Educational Toys & Games in India

"All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy", goes the age-old saying. How true it is! But what about work, play and learn at the same time? Yes, this is what educational toys are all about.

With growing emphasis on kids to learn as early as possible, educational toys with both the fun and learn quotient are much sought after by well informed parents.

Read on to know more about educational games and learning toys that are interactive, fun and educate at the same time...

We are sure this write up would help you to choose the right educational toy or games for your little one...

Choosing the Right Learning Toy:

Educational toys/games must be picked with an eye on the age of the child. There are various educational toys available in the market that makes the most of a child's learning potential. As an infant grows, it needs a different set of challenges; therefore toys must be bought with the child's abilities in mind.

When you step into a toy store, think of the 'function' of the toy for your child. The more flexible the better, since it can have a longer life than toys with just one function. You may check out bricks, detachable pieces, constructions sets, see-and-make kits. Look for learning toys/games that have different functions for different age groups. In this way the toys can be used later when the child reaches that stage.

Good examples of educational toys are stacking kits, take apart and rebuild toys such as trucks, trailers or trains. The young babies enjoy the sound and sight of these. As they grow they begin to suck and finger them. When they're about two years they begin putting the parts together.

Educational Toys for 1-6 months:

Toys play a vital role in a kid's life right from the first month of its birth. Though the infant cannot hold or handle toys at this stage, it can surely see and hear. Keep colorful and rattling toys hanging over the child's cot. The newborn not only enjoys looking and listening to them but also learns about its surrounding sights and sounds. These are educational toys for beginners that help to develop an infant’s natural skills, hand-eye coordination and imagination.

Variety is the name of the game; hence keep changing the toys whenever you can. However, remember that at this stage, for an infant cuddling, talking, making sounds and playing peek-a-boo is far more important than any learning toys.

Educational Toys for 6-12 months:

At this age, babies begin to experience, explore and communicate. They reach out to objects, suck them, poke their fingers in holes and look inside and underneath.

Educational toys, like monkeys that flip over, rolling objects that jingle, are ideal for children at this age. They even enjoy seeing colorful books with great pictures.

At this stage the infant also starts to mumble a word or two. So think smart, as what learning toys to give the child to play, as it usually picks up words which are used more frequently.

Learning Toys for 1-2 year olds:

The child will now fast outgrow his toys. So look for things which have a longer life. Educational toys that have pieces to be fit into one another are a great idea. The child can take things apart, though he/she can't put them together. Dolls and teddies will be cuddled, given food and put to sleep just like the way they see adults doing. Large wooden trucks pulled by a string are popular with this age group.

Some infants between the age group of 1-2 years also scribble on walls, notebooks etc. imitating their elder sibling or cousins. So you may also give the child a notebook and a pencil to scribble anything under the sky. These are in-fact good learning toys that help in the child's mental growth.

Educational Toys and games for 2-3 years:

This is the age for the child to sit and concentrate for longer periods. Educational toys like Jigsaw puzzles and building blocks are appropriate for the 2-3 year old child. It will begin to put things together. He/she also starts to show increased interest in 'pretend' play, talking to dolls, playing parent, or teacher. Now you have to give, not just a doll, but a doll with companions and a home. Bat and ball, cycles, swings and slides enthrall the male child. Girls however prefer the cooking range, dolls, tables, chairs and brooms.

Choose right educational toys and help your child develop natural skills, at an early age. Mathematics, memorizing power, and problem-solving skills can be enhanced with proper learning toys and games.

Buying Educational or Learning Toys Online:

Though educational toys can be purchased from a physical store, yet buying toys online is a brilliant idea. The Toys and Games store is a great option as here; you can do your research before narrowing down on your preferred choice. The store also has detailed description about their products and caters to a wide range of consumers regarding price, brand, color etc. You can also compare price of the similar toys at the site and order one that gives you the best value.