Online Book Store: Repertoire of Books, Variegated Genres

Books are one of the most saleable categories on e-commerce portals in India. Given the ease of placing orders and delivery, books have become highest selling products online. Sensing huge business opportunities, online shopping portals launched online book store. And now it is no secret that books are leading the online revolution in most parts of the globe. Books have emerged as an extremely popular item over the internet. Research and studies have confirmed that more than 50 percent of internet users buy books online.

Here is a bookstore India that showcases a repertoire of books dealing with variegated genres like literature, fiction, non-fiction, academics, science, biography & autobiography, business & economics, art, comics & graphic novels, education, health & fitness, medicine, sports & recreation, technology & engineering and more. Today no major brick and mortar book seller can operate his business without looking at the repercussions that the online book industry has brought along with it. As the trend becomes more popular, the book selling model is being successfully applied to other product categories on the internet.