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Nikon Cameras in India

Nikon Cameras mission is to "capture the nuances of the heart like joy, sorrow, wonder, hope... and vividly express them in the visible world". The challenge lies "In the heart of the image" and Nikon cameras dare to take it on. Nikon believes in delivering absolute quality through its advanced imaging techniques and the cameras speak for it.

A little bit of history, Nikon was established in 1917 as Japan Optical Industries. In 1932, the name Nikkor was adopted for the camera lenses. In 1948, "Nikon I" the first Nikon camera was released. In 1959, the Nikon F SLR 35mm camera was introduced. The company was renamed Nikon Corporation in 1988.

Nikon is a part of the international conglomerate - the Mitsubishi Group. Nikon specializes in optical products like cameras, binoculars, microscopes and many others. In India, Nikon Corporation established its subsidiary called Nikon India Private Limited in 2007. This company was launched to fortify sales of Nikon cameras, and to enhance after-sales service. Below is a list of all the Nikon camera series available in India are:

Nikon CoolPix Cameras

After roping in Priyanka Chopra as its brand ambassador, Nikon Coolpix cameras have entered the hearts of Indian consumers. There is a story in every picture - the new slogan has captured the fancy of all. For its customers, Nikon has launched four series of CoolPix cameras: Performance, Style, Life and All Weather.

Performance series includes 6 brilliant cameras for professional photographers. The rich Style series has 17 cool cameras available in different colours; if style is the mantra of your life, go for it. There are 7 cameras in Life series that help you capture lifestyle around you. And the All Weather displays a camera that is your robust companion in any weather.

For all your shooting needs, Nikon CoolPix cameras are here. Whether you are a globe-trotter or a fashion pro, a beginner or a freelance photo-journalist - CoolPix helps you freeze all your favourite moments. Live your passion, satiate your obsession and appreciate this faithful companion.

Nikon L Series

The L-series Nikon digital cameras or the Life series have been designed to make memories easy and affordable. The series belonging to the award winning COOLPIX family have been hailed as the quality compact digital cameras that combine excellent performance with easy-to-use features.

The latest Nikon Cameras in this series combine high-quality design and construction with user-friendly features at affordable prices. They also sport a sharp 3x optical Zoom-Nikkor glass lens, a big, bright LCD and a lightweight, ultra-portable body style.

Additionally, each of the new L-series cameras boast impressive battery life, and a higher light sensitivity, which makes it easy to produce better pictures in low light situations.

Nikon D Series

The Nikon D-series SLR cameras rank 'Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Digital SLR cameras', according to the latest J.D. Power and Associates 2007 Digital Camera Satisfaction Study. The study was conducted in four areas of customer satisfaction: picture quality, performance, operation, and appearance & styling.

Nikon's D-series digital SLR cameras include such popular models as the D200, D80, D40x and D40 as well as professional models such as the recently introduced D300 and D3 digital SLR cameras.

Nikon SLR digital cameras are engineered for use upto 55 world-renowned NIKKOR optics and a host of other Nikon system accessories including Nikon Speedlights and Nikon Capture NX image editing software.

Nikon P Series

Nikon's COOLPIX performance series of digital cameras offer advanced functions, ease of operation, and high image quality to satisfy photo and camera enthusiasts.

The latest in this series is stuffed with full of interesting features, like built-in GPS, an Ethernet connection, wireless flash, and a new Vista-compatible raw format. Nikon also introduces the NRW raw format in its latest cameras.

Unlike NEF, NRW is compatible with Vista's Windows Imaging Component codec API (also available for Windows XP SP2 via .NET), which makes using the raw files more transparent under Windows; the operating system does the format transcoding rather than applications, so the user doesn't have to worry about an application supporting a specific format.

Other more prosaic features, in the Nikon camera series are high megapixel CCD that supports sensitivities up to ISO 3200 at full resolution, optically stabilized lens, and wide viewing angle.

Nikon S Series

The Nikon S-series digital cameras with the prefix 'S' standing for style truly cater to the tastes of all photography lovers. The series is especially popular for its attractive slim look among youngsters and ladies.

The latest in the S-series Nikon cameras offer a variety of zoom ranges and megapixel counts. All cameras feature Nikon's proprietary EXPEED image-processing system and high-quality NIKKOR lenses. The latest models are housed in durable metal bodies, and come in a wide range of colors with sleek lines that look good anywhere.

Nikon is the world leader in digital imaging, precision optics and photo imaging technology and is globally recognized for setting new standards in product design and performance. The unique strength of the Nikon brand is attributable to the company's unwavering commitment to quality, performance, technology and innovation. Nikon Inc. markets and distributes consumer and professional digital SLR cameras, NIKKOR optics, Speedlights, system accessories and many more...