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    Clr Via C# , 3rd Edition

     By Jeffrey Richter [Paperback 2011]
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    In Stock. Ships Free to India in 2-3 days Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming, 2nd Edition Dig deep and master the intricacies of the common language runtime (CLR) and the .NET Framework 4.0. Written by a highly regarded programming expert and consultant to the Microsoft(R) .NET team, this guide is ideal for developers building any kind of application-including Microsoft(R)...   more
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    Rapid Development

     By Steve Mc Connell [Paperback 2003]
    Rs. 699 594 (15% OFF)
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    As some one who works as an embedded design engineer, I can say that this book gives a well rounded approach to meeting schedules and delivering quality products to the As some one who works as an embedded design engineer, I can say that this book gives a well rounded...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback
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    The Microsoft Platform Ahead

     By David S Platt [Paperback 2004]
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    Available. The first book to read on Microsoft's next-generation .NET Framework technologies and developer tools....   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2004 Paperback
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    Agile Project Management with Scrum

     By Ken Schwaber [Paperback 2004]
    Rs. 2,519 1,915 (24% OFF)    Buy This Item!
    16 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 1,959
    In Stock. Ships Free to India in 5-7 days Manage your projects-swiftly and with great success-with detailed advice from a Scrum expert Description: The rules and practices for Scrum—a simple process for managing complex projects—are few, straightforward, and easy to learn. But Scrum’s simplicity itself—its lack of prescription—can be disarming, and new practitioners often find themselves reverting to old...   more
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    Inside Windows Communication Foundation

     By Justin Smith [Paperback 2007]
    Rs. 399 339 (15% OFF)
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    Dive deep into the operation of Windows Communication Foundation with this practical, hands-on book-and learn the intricacies of Windows Communication Foundation and service-oriented concepts and implementations. Fundamentally, services are not objects. Given the prevalence of the object-oriented paradigm over the past 20 years, experienced developers need to explore a new...   more
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    Software Requirement Patterns

     By Stephen Withall [Paperback 2007]
    Rs. 499 424 (15% OFF)
    Out Of Stock     
    Learn proven, real-world techniques for specifying software requirements with this practical reference. It details 30 requirement "patterns" offering realistic examples for situation-specific guidance for building effective software requirements. Each pattern explains what a requirement needs to convey, offers potential questions to ask, points out potential pitfalls, suggests extra requirements, and...   more
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    Software Requirements

     By Wiegers [2005]
    Rs. 599 485 (19% OFF)
    Out Of Stock     
    Practical techniques for gathering and managing requirements throughout the product development cycle....   more
    Other Editions: Paperback
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    CODE COMPLETE 2nd Edition

     By Steve Mc Connell [Paperback 2004]
    Rs. 599 509 (15% OFF)
    Out Of Stock     
    The best book on Software Construction and Software Engineerin...   more
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    Windows Internals, Fifth Edition

     By Mark E Russinovich , David A Solomon [Paperback 2009]
    Rs. 799 679 (15% OFF)
    Out Of Stock     
    Get the architectural perspectives and inside details you need to understand how Windows operates....   more
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    Inside Microsoft Sql Server 2008: T- Sql Querying

    Rs. 325 266 (18% OFF)
    Out Of Stock     
    Delve into the internal architecture of T-SQL-the database programming language built into SQL Server-and unveil the power of set-based querying and advanced querying techniques. Includes practices, code, and table examples. Tackle the toughest set-based querying and query tuning problems-guided by an author team with in-depth, inside knowledge of T-SQL. Deepen...   more
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    Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Internals

    [Paperback 2009]
    Rs. 699 594 (15% OFF)
    Out Of Stock     
    Get expert architectural insights for building and maintaining robust databases....   more
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    Windows via C/C+ +

    [Paperback 2008]
    Rs. 599 509 (15% OFF)
    Out Of Stock     
    The essential reference to understanding and programming Windows at the API level...   more
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    Code Complete

     By Steve Mc Connell [Paperback 2004, 2nd Edition]
    Rs. 3,149 2,394 (24% OFF)    Buy This Item!
    13 new & used from sellers starting at Rs. 2,748
    In Stock. Ships Free to India in 5-7 days Winner of the Software Development Jolt Excellence Award-1994 This practical handbook of software construction covers the art and science of the most important part of the development process. CODE COMPLETE provides a larger perspective on the software-development process and the role of construction in the process that will inform and...   more
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    Programming For Unified Communications With Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2

    Rs. 319 271 (15% OFF)
    Out Of Stock     
    Direct from the Microsoft Office Communications Server product team, get the hands-on guidance you need to streamline your organization's real-time, remote communication and collaboration solutions across the enterprise and across time zones. Exploit the Unified Communications (UC) platform's rich and open API set-and create your own real-time communication solutions faster....   more
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    Writing Solid Code

     By Steve Maguire [Paperback]
    Rs. 325 276 (15% OFF)
    Out Of Stock     
    Winner of the Software Development Productivity Award-1994 With the growing complexity of software today and the associated climb in bug rates, it's becoming increasingly necessary for programmers to produce bug-free code much earlier in the development cycle, before the code is first sent to Testing. WRITING SOLID CODE provides practical...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 1993 Unknown Unknown
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    More About Software Requirements

     By Karl E Wiegers [Paperback]
    Rs. 399 339 (15% OFF)
    Out Of Stock     
    Have you ever delivered software that satisfied all of the project specifications, but failed to meet any of the customers' expectations? Without formal, verifiable requirements-and a system for managing them-the result is often a gap between what developers think they're supposed to build and what customers think they're going to...   more
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    Inside SQL Server 2005: T- SQL Programming

     By Itzik Ben Gan [Paperback]
    Rs. 599 509 (15% OFF)
    Out Of Stock     
    A comprehensive, hands-on reference for database developers and administrators, this book focuses on advanced language features of Transact-SQL (T-SQL), the database programming language built into SQL Server. Includes code and table examples. This thorough, hands-on reference for database developers and administrators delivers expert guidance on sophisticated uses of Transact-SQL (T-SQL)-one...   more
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    Inside SQL Server 2005: T- SQL Querying

     By Itzik Ben Gan [Paperback]
    Rs. 599 509 (15% OFF)
    Out Of Stock     
    A comprehensive, hands-on reference for database developers....   more
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    Inside SharePoint Server 2007

    [Paperback 2008]
    Rs. 699 594 (15% OFF)
    Out Of Stock     
    Build enterprise content management solutions with deep, architectural insights from an expert....   more
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    Programming ADO

     By David Sceppa [Paperback]
    Rs. 550 468 (15% OFF)
    Out Of Stock     
    Create seamless database connectivity faster with ADO! Create data access applications faster and with simpler code using this expert guide to Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO). PROGRAMMING ADO delivers practical problem-solving guidance for exploiting the Universal Data Access in ADO-helping you understand what goes on under the hood so you...   more
    Other Editions: Unknown
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