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Ever since the launch of the smartphones, the entire mobile phone industry went in for a huge change where people were convinced that a mobile phone can do much more than just receive and make calls. It gave a whole new meaning to the mobile phone industry. The competition became intense and one thing was sure, the one that innovates and adapts to new changes always stayed in competition. Though there are many brands of smartphones available with various operating systems, the most popular and economical amongst all of them are the Android phones.

Android mobile phones have become extremely popular in the Indian market with almost every 3rd person owning an android phone. In India people give importance to the price and quality of a product, hence they will take decision of buying any product only when they are satisfied with both price and quality of a product. So in this regard, Android phones have garnered a huge fan following across India. Android phones are also easy to use and very simple to operate.

Android mobile phones are available at different prices and in various brands; you can opt for the luxury ones, which are quite expensive or economical ones that suit the budget of everyone. Today, smartphones are ruling the mobile phone industry and we no longer have the old Java mobile phones that are available. This definitely goes to show how the entire mobile phone industry has been impacted.

Though android phones are available in all price ranges, it is very important to buy it from the right place. Android mobile phones are also perfect gifting options for many occasions because they are simple to operate and are available at almost all centres. Also the most important aspect of a mobile phones is its after sale services, which are available at all places. This helps a lot of people who purchase luxury phones and are facing issues with their after sale services.

Today online shopping has become very popular and people prefer to shop products online. Shopping an android phone online has become quite common because people can get to know all about the latest android mobile phones that are available on the online store. Also shopping online will definitely offer you a wider range of android mobile phones; much more than what is offered in a physical store. People can definitely save a lot of time and energy by shopping it online.