Samsung Galaxy Mobiles Price

One of the most successful brands in smartphone market in India, Samsung Galaxy has regularly updated its mobile store with latest features and specifications. Be it excellent touch screen or the latest version of Android OS, highly advanced camera or expandable memory slot – Samsung Galaxy mobile has become a one-stop solution for any working executive or a businessman, who has to travel frequently. Holding Samsung Galaxy phones in hands boosts ego of many Indians as the phone boasts many smart features and facilities.
Since 2009, Samsung Galaxy mobiles have taken Indian mobile market by storm; one by one, the series has released high-performance smartphones for Indian consumers. From its very first Samsung Galaxy to Samsung Galaxy S5, there has been more than 65 mobile series of Samsung Galaxy phone. Apart from its excellent features, the phone has another advantage and that is Samsung Galaxy price in India. With affordable price list, Samsung Galaxy has emerged as unbeaten player on the Indian smartphone arena.