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Books by publisher "New Concepts"

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    Dream Weaver

     By S A Martin [Paperback 2005]
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    Sent back in time, Gwen must save her lover's life. She failed him once before. She can't fail him again....   more
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    Ultimate Warriors

     By Jaide Fox , Joy Nash , Michelle Pillow [Paperback 2005]
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    Available. Discover worlds where superheroes roam ... where good triumphs over evil ... and love truly does conquer all.......   more
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     By Buffi Becraft Woodall [Paperback 2007]
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    Available. With a control freak ex and two teenage kids, Diana has her own problems and no need to borrow anyone else's troubles. She's an Empath, though, and the young wolven Pack that lands in her lap is difficult to ignore or dissuade from their determination to...   more
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    Holiday Fantasies: Tempting Fate

     By Kay Wilde [Paperback 2005]
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    Available. A book for all seasons. Tempting Fate: Holiday Fantasies is a collection of eight holiday themed stories in which a twist of fate places eight ordinary women of varying ages and circumstances, into situations where they have the opportunity to live out th...   more
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    Divine Devil

     By Georgeanne Hayes [Paperback 2007]
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    Available. Sebastian is quite happy with his life just as it is, but when he is called upon to become guardian to his missing friend's daughter, he rises to the occasion--literally, but that is only part of what transforms his comfortable existence into one of power...   more
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    Husband for Hire

     By Christina Carlisle [Paperback 2005]
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    Available. Cassie Morgan doesn't need a man--or so she thought--but when her controlling ex-husband invites her to his wedding, she can't resist showing him that she doesn't need him anymore. Unfortunately, she's never been good at attracting the right sort of man,...   more
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    Eye of the Storm

     By Samantha Storm [Paperback 2007]
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    Available. A storm is brewing in the desert outside Las Vegas, Nevada. A loud clap of thunder rumbles nearby and lightening streaks across dark clouds. A stream of raindrops slide down the window as a man sits in his car and waits. He is on a desperate mission. His...   more
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    Mating Flight

     By Shay Lacy [Paperback 2007]
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    Available. Dr. Sheleigh OBrien was supposed to be a scientific observer, not mated to the future ruler of a planet on the cusp of civil war. She came to study his people. Instead, Kleet Kryszan, heir to the planet, claimed her as his mate, unlocking the passion betw...   more
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    Viking Raider

     By Heide Katros [Paperback 2005]
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    Available. Danielle D'Argenau is shocked when a nearly naked man, dressed in wolf pelts and armed to the teeth, invades her cell. He is the Viking raider known as Talon, and he means to slake his lust for the comely wench....   more
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    The Best of Kimberly Zant

     By Kimberly Zant [Paperback 2005]
    6 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 6,897   Buy This Item!
    Available. Kimberly Zant has a knack for discovering women's secret innermost desires.... In this collection, discover titillating pleasures and indulge your forbidden fantasies.... Stories include: Thief of Hearts: He came to her in the night, binding her body, unt...   more
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    Alls Fae in Love and Chocolate

     By Michelle L Levigne [Paperback 2007]
    1 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 2,489   Buy This Item!
    Available. Day and Knight-Glori loved children. What could be more natural than a Fae running a daycare center? Then her magic started to go terribly wrong, threatening her daycare. Lance Knight lived under a curse and needed the kiss of a Faerie princess to cur...   more
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    Moss Rose

     By Scottie Barrett [Paperback 2003]
    Rs. 392 306 (22% OFF)
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    Ride the Stars/Once Bitten

     By Autumn Dawn [Paperback 2005]
    3 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 3,331   Buy This Item!
    Available. Ride the Stars: Augmenter Jaide Calanarre has three goals: to be debt free, stable, and free of men. Being kidnapped with her partner by a crazy band of Draconians doesn't fit in with her plans. Neither does Skye D'rath. Skye wasn't looking for a woman to...   more
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    Hostage Hearts

     By Trudy Thompson [Paperback 2006]
    3 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 655   Buy This Item!
    Available. Kayla Jardane's reached the end of her endurance. Her parents are dead. Her brothers missing. And her planet's facing annihilation. She needs a savior. Badly. But she doesn't expect to find one with long, dark hair, a face that put Adonis to shame, and a...   more
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    Deadly Deceit

     By Lisa Diaz [Paperback 2007]
    2 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 645   Buy This Item!
    Available. CEO Melanie Harris is convinced Mark Richards murdered her cousin, Shauna. And yet when Shauna's diary is discovered, it implicates someone else entirely. But as the fierce rivalry between her and Mark turns into untamed passion and love, she's no longer...   more
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    The Shadowmere Trilogy (Paperback)

     By Jaide Fox [Paperback 2004]
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    Available. In a land shrouded in darkness, protected by magic and the fierceness of its people--for those who venture into these forbidden lands, the penalty is death ... or worse. But sometimes it is not the monsters who are to be feared, but the emptiness of an existence without love....   more
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    The Bound Prince

     By Michelle M Pillow [Paperback 2011]
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    6 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 1,120
    In Stock. Ships Free to India in 5-7 days A simple mistake. Captain Samantha Dorsey and her crew are on a mission, a mission to complete a Galactic Scavenger Hunt and claim the prize money. Flying about space for a year collecting their items, they only have one thing left to get--a primitive wild beast. Drunk and feeling like...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2006
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    The Atalantium Trilogy

     By Marie Morin [Paperback 2005]
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    Bewitching Angel

     By Heide Katros [Paperback 2004]
    2 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 1,296   Buy This Item!
    Available. Forced to flee her village after being accused of witchcraft, Angelique runs straight into the arms of Brett Demaraux. Will the American sea captain prove to be the man of her dreams or turn out to be the essence of her worst nightmare?...   more
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    The Chieftains Bride

     By Kate Hill [Paperback 2005]
    8 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 471   Buy This Item!
    Available. Marion of Ravenhill was a pawn in a warrior's world, promised to the Viking raider, Wyborn, for his fierce protection of the British shoreline. She vowed he would never have her heart, but from the moment they meet, the attraction between them is nearly overwhelming. Rating: Contains violence and sexual...   more
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