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3G Cell Phones in India

3G Mobile or 3rd generation of mobile communication in the world is the latest fad in mobile technology. The new phenomenon has caused a sea-change in the way we use cell phones. 3g handsets have accelerated the services like multimedia, mobile broadband, internet access. That is not all; 3g phones have made it possible to view video footage on our mobile phones. With 3g cell phones, life has become so exciting as we can make video calls, watch live TV, access high speed internet, receive emails and download music. Not to forget the person-to-person video calling, live streaming, downloadable entertainment video, news and sports programmes also.

3g cell phones India were first introduced in 2008 with 3g supported mobile and data services by BSNL. Then, 3g cell phones were also introduced by some private cell phones service providers also. Regardless of 3g handsets prices, customers have shown keen interest in 3g cell phones and are purchasing 3g handsets with great enthusiasm. Today, almost all small or big mobile manufacturers provide 3G handsets to customers. And Infibeam is one of the leading e-commerce sites in India which offer a large number of handsets to its customers. 3g cell phones India are here to stay!