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Dual SIM Cell Phones in India

QWERTY Phone is the latest fad among the mobile users across the world. The name QWERTY comes from the first six letters of the top row of the keyboard. These QWERTY cell phones give us the ease to type text in the same way as we type in keys on a computer keyboard. And therefore, QWERTY cell phone is more in vogue than the mobile phones with traditional keypad. QWERTY cell phones in India are very popular as youngsters never get over sending text messages to their friends, special friends and colleagues.

QWERTY keypad cell phones enable user to type in text messages fast and stherefore, we can send SMS whenever we are in any emergency. QWERTY cell phones in India have almost captured a huge market share since its launch in India. And now almost all big mobile manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Micromax, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry and more design QWERTY mobiles.

QWERTY keypad handsets, even with their smart features, are available at a very low price; hence anybody can afford these QWERTY cell phones. Even college students now flaunt their QWERTY Smartphone handsets in and around the campus. And finally, we should not forget Christopher Sholes, who invented QWERTY keypad, with which we can write so fast and accurately on computer keyboard and on phone keypad.