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    Ubiquitous Computing: Smart Devices, Environments and Interactions

     By Stefan Poslad [Ebook, Adobe epub 2011]
    Rs. 7,062 6,003 (15% OFF)
    Discontinued This book gives a rounded introduction to the complex field of ubiquitous computing in one volume. It describes how current technology models based upon mobile wireless services relate to and can evolve to support the ubiquitous computing vision. An accompanying website with PPT-slide, problems and solutions, exercises, bibliography, further reading....   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2010 Hardcover 2009
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    Computers as Components: Principles of Embedded Computing System Design

     By Wayne Wolf [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2008]
    Rs. 5,775 5,082 (12% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Description: This book was the first to bring essential knowledge on embedded systems technology and techniques under a single cover. This second edition has been updated to the state-of-the-art by reworking and expanding performance analysis with more examples and exercises, and coverage of electronic systems now focuses on the latest...   more
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    Introduction to Software Testing

     By Paul Ammann , Jeff Offutt [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2008]
    Rs. 5,136 4,622 (10% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Description: Extensively class-tested, this textbook takes an innovative approach to software testing: it defines testing as the process of applying a few well-defined, general-purpose test criteria to a structure or model of the software. It incorporates the latest innovations in testing, including techniques to test modern types of software such...   more
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    Advances in Computers

     By Marvin Zelkowitz [Ebook, Adobe pdf 1995]
    Rs. 4,683 4,215 (10% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Description: This present volume describes some of the latest advances in the computer science field today. This current volume emphasizes information processing with chapters on artificial intelligence, data bases and software engineering. In particular it looks at the interfaces between AI and software development with chapters on how AI affects...   more
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    Bluetooth Application Programming with the Java APIs

     By C Bala Kumar , Paul J Kline , Timothy J Thompson [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2003]
    Rs. 4,876 4,291 (12% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Description: Adoption of Bluetooth wireless technology has made great strides in the last few years. One of the biggest steps forward-the standardization of Java APIs for Bluetooth wireless technology (JABWT)-is explained in detail in this book. The JABWT standard, defined by the JSR-82 specification, supports rapid development of Bluetooth applications...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2003 Paperback 2008
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    Build and Upgrade Your Own PC

     By Ian Sinclair [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2002]
    Rs. 2,436 2,144 (12% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! The book computer retailers don't want you to read! Ian Sinclair's Build Your Own books have established themselves as authoritative and highly practical guides for home and small business PC users and IT technicians alike. All aspects of building and upgrading a PC are covered, making this the book computer...   more
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    Business Strategies for Information Technology Management

     By Kalle Kangas [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2003]
    Rs. 3,849 3,464 (10% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! This business guide presents theoretical and empirical research on the business value of information technology (IT) and introduces strategic opportunities for using IT management to increase organizational performance. Implementation management is addressed with attention to customer relationship outsourcing, decision support systems, and information systems strategic planning. Domestic, international, and multinational...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2003
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    The Craft of Information Visualization: Readings and Reflections

     By Benjamin B Bederson , Ben Shneiderman [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2003]
    Rs. 6,032 4,222 (30% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Description: Since the beginning of the computer age, researchers from many disciplines have sought to facilitate people's use of computers and to provide ways for scientists to make sense of the immense quantities of data coming out of them. One gainful result of these efforts has been the field of...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2003
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    Eclipse IDE Pocket Guide

     By Ed Burnette [Ebook, Open epub 2005]
    Rs. 513 410 (20% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Eclipse is the world's most popular IDE for Java development. And although there are plenty of large tomes that cover all the nooks and crannies of Eclipse, what you really need is a quick, handy guide to the features that are used over and over again in Java programming. You...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2005 Paperback 2005
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    Information Systems and Technology Education: From the University to the Workplace

     By Glenn R Lowry , Rodney L Turner [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2007]
    Rs. 10,593 9,534 (10% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Description: Since its beginnings, the growth and development of the information systems and technology (IS&T) industry has been limited and shaped by the availability of sufficient numbers of skilled technical and professional workers. Information Systems and Technology Education: From the University to the Workplace presents a complete, global view of...   more
    Other Editions: Hardcover 2007
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    Interaction Design for Complex Problem Solving: Developing Useful and Usable Software

     By Barbara Mirel [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2003]
    Rs. 4,555 4,008 (12% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Description: Software for complex problem solving can dazzle people with advanced features and alluring visuals, but when actually put to use it often disappoints and even frustrates users. This software rarely follows the user's own work methods, nor does it give people the degree of control and choice that they...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2003
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    Logic Synthesis and Verification Algorithms

     By G D Hachtel , F Somenzi [Ebook, Adobe pdf]
    Rs. 8,537 7,683 (10% OFF)
    Discontinued Table of Contents: http://www.wkap.nl/prod/b/0-7923-9746-0?a=2 Logic Synthesis and Verification Algorithms is a textbook designed for courses on VLSI Logic Synthesis and Verification, Design Automation, CAD and advanced level discrete mathematics. It also serves as a basic reference work in design automation for both professionals and students. Logic Synthesis and Verification Algorithms...   more
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    Professional Issues in Information Technology

     By Frank Bott [Ebook, Adobe epub 2014]
    Rs. 2,632 2,237 (15% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Description: This book addresses the social, legal, financial, organisational and ethical issues relevant to IT professionals. It is designed to accompany the BCS HEQ 'Diploma in IT' core module: Professional Issues in Information Systems Practice. This new edition covers the social and legal implications of recent changes to legislation and...   more
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    Value Creation from E- Business Models

     By Wendy Currie [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2004]
    Rs. 5,582 4,912 (12% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Value Creation from E-Business Models provides a thorough analysis of what constitutes an e-business model. Unlike many e-business books available, this text draws together theoretical and empirical contributions from leading academic scholars in the field of management information systems. Divided into four parts, E-Business Models and Taxonomies; E-Business Markets; E-Business...   more
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    Visualization Handbook

     By Charles D Hansen , Chris R Johnson [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2011]
    Rs. 8,795 7,740 (12% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! The Visualization Handbook provides an overview of the field of visualization by presenting the basic concepts, providing a snapshot of current visualization software systems, and examining research topics that are advancing the field. This text is intended for a broad audience, including not only the visualization expert seeking advanced methods...   more
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    World Class IT Service Delivery

     By Peter Wheatcroft [Ebook, Adobe epub 2007]
    Rs. 3,145 2,673 (15% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Description: This book is a distillation of best practices in IT service delivery and demonstrates the factors that enable organisations to achieve world class standards. The book is for IT managers, executives and consultants. It supports the ISEB Service Management Certificate and other IT service management courses. Astonishingly few companies...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2007 Paperback 2007
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    A+ Fast Pass

     By David Groth , Faithe Wempen [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2006]
    Rs. 1,925 1,251 (35% OFF)
    Discontinued Adobe PDF eBook Rights: Copy allowed for 15 selections within interval of 365 days Print allowed : Unlimited Read aloud allowed : Unlimited Description: "The A+ certification from CompTIA certifies the competency of service technicians in the computer industry. Revised exams are due out Q4 of this year. A+ candidates...   more
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    Advanced C Concepts and Programming

     By Gayatri [Ebook, Open epub]
    Rs. 320 208 (35% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: This book is for readers of IT Fields. Key features of this book include: Used systematic approach throughout the book Programming advances in C without requiring prior knowledge in C language Simple language has been adopted to make the topics easy and clear to the readers This book covers...   more
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    Agent Culture: Human- agent interaction in A Multicultural World

     By Sabine Payr [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2004]
    Rs. 6,032 5,428 (10% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: In HCI vernacular "agents" are the prompts that help people through the steps required by software. Agent technology is a serious topic for software designers and HCI specialists, and they are morphing into more sophisticated entities with designable "pe...   more
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    The ALISA Shape Module: Adaptive Shape Recognition using a Radial Feature Token

     By Glenn C Becker [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2005]
    Rs. 835 793 (5% OFF)
    Discontinued Shape classification is a challenging image processing problem because shapes can occur in any position, at any orientation, and at any scale in an image. Shapes can also be obscured by gaps in their boundaries, occlusions, and noise. General shape classifiers often suffer from low precision, and specialized shape classifiers...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2002
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