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Birthday Cake To Make Your Day

Birthdays are incomplete without birthday cakes. A birthday cake is often accompanied with candles and attractive toppings like cherry, strawberries etc. Ever wondered how the cake, was discovered? Well, in the 17th century it was baked like the bread but was made sweet and sometimes garnished with nuts. Birthday cakes are mainly classified based on the flavor and texture and sometimes based on the ingredients. Chocolate, vanilla, truffle, rich chocolate, carrot, pineapple, mango, black forest are the main varieties available in the market.

Chocolate Birthday Cake

Chocolate cakes are among the most popular flavors for birthday cake and are richly laden with cream. The cake may be garnished with nuts and chocolate glaze to enhance the look and taste. Chocolate flavor is sometimes complemented with cherries. The cake can be made richer with a combination of nuts like hazelnuts, walnuts and spices like nutmeg for the tangy taste. Chocolate cakes with a tinge of orange flavor are also hugely popular.

Black Forest Birthday Cake

This is among the most popular birthday cake of recent times. Sour cherries are used in garnishing the black forest cake along with chocolate shavings. A delicious variety indeed, Black forest cake is available at Infibeam.com. Avail the online shopping facility and buy it as a gift for someone special on his/her birthday. What is more? Get the birthday cake delivered to his/her doorstep at a scheduled time option.

Pineapple Birthday Cake

The pineapple cake is multilayered too, with whipped cream servings in all the intermittent layers. The pineapple flavor is brought about by the pineapple orange juice. This type of birthday cake is topped with a layer of whipped cream and cherries. Thin slices of pineapple are also used in garnishing the cake to give it a delightful appearance.

Strawberry Birthday Cake

Strawberry cake is a hot favorite amongst kids. Strawberry flavored birthday cake is pink in color and has the lingering taste of strawberries. Its best during summers when you have fresh strawberries to top, otherwise the flavor is brought about by the syrup that goes into the cake. The whipped cream which gives it the rich flavor is mixed with mashed strawberry extract, to authenticate the taste. This is most popular at children's birthday parties.

Vanilla Birthday Cake

The creamy & soft vanilla cakes are selling like hot cake in India as these cakes are easily available everywhere. There is a variety of vanilla cakes for customers, who like to celebrate their birthdays in a unique way. Available in different size and shape, these cakes make your day very special with its mouthwatering taste. You can garnish your vanilla cake with dried fruits, tutti-frutti, raspberry, roses and other fruits.

Truffle Birthday Cake

There are many varieties of Truffle Cake, which include Classic Chocolate Truffle Cake, Marble Truffle Cake, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cake, and Mocha Hazelnut Truffle Cake. The most popular among these, however, is the Chocolate Truffle Cake. It contains corn syrup, chocolate liquor and cocoa butter along with the other ingredients. These are excellent cakes for birthdays and all other important occasions.

Cakes were at one point of time, available only to the wealthy. It is now commonly seen in all celebrations irrespective of age groups. Cakes are the most preferred desserts of all time and no birthday is complete without the age old tradition of cutting the birthday cake.

Birthday cakes come in various shapes. The most popular being round and heart shaped ones. For all types of birthday cake requirements, log on to Infibeam.com and search through the product category to select the birthday cake of your choice. Send birthday cakes to India on the occasion of that special someone's birthday. Avail the shopper friendly approach offered at Infibeam.com and experience the difference.