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"We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too". Thus, reading benefits us in both ways. There are abundant reasons on the importance of reading. Some read for pleasure, some read for knowledge, some read for the love of literature while some may read just to pass the time. Whatever the reason may be, reading is one of the best hobbies one can ever have. The world of reading is infinite, one cannot finish reading all the books in a single lifetime. Reading preferences vary from person to person. Newspapers, novels or magazines are great learning tools. People who are not die-hard lover of books, generally prefer reading mazagines during leisure.

Magazines are available for people of every age group starting from kids to adults. With e-reading getting popular in India, books and magazines are also available online. You don't have to take the pain of hopping around streets to get hold of your favourite magazines. Infibeam stores ample of magazines for you to choose from according to your reading preferences. "Reader's Digest", one of the best selling mazagines of all times is available at Infibeam which comes with one additional book "Become a Magnet to Money".

On one year subscription to "Reader's Digest, you can get this book absolutely free. Travel, News & Events, Health, Entertainment and Business; name it and there are a lot of magazines that you can explore online. Magazines like Stardust, Filmfare and Femina have always been popular among the masses. Stardust is the largest selling film magazine in the world. Now, you can also avail it online at a decent price. While these magazines confine mostly to teenagers and adults, there are magazines for children as well. Most of us must have read magazines like Champak, Tinkle, and Chacha Choudhary during our childhood. Now you can gift these magazines to your child and tell them stories that they will enjoy. 

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