Samsung Cameras in India

Samsung, the premier global electronic major has been manufacturing Samsung cameras since the early 1980's. Its 35mm Samsung cameras at that time were recognized for their fine technology and optical innovations in such things as auto focus and 'zoom' capabilities.

In the mid 90's Samsung camera introduced the worlds first 4X zoom camera. In the later 90's it introduced the world's smallest 2X zoom 35mm camera, and also began offering its first Samsung digital camera.

In 1989, Samsung camera entered the North American market. Since Samsung renowed for its sophisticated electronics savvy, optics knowledge and design creativity have introduced a series of fine 35mm cameras, and truly remarkable Digimax Samsung digital cameras. In only 13 years, Samsung digital cameras has established itself in the top 5 position in the market - offering a diverse product line equipped with the most sought after features.

The Samsung digital camera series available in India are:

Samsung Digital SLR Series

The Samsung GX SLR series is a range of professional Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras. Whether you are a beginner, or take photography as a hobby or a professional, the Samsung GX series will definitely improve your photography world. This series of Samsung cameras presently consists of the 4 models viz; GX-20, GX-10, GX-1S, and GX-1L.

Samsung High-End Series

The Samsung High end is a high zoom digital camera range. If you want to take more advanced photos without a complex system, the high end will be your best choice. Presently the series has only one model dubbed PRO 815.

Samsung NV Series

The Samsung NV series is a true premium digital camera range that represents your values. Envy or be envied - it's up to you. The NV series of Samsung digital cameras consists of the following popular models NV100HD, NV9, NV40, NV30, NV24HD, NV20, NV15, NV11, NV10, NV8, NV7 OPS, NV5, NV4 and NV3.

Samsung i Series

The Samsung 'i Series' is the only multimedia digital camera range in the world. With slim and stunning designs, a text viewer, movies, music and a tour guide function, it is the best companion for your trip. The popular models in the 'i-series' Samsung digital cameras are i100, i85, i80, i8, i70 and i7.

Samsung S Series

The Samsung S series is a convenient point and shoot digital camera range. Its ease of use and affordable price make photography a convenient experience. The models in the S series Samsung digital cameras are S1070, S1060, S1050, S1030, S1000, S860, S850, S830, S800, S85, S760, S730, S700, S630, S600, S500, A503 and A403.

Samsung L Series

The Samsung L series is the most suitable digital camera range for your family events. Slim, lightweight and advanced features bring you a reliable photo world. The models in this series are L310W, L201, L850, L730, L700, L210, L110, L100, L83T, L77, L74 Wide, L73, L70, and L60.

Samsung is one of the world's largest semiconductor manufacturers and electronics company. With its headquarters in South Korea it makes varied consumer devices, including DVD players, big-screen TV sets, and digital still cameras; computers, color monitors, LCD panels, and printers; semiconductors such as DRAMs, static RAMs, and flash memory; and communications devices ranging from wireless phones to networking switches. The company, which is the flagship member of Samsung Group, also makes microwave ovens, refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines.