Citizen Watch: Innovation Personified

Citizen watches are for people; as the name suggests, Citizen Watch is made for citizen of the world. Citizen watch was first produced in 1924 by Shokosha Watch Research Institute, and then there is no looking back for this international brand - Citizen Watch. Today, the brand enjoys its worldwide presence through an extensive retail network; moreover, with the advent of internet, Citizen Watches are also available online through e-commerce portals.

Citizen Watches India has emerged as a strong brand through its two-way communication strategy; for its success, brand gives credit to in-depth research, consumer feedback and state-of-the-art technology. Citizen watch in India understands the psychology and need of Indian consumers and then designs its wrist watches that suit the daily challenges of Indian customers.

Citizen watches India has introduced four types of watches - Gents, Ladies, Promaster and Super Titanium. All four types cater to different target audience with different marketing strategy. Citizen watch in India has adopted 360 degree marketing communication and made all efforts to reach the hearts of Indian consumers. In its marketing campaign, the brand has maintained Citizen watches price till the date.