Fawcett [Paperback, 13th Edition]
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    Available. The new edition has been substantially updated to offer an up-to-date and authoritative account of the law in this rapidly changing field. As well as general updating, the chapter on Torts has been completely rewritten and the growing importance of the la...   more
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    Due Diligence and Corporate Governance

     By Linda S Spedding [Paperback 2005]
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    E- privacy and Online Data Protection

     By Peter Carey [Paperback 2002]
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    This user-friendly practitioner's guide considers how data protection and privacy law effect electronic commerce and business practice. Providing vital compliance advice for any company doing business electronically or handling information relating to individuals, this practice manual is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing useful precedents including website privacy policies, employee's code...   more
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    Banks on Sentencing

     By Robert Banks [Paperback 2002]
    Rs. 12,027
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    "This single portable volume offers the practitioner relevant guidance and case summaries 'at a glance'. Following the approach of the highly successful Anthony and Berryman's Magistrates' Court Guide, Banks on Sentencing utilises and extends this work to give the busy practitioner a competitively priced annual reference work."...   more
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    Breach of the Employment Contract and Wrongful Dismissal

     By John Mc Mullen , Ian Smith [Hardcover 2002]
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    Available. The guide analyses the provisions of the Regulations and provides an insight into possible developments in this country....   more
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    Business Purchase (Butterworths business law series)

     By Austin Moore [Paperback 1997]
    Rs. 6,262
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    " This book provides guidance for practitioners dealing with business and asset purchases. Offering practical guidance on this complex subject, it provides a concise summary of the key legal issues involved in business purchase and takes the user through the various stages of a transaction.It contains key precedents for business...   more
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    Butterworths Taxation for Employment Specialists

     By Jolyon Maugham , Jonathan Peacock [Paperback 2000]
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    Available. "Taxation for Employment Specialists" deals with the complex field of tax on employment earnings in a way accessible to the non-tax law practitioner. The book adopts a practical approach to an intricate subject, addressing the many tax issues that face the employment specialist, in areas such as unfair and wrongful...   more
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    Butterworths Food Law

     By A A Painter [Paperback 2000]
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    Available. The second edition of this popular work reflects the numerous changes in the law relating to food and food safety that have occurred since 1990 such as GM food labelling, claims nutrition labelling and misleading descriptions. New sections of the work deal with the Food Standards Act 1999, the Government...   more
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    Commercial Law

     By Sir Gordon Borrie , Ian Brown [Paperback 2001]
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    Available. Commercial Law comprehensively meets the needs of undergraduates studying the law relating to agency, the sale of goods and consumer credit and the detailed, critical nature of the book means that it will also be invaluable for postgraduate courses. It will be equally indispensible for practitioners seeking a detailed work...   more
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    Current Copyright Law

     By Michael Henry [Paperback 1998]
    Rs. 6,669
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    "Current Copyright Law" provides the amended text of current copyright legislation following the 1998 implementation of the Duration of Copyright and the Rights in Performances Regulations 1995, the Copyright Related Rights Regulations 1996 and the Copyrights and Rights in Database Regulations 1997, which are placed literally into context. This text...   more
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    Decisions of the UK Performing Rights Tribunal and Copyright Tribunal 1957- 1996

     By Michael Freegard , Jack Black [Hardcover 1997]
    Rs. 24,269
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    " This book is divided into four parts. Part 1 summarises the Tribunal's decisions, with extracts from the Tribunal's formal orders where relevant. Part 2 deals with the main principles and functions which govern the Tribunal's decision. Part 3 records criticisms of the Tribunal's jurisdiction and conduct and Part 4...   more
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    E- licences and Software Contracts: Law, Practice and Precedents

     By Robert Bond [Paperback 2002]
    Rs. 4,822
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    Fully updated and revised to incorporate the effects of the Data Protection Directive and implications for outsourcing software to third parties, this comprehensive set of precedents includes IT Services Outsourcing Agreement, Data Processing Agreement and Transborder Data Flow Agreement. The precedents come with comprehensive footnotes to guide users on appropriate...   more
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    Financial Services Law Guide

     By Andrew Haynes [Paperback 2002]
    Rs. 20,669
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    Rewritten and expanded to reflect changes in the financial regulatory regime, this invaluable guide brings together experts from a range of professions to provide authoritative and practical advice on the impact of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. With the introduction of the Financial Services Authority as the sole...   more
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    German Securities Regulation

     By Partner Allen Overy [Paperback 2001]
    Rs. 19,228
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    This new title is the only book to provide an English translation of German securities law and regulatory codes, alongside the text in the original language. The book covers statutory and regulatory provisions dealing with the admission of securities for listing at a Stock Exchange, the distribution of non-listed securities...   more
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    Health and Safety: The Modern Legal Framework

     By I T Smith , Etc [Loose leaf 2000]
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    Available. This popular text takes full account of the Woolf reforms and the Management Regulations. In addition, the growing importance of health and safety prosecutions is reflected in the book which also contains the full text of the most important statutory....   more
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    Landfill Tax

     By Barbara Bell [Paperback 1999]
    Rs. 11,307
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    Since the introduction of landfill tax in 1996, this specialist area has developed rapidly into an important member of the environmental taxes. "The Pricewaterhouse Coopers Guide to Landfill Tax" is designed as a one-stop reference source to the legislation, case law and practice relating to landfill tax. The work addresses...   more
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    Law and Practice of Joint Ventures

     By Sarah Gale , Gary Scanlan , Terence Prime [Hardcover 1998]
    Rs. 20,669
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    "This book covers the practicalities involved in the drafting, operation and termination of joint ventures. The main thrust of the text is its focus on domestic law, highlighting problem areas such as disputes, deadlock provisions, breaking of deadlocks and termination which are all notoriously difficult issues for the practitioner. The...   more
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