Astrology Products to Touch the String of Harmony

Are you one of those people who cannot wait to get hold of the Newspaper in the mornings, to see what the stars have in store for you? Do you never miss television shows that give weekly forecast on various Zodiac signs? Rest assured that the faith wave has just brushed past you. It should not be surprising, as spirituality has become more of a necessity today, with ever increasing stress and competition in life.

There are several facets to the existing science that predicts and enhances life. Most prominent among them are Vastu Shasta, Feng Shui, Religious Predictions, Yantras etc…Astrology is a study that claims divination by analyzing the position of the planets, the sun and moon. People often turn to astrology and spiritual help for want of love, fame, health and peace. Vastu Shastra is essentially a type of scientific assistance employed for a new home that enables, appropriate positioning of all objects that comprise the interiors. Feng Shui is a Chinese science that helps bring order and harmony in the house.

There are several tools that help nullify adverse effects caused by celestial bodies and their orientations. A few are discussed below.

Astrology: A Science?

In simple terms Astrology is a study that claims divination by analyzing the position of the planets, the sun and the moon. Several predictions and methods to neutralize upheavals have been studied over an epoch with excellent results. A few products of such extensive studies are listed below:

Rudraksha-beads that heal

Rudraksha beads are the most popular spiritual beads which have the power to ward off mishaps. It is essentially the seed of the ‘Rudraksha tree’ botanically known as the Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb. Rudraksha beads are available in the following forms:

  • String: They are used in meditation for spiritual healing.
  • Bracelet: Can be worn on a daily basis for an enhanced life.
  • Bead: Worn either as a pendant or armlet.

Rudraksha beads are differentiated by the number of faces that are seen on the external surface. The faces on the bead are specific to a particular Zodiac sign and must be worn accordingly. Before using the bead it may be washed with raw milk and pure water.

Gem stones- what is your lucky stone?

Gemstones are believed to have a strong influence on the effects of planetary orientation. The gemstone can be worn as a finger ring or pendant such that it lies close to the skin. The suns rays percolating through the stone, to the skin have a positive influence on our being. Stones like emerald, ruby, amethyst, sapphire, topaz and cats eye are the most popular ones for specific Zodiac signs.

Yantras & Locket- would you like to wear one?

Yantras are instruments or symbols with a spiritual concept. Get positive results and enhanced life with Yantras that you could wear or place in your Puja room. has Yantras in the form of silver and copper lockets, dedicated to specific deities. Silver lockets with idols of deities engraved on them, are ideal for the devout. They are believed to bring good luck when worn with reverence.

Crystal Prisms:

Crystal prisms with the 'Shivling' or 'Lord Ganesha' engraved on them are known to have positive influence on a domestic as well as office set up.

Feng Shui: Bring in positive energy!

The word Feng Shui is “wind-water�? in the literal sense. This ancient art and Science was developed over 3,000 years in China. It is gaining popularity of late. Be it for health, wealth or betterment of life, Feng Shui tools negate the bad influences of the stars or uneventful endeavors. It is also known for its healing effects.

Some of the best loved products from Feng Shui include,

Symbols: Feng Shui symbols help balance and harmonize the elements within your home. Feng Shui symbols are mainly the symbols of earth, metal, wood, water and fire. Therefore by procuring these symbols, you add each element of the universe in your home. They are direction specific and should be appropriately placed.

Crystals: In Feng Shui, crystals are extensively used for the specific energy, or vibrations, they bring to the space. This energy or vibration is the harbinger of peace and harmony.

Coins: Feng Shui coins bring good luck and wealth.

Curios: There are several Feng Shui curios like the laughing Buddha, bamboo plant, three legged toad, triple tortoise, lucky bells and the dragon ship which have specific role to play in enhancing life, bringing in good fortune. Education towers and mirrors are other important mementoes used extensively in Feng Shui. Wind chimes is yet another imperative aspect of Feng Shui which is by far, the most loved and is seen in most domestic set ups. They help disperse bad energy.

Each of these curios is not a mere showpiece. They add value to our lives. Feng Shui products make excellent gift options for friends and family. You may procure these lucky mementoes after consulting a Feng Shui expert.

Shopping online can be the right choice, as you get to see a wide range of products on display. is one such shopping portal where you not only get exclusive products of astrological significance but also gain useful information regarding the same. Easy website tools make shopping all the more fun.

These faith related solutions, may not always be the cure but often minimize catastrophes. Get hold of spiritual beads and Feng Shui products. Add a dash of interminable faith and beam, as you see your life take a positive turn.