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It all starts with you! Welcome to the beautiful world of laptops powered by Windows 8 - the latest OS from Microsoft. Right from the start, it captures your attention with number of wonderful features like vibrant start screen, built-in applications, playlist, emails and more. You can view your favourite picture even if your Windows 8 laptop is locked; moreover, quick notifications are at your finger tips on your locked screen. Just like a Smartphone, you can open your locked laptop with a picture password, tracing a pattern on the picture. Browse through a showcase of the latest Windows 8 laptops and buy one for you!
A powerful range of HP Windows 8 Laptops for you. Now use Windows 8 laptops for entertainment, work or for both. While you are chatting with friends, you can scope out a map or play games while doing your routine tasks at office (don’t blame anybody if your manager catches you red-handed). Moreover, you can switch over to any other window with your eyes closed; from spreadsheet to video in a swipe. Your tasks are done quickly with built-in apps like People, Mail, Photos and Messaging. Explore a huge store of new apps in Windows 8 laptops!