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    Zen and the Art of Happiness

     By Chris Prentiss [Ebook, Adobe epub 2011]
    Rs. 703 668 (5% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! The gentle wisdom of this resource explains how to invite magnificent experiences into one's life and create a philosophy that is sustainable through anything. The Zen of doing anything is to behave with a particular state of mind that brings the experience of enlightenment to even everyday facts -- and...   more
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    Zen in the Martial Arts

     By Joe Hyams [Ebook, Adobe epub 2010]
    Rs. 358 290 (19% OFF)
    Discontinued Adobe EPUB eBook Rights: Copying not allowed. Printing not allowed. Lending not allowed. Reading aloud not allowed. Never expires. "A man who has attained mastery of an art reveals it in his every action."-- Samurai Maximum . Under the guidance of such celebrated masters as Ed Parker and the immortal...   more
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    The Way of Zen

     By Alan W Watts [Ebook, Adobe epub 2011]
    Rs. 640 518 (19% OFF)
    Discontinued Adobe EPUB eBook Rights: Copying not allowed. Printing not allowed. Lending not allowed. Reading aloud not allowed. Never expires. Alan Watts was one of the great teachers and philosophers of our time, and forty years after its first appearance his classic study The Way of Zen continues to make Western...   more
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    Buddhism Plain and Simple

     By Steve Hagen [Ebook, Adobe epub 1999]
    Rs. 854 777 (9% OFF)    Download Sample eBook
    Discontinued This is a book about awareness - it's about being 'awake' and in touch with what is going on here and now. Practical and down-to-earth, it deals exclusively with the present, not with speculation, theory or belief in some far-off time and place. The teachings of the Buddha are plain...   more
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    Manual of Zen Buddhism

     By D T Suzuki [Ebook, Adobe epub]
    Rs. 192 131 (32% OFF)
    Discontinued This book is written to inform the reader of various literary materials relating to Monastery life. It tells us about those edicts which Zen Monks read before Buddha in daily service in the different quarters of the institution. Please Note: This book is in easy to ready true text, not...   more
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    The Jesus Koans

     By Kim Michaels [Ebook, Adobe epub 2012]
    Rs. 256 205 (20% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: This is a gem of a book that will not fail to entertain, uplift and inspire. Short, snappy and sometimes humorous zen-like koans that give profound insights into the true, inner, mystical teachings of Jesus-and everyday life. It turns out Jesus was a Zen master, even before Zen had...   more
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    neutrino smash for zen

     By Tdngdong , Kesinee , Secondcoming December [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2002]
    Rs. 642 610 (5% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: thai writer and artist tdngdong presents words and art of zen and the eastern way. like a neutrino accelerator, tdngdong smashes neutrinos for this zen experiment. "... like neutrinos crashing into your body, only to pass through unnoticed, seemingly without effect..."...   more
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    Waking Up: A Week Inside a Zen Monastery

     By Jack Maguire [Ebook, Adobe epub]
    Rs. 1,409 1,057 (25% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: The notion of spending days at a time in silence and meditation amid the serene beauty of a Zen monastery may be appealing--but what can you really expect from the experience? Waking Up provides the answers for everyone who's just curious, as well as for all those who have...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2002 Hardcover 2000
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    Wonderland: The Zen of Alice

     By Daniel Doen Silberberg [Ebook, Adobe epub 2009]
    Rs. 641 577 (10% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: ''A fresh heartfelt book. Wonderland is down to earth, often funny, insightful, and unique. Silberberg explores what contemporary Zen can be while remaining true to the fundamentals and essence of the teaching. Highly recommended.'' - GENPO MERZEL ROSHI, Founder and teacher of Kanzeon international and author of Big Mind...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2009 Paperback 2009
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    Zen & Psychotherapy: Integrating Traditional and Nontraditional Approaches

     By Christopher J Mruk [Ebook, Adobe pdf 1992]
    Rs. 3,210 2,568 (20% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: Exploring the role of spirituality and religion in treatment, this book provides a sound clinical and academic rationale for exploring incorporating principles of Zen in traditional psychotherapy. The authors, one a clinical educator and social scientist, the other a nurse psychotherapist and practicing Buddhist present a fascinating dialog on...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2006
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    Zens Chinese Heritage: The Masters and Their Teachings

     By Andrew Ferguson [Ebook, Adobe epub]
    Rs. 1,730 1,211 (30% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: Zen's Chinese Heritage surveys twenty-five generations of enlightened Buddhist teachers through brief biographies and starkly beautiful prose and poetry from Chinese Zen sources. Andrew Ferguson moves chronologically through successive generations of Zen masters, supplementing their core teachings with history, biography, and poetry. The result is an organic understanding of...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2011
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    Nishida and Western Philosophy

     By Robert Wilkinson [Ebook, Adobe epub]
    Rs. 7,701 6,546 (15% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Nishida Kitaro (1870-1945) is the most important Japanese philosopher of the last century. His constant aim in philosophy was to try to articulate Zen in terms drawn from Western philosophical sources, yet in the end he found that he could not do so, and his thought illustrates a conceptual incommensurability...   more
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    Zen: The Religion of the Samurai

     By Kaiten Nukariya [Ebook, Adobe epub 2009]
    Rs. 377 309 (18% OFF)    Download Sample eBook
    Discontinued Zen was uniquely suited to the Samurai of Japan. The high moral principles of Buddhism, when adopted and adapted by the Japanese warriors who became the Samurai, created an austere philosophy of singular beauty and depth. Its characteristic requirements of strict control over body and mind was exemplified by ancient...   more
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    Zen Soup

     By Laurence G Boldt [Ebook, Adobe pdf 1997]
    Rs. 691 483 (30% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: If, as the I Ching says, thoughts are spirits, then this collection of highly distilled thoughts from history?s greatest philosophers and religious figures will certainly put you in good spirits. Laurence Boldt has long made a practice of applying Zen principles to everyday life. Here he applies wisdom from...   more
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    Zen and the Ways

     By Trevor Leggett [Ebook, Adobe epub 1989]
    Rs. 726 624 (14% OFF)
    Discontinued Discusses the relationship between Zen, the arts, and daily life. Includes translations of rare Zen texts. Expression of Zen inspiration in everyday activities such as writing or serving tea, and in knightly arts such as fencing, came to be highly regarded in Japanese tradition. In the end, some of them...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 1978 Paperback 1989
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    The Beginners Guide to Zen Buddhism

     By Jean Smith [Ebook, Adobe epub 2007]
    Rs. 640 518 (19% OFF)
    Discontinued Adobe EPUB eBook Rights: Copying not allowed. Printing not allowed. Lending not allowed. Reading aloud not allowed. Never expires. Here is a comprehensive introduction to Zen Buddhism for those who don't know how or where to begin, nor what to expect once they have started practicing. It includes the fundamentals...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2000
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    The Zen Book

     By Daniel Levin [Ebook, Adobe epub 2005]
    Rs. 187 159 (15% OFF)    Download Sample eBook
    Discontinued The Zen mind is the beginner's mind, which sees everything as if for the first time. It is in this Zen mind that realization comes. People sit for many years in meditation to find that suddenly in hearing something again for the first time, they're lifted to a state of...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2005
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    Paradise in Plain Sight: Lessons from a Zen Garden

     By Karen Maezen Miller [Ebook, Adobe epub]
    Rs. 1,024 717 (30% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Description: Karen Maezen Miller gathers inspiration from the ground beneath her feet to remind us that paradise is always here and now....   more
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    The Heart of Zen: Enlightenment, Emotional Maturity, and What It Really Takes for Spiritual Liberation

     By Roshi Jun Po Denis , Keith Martin Smith [Ebook, Adobe epub]
    Rs. 834 584 (30% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Description: While we are more and more familiar with popular ideas of enlightenment and spiritual awakening, life still comes at us full force, and hope can turn to frustration as the gulf between our spiritual belief and our everyday life seems to loom ever larger. Through spirited Q&A sessions with...   more
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    Zen Gnosis: Meditations on The Way of Experiential Knowledge for Modern Living

     By Edward O Toole [Ebook, Adobe pdf]
    Rs. 831 665 (20% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! For the first time ever, the greatest two icons of wisdom and higher thought - Zen Buddhism and Gnosticism - have been joined and rendered comprehensible for both the advanced and beginner student on the path to Truth and Light. Edward O'Toole, author of Sophia Bestiae and Grimoire Bestiae, brings...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2010
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