Genius Cameras in India

Founded in 1983 in Taiwan, Genius rose to international map by launching quality products at regular intervals. Today, its product basket includes many electronic items. The Genius camera range is renowned worldwide for its better picture quality & resolution.

Today, Genius has its network in all continents with a work force of around 4000 employees. The company has its manufacturing unit in China and marketing & sales offices in major countries of North America, Europe, Latin America, South Africa and Asia. Apart from digital cameras, Genius also manufactures PC peripherals, speakers, gaming devices, headsets, Webcam, DSC and DV.

The Genius camera range includes cameras of 5 MP, 8 MP, 9 MP and 10 MP. The G-Shot series has around 10 cameras with different features for different needs.

Genius G-Shot Cameras

Genius G-Shot cameras are available in four different categories and they are categorized according to megapixels. G-Shot V1200, G-Shot 507 and G-Shot 1400 are cameras that fall under the category of 10 MP and above. This series of G-Shot boasts features like anti-shaking that avoids blurring while you click shots, an intelligent mode that gives you excellent performance by automatically detecting eight different types of scenes and choosing the perfect camera settings. Moreover, the series also includes high ISO value up to 6400 that reduce camera shaking effects.

The high-quality 9 MP camera series from G-Shot is a bunch of slim and chic design that easily becomes the first choice of those who want to capture high-resolution pics at the most affordable prices. These cameras are packed with features like ten different shooting modes: Auto, Smart, Portrait, Night, Program, Landscape, Transform, Backlight, Auction, Sport and Smile Shutter.

Genius Camcorders

Genius G-Shot series also include CamCorders and there are as many as 16 pieces available now. Here is an exciting range of Genius CamCorders: G-Shot HD551T, G-Shot HD575T, G-Shot HD1080T, G-Shot DV800, G-Shot HD525, G-Shot 1500, G-Shot HD585T, G-Shot HD580T, G-Shot DV505, G-Shot DV506, G-Shot DV511, G-Shot DV53, G-Shot HD500, G-Shot HD520, G-Shot HD54 and G-Shot HD550T.

The handy slim design of Genius camcorders has a smart 3-inch large touch panel that allows you to use menu easily. If you do not know how to take video or photo in backlight or low light, its G-Shot HD551T helps you in recording such videos without any dark faces. Switch on the "light" feature to balance for low light conditions.