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Books on Medical > Microbiology

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    Basic Biotechnology

     By Colin Ratledge , Bjorn Kristiansen [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2006]
    Rs. 4,488 4,039 (10% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Description: Biotechnology is one of the major technologies of the twenty-first century. Its wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary activities include recombinant DNA techniques, cloning and the application of microbiology to the production of goods from bread to antibiotics. In this new edition of the textbook Basic Biotechnology, biology and bioprocessing topics are uniquely...   more
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    Biostatistical Methods

     By Stephen W Looney [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2001]
    Rs. 3,990 3,790 (5% OFF)
    Discontinued Leading biostatisticians and biomedical researchers describe many of the key techniques used to solve commonly occurring data analytic problems in molecular biology, and demonstrate how these methods can be used in the development of new markers for exposure to a risk factor or for disease outcomes. Major areas of application...   more
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    Oral Microbiology at a Glance

     By Richard J Lamont , Howard F Jenkinson [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2010]
    Rs. 2,906 2,761 (5% OFF)
    Discontinued Oral Microbiology At A Glance is a title in the highly popular at a Glance series. It provides a concise and accessible introduction and revision aid. Following the familiar, easy-to-use at a Glance format, each topic is presented as a double-page spread with key facts accompanied by clear diagrams encapsulating...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2010
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    Structure- Function Relationships of Human Pathogenic Viruses

     By A Holzenburg , E Bogner [Ebook, Adobe pdf]
    Rs. 10,653 9,588 (10% OFF)
    Discontinued Table of Contents: http://www.wkap.nl/prod/b/0-306-46768-2?a=1 Structure-function relationships of human pathogenic viruses provides information on the mechanisms by which viruses enter the cell, replicate, package their DNA into capsids and mature into new virions. In this volume, the relationship between structural features and the pathogenicity and oncogenicity of some of the most...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2013 Hardcover 2002
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    Principles of Molecular Virology (Standard Edition)

     By Alan J Cann [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2001]
    Rs. 3,099 2,789 (10% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Description: Principles of Molecular Virology, Fourth Edition provides an essential introduction to modern virology in a clear and concise manner. It is a highly enjoyable and readable text with numerous illustrations that enhance the reader's understanding of important principles. * New material on virus structure, virus evolution, zoonoses, bushmeat, SARS...   more
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    Advances in Virus Research

     By Karl Maramorosch , Frederick A Murphy , Aaron J Shatkin [Ebook, Adobe pdf 1995]
    Rs. 4,815 4,333 (10% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Description: The Advances in Virus Research series covers a diverse range of in-depth reviews providing a valuable overview of the current field of virology. This eclectic volume contains six reviews covering topics relating to plant viruses, evolution of viruses with hosts and cell recognition by viruses. Six Comprehensive Reviews on:...   more
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     By John E Smith [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2009]
    Rs. 3,168 2,851 (10% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Description: Biotechnology will undoubtedly be the major technology of the twenty-first century. It concerns the practical application of biological organisms or their various components to the benefit of humankind, and spans a multitude of modern and traditional industries. The rise of genetic engineering, genomics, proteomics and the creation of transgenic...   more
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    Chemotherapeutic Targets in Parasites: Contemporary Strategies

     By Tag E Mansour , Joan Mac Kinnon Mansour [Ebook, Adobe pdf 1998]
    Rs. 3,696 3,326 (10% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Description: Parasitic infections are the most prevalent of human diseases, and researchers continue to face the challenge of designing drugs to successfully counteract them. Chemotherapeutic Targets in Parasites analyzes the critical metabolic reactions and structural features essential for parasite survival, and advocates the latest molecular strategies with which to identify...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2005 Hardcover 2011
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    Studies in Viral Ecology

     By Christon J Hurst [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2011]
    Rs. 8,151 7,744 (5% OFF)
    Discontinued This book explains the ecology of viruses by examining their interactive dynamics with their hosting species (in this volume, in animals), including the types of transmission cycles that viruses have evolved encompassing principal and alternate hosts, vehicles and vectoring species. Examining virology from an organismal biology approach and focusing on...   more
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    Medical Microbiology, 24th edition

     By Geo F Brooks [Ebook, Pdf 2007]
    Rs. 3,495 3,320 (5% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Adobe PDF eBook Rights: Copy allowed : Unlimited Print allowed : Unlimited Read aloud not allowed. Description: The landmark clinical guide to the role microorganisms play in human health and illnesses -extensively revised and updated Linking fundamental microbiology concepts with the diagnosis and treatment of clinical infections, this one-of-a-kind, portable...   more
    Other Editions: Ebook, Lit 2007
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    Handbook of Microbiological Media, Fourth Edition

     By Ronald M Atlas [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2010]
    Rs. 13,197 11,877 (10% OFF)
    Discontinued Adobe PDF eBook Rights: Copy not allowed. Print not allowed. Read aloud not allowed....   more
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    Lactic Acid Bacteria: Microbiological and Functional Aspects, Third Edition

     By Seppo Salminen [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2004]
    Rs. 17,157 15,441 (10% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: With more than 25 percent new material, this third edition provides an excellent overview of current research on the function, utilization, and nutritional aspects of lactic acid bacteria. The book showcases the scientific, commercial, and technological findings of 37 international contributors that may impact the quality, taste, and dietary...   more
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    Mims Medical Microbiology

     By Richard Goering , Hazel Dockrell , Mark Zuckerman [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2007]
    Rs. 4,947 4,353 (12% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: MIMS' MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY offers thorough and up-to-date coverage of microbiology and basic immunology, through a clinically relevant, systems-based approach. The textbook emphasises the microbiology of the agents causing disease, and the diseases affecting individual organ systems. Through thorough cross referencing, the reader can easily find what they need, whether...   more
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    Mucocutaneous Manifestations Of Viral Diseases

     By Stephen K Tyring [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2002]
    Rs. 13,197 11,877 (10% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: Contains numerous color illustrations of the characteristic clinical and histological manifestations of viral ailments to aid in quick diagnosis and treatment. Mucocutaneous Manifestations of Viral Diseases outlines a brief taxonomy and history of each disease a timeline of infection and progression clinical manifestations of the structural alteration of skin...   more
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    Probiotic Bacteria and Their Effect on Human Health and Well- Being

     By A Guarino , E M M Quigley , W A Walker [Ebook, Adobe epub]
    Rs. 15,246 12,959 (15% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: Our microflora is an individual personal feature, providing a distinct tag to individuals. However, our intestinal microbiome is strongly affected by genetic, nutritional, and other external factors, and evolves with age. An effect of different microbial patterns on health appears very likely as there seem to be specific changes...   more
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    Cellular and Molecular Immunology

     By Abul K Abbas , Andrew H Lichtman , Shiv Pillai [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2011]
    Rs. 5,607 4,934 (12% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: Cellular and Molecular Immunology takes a comprehensive yet straightforward approach to the latest developments in this active and fast-changing field. Drs. Abul K. Abbas, Andrew H. Lichtman, and Shiv Pillai present sweeping updates in this new edition to cover antigen receptors and signal transduction in immune cells, mucosal and...   more
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    Antimicrobial Resistance

     By J T Weber [Ebook, Adobe pdf]
    Rs. 14,652 12,454 (15% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: Preventing, controlling and treating drug-resistant infections is one of the major challenges in modern medicine. Antimicrobial Resistance goes beyond simple definitions and microbiological data to fully explore this rapidly changing area, describing evidence for effective interventions, costs, treatment strategies and directions for future research.Each chapter provides essential background and...   more
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    Fungi in Ecosystem Processes

     By John Dighton [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2003]
    Rs. 9,135 8,222 (10% OFF)
    Discontinued Highlights the anthropogenic factors that may limit the role of fungi and where fungi may be of benefit to combat man’s influence on ecosystems . Takes the novel approach of viewing the role of fungi from the perspective of ecosys Table of Contents: Introduction Fungi and Primary Productivity Making Nutrients...   more
    Other Editions: Ebook, Adobe pdf 2003
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    Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Protocols

     By Richard Schwalbe , Lynn Steele Moore , Avery C Goodwin [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2007]
    Rs. 4,822 4,340 (10% OFF)
    Discontinued The reported increase in the occurrence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria serves to emphasize the importance of accurate susceptibility testing.?? This timely guide examines the role of the clinical microbiology lab in integrated patient care. The first section addresses basic susceptibility disciplines such as macro and microbroth dilution, agar dilution, and disk...   more
    Other Editions: Hardcover 2007
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    Basic Virology

     By Edward K Wagner , Martinez J Hewlett , David C Bloom [Ebook, Adobe pdf]
    Rs. 6,600 5,610 (15% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: Ideal for the student seeking a solid understanding of the basic principles in this rapidly developing field, this best-selling text offers a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of virology. Featuring an enhanced art program now in full-color, the new edition has been updated throughout. New edition incorporates additional reading...   more
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