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Purchasing Diamonds? A Short Guide

Most people usually feel thrilled and get excited while discussing about acquiring diamonds. Purchasing diamonds is a unique experience in itself. However, before you buy a diamond, it is worthy to delve deeper about its many intricacies. Since no two diamonds are similar, like snowflakes or fingerprints, it is always worthy to be familiar with certain thumb rules while purchasing diamonds...

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How to Determine Your Ring Size?

Prior to printing, Ensure that page scaling is set to ''none'' on your print dialog box, Measure the bar on the left to ensure it is exactly 2 inches, or 50 mm long, If measurement is not accurate, check that you are printing the page at full size and reprint before continuing...

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Indian Jewellery - A Thing of Beauty & Joy Forever

The escalation in fashion and apparel industry has led to a rapid upsurge in the jewellery market. The word jewellery is derived from the word jewel, which was anglicized from the French ''jouel'' around the 13th century. The first pieces of jewellery were made from bones, shells, teeth and wood. In the past, jewellery has been largely flaunted as a symbol of wealth. Today, Jewellery is chiefly made from noble metals like platinum, gold and silver. Jewellery made out of metal, beads and gemstones is also extremely popular...

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