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It is difficult to find a person on this earth, who doesn't love to munch chocolates. This might be an overstatement from the mouth of a person, who is a chocolate-aficionado. But almost every person must have developed an uncontrollable desire towards chocolate during a particulate period of his/her life. This is the reason why people send chocolate as gifts especially during festivals like Raksha Bandhan. This year, send chocolates gifts to your sister or brother; with the extensive use of online shopping portals, there is an upsurge in a trend - to buy chocolates online. Yes, these e-commerce portals help siblings exchange gifts on several occasions. Moreover, the new medium is warmly welcome by Indians living abroad; now they can send chocolate to India to their loved ones. Among their favourites are: dark chocolates, handmade chocolates, sugarfree, Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury, Choco Pie, Kinder Joy, Snickers, Assorted Chocolates and more.