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Sony Cameras in India

Equipped with great optics and imaging technology, the digital line of Sony cameras ensures that its consumers capture picture to the greatest detail imaginable. Every Sony camera has the exclusive Sony TECHNOLOGY that enhances photo capturing experience. And to top it all, every Sony camera is furnished with Carl Zeiss lens that are renowned for their quality brilliance. Owning a Sony camera is like embracing perfection in imaging.

Since the invention of the first digital Sony camera in 1981 called Mavica, Sony has come a long way and is credited as the pioneer in introducing the popular smile detection technology. Sony cameras are quite a rage for their outstanding accuracy of colors and enhanced definition with almost zero distortion.

The Sony camera and camcorder series available in India through a distribution network are:

Sony CyberShot Cameras

The CyberShot cameras from Sony are class apart as their Super Zoom and Super High Zoom allow photographers to freeze every moment in its liveliness. Even after zooming in significantly, these cameras give extraordinary picture quality and great details. So, every time, you get perfect results - whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer.

For remarkably high quality photos and videos, Sony Cyber-shot digital cameras are recommended by experts. These cameras are loaded with features like HD recording, Superior Intelligent Auto and Super High Z; such features help you capture life-like pictures, with unbelievable zoom. The beauty of these features is that even if the object is far away, under low light or moving - Sony Cyber-shot cameras give excellent precision and shooting freedom.

The Super High Zoom ensures that you get perfect picture even while you zoom. And this provides you blur-free pictures every time. Not go on a clicking-spree at various destinations; hit the hinterland and portray new landscapes. Get close to wildlife and live the life to the fullest; enjoy clicking each moment with uber cool features like Whisper Quiet Operation, Horizontal -vertical Shake Protection and Gyro-Sensor Correction.

Sony DCR-Series

The Sony DCR-series camcorders let the user capture high-quality digital audio and video with stunning performance. The camcorders in the series capture clear and detailed images for consistently outstanding image quality. With Sony's NightShot Plus infrared system the user can capture natural-looking video, even in low light.

The DCR series camcorders carry great power with the Stamina battery power-management system, which allows the user to continuously record for up to 12 hours on a single full charge. Editing and sharing hours of video is easy with the i.LINK DV interface, which allows the user to easily connect the camcorder to TV or PC.

The Sony DCR camcorder series has been further divided into sub series viz; DCR-DVD series, DCR-TVR series, DCR-TV series, DCR-HC series, DCR-IP series, DCR-CD series, DCR-VX series, DCR-TR7series, DCR-TRU series.

Sony H-Series

The Sony H-series cameras are known for their high zoom digital camera line that feature an image stabilized Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar 12x optical zoom.

Other features are manual, aperture and shutter priority modes, electronic viewfinders and focal length ranges of 36 to 432 millimeters (35 mm equivalence).

The series also have boosted sensitivity up to ISO 1000 (with Sony's Clear RAW noise reduction technology) and a large screen.

Sony HDR-Series

The Sony HDR-series new high definition camcorders that have taken a feature found on many digital still cameras - the face detection technology. Up to eight faces can be identified, with the camcorder then automatically adjusting focus, exposure, and color control.

Other features found on these camcorders include ClearVid CMOS sensors with Exmor-derived technology, for minimizing picture noise, a Bionz processing engine and dynamic range optimization. All Sony camcorders record in Dolby Digital 5.1-channel surround sound, and offer integrated zoom microphones. They all give the option of recording onto Memory Stick PRO Duo media cards.

Sony S-Series

The Sony Cyber-shot S-series cameras are feature packed and let the user capture clear, blur-free pictures without the aid of flash, even while shooting in low light or on cloudy days. Selecting 'High Sensitivity' mode on the mode dial boosts sensitivity to ISO 1250. This allows shooting at faster shutter speeds to reduce the risk of camera shake, even with moving subjects.

An important feature in the Silver colored S-Series Sony digital cameras is the Face Detection Technology. This Sony-developed technology can track up to three faces in the frame at a time, adjusting focus and exposure for clearly exposed portraits of friends and family.

Sony T-Series

Sony's Cyber-shot T-series digital cameras are popular in the market for their slim, compact bodies and ease of use while still allowing a fair degree of control over photos. They feature an image-stabilized lens branded with the famous Carl Zeiss name, coupled with high pixels imager, and maximum ISO sensitivity of 1000.

Other features include shutter speeds from 30 to 1/1000 second, a choice of Multi-pattern, Center-weighted, or Spot metering, five white balance presets, multiple scene modes, USB and video connectivity, and both Memory Stick Duo / Pro Duo storage coupled with high MB built-in memory. The Sony Cyber-shot T-series digital cameras are presently available in black color.

Sony W-Series

The Sony W-Series line of digital cameras allows users to directly connect them to High-Definition TV for full 1080 HD photo-viewing into a home theater. All of the cameras in this series are powered by the Bionz processing engine, first used in Sony's Alpha digital SLR camera system. This newly-added circuitry delivers the fast image processing speeds needed to produce color rich, detailed pictures for true high-definition photo viewing.

The Bionz engine also helps to speed up the cameras' response times and extend battery life. All of the cameras feature a built-in slide show function. The cameras incorporate Sony's new face detection technology, which can identify up to eight faces in the camera's LCD frame, and automatically adjust white balance and flash as well as focus and exposure.

Since its inception, Sony has always strived to make products that are user friendly and at the same time stylish and trendy. In cameras too, Sony has designed its products to suit the needs of both amateurs and professional. The models are popular with all as they let the user zero in on the desired subjects with ease. Clad in various attractive colors, the Sony cameras have the easy-to-use functionality of point and shoot digital cameras. .