Best Headphones in India (Stereo, Wireless, Sony ...)

Headphones or Earphones are essentially a pair of speakers which are held very close to the user's ears. It is important to buy headphones that give good quality sound effect rather than a spectacular appearance. Headphones are particularly designed to maximize listening experience and keep ambient noise out. Headphones are mainly classified depending on the physical attributes and the position they occupy on the ears. However depending on their functionality they may be classified as:

Stereo Headphones

Stereo Headphones are musical delight for your ears. The high-quality sound, comfortable design and affordability make these stereo headphones indispensable for youth. Its ultra-compact character ensures that you can move around with ease wherever you go.

Wireless Headphones

Wireless is 'in' thing and here are wireless headphones that give you more comfort and ease while you are listening to your favourite music. Wireless headphones allow you to wander without worry. For outdoor freaks, Cordless headphones are godsend as they are always on the go. With their hands free, they can enjoy their long drives and rides without any hassle.

Sony Headphones

If sound is your world, Sony headphones are for you. Now, step out in style and let your individuality speaks volumes for yourself. Vibrant range of Sony headphones is now available here at the most affordable prices. Compact, comfortable and loaded with high-quality sound and uber-cool bass technology, these headphones can easily separate you from the crowd.

Philips Headphones

For some, music is the only thing they can feel and for such souls, Philips headphones are perfect accessories - whether they are at home, office, in the library, at multiplex or maneuvering cars or bikes. The stylish ear gears are water-proof and hence, you never feel sweaty even while you are sweating. Now, take a ride in the rain while listening to your favourite numbers.

Creative Headphones

Creative in true sense of the word - Creative headphones are packed with so many innovative features, that it is hard to say no to these devices. Take a look at the features: foldable design for easy storage, superior sonic performance, premium voice calls, fuss-free wireless connectivity, enhanced wireless audio experience, control at your fingertips, comfort to the ears wireless communication for your computer and use with your iPhone or iPod.

iBall Headphones

iBall headphones are available in six categories: clarity headsets, clarity backphones, clarity back earphones, clarity earphones, USB headests and cordless headsets. Each comprises state-of-the-art headphones that give you ultra-comfort to your ears musical treat to your senses.

Panasonic Headphones

'Bring the best in technology' is the motto at Panasonic. And therefore, a product as small as headphone comes out best from Panasonic facility. Despite its humongous brand personality, Panasonic headphones are available at amazingly affordable prices. A range of cool headphones are: dj headphones, shockwave series earphones, long cord headphones, lightweight headphones, neckband type headphones, band type headphones, cordless headphones, pro monitor headphones and more.

Maxell Headphones

One of the key features of Maxell headphones is Noise Cancellation. And the feature is a dire need of the hour as we suffer hell lot of noise pollution everyday. Listen to soothing music and keep those unwanted noises at arm's length. Check out the vibrant range of Maxell headphones: action sports, colour buds, crystal ear buds, kids' safe, stereo headphones, peanutz and more.

DJ Headphones

We love to listen to the music played by DJ but we never ponder over how he is synchronizing the music. Apart from his funky looks, DJ has something to boast of - that is DJ headphones. Though headphones play pivotal role in the success of a DJ party or night, they are not appreciated enough. Headphones allow DJ to listen to forthcoming record which acts as a signal thus enables enabling him to mix music precisely.

Professional Headphones

True to its name, professional headphones have unique function. This series of professional headphones has earned laurels in the market for its perfect critical audio monitoring capability and its high reliability over long period of usage. The other well-known brands of headphones include AKG, Behringer, Sennheiser and Shure.


Earphones are like headphones but do not cover the outer ears; rather they, to some degree, enter the ears. They are also known as earphones, ear buds, ear plugs, stereo phones or headsets. Since they enter ears, you can adjust these ear plugs and enjoy music as they promise high quality sound. Sony, Panasonic, Casio, Sennheiser HDR are the major brands that produce and market earphones for an exceptional sound effect.

Procuring headphones at a physical store may limit you to fewer brands and corresponding models. One of the most accepted means of shopping however are the online marts. Not only do you get to see a wide range of products but also get the opportunity to avail huge discounts, which make the purchase worthwhile. is one such destination where you may procure headphones from various brands and avail attractive offers. With the free shipping option you may send headphones to India for your loved ones.