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    Professional Android 4 Application Development

     By Reto Meier [Ebook, Adobe epub 2012]
    Rs. 2,183 1,637 (25% OFF)    Download Sample eBook
    Discontinued Developers, build mobile Android apps using Android 4 The fast-growing popularity of Android smartphones and tablets creates a huge opportunities for developers. If you're an experienced developer, you can start creating robust mobile Android apps right away with this professional guide to Android 4 application development. Written by one of...   more
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    Java 2: The Complete Reference, Fifth Edition

     By Herbert Schildt [Ebook, Adobe pdf]
    Rs. 3,214 2,411 (25% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Description: This book is the most complete and up-to-date resource on Java from programming guru, Herb Schildt -- a must-have desk reference for every Java programmer. Table of Contents: Part I: The Java Language 1: The Genesis of Java 2: An Overview of Java 3: Data Types, Variables, and Arrays...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2002, 5th Edition
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    Java The Complete Reference, Seventh Edition

     By Herbert Schildt [Ebook, Adobe pdf]
    Rs. 3,214 2,411 (25% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Description:   The world's leading programming author offers comprehensive coverage of the new Java release The definitive guide to Java has been fully expanded to cover every aspect of Java SE 6, the latest version of the world's most popular Web programming language. This comprehensive resource contains everything you need...   more
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    Programming with JAVA : A Primer

     By E Balagurusamy [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2009, 4th Edition]
    Rs. 385 308 (20% OFF)
    Discontinued About the Book : Programming with Java,4e , gives an excellent account of the fundamentals of Java Programming. The language concepts are aptly explained in simple and easy-to-understand style, supported with examples, illustrations and programming and debugging exercises. Key Features     Discusses updates added to the latest version of JAVA....   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2009, 4th Edition
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    Hadoop: The Definitive Guide

     By Tom White [Ebook, Open epub]
    Rs. 2,571 2,057 (20% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Organizations large and small are adopting Apache Hadoop to deal with huge application datasets. Hadoop: The Definitive Guide provides you with the key for unlocking the wealth this data holds. Hadoop is ideal for storing and processing massive amounts of data, but until now, information on this open source project...   more
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    Java Web Services: Up and Running

     By Martin Kalin [Ebook, Open epub]
    Rs. 1,800 1,440 (20% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! A quick, practical, and thorough introduction Description: This example-driven book offers a thorough introduction to Java's APIs for XML Web Services (JAX-WS) and RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS). Java Web Services: Up and Running takes a clear, pragmatic approach to these technologies by providing a mix of architectural overview, complete working...   more
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    Pure JSP

     By Goodwill [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2003]
    Rs. 1,255 879 (30% OFF)
    Discontinued Adobe PDF eBook Rights: Copying not allowed. Printing not allowed. Lending not allowed. Reading aloud not allowed. Never expires. Pure JSP gives a very concise conceptual overview of the JavaServer Pages technology and its related components. Once you have a firm foundation with the JSP technology, related topics such as...   more
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    Ubiquitous Computing: Smart Devices, Environments and Interactions

     By Stefan Poslad [Ebook, Adobe epub]
    Rs. 7,073 6,012 (15% OFF)
    Discontinued This book gives a rounded introduction to the complex field of ubiquitous computing in one volume. It describes how current technology models based upon mobile wireless services relate to and can evolve to support the ubiquitous computing vision. An accompanying website with PPT-slide, problems and solutions, exercises, bibliography, further reading....   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2010 Hardcover 2009
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    Object- Oriented JavaScript

     By Stoyan Stefanov [Ebook, Adobe epub]
    Rs. 1,543 1,465 (5% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Description: The book requires no prior knowledge of JavaScript and works from the ground up to give you a thorough grounding in this powerful language. If you do already know some JavaScript, you will find plenty of eye-openers as you discover just what the language can do. This book takes...   more
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    Head First C#

     By Jennifer Greene , Andrew Stellman [Ebook, Open epub]
    Rs. 2,571 2,057 (20% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Do you want to learn C#? Programmers around the world have learned that C# lets them design great-looking programs and build them fast. With C#, you ve got a powerful programming language and a valuable tool at your fingertips. And with the Visual Studio IDE, you ll never have to...   more
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    Head First PHP & MySQL

     By Lynn Beighley , Michael Morrison [Ebook, Open epub]
    Rs. 2,314 1,851 (20% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Description: If you're ready to create web pages more complex than those you can build with HTML and CSS, Head First PHP & MySQL is the ultimate learning guide to building dynamic, database-driven websites using PHP and MySQL. Packed with real-world examples, this book teaches you all the essentials of...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2009 Paperback 2008
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    Randomized Algorithms

     By Rajeev Motwani , Prabhakar Raghavan [Ebook, Adobe pdf]
    Rs. 4,630 4,167 (10% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! For many applications a randomized algorithm is either the simplest algorithm available, or the fastest, or both. This tutorial presents the basic concepts in the design and analysis of randomized algorithms. The first part of the book presents tools from probability theory and probabilistic analysis that are recurrent in algorithmic...   more
    Other Editions: Hardcover 1995 Paperback
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    Old Path White Clouds

     By Thich Nhat Hanh [Ebook, Adobe epub 2012]
    Rs. 1,778 1,600 (10% OFF)
    Discontinued This book presents the life and teachings of Gautama Buddha. Drawn from the Pali, Sanskrit and Chinese sources, it traces Buddha's life over the course of 80 years. 'The Buddha was the source. Venerable Svasti and the young buffalo boys were rivers that flowed from the source. Wherever the rivers...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2003, 2nd Edition
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    Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

     By Martin Fowler [Ebook, Adobe epub 2002]
    Rs. 3,499 3,324 (5% OFF)    Download Sample eBook
    Discontinued The practice of enterprise application development has benefited from the emergence of many new enabling technologies. Multi-tiered object-oriented platforms, such as Java and .NET, have become commonplace. These new tools and technologies are capable of building powerful applications, but they are not easily implemented. Common failures in enterprise applications often...   more
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    The Practice of Programming

     By Brain W Kernighan , Rob Pike [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2014]
    Rs. 2,571 2,443 (5% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! With the same insight and authority that made their book The Unix Programming Environment a classic, Brian Kernighan and Rob Pike have written The Practice of Programming to help make individual programmers more effective and productive. The practice of programming is more than just writing code. Programmers must also assess...   more
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    Real- Time Systems Design and Analysis, 3rd Edition

     By Phillip A Laplante [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2004]
    Rs. 9,254 8,792 (5% OFF)
    Discontinued Adobe PDF eBook Rights: Copy allowed for 15 selections within interval of 365 days Print allowed : Unlimited Read aloud allowed : Unlimited Description: Now in its third edition, Real-Time Systems Design and Analysis is essential for students and practicing software engineers who want improved designs, faster computation, and ultimate...   more
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    Cloud Computing Bible

     By Barrie Sosinsky [Ebook, Adobe epub 2010]
    Rs. 2,995 2,247 (25% OFF)    Download Sample eBook
    Discontinued The complete reference guide to the hot technology of cloud computing Its potential for lowering IT costs makes cloud computing a major force for both IT vendors and users; it is expected to gain momentum rapidly with the launch of Office Web Apps later this year. Because cloud computing involves...   more
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    Elements of Information Theory

     By Thomas M Cover , Joy A Thomas [Ebook, Adobe epub 2012]
    Rs. 7,723 7,337 (5% OFF)
    Discontinued The latest edition of this classic is updated with new problem sets and material The Second Edition of this fundamental textbook maintains the book's tradition of clear, thought-provoking instruction. Readers are provided once again with an instructive mix of mathematics, physics, statistics, and information theory. All the essential topics in...   more
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    OCA Oracle Database SQL Certified Expert Exam Guide (Exam 1Z0- 047)

     By Steve O Hearn [Ebook, Adobe pdf]
    Rs. 4,180 3,135 (25% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! About the Book : A Fully Integrated Study System for OCA Exam 1Z0-047 Prepare for the Oracle Certified Associate SQL Certified Expert exam with help from this exclusive Oracle Press guide. In each chapter, you'll find challenging exercises, practice questions, and a two-minute drill to highlight what you've learned. This...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2010
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    Cryptography & Network Security

     By Atul Kahate [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2007, 2nd Edition]
    Rs. 490 392 (20% OFF)
    Discontinued Security is one of the most significant concerns of any organisation. This book clearly explains the concepts and practical issues behind Cryptography and Network Security. The book has a lot of visual appeal, a large number of illustrations (412) are used to aid understanding. Each chapter is followed by multiple-choice...   more
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