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The Jamnagar district of Gujarat epitomizes a perfect blend of heritage and modernity. It is a coastal town which is situated 92 km north west of Rajkot.There are buildings of ancient times on one hand and a well planned city with modern facilities on the other. Besides monuments; it is a major tourist attraction, as it is home to some of the most exclusive handicrafts.

Jamnagar is situated on the confluence of the rivers Nagmati and Rangmati and was previously known as Nawanagar. The city of Jamnagar was founded by Jam Raval who made it his capital. It is located around 300 km from Ahmedabad and is situated in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat.

The Jadeja Rajputs known as Jams contributed greatly to the development of the city and employed European town planning techniques, which is evident in the new city.From being an ancient city to symbolizing industrial revolution, the city of Jamnagar is certainly one of the places in Gujarat which holds tourist importance.

There are numerous places of tourist importance in Jamnagar.

Lakhota Fort & Kotha Bastion

There is an island in the centre of the old city, which houses two magnificent structures namely the Lakhota Fort and Bhujia Kotha or Kotha Bastion. The Lakhota Fort is situated in the middle of the Lakhota Lake. The fort houses a museum and you can see an articulate display of sculpture that traverses from 9th till the 18th century in time. The museum can be reached by a causeway from the north side of Ranmal Lake.

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Initially a palace, the museum now has fresco paintings depicting war scenes from the battles fought by the Jadeja rulers. Tenth century excavated artifacts like copper plates, statues are also seen here. Besides this there is a Dargah. You can also enjoy a boat ride at the Lakhota lake.

The Kotha Bastion has fine collections of coins, sculptures, coins,inscriptions and copper plates.There is an old well wherein water can be drawn by blowing into a small hole in the floor.

Bhujio Kotho

It is located on the banks of the Lakhota Tank near the Khambholiya Gate. The monument has five floors and was believed to be constructed for protection against the many invasions. In the first floor you will see guns that are placed in different directions. The upper floor has a tank constructed to store water, the highest point of which is festooned with a dancing peacock.

Pratap Villas

Visit this beautiful palace inspired by the Victoria Memorial of Calcutta. It has beautiful carvings of birds, animals, creepers and plants. There are three domes which are made of glass.


This is also known as the Ranjit institute of Poly-Radio Therapy and was built by Jam Shri Ranjitsinhji with the help of an expert from France. There is a revolving tower which provides sunlight all day long, which is used in the Solar Therapy facility. The facility is used in the treatment of skin diseases. The solarium is a must visit as it is the only one of its kind in Asia.

Marine National Park

It is the one and only Marine National Park in India, and is also known as Pirotan Island. Located in the Arabian Sea portion of Jamnagar and spread over an area of 458 sq km the park is home to different species of crabs, scorpions, wiper- Isosceles, Sea snakes, Sea slugs and other marine creatures. It is also a paradise for ornithologists and wildlife enthusiasts. If you are the adventurous kind and love being one with nature then make sure to visit the Pirotan Island.

Khijadia Bird Sanctuary

This place which witnesses the blending of sea water and fresh water was declared a sanctuary on the 6th November 1982.Earlier there was a Dam which stored fresh water. Over the years, geographical variations resulted in the formation of a unique type of land amidst the blend of sea and river water.

Depending on the water type two different varieties of vegetation started growing here inviting wildlife. Birds and animals started flocking this area and dwelling here. The sanctuary spans an area of 605 hectares.

Temples in Jamnagar

Bala Hanuman

It is located at the southeastern side of Ranmal Lake or the Lakhota Lake. This is a prime tourist destination and you should not miss it, more so because it is one of those few places to have made it to the Guinness book of world records. There is a continuous chanting of Ram Dhun which started way back in the year 1964, on the first of August and has continued ever since. So for a devout tourist this place is a must visit.

Darbar Gadh

The centre of the old town is known as Darbar Gadh. The former Maharaja used to hold public audiences here, hence the name. It was the original residence of the Jams. The architecture is a blend of Rajput and European styles. Prior permission is required to visit the palace. You can see some fine examples of stone carvings, wall paintings, fretwork jali-screens and ornamental mirrors. Carved pillars and magnificent sculpture also beautify the place. The walls outside have carved balconies which is Indian, a carved gate and Venetian-Gothic arches make this place an architecturally extravagant.It is sad to note that earthquake in 2001 caused major damage to the Darbargadh.

The two most important urban design projects in front of the Darbargadh are Wellingdon Crescent and Chelmsford Market.

Willingdon Crescent

It is an important landmark in Jamnagar. It is quite spectacular with swooping arches overlooking the wide streets of Chelmsford Market. You can see the statue of Jam Saheb right in the center of the structure. The royal emblem of the Jam Saheb crowns the crescent.

Cremation Park

It is surprisingly a pleasant place to visit. It has depictions of scenes from the Ramayana. Apart from that there are statues of saints and deities

Mandvi Tower

It is a very impressive building of ancient times which is vibrant and colorful.

The city is also home to the Air force, Army and Naval bases due to its proximity to the neighboring nation i.e Pakistan. The Reliance refinery which is the largest green field refinery and the third largest refinery in the world is located here. Besides the many industries the place is also well known for tie and dye fabrics and other handicrafts like silk and gold embroidery, silver and brass ware.

The exuberant aura of the city can only be experienced by visiting the place. So on your visit to Jamnagar; make sure to imbibe this rare aura by visiting the above mentioned exotic places to make your trip worthwhile.

Places to visit nearby


Considered as one of the holiest places in India, Dwarka is a very important tourist destination and is located 150 km from Jamnagar. Lord Krishna’s abode for almost 100 years, the place is well known for the Dwarkadish temple and may be visited any time of the year though a visit during Janmashtami is considered very auspicious.

Besides Dwarka there are several other places of tourist and religious importance which you may pay a visit to. The Rukmini Devi Temple, Gomati Ghat Temples, Nageshwar Temple are other temples that you could visit while in Dwarka.

Bet Dwarka is a beautiful Island around 3 km from Okha port by sea. You can see several temples in the island. The east end of the island has a beach which is not much visited. These lesser visited beaches are undoubtedly cleaner hence better getaways.

Besides these there are temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, a cluster of Jain Temples and Bhid Bhanjan Temple which are important tourist attractions. The Navlakha Temple in Ghumli, The Ancient Sun temple and Kileshwar Temple in Barda Hills are other tourist destinations of religious importance.


Famous as Gandhijis birthplace it also has some places of tourist importance.

Reaching there

By Air: The nearest airport is Jamnagar Govardhanp airport located 10 km from the main city.

By Rail: Jamnagar is a part of western railway and very well connected with the important cities.

By road: There are well linked road links from Jamnagar and other cities. Car rentals is also a good option.

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