Fujifilm Cameras in India

The digital line of Fujifilm cameras are among the most innovative in the photography industry. Designed for every type of photographer, from novice to professional the Fujifilm cameras are equipped with both fun and useful features.

To know about the remarkable journey of Fujifilm cameras, we have to go back to 1934, when Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. was established in Japan at the behest of the government. Since then the company with its new name Fujifilm Holdings Corporation (changed in 2006) has expanded its presence in almost all across the world with a wide range of consumer and business products like Fujifilm cameras, Photo Printer, Film Camera and many more.

In India, its popular products are mostly consumer related like its digital line of Fujifilm cameras for its varied series that comes with personal specifications to tailor the needs of individual customers. The series of Fujifilm cameras available in India through its Indian subsidiary are:

Fujifilm FinePix Cameras

Since its arrival in India in 2008, Fujifilm has emerged as a leader in a wide landscape of imaging industries, worked in India through its branch office and Indian dealers. Globally, Fujifilm has gained recognition as pioneer in imaging technology for more than 75 years. Company caters to different needs of its customers, who require diverse industrial products like digital camera, photo imaging, medical products, graphic arts, life science systems, motion picture films and recording media.

Fujifilm FinePix cameras are world class cameras that satisfy the different kinds of necessity of different photographers - whether they are professional or amateur. The FinePix cameras include a range of digital cameras from SLR pro-level models to fashion conscious point and shoot cameras. These FinePix cameras are made of advanced technology that makes your photography unique and excellent.

FinePix cameras are loaded with high speed, high quality image processing Quick-Time Motion technology and a 14 mega pixel lens. Other cool features include Dual image Stabilization, Face detection, Smile, detection, Blink detection, Panorama Shooting Mode and i-Flash Intelligent.

Fujifilm X Series

The X Series cameras from Fujifilm are sheer work of art produced from revolutionary technology that is combined with traditional framework of ergonomic perfection. The X Series includes Fujifilm X-Pro1, Fujifilm X-S1, Fujifilm X10 and FinePix X100; the accessories include Fujifilm Lens XF18mmF2 R, FUJINON LENS XF35mmF1.4 R and FUJINON LENS XF60MM F2.4 R Marco.

Available with minimum 12 MP, the X Series cameras are perfect companion to capture striking photos of landscapes and natural phenomenon; moreover, it is best suited for amateur photojournalism. The bright viewfinder gives you higher photo shooting experience every time. Now enjoy the cutting edge technology and freeze those special moments forever!

Fujifilm T Series

If you are pine for sleek and slim cameras, Fujifilm T Series is your pick; the pocket-size cameras never make a hole in your pocket and its powerful zoom brings more excitement to photography. FinePix T350 and FinePix T200 are available in 12 different stylish colours; moreover, despite its super slim shape, FinePix T350 has 10x optical zoom, 14 mp CCD and intelligent scene recognition - perfect to carry.

FinePix T200 is a 14-megapixel super slim camera, loaded with a Fujinon 10x zoom lens and 2.7-inch LCD screen. The T series cameras are small in size but big in performance; its versatile shooting mode, motion panorama, easy web upload, playback functions and photobook assist make it more desirable than others.

Fujifilm S Series

The FinePix S-series or serious Fujifilm digital cameras have advanced exposure control and optics. The S-series are a perfect choice for both the semi-professional and passionate amateur. The product line has several very affordable 'fixed lens' SLR like cameras that incorporate most professional SLR features without the SLR high cost.

Features include image stabilization, face detection and high ISO. The cameras also have FUJI patented sensor technology that produces enhanced dynamic range for the most accurate color reproduction and exquisite detail.

Fujifilm F Series

The FinePix F-series or the smart series Fujifilm digital cameras have super compact design with advanced features and technology that goes in creating total digital solution. Infact, the models have been called 'revolutionary' in terms of low-light performance in the compact class.

Due to low image noise and very natural color even at very high ISO settings from Fujifilm's Super CCD sensor, the F-series cameras were the first compact cameras able to consistently take pictures in low light that could be considered 'printable'.

Fujifilm Z Series

The stylish Z-series Fujifilm Digital Cameras have ultra-compact designs with advanced features and technology. The user can use these series of cameras for the art technology for digital photography with flair. The cameras in the series are very popular with youths and ladies.

Fujifilm J Series

The sophisticated FinePix J-series Fujifilm digital camera is full featured, compact and sleek. These cameras are enabled with the precision of manual control, to make them user friendly.

Since its launch in January 2008, the J-series has been extremely popular with consumers who demand elegant, fashionable cameras that capture breathtaking images at the touch of a button.

The J-series is the ultimate family camera; accessible and easy to use, it can be picked up and enjoyed by any member of the family, regardless of their experience behind the lens, to record life's precious memories.

Fujifilm A Series

The sensible FinePix A-series Fujifilm digital cameras have made Point Shoot digital photography affordable, easy and convenient. The cameras in this series come with 8.1 to 10 million megapixel resolutions and, 3 to 5x optical zooms.

Since its establishment, Fujifilm has been constantly restructuring their imaging business and building a business framework that enable them to develop the 'culture of photography'. This in turn provides people now and in years to come with a valuable, even indispensable, way of expressing and sharing their experiences and emotions.