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Books by publisher "Orient Paperbacks"

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    The Apprentice

     By Arun Joshi [Paperback 1974, 1st Edition]
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    The Apprentice is a novel totally different in tone from all other novels and writings of Arun Joshi.The protagonist, Ratan Rathor, re[presents the quintessence Everyman- a contrast to other protagonists as his intellectual level is much lower. An unsophisticated youth, jobless, he comes to the city in search of a...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2012 Paperback 1993
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    Super Memory: Ageless Memory in 12 Practical Lessons

     By Shakuntala Devi [Paperback 2011]
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    In Stock. Ships Free to India in 5-10 days Myth: Memory grows dim as we age. Truth: As we grow older, we actually add-on more mental abilities. Myth: There is a 'best-time' for learning. Truth: The clock has nothing to do with remembering. This is one of those rare books that can help all of us with something that...   more
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    [Paperback 2006, 1st Edition]
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    Available. Shakuntala Devi, the Human Computer, explains and simplifies everything you always wanted to know about numbers but was difficult to understand. We can't live without numbers. We need them in our daily chores, big and small. But we carry in us a certain fear of numbers and are never confident...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2012
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    Puzzles to Puzzle You

     By Shakuntala Devi [Paperback 2012]
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    7 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 1,282
    In Stock. Ships Free to India in 5-10 days ---- No excerpt available for this book ----...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback
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    Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do!

     By Robert H Schuller [Mass market paperbound 1984]
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    30 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 462
    In Stock. Ships Free to India in 2-3 days Robert Schuller shares his philosophy of 'Possibility Thinking' and translates it into an action plan for success and shows you how to build a self-image with positive thoughts and know the truth that after every storm, there is a calm! Every problem has a solution. It is our attitude to...   more
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    Income Tax Guide for the Taxpayer

     By R N Lakhotia [Paperback 2010, 47th Edition]
    Rs. 145 120 (17% OFF)
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    About the Book: It is in the best financial interests of every taxpayer to have a clear grasp of the key essentials of income tax, even if you have back-up help of a CA or tax expert. Here is must-know expert guidance on computing your income and taxes--and trouble-free assessment...   more
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    Positive Imaging

     By Norman Vincen Peale [Paperback 2006]
    4 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 5,890   Buy This Item!
    Available. The Imaging concept, created by the master of positive thinking, can change your life. With it you can learn how to : solve your money problems, outwit worry, banish loneliness, improve your health, strengthen your mariage, and relate to others more successfully. Are you looking for a way to make...   more
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    Believe in the God Who Believes in You

     By Robert H Schuller [Paperback 2012]
    6 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 462   Buy This Item!
    Available. Congratulations! Bravo for you!! You are terrific! You are honored in your community You are respected by the people you respect You are seldom or never the subject of negative gossip You are a much admired person, despite your faults You are held in high esteem You are dependable. Your...   more
    Other Editions: Hardcover 1990
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    Conquering Diabetes Naturally

     By H K Bakhru [Paperback 2012]
    5 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 1,229   Buy This Item!
    Available. The book guides the reader on a path of healthy existence. The approach and treatments mirror the mood of our time- high regard for good nutrition, healthy living habits, rational and prudent use of modern diagnostic tools, and appreciation of the importance of individual differences. The aim of this book...   more
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    Discovering The Power of Positive Thinking

     By Norman Vincent Peale [Paperback 2012]
    6 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 1,606   Buy This Item!
    Available. Change your thoughts and you change your world - writes Norman Vincent Peale, in this exhilarating world-wide bestselling book. According to the author, we are what we think. We feel what we want. Whatever the mind expects, it finds. We can be positive or negative, enthusiastic or dull, active or...   more
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    Be an Extraordinary Person in an Ordinary World

     By Robert H Schuller [Paperback 2012]
    47 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 140   Buy This Item!
    Available. The people you will meet in this book are life changers. Their stories will motivate you at a deep and profound level. The message they bring to you is that no one of us is an ordinary person...each and everyone of us possesses extraordinary capabilities and immense potential. As Robert...   more
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    Extreme Sudoku

     By N A [Paperback 2012]
    23 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 85   Buy This Item!
    Available. Addictive, dangerous and guaranteed to give you sleepless nights. 101 tricky puzzles for the advanced player...   more
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    Foods That Heal

     By H K Bakhru [Paperback 2012]
    8 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 462   Buy This Item!
    Available. Several hundreds of years back Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said, 'Your food shall be your medicine'. This maxim holds true even today. There are several disorders that can be prevented and treated by selecting natural foods rich in minerals, vitamins, trace elements, vital nutrients......   more
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    Be- Happy Attitudes

     By Robert H Schuller [Paperback 2012]
    2 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 1,910   Buy This Item!
    Available. New Page 1 Have you ever wondered Best-selling author Robert Schuller shows how you can improve your life by making eight crucial attitude adjustments. Looking at the Beatitudes one by one, he explores what they really mean for us today and how applying these positive principles can make a practical...   more
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    Herbs That Heal

     By H K Bakhru [Paperback 2012]
    9 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 818   Buy This Item!
    Available. The book covers 107 herbs and their medical uses in the treatment of diseases. It is divided into two parts- the first describes, in detail, 66 important herbs with strong healing powers and curative properties and the second describes, in brief, 41 herbs with comparatively milder properties. In each part...   more
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    Impossible is Possible

     By John Mason [Paperback 2012]
    5 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 1,622   Buy This Item!
    Available. Doing What Others Say Can't Be Done Challenging observations and thought-provoking insights to help you make the impossible happen in your life. Always say less than you know. Know your limits, and then ignore them! If the sole fits, don't wear it. You always miss the shots you don't......   more
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    Khushwant Singhs Joke Book 1

     By Khushwant Singh [Paperback 2012]
    6 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 462   Buy This Item!
    Available. The trouble with us Indians is that while we like laughing at others we cannot laugh at ourselves. However we do enjoy humorous writings, says the author. This big mega seller bears witness to this testimony. This book is a masala mix of desi buffoonery, political jibes, communication gaffes, social...   more
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    Khushwant Singhs Joke Book 2

     By Khushwant Singh [Paperback 2012]
    2 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 812   Buy This Item!
    Available. Khushwant Singh is at his best when poking fun at Indians. There are dozens of Sardarji jokes, all of them charmingly told...and many quite delightful ones on Pakistan. Witty, ribald, hilarious, no string of adjectives would suffice to describe this selection by the wittiest Sardarji of them all, and designed...   more
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    Khushwant Singhs Joke Book 5

     By Khushwant Singh [Paperback 2012]
    1 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 1,726   Buy This Item!
    Available. About the Book: While most Indians are as yet unable to laugh at themselves or their community, they guffaw with laughter at jokes made at others' expense and other communities. This book is a collection of the funniest jokes selected by the author, and also contains witty poetry which adds...   more
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    Khushwant Singhs Joke Book 6

     By Khushwant Singh [Paperback 2012]
    21 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 80   Buy This Item!
    Available. About the Book: The biggest joke of recent years is that in a national as humorless as us Indian, joke books sell like hot pakoras . This is the sixth compilation of jokes culled from the author's columns in Hindustan Times and Tribune ....   more
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