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Infibeam.com is the largest online bookstore carrying more than 40 lac local, regional & international book titles. Using our extensive network we can source books from all around India and corners of the world. Likewise, we deliver to every location in India and selected international countries as well. We pride in providing the best customer service to all our customers.

Publisher / Distributor

Infibeam.com carries a rich digital catalog which enables customers to make better buying decisions. As publishers you can offer the best information about books including descriptions, author information, images etc. We have direct tie-ups with the best publishers & distributors of the world. If we've missed you, we'll surely like to hear from you so please write to us at publishers@infibeam.com. We offer books in all Indian languages if you are a regional language publisher or distributor we would like to talk to you.

If you are a distributor of Books, eBooks or Magazines and would like to sell them through Infibeam.com, please email us at distributors@infibeam.com. We've got all the digital tools waiting for you to bulk upload your books in various digital formats onto our site.

In addition to providing access to a big customer base for merchandising and sale of your eBooks, Infibeam.com also offers various other services

1. Digitisation of content: We can take your paper books and convert them into electronic media in whatever format you want.
2. Print On Demand: We can provide print on demand services for all digitised content.
3. eBook Repository: We can also serve as an e-distributor for all your eBook content.

If you have any questions please get in touch with us at publishers@infibeam.com.

Bookseller / Bookstore

Infibeam.com caters to the bulk requirements of many bookstores & institutes around India. Whether you have a little bookshop in a remote hill or a towering store in a bustling megacity, we will work out the right relationship with you. With our wide selection we can be the single sourcing partner for all your book needs. As a registered bookstore, a dedicated relationship manager will work with you to provide the best discounts on your orders.

We also buy books from local bookstores especially those catering to niche categories of books thereby making them available to a wider audience across the Internet. So, as a bookstore, getting registered with Infibeam.com is a win-win deal that bolsters your business from every angle.

Please email us at bookstores@infibeam.com to register your bookstore with us today. We look forward to hearing from you.


We love authors and book readers love to read more about their favourite authors. In an effort to provide more information to our customers, we provide information about authors on author search and book detail pages. e.g. Here are some links that provide information about Chetan Bhagat
http://www.infibeam.com/Books/search?author=Chetan Bhagat
http://www.infibeam.com/Books/search?author=Dan Brown

While we've tried to provide author descriptions wherever possible we may have missed some. If you would like us to list your books on our site or provide information about yourself please write to us on authors@infibeam.com. We'll be really glad to hear from you.