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Books on Medical > Ethics

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    Clinical Ethics: A Practical Approach to Ethical Decisions in Clinical Medicine

     By Albert R Jonsen , Mark Siegler , William J Winslade [Ebook, Microsoft reader desktop 2006]
    Rs. 2,571 1,799 (30% OFF)
    Discontinued Make the right choice when facing the ethical issues that arise in clinical practice with this proven, trusted approach Solve everyday ethical problems with: The Four Topics Method: An easy approach used to identify, analyze, and resolve ethical problems in clinical medicine Numerous concise, illustrative case examples Current opinion on...   more
  • 2.  

    Pharmacoethics: A Problem- Based Approach

     By David A Gettman [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2003]
    Rs. 4,617 4,155 (10% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: The changing nature of the practice of pharmacy has increased the amount if ethical issues pharmacists will face during their careers. Reflecting the growing trend for expanded coverage of pharmacoethics in the pharmacy curriculum and the advent of problem-based learning, Pharmacoethics: A Problem-Based Approach presents 18 problem-based learning cases...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2003
  • 3.  

    Mental Illness and Public Health Care

     By James M Humber , Robert F Almeder [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2001]
    Rs. 2,190 2,080 (5% OFF)
    Discontinued Adobe PDF eBook Rights: Copying not allowed. Printing not allowed. Lending allowed. Reading aloud not allowed. Never expires. Is the involuntary commitment of the mentally ill morally proper? How can we determine proper psychiatric care in a managed health care system? And can a mental health professional violate patient’s confidentiality...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2010 Hardbound 2001
  • 4.  

    About Bioethics- Philosophical and Theological Approaches

     By Nicholas Tonti Filippini [Ebook, Adobe epub]
    Rs. 989 742 (25% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: Policy in Bioethics develops when people can reach agreement. We make progress when we listen to each other. About Bioethics, as the first of a series, explains the different secular and theological approaches to Bioethics, seeking to identify strengths as well as weaknesses because it is the strengths that...   more
  • 5.  

    America Debates Genetic DNA testing

     By Elizabeth Boskey [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2008]
    Rs. 1,930 1,737 (10% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: This intriguing book explains genetic testing and examines the debate over prenatal and adult testing, and the effects that genetic DNA testing can potentially have on society. The debate is presented in a very easy-to-understand manner; giving the reader insight into the issues and making the pros and cons...   more
    Other Editions: Library binding 2007
  • 6.  

    Am I My Brother s Keeper?

     By Arthur L Caplan [Ebook, Adobe pdf 1997]
    Rs. 1,581 1,186 (25% OFF)
    Discontinued Adobe PDF eBook Rights: Copy not allowed. Print not allowed. Read aloud allowed : Unlimited...   more
  • 7.  

    Animal Models in Light of Evolution

     By Niall Shanks , C Ray Greek [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2009]
    Rs. 2,640 2,508 (5% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: The central concern of this book is with the "prediction problem" in biomedical research. In particular, the authors examine the use of animal models to predict human responses in drug and disease research. The arguments discussed are drawn from both biological and biomedical theory (with numerous examples and case...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2009
  • 8.  

    The Behavior of Doctors: Their Health, Their Attitudes, Their Methods

     By Richard W Hudgens M D [Ebook, Adobe pdf]
    Rs. 263 250 (5% OFF)
  • 9.  

    Casebook on the Termination of Life- Sustaining Treatment and the Care of the Dying

     By Cynthia B Cohen [Ebook, Adobe pdf 1988]
    Rs. 525 394 (25% OFF)
    Discontinued Adobe PDF eBook Rights: Copy not allowed. Print not allowed. Read aloud allowed : Unlimited "The cases are presented in a concise and interesting manner...highlights the emerging consciousness of the importance of the contractualarrangement between physician and patient... " -- Journal of the AmericanMedical Association "The cases presented are interestingones,...   more
    Other Editions: Hardcover 1988 Paperback 1988
  • 10.  

    Doctor, Please Help Me Die

     By Tom Preston Md [Ebook, Adobe pdf]
    Rs. 263 250 (5% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: Death comes for us all, and the desire to ease into that death is as ancient as humankind. The idea that sometimes it is better to die quickly and in control of that death—rather than linger in pain and misery once impending death is certain—has troubled yet comforted humankind....   more
  • 11.  

    The Ethical Brain

     By S Michael Gazzaniga [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2005]
    Rs. 792 713 (10% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: Which would be acceptable: the athlete who may one day get "neuroenhancement" to boost performance, or the SAT-taking student who does the same thing before the test? How will powerful brain imaging technologies affect the ideas of privacy and of self-incrimination? Such questions are rapidly emerging as new discoveries...   more
  • 12.  

    Ethical and Legal Issues for Mental Health Professionals

     By Steven F Bucky , Joanne E Callan [Ebook, Adobe epub]
    Rs. 2,145 1,930 (10% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: Ethical and Legal Issues for Mental Health Professionals: in Forensic Settings comprehensively focuses on the integration of ethical, legal, and clinical issues for practicing mental health professionals dealing with legal processes in forensic s...   more
  • 13.  

    The Ethics of Genetic Commerce

     By Robert W Kolb [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2008]
    Rs. 6,600 5,610 (15% OFF)
    Discontinued Our rapidly expanding genetic knowledge today points toward a near future in which the elements of humanity closest to our moral core may themselves be produced, manipulated, commodified, and exchanged. Explores the moral and ethical concerns derived from an increasing knowledge of genetics and the variety of its commercial applications...   more
    Other Editions: Hardcover 2007
  • 14.  

    Ethics: The Heart of Health Care

     By Dr David Seedhouse [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2008]
    Rs. 3,630 3,086 (15% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: Ethics: The Heart of Health Care - a classic ethics text in medical, health and nursing studies - is recommended around the globe for its straightforward introduction to ethical analysis. In this Third Edition David Seedhouse again demonstrates tangibly and graphically how ethics and health care are inextricably bound...   more
  • 15.  

    The Ethics of Managed Care

     By Mary R Anderlik [Ebook, Adobe pdf]
    Rs. 2,214 1,661 (25% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: This breakthrough reappraisal of the managed healthcare debate between medicine and business describes how organizations can nourish or destroy openness, creativity, cooperation, and faithfulness. The author explains the complexities of financial arrangements, arguing for an end to schemes that reward clinicians for providing less care and profiting from avoiding...   more
  • 16.  

    Ethical Decision Making in Nursing and Health Care: The Symphonological Approach, Fourth Edition

     By James H Husted , Gladys L Husted [Ebook, Adobe pdf]
    Rs. 4,290 3,432 (20% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: Husted and Husted's classic text provides a systematic approach to bioethical decision making that can help clarify situations where right and wrong are not clearly defined. Based on the interaction of health professional and patient, this approach focuses on well-being and the right to self-direction for both. Numerous case...   more
  • 17.  

    General Practice and Ethics

     By Christopher Dowrick [Ebook, Adobe pdf 1999]
    Rs. 2,439 2,195 (10% OFF)
    Discontinued Adobe PDF eBook Rights: Copy not allowed. Print allowed for 20 selections within interval of 7 days Read aloud not allowed....   more
  • 18.  

    Genetic Testing

     By Michael Arribas Ayllon , Srikant Sarangi , Angus Clarke [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2011]
    Rs. 8,910 8,019 (10% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: Advances in molecular genetics have led to the increasing availability of genetic testing for a variety of inherited disorders. While this new knowledge presents many obvious health benefits to prospective individuals and their families it also raises complex ethical and moral dilemmas for families as well as genetic professionals....   more
    Other Editions: Ebook, Adobe epub 2011
  • 19.  

    Hard Science, Hard Choices

     By J S Ackerman [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2006]
    Rs. 659 527 (20% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: Advances in neuroscience research are rapidly bringing new and complex issues to the forefront of medical and social ethics, and scholars from diverse fields have been coming together to debate the issues at stake. Acclaimed science writer Sandra Ackerman witnessed one such gathering, and here she skillfully synthesizes those...   more
  • 20.  

    If I Were a Rich Man Could I Buy a Pancreas?

     By Arthur L Caplan [Ebook, Adobe pdf 1992]
    Rs. 947 710 (25% OFF)
    Discontinued Adobe PDF eBook Rights: Copy not allowed. Print not allowed. Read aloud allowed : Unlimited "An important contribution to a debate that will continue for sometime." -- Health and Canadian Society "Insightful andthought-provoking.... As Caplan has demonstrated so clearly... we would all bebetter off if the ethicists spoke first and...   more
    Other Editions: Hardcover 1992 Paperback 1994
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